NESPRESSO Creatista Plus Coffee Machine : Amazing Machine

I want to say that i live and use this machine in spain (with 220v) and that with a good adapter that supports the power of the machine (1600w), there is no problem, it works wonders. I bought skross country travel adapter – world to europe i say this because it cost me to find information about buying this machine in the uk to use it in spain. It is not the same if you buy in amazon usa, because there they have another electric current (110v) and you would need transformer. I am delighted with my creatista plus. The important leap in this machine compared with the rest of nespresso machines, is how milk works. If you are coffee only, i think it is not worth investing, but if you like to add milk to your coffee, this is your machine. It makes multiple drinks,personalized, the use is very simple. Again, the big difference is the texture that gives milk, it’s like a cream, impressive. The only problem (which is not so much) is that at nespresso spain they tell me that i can not register my machine because here in my country, this model is not yet sold. I do not understand that a product that sells the nespresso brand, wherever it is, is not recognized in any country where a nespresso branch is located.

This is out third machine – we started off with a coffee only, then went for the lattissmo one, and ended up here with the creatista plus. Stand out features for me are the level of control (especially over the milk temperature / foam) – far far better than the lattissmo one (which at best produces luke warm milk), and ease of cleaning (it’s a lot less hassle to rinse a jug than to dismantle the foamer). The machine is fast to use, simple to use (because of the on screen instructions), and produces a lovely hot drink.

After reading the reviews i decided this looked like the machine for me. My son suggested i load a price tracker for amazon called “camelcamelcamel”whether it was dumb luck or not within a few hours the price dropped £60. £329 down to £279 later the same day after my purchase it reverted to the dearer price. Delighted with machine, lovely coffee and so simple and fast to use and even more delighted with price.

Amazing machine that delivers every time. Been using for a few weeks now and not had any poor results. So easy to use, just a few settings and a press of a button. We were thinking of getting a ‘bean to cup’ machine but so glad we didn’t. You’re not restricted to just n’espresso capsules so there is more flexibility in coffee choice. The milk frother is an absolute gem and gets the milk prepped so accurately.

First of all i need to say what a wonderful versatile nespresso machine this really is. I was initially browsing for a bean to cup style machine however after having a demonstration of this machine i was sold instantly. My drink of choice is flat white – typically a mystery to many coffee machines on the market but not to this machine from sage. One of the many benefits this machine offers is the milk wand allows you to fully customise the texture of the milk. It’s important to highlight that this feature is a first from nespresso. Yes, many other variants of machines may feature an ‘aerochinno’ that can froth milk but this is the main difference – froth is not the same as texturethe sage creatista allows you to customise the texture of the milk so for a flat white i can select a more microfoam consistency and for a cappucino i can let the machine go wild and have big frothy bubbles. Cleaning seems straight forward – the steam wand purges automatically after each use and you need to give it a deeper clean once a month. I love that the machine is ready to go in 3 seconds and it’s fuss free. Previously i had expensive gaggia burr grinders and coffee machines, grinding my own beans and experimenting with different coffees and milk. However the novelty wore off and i found myself reaching for the kettle to make a cup of instant because of the fuss, mess and time involved to make a good coffee.

This is the second nespresso machine that i have owned & this really is the ultimate in nespresso machines. The steam wand works really well, allowing you to have real control over the amount of milk, the heat & the froth. You really can make coffee shop standard drinks with this machine.

We are very pleased with the machine but no one told us when we purchased it that because we live in the netherlands that we have no warranty living outside england.

The machine was bought for a christmas present partly due to the winter promotion of free coffee and a free travel mug. However, don’t believe all that you read. . To qualify for the free travel mug you need to purchase the 100 capsules directly from nespresso not from amazon. Even though it says under the heading ‘via another participating retailer’ – ‘ purchase another 100 capsules and we will send you another free gift of a travel mug’ – this is not the case as i found out after spending another £46. 99 on a 100 pack of nespresso capsules and spending 26 minutes on the phone with a nespresso club representative. That coffee is sure gonna taste bitter. Not the ‘nespresso club experience’ i was hoping for.

  • Bloody brilliant!
  • Perfect coffee just how you like it, without leaving the house!
  • I am a very happy customer

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine, Silver by Sage

Colour:Stainless Steel (Plus)
Product Description, The Creatista Plus lets you enjoy cafe-style quality coffee at home.With a fully-automatic steam wand, you can now create perfectly textured milk set to your preferred temperature. Create unique latte art creations and a broad range of milk based recipes. The stainless steel Creatista Plus has a 3 second heat up time, 8 texture levels and 11 milk temperature settings. Each machine includes a stainless steel milk jug. Why make coffee, when you can make art?

