Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods | Every Coffee Lovers Ideal Find

I first got my hands on a fancy-pants Nespresso coffee machine last year and I love it. But, with an expensive gadget, comes the expense of keeping it going – you can’t enjoy a good cup of coffee without the coffee pods now, can you? So, if you’ve been on the look-out for some cheaper alternatives to Nespresso coffee pods, or wonder if you’re able to buy the machine with limited ongoing costs, then keep on scrolling.

Real Coffee Pods

A company called Real Coffee got in touch a couple weeks ago asking if I’d like to try their Nespresso compatible coffee pods*, and of course, I jumped on the chance to try them out. If you read my review on the Nespresso coffee machine, then you’ll know the machine came with a selection pack of Nespresso-branded pods. They were bloody delicious, but they’re very expensive to top-up on. They roughly work out between 33p-49p per coffee pod – yes, that’s cheaper than going to a coffee shop, but when Real Coffee do the same thing for as little as 20p, there’s no comparison!

There are a variety of strengths available, but also flavours thanks to their Caramel coffee pods. I LOVE flavoured coffees however, sadly I’m not a fan of the caramel coffee pods at Real Coffee. They smell amazing, but there’s no caramel taste unfortunately, which results to just a weak tasting coffee. On the other hand, the final alternative pod they have on offer, is HOT CHOCOLATE! From what I know, you can’t get Nespresso-branded hot chocolate pods for the machine, as they specialise in coffee, so this one I was excited to try out! My thoughts? I really enjoy these cups of chocolatey goodness!