Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine – My New Toy!

The clue’s in the name, but I do love a good cup of coffee. So much so that I was like a kid on Christmas Day when my new toy arrived – the Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine*. A coffee machine is something I’ve been pondering about for quite some time. Albeit, not all of them are expensive and can sit around the £30-£50 mark which I believe is affordable given the nature of the product. However, I always wonder whether it’s best to spend a little more on these kind of gadgets. I’d want to spend more on the likes of my oven, fridge/freezer and washing machine for example, so why not all my other kitchen gadgets?

Anyway, since this little beauty has arrived, I’ve not thought twice about the price. The Nespresso Lattissima Touch comes with a price tag of £249 on, but like I said, I’ve not thought twice about this. I regularly buy drinks from the likes of Starbucks and Costa, plus even dabble into McDonald’s hot drinks regularly as they’re just around the corner from my work. However, as my boyfriend also regularly buys these kind of hot drinks with me, you can imagine the cost each month between us. I’m not complaining, because we enjoy having a tasty treat on the weekends, but by time you add up the costs, you’re talking £££.Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine

On average we’d spend a good £20 a month on coffees when out; whether on a road trip, needing a quick pick me up whilst shopping for our new house, or as a simple ‘lets go for coffee’ treat. Over the course of the year we’d then spend roughly £240 on coffees alone. Therefore, the £249 price tag isn’t something I can then argue with – it makes sense and means I can enjoy the great tasting coffee I enjoy when out and about, in the comfort of my own home!

When purchasing this coffee machine, you receive a lovely selection of 16 Nespresso Capsules of all varieties, allowing you to sample their range the moment you get your machine delivered. I’m not one for really intense and strong coffee’s, so I’m glad I got to sample my choice of pods to ensure I don’t purchase the wrong ones in the future! You’ll also receive up to £75 in Nespresso Club Rewards; keep hold of your receipt (even if a gift receipt) and upload this when asked to when signing up for this offer (it can be found on the product page here) and you’ll receive a range of instalments to use against capsules/gifts on their website! It’s a nice little extra incentive they offer until January 2018, so now’s the time to consider buying if you’ve been thinking about it lately too. But also keep an eye on AO’s Black Friday deals, as you may find a little discount on this…Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine

So, is the coffee machine worth the £249 price tag? I know I said I didn’t think twice, but that’s just down to what I spend on coffee alone. But is this coffee machine actually worth spending £249 on in comparison to similar or cheaper alternatives out there? Since I’ve been playing around with it, I say YES! Why?

one | it’s stylish. You can get some coffee machines that stick out like a sore thumb, but the Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine is compact, sleek and also comes in black, silver or white to suit your personal preference.

two | it’s quiet. I was actually quite shocked by this, as I was half expecting it to wake someone in the house when I go to use it in the mornings. I’ve tried other coffee machines, including cheaper alternatives, and these are often loud from start to finish. However, the only loud noise it makes is when you’re cleaning the milk nozzle, but that’s understandable as it’s what you see them do in coffee houses too!

three | it has a Cappuccino System. I’m not huge on cappuccino’s, so you may be thinking, ‘why’s that a cool feature then?’. Well firstly, my boyfriend loves them and was so excited over the fact that he could make them in the comfort of his own home without having to froth the milk himself. Not only is it great for cappuccino’s, but also latte’s and macchiatto’s – you get to control the thickness of the froth, as understandably this is a personal preference. But the fact that you get this option all together, is quite something!

four | it heats up super quick! I tried one of the cheaper Tassimo machines and it took quite some time for the water to heat up before I could go ahead and watch my coffee be made. I get that we happily wait around for our kettle to boil so we can make a hot drink, but when you’ve spent good money on a coffee machine, you want this to be something which is worked on. i.e. fast heat up time. It states there is a 25 second heat-up time, but in all honesty you can get this even sooner!

five | it has a cool touch system, which makes choosing your coffee and size easy. There are three different size options (25ml, 40ml and 110ml) for both the coffee function, and the milk function – simply pop which ever mug/glass you want underneath the nozzle and select your size and watch it go. In all my pictures I selected Lungo which is the largest option at 110ml. My glasses are the cheap and cheerful 95p Latte Glasses from Ikea, so use this as your reference. (ps. totally recommend those glasses too – love them!)

six | it’s super easy to use. Some of the coffee machines you see out there look so high-tech which is exciting and intriguing to use, but it makes using them a pain in the ass! This one however is super simple. Simply fill up your water tank and your milk container (if you require milk – it’s an optional feature), pop in your coffee pod of choice, then select the size you want and ta dah! All you have to do is watch the machine do its thing and then you’re left with a great cup of coffee. It’s also really easy to clean too – the drip tray, pod container and milk tank etc. are all dishwasher safe, so it’s easy enough to clean.

Don’t forget to sign up to AO’s Black Friday newsletter to be the first to hear of their deals – it’s not guaranteed that the Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine will be amongst the range of products in their Black Friday deals, but it’s worth checking out!


Is there a coffee machine you recommend?