Box Contains, 1 x creatista,480ml stainless steel milk jug

From the manufacturer

Premium Design

The NESPRESSO Creatista Plus features a premium and robust design with a high-gloss finish. A stainless steel barista milk jug with a pour spout designed specifically for latte art is included to achieve cafe quality micro-foam.

Versatile NESPRESSO Machine

With 8 beverage selections, you can have the perfect cup of black coffee (Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo), milk-based recipe (Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Flat White) and milk froth with a versatile level of settings (coffee volume, milk temperature and milk texture).

Enhanced Experience

Enjoy an enhanced coffee & milk experience and the possibility to easily create an authentic top-quality latte art coffee thanks to an innovative, automatic and expert steam pipe capable of: adjustable milk temperature (11 settings), adjustable froth quality (8 texture levels), temperature sensing and fast / self-cleaning.

Intuitive Interface

NESPRESSO Creatista Plus provides an intuitive user interface with its high-resolution display which guides you on all preparation, setting and maintenance aspects. A hassle free cleaning that is further enhanced by the automatic purge of the steam wand after each use.

High Pressure Pump & Energy Saving

The 19 bar high-performance pump offers barista-style coffee every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema. The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 3 seconds and energy saving auto shut-off after 9 minutes.

Complimentary Welcome Gift

Each machine includes a welcome set with a range of NESPRESSO capsules with unique aromatic profiles. Try each Grand Cru to find your favourites. Order your NESPRESSO capsules through the NESPRESSO Club via mobile app, online at, by telephone or in one of our Boutiques.

Ultimate Coffee Quality

NESPRESSO follows highly rigorous standards in selecting coffee. We create hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminium capsules as an optimum way to lock in freshness and provide exceptional taste. As a result, we offer a wide variety of 24 Grands Crus to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day.


24 Coffee Varieties

NESPRESSO offers a wide variety of 24 Grands Crus to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day. All Grands Crus can also be enjoyed with milk or milk froth to create a variety of different recipes such as Cappuccinos, Lattes and Macchiatos.

How to Order Your Capsules?

You can easily order your Grands Crus for delivery to the address of your choice.

Internet: Place your orders easily at the NESPRESSO website, 24/7.

Phone 24/7: Contact our Coffee Specialists 24/7.

NESPRESSO on Mobile: Download our apps available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Boutiques: Visit your nearest NESPRESSO Boutique.

Machine Assistance

In case you need assistance for your machine, call the NESPRESSO Club. You will receive an immediate technical diagnosis and a solution to your problem (24/7). If your NESPRESSO machine needs repairing during the guarantee period, NESPRESSO will collect it from your chosen address and will deliver you a loan machine, subject to availability.


The NESPRESSO Club offers complimentary recycling services to its Club Members. Recycle your used coffee capsules at your nearest NESPRESSO boutique, drop off at a Collect+ store, or order a collection.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pump pressure: 19 bar
  • Fast heat-up: 3 seconds
  • One-touch buttons: Ristretto, Espresso & Lungo, Cappuccino, Cafè Latte, Latte Macchiato, Flat White and milk froth
  • Removable drip tray
  • Automatic power off
  • Water tank capacity: 1.5L

NESPRESSO Creatista Plus

NESPRESSO Creatista Plus enables you to easily create authentic top-quality latte art coffees at home, thanks to NESPRESSO convenience and coffee expertise combined with Sage automatic steam pipe. Its display guides you for coffee preparation and machine maintenance. It features a high-end and robust design with refined brushed stainless steel and includes a Barista style milk jug. Each machine includes a complimentary welcome set with a range of NESPRESSO capsules with unique aromatic profiles.

  • Nespresso Creatista Plus coffee machine
  • Welcome pack containing 16 Nespresso Grands Crus capsules
  • Instruction booklet
  • Information folder

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I love this machine, it makes the best latte’s ever, my previous machine only made the drink warm, this one has an adjustable heat setting which works brilliantly and delivers hot coffee every time.

I needed a machine that would cater for the needs of my whole family including my 11 year old. I’m able to make make my morning coffee and my kids are using it to make chai lattes and hot chocolates with the milk frother. Yes it is pricey, i would definitely recommend it as it is robust and looks the part.

This is not a cheap machine, infact it’s fair to say it’s an expensive machine. A considered purchase yes but based upon my own experience, i don’t think you’d have any buyers regret. A lot obviously depends on the capsules you use for taste etc, but i’ve found the nespresso ones to be very good. The stronger flavoured ones especially make great flat whites, lattes etc. The led display is clear and easy to use there are lots of settings to alter the milk froth and coffee amount. Overkill if you want an espresso in the mornings but if you like milky coffee, bar star bucks or cafe nero or a £1000 bean to cup maxhine, this is a serious good option.

Over the moon with my black friday deal.

The milk foam from this machine is smooth and very much like those from coffee shops. The 3 seconds heat up time is fantastic. I saw some web-reviews suggesting that the coffee and milk are not hot enough – i am a regularly coffee/expresso/flat white/cappuccino drinker and never feel the coffee produced are ‘not hot enough’. I was initially hesitated to pay for such a price and is now glad that i made the purchase.

This is a well made attractive machine. I particularly like the large water resivoir as i don’t keep the machine in the kitchen. Most drinks are pre-programmed, this can be adapted to your requirements (i’ve not done this yet) personally i don’t really want to froth the milk myself i have done it but like the easy life. As all nespresso machines work the same and realistically the coffee will be the same whatever machine you use. So it’s really down to if you like milky drinks. I like hot chocolate wile this isn’t a preprogrammed drink the steam wand does a good job without me standing over it. If your not drinking lattes and cappuccinos you don’t need this machine if you are i’d recommend it the milk is very different from a separate frother.

The machine makes very good milk froth and coffee. It took couple of tries to adjust the machine to my taste. But after that the coffee is very good.

The price may put some off, but if you enjoy your coffee this is a worthy addition. Substantially better than ‘instant’ alternatives and equivalent to the better coffee shops (sans the experience). Iincludes a variety of drink types (latte, flat white etc. ) with easy to follow on-screen instructions. Looks good and adds a nice ‘feature’ to the kitchen. Amazing product and well worth the money.

  • Bloody brilliant!
  • Perfect coffee just how you like it, without leaving the house!
  • I am a very happy customer

Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine, Silver by Sage

I had tested this machine out in a department store however amazon was the cheapest place i found it. It works great, it was an upgrade from a machine i purchased over 7 years ago. It’s simple to use and looks great on the kitchen top. Only gripe is it is rather big.

Been using nespresso for 7yrs and this is my 2nd and best machine.

Makes amazing coffee, to your specification. The steam wand makes it easy to make perfect foamy milk at the right temperature, which i enjoy in my coffee as well as use for hot chocolatemy tap water is very hard so it needs descaling quicker than if it was softer or if i filtered it, but the machine walks you through descaling step by stepi use whole (lactofree) milk and find i am fairly often having to unblock the wand tip with the provided tool, but even that is really easy and it happens less if you ensure you let the wand expell water once you’ve removed it from the milk, then wipe it with a wet jay cloth then manually tell it to rinse the steam wand again.

I used to have diffrent machine but this one is supperior in every way possible. Its the best quality for nspresso you can have.

This is the ultimate nespresso maker. Breville combined the best of the best, an excellent, super fast heating nespresso capsule espresso maker, and a good solid steamer. Then put it all in a package that is gorgeous. And included really simple, intuitive controls. The instructions say, warms up in three seconds. Not 100% accurate, more like about 10 seconds from completely off to actually delivering espresso or steaming milk. That’s far better than the standard nespresso machines that take around two minutes to warm up. This uses a lot more electricity than the other models. The heating element and pump seem to be much larger. If your kitchen circuit is close to capacity, best to not run this and the toaster at the same time.

Robust, easy to use, love the easy dial – its an investment but ask yourself how much do you spend each day on takeaway coffee???.

Simply the best machine you will buy if you love your coffee ,i’ve had a few nespresso machines and this one is amazing , looks fabulous in the kitchen ,the milk wand is so easy to use and on previous machines i have found my coffee to be luke warm , not with this 5 star machine ,and built to last. I looked at a few models and i am so pleased i went for this creatista plus.

I bought this as it was recommended on the which website as the most recommended nespresso machine (although the one with less functionality was) – i bought the one with the most functionality creatista plus and i’m glad i did as it was on offer, very expensive piece of equipment but it looks so lovely in your kitchen. I feel like a barista 🙂 i can make coffee just how i like it 🙂 fyi – i paid £269 on amazon just before christmas and on the nespresso website it sells for £399. I wouldn’t pay that for it, however lovely it isnote of warning if you are a starbucks lover like me. . It doesn’t work very well with the starbucks nespresso pods, you have to scrape the top of them with your nail to make the film thinner before inserting 🙁 [i never force the lid closed – i make it work gently 🙂 will have to email starbucks to get them to make their tops of a thinner material – i’ve had no trouble with any other brands, eg, taylors of harrogate, l’orhappy coffee making :-). ]

I bought this for my dear wife as she loves nespresso coffe, personally i prefer grinding my own blend of coffee beans, but hay-hownevertheless, this machine has some very good coffe settings and options and the milk froth element works really well. It’s sturdily built and certainly looks the part. For nespresso lovers i would fully recommend this machine.

