NESPRESSO Inissia Coffee Machine : So glad I bought these!

It makes great noises, only heats the water it absolutely has to and i always enjoy the coffee. Downsides to be aware of are that it takes a while and you have to refill the water tank to do several coffees; it occasionally crushes pods so they don’t work; you have to set it up to do a normal mug full. Aldi do pods that fit and are the cheapest and best coffee.

After using this (and the pixie) model at work for years, i decided to join the nespresso club and ordered one for my home. The simplicity and convenience to have this at home makes waking up in the morning just that bit more tolerable. Or an after dinner brew just when you need it. No home is complete until you have one of these.Also comes with a selection of 16x different pods to get your taste buds tingling and to help you find your favourite blend.

Writing this now although had the machine since november ’17 ( when it was £108) because of the very good help i had to get it working after water stopped passing through. It seems it happens if not used for some time – an air block occurs. Nespresso customer services talked me through how to get it working again – which it now is and are send a complimentary descale for this machine (can’t use just any descale). I had already tried 2 solutions on you tube which did not work.

Had been using this for a few months and when the quantity of water dispenses reduced, emailed company and got a resolve. It was my fault:i had accidentally reset the fill level to low. Reading reviews, others have done the same,” this problem, however, may be due to the setting of the cup size. Please try the following:turn the product onput the cup size you want to fill under the nozzle (do not put a capsule in)press and hold the relevant cup button until the cup fills to the desired level and releaserepeat for other cup button size then, next time, just press the cup button lightly and release. If you press it for too long you will reset the amount of water dispensed.

Costa coffee from a machine at my garage £2. Had machine since christmas day x 12= £208. No brainer and its bloody good. I know you’ve got to take into account buying the pods and milk etc.

I bought the nespresso in april 2018, as i was relocating to uk from naples in italy. The nespresso was delivered by amazon in perfect conditions and on time. As neapolitan, i was looking to solutions to enjoy my morning espresso, and i found that nespresso-compatible capsules are widely spread in uk; i then chose to buy the nespresso inissia. After several months of usage, i have no complain to make. One advantage of this machine is that different kinds of capsules can be tested before settling on a specific kind. It also allows degrees of freedom between people with different tastes in the house. It is also very easy to setup in terms of coffee “length” and it is easy to clean. One point to remark is that when using different capsules, the initial pressure of water may be set by the machine on the previous capsules employed. It means that when using different capsules, some water may come out of the coffee machine before the actual coffee comes out. This is undesirable for espresso where the coffee volume is already small.

So easy to use, clean and refill with water. Practical design allows for any size mug. (nespresso pods are delivered from nespresso super quick).

No more messy grinding, filling/washing out holders and waiting/watching for the ‘ready’ lamp. Just pop in the capsule for quick, consistent coffee every time. The aeroccino is brilliantly simple too, and makes for a foolproof cappuccino (do wash it out immediately after each use).

  • Nespresso Rocks, no matter what the machine looks like!
  • I love this machine
  • Comfortable and versatile to try different kinds of coffee in capsules.

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine with Aeroccino, Black by Magimix

Colour:Black  |  Style Name:Inissia and Aeroccino
Product Description, Magimix Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine with Aeroccino – Black.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Coffee Machine with Aeroccino
  • 1 x Coffee Capsules

  • From the manufacturer

    Compact and colourful design

    With a tiny footprint, compact, lightweight and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the Nespresso Inissia coffee machine fits ideally into any interior design and is available in a full palette of colours to satisfy all tastes.

    Espresso and lungo

    There’s virtually no waiting for the machine to warm up before you make your coffee selection.

    In just one touch and 25 seconds, the water reaches the ideal temperature to make up to 9 coffees without having to refill the 0.7 L tank.

    You can adjust the cup size with two programmable espresso and lungo buttons.

    High pressure pump and perfect heat control system

    Simple to use, the Nespresso Inissia offers an impeccable barista-style coffee every time, thanks to its simple, one-touch operation and patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bar pressure.

    Energy saving

    An energy saving mode automatically switches the machine off after 9 minutes.

    The folding drip tray accommodates larger cup sizes, and drops down automatically when you remove your mug to catch drips.

