NESPRESSO Maestria Coffee Machine – Five Stars

Excellent machine – easy to operate, flexible and of course makes fantastic coffee.

This is a simply wonderful coffee machine. Everything about it oozes quality, from the lcd-lit used pod container to the fact that it will turn itself off (properly, with the on/off switch moving from the on to the off position) after a user-defined period of time. It’s made of quality materials – the only plastic bits appear to be the water container and the used pod container – and every part just feels smooth and properly machined when turned (the buttons) or raised (the lever). One small problem in my kitchen is that i’ve had to position the maestria a few inches to the right of where i really wanted it to go because the overhead cupboards meant i couldn’t open the lever to its fullest extent. This is perhaps something to be aware of when looking at the different nespresso models. A previous reviewer complained about dripping after a coffee has finished brewing and to be fair, this can happen but it doesn’t last long and surely that’s what the drip tray is there for anyway?. I have noticed that sometimes a few drips of water will come through after the water tank has been filled and replaced but again don’t really find this an issue. The same reviewer also complained about the quality and quantity of the crema produced with each brew. Perhaps his machine is faulty because all i can say is that i’ve never seen or tasted crema of better quality and quantity. I use a variety of bodum double-walled glasses for the coffees and with an espresso in particular i’ve wanted to lick round the inside of the glass to get the last of the crema sticking to the edges.

Looks stylish and produces a great cup of coffee effortlessly. I’m very happy with my machine and would have no problem recommending it to others. Lakeland had it cheaper than elsewhere and delivered it incredibly promptly.

We needed to upgrade our old nespresso machine and are pleased we paid the extra and bought this machine, it is top class, the coffee is really hot, unlike our old one. The frother is perfect and so easy to use. You can choose the size cup you are using as well which is another bonus. We have used this new machine far more than the old one, the only trouble is we will have to order more capsules now. It looks so stylish in the kitchen too. A lot of money but worth every penny. A big thank you to magimix for designing such a great coffee machine. Buy one you won’t regret it.

Super happy with the machine. Our previous was citiz and it’s died after 6 years and frequent usage. So we tried to get something as durable as our first one. This machine is swiss made, great quality. Milk frothing attachment is great and easy to use. Heating time for the machine and steamer is close to nothing. Switching off is seamless, and it’s not a stand-by, it’s off. Large capacity water tank, and capsule compartment as well. And the most important it’s not taking a lot of space on the worktop.

Use the milk frother with every coffee, so much easier if you also get a milk jug and thermometer.

We love our new nespresso machine. Only slight annoyance is that the milk frother has a safety cut off after 90 seconds, which is not enough to heat a jug of milk for two lattes. We have to turn the steamer on and off again to make it hot enough. Other than that it is so easy to use, and looks lovely.

Excellent device, sturdy, cool design and makes great coffee. Vendor was a delight to deal with and delivery by dpd was faultless.

The machine looks very high quality, and really adds to my kitchen counter. Only received today, but so far working beautifully. I’ve had a regular nespresso machine for a while now, but wanted to upgrade for one with a milk frother, and this is a more professional option than the aerocino.

So impressed with the machine and speedy service. Had difficulty when removing the polystyrene as the ‘spill-tray’ kept catching- so ended up ripping the polly off. Had no idea either that it included 16 pods- mixed- brilliant as i was able to start straight away- instead of waiting. Tasted my first coffee which was free and am delighted with the expensive taste.

Looks impressive and a big improvement on the pixie i had been using for a couple of years. Of course, the coffee tastes the same. I also benefit from a bigger water tank at the rear and more space for used cartridges. It deserves 5 stars except for the price which seems a bit high.

Excellent all round – can choose the amount of water for both espresso and lungo which is a nice addition. Solidly made and very little plastic in sight.

I love the machine and coffee. Machine are working fine, making excellent cappuccino but little bit noisy. Here are the specifications for the NESPRESSO Maestria Coffee Machine:

  • Improved thermoblock instant water heating system
  • Energy saving: Power safe mode, switches off 30 mins after last use
  • Large capacity: 1.4 L water tank
  • High quality materials with aluminium body
  • Pivoting cup support for small or large cups, mugs or latte glasses; 3 years guarantee with this machine including a home collection service

I took the plunge and bought this very machine recently. I was always a ‘proper’ coffee person until the opportunity came along to buy one of these. Fantastic coffee every time. Those of you who may worry about the cost of genuine capsules need worry no more. This machine has handled every make of capsule i’ve thrown at it with ease. Even the type you fill yourself. This has bought the average cost of a pod down to 6 or 7 pence.The milk wand is superb and from switching on to drinking a lovely latte etc is no more than 90 seconds.

A great bargain was had , read the reviews prior to buying it, it certainly lives up to the positive reviews, great machine, solidly built, many thanks reviewers.

Fantastic machine, still going strong after five years.

But be warned if you like to have steamed milk with every coffee don’t expect any more than 30 – 40 cups before you need to purchase the £14 descaling kit from nespresso. This makes each coffee ridiculously expensive. We’ve had it a few years now and i started recording exactly how many drinks between descaling. The most we have managed is 37 and that is using bottled water, not tap water as we live in a very hard water area.

It heats up quickly and has loads of pressure and makes lovely coffee. The steamer means serous business and produces wonderful sounds like we used to hear in the old espresso bars during the sixties. It’s well designed and reminds me of a little coffee making robot.

The best present i have ever bought her , she loves it .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very impressive looks and large capacity tank and cartridge recepticle
  • Just what I needed.
  • Looks stylish