Read several reviews online for all models of nespresso before finally deciding to purchase this one. Like many other reviewers i was planning on buying the champagne coloured model. I read many reviews which stated that the stainless model is not only stainless but has extra options and heats up in 3 seconds as opposed to 10 which is not obvious in the specs. This, combined with the fact that this one was a special deal on prime day i opted with the stainless model. I am in no way disappointed, and very pleased with my purchase and is worth every penny despite being one of the more expensive machines on the market. I read an article that said oprah said she loved it and stated it as a must buy for 2017. She could afford any machine and the fact that she chose this one speaks volumes. The display is very easy to use and we love the fact that you can fully customise your coffee with the amount of froth and heat of the milk. You can ensure that you have a perfect coffee just how you like it every time even without having to visit the coffee shop.

Excellent product and value for money when discounted, i would experiment with the various capsules available on the market. Your imagination is the limit to what you want from your coffee.

I had a dolce gusto machine before this and i was finding the lattes to be a bit sweet and the cost of the pods extortionate. , so when i saw this on offer and read the reviews, i decided to get one and i’m so glad i did. I like the fact that you can adjust the milk temperature by quite a wide range. You can also adjust the foam density and the amount of coffee that goes into the cup, making it easy to produce a coffee that suits everyone’s taste. The cleaning is also easy, it purges after every cup and all you have to do i wipe the wand with a damp cloth. It even tells you when it needs de scaling. If you’re looking to buy a new coffee machine then look no further, don’t think about it, just buy it, you won’t be sorry.

Brilliant machine, makes lovely lattes especially. Lots of functions to adjust water levels, milk temperature and milk foaming. Very easy to operate and easy to keep clean. The genuine nespresso pods are quite expensive, but the nespresso compatable lo’r pods are very good and can be purchased from most supermarkets and work out about 30% cheaper.

So easy to use, makes great coffee.

A very versatile coffee machine, great looking product, and got it at the best possible price from amazon.

I’ve tried several machines from bean-to-cup (to complex to use and clean), other brands of pod coffee (didnt taste good and quality was not good). We are very pleased with this purchase. We got in the sale so a bargain and it also had an offer from nespresso with free 150pods. The machine itself looks amazing and everyone comments when they see it. It is so easy to use, very simple menu system and it cleans itself.

Looks great on the worktop, quality product. Easy to clean, wand self cleans auto after each use, which is great. Really can’t fault the device. Coffee this think kicks out is far superior to our old tassimo machine & pods work out cheaper too, especially if you use non nespresso pods, which with this classic style machine you can use without problem. So far used nesspreso, starbucks & roastworks pods. The later being favourite so far. There are so many nesspreso flavours to go at, still experimenting to find our a list ones. But there are at least 4 that will definitely be stocked in the draw. Milk frothing probably the main reason you will purchase this model.

I don’t normally wax lyrical about a product, i expect anything i buy to work as described. However i am more than pleased with this machine. I have had three nespresso machines so far. I started with the excellent siemens tk70, which i only replaced because i wanted more flexibility with the types of coffee i could make with one button press. I then went to the disastrous de longhi lattissima pro, which never produced three cups of coffee in a row with the same quantities of coffee and/or milk. So it was with delight that i am now the owner of this sage machine. It is consistent in quantity delivery and very flexible in what it can be programmed to do. I particularly like the ability to change the quantities and temperature of milk and quantity of coffee on the fly, without having to go into the settings to program it. So if i have a particularly strong coffee i can press the selection button and adjust the quantity of coffee upwards. The next time i make a coffee with a weaker blend i can quickly move it down again.

Features and Spesification

  • Very fast heat up time; 3 seconds
  • Large selection of different coffees to choose from (Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato etc.)
  • Available settings: 3 coffee volume settings (from 25 to 150 ml), 8 milk texture/froth settings (from 2 to 30 mm) and 11 milk temperature settings (from 56 to 76°C)
  • Easy cleaning by emptying the drip tray, rinsing the milk jug and following the on-screen prompts for wand cleaning
  • Comes with a 480ml stainless steel milk jug, pop out cup support, removable drip grid and removable drip tray