    Instant enjoyment

    Each machine includes a welcome set with 16 capsules. Try each Grand Cru to find your favourites.

    Nespresso capsule system

    The Nespresso capsule system delivers exceptional taste and unique aromas thanks to the preparation of high-quality coffees in hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminium capsules for coffee enjoyment at the highest level.

    The Nespresso Club

    The Nespresso Club is always there for you; online, by telephone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or in one of our Boutiques. Order your Nespresso capsules, receive personalised advice, and obtain technical support for your machine: whatever you are seeking, the Nespresso Club is with you every step of the way.

    They also offer a capsule recycling service to all Club members in mainland UK and ROI.

    The Positive Cup

    They believe that each cup of Nespresso has the potential to not only deliver a moment of pleasure but also restore, replenish and revive environmental and human resources. In effect, a cup of coffee that can create a greater value for society and the environment.

    This is the Positive Cup vision and continues Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability in coffee sourcing and consumption.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 12 x 23 x 32 cm
    • Water tank capacity: 0.7 L
    • Container capacity: 9-11 used capsules
    • Weight: 2.4 kg
    • Dimensions of the box (WxHxD): 19.1 x 32.7 x 34.2 cm
    • Power: 1260 W
    • Pump pressure: 19 bar
    • Cable length: 0.8 m
    • Cup warmer: No
    • Removable water tank: Yes
    • Power save mode: Yes

    Nespresso Inissia with Aeroccino by Magimix

    With a tiny footprint, compact, lightweight and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the Nespresso Inissia is a smart little coffee machine to make your life easier. Inissia is available in a full palette of colours to satisfy all tastes.

    The Aeroccino3 provides a smooth, finely textured hot or cold fresh milk froth for your coffee recipes via an ultra simple and fast automatic system, in a few seconds, without noise or vibration. The Aeroccino also heats milk for your caffè latte or cappuccino.

    Box Contents:

    • Nespresso Inissia machine
    • Aeroccino3 milk frother
    • Welcome pack containing 16 Nespresso Grands Crus capsules
    • Instruction booklet
    • Information folder

    U Inissia Pixie Citiz
    Pump pressure 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar
    Empty water tank detection
    Fast 25″ heat-up
    Programmable, one-touch buttons Ristretto, Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo
    Movable drip tray for large cups Magnetic cup stand Foldable drip tray Foldable drip tray Foldable drip tray
    Energy consumption class A-60% A A-40% A-40%
    Automatic power off
    Water tank capacity 0.8L 0.7L 0.7L 0.9L
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 11.5 x 25.1 x 36.9cm 12 x 23 x 32cm 11.1 x 23.5 x 32.6cm 13 x 27.7 x 37.2cm
    Special features Modular design with magnetic cup stand and movable water tank – Automatic brewing by closing the capsule slider – Automatic capsule ejection Light machine – Wide range of fashionable colours Avant-garde design – Compact size – Premium aluminium side panels Retro-modern design

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    I bought this as a replacement machine, after owning a pixie for almost 5 years. The pixie began to leak, and no matter how much of a deep clean i gave it, the problem persisted. First impressions were very very good. The machine was bought in a summer promotion, so with a relatively small purchase of capsules from nespresso directly, i was supplied with a ‘free’ aeroccino 3. I say free, because nothing is free. The inissia was also half price, during said promotion, so all was looking good. It was also supplied with a good selection of capsules in the box, which surprised me a little, considering how much i had just paid for it. Once open and in use for a few weeks, i have a few things to say about it. This is not a negative though, as it still works as well as the pixie i mentioned earlier. It is just obvious that this is not a premium machine2. Unlike the premium pixie the water container is not overly secure in the back.

    • Nespresso Rocks, no matter what the machine looks like!
    • I love this machine
    • Comfortable and versatile to try different kinds of coffee in capsules.

    Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine with Aeroccino, Black by Magimix

    Features and Spesification

    • Compact machine taking up minimum space on your work counter
    • User friendly capsule insertion with removable container for emptying
    • Fast heating using Thermoblock, 25 seconds
    • Automatic quantity control for the coffee of your choice from espresso to cappuccino
    • Enhanced Nespresso capsules containing the ideal amount of freshly roasted and ground coffee with 16 different blends to suit all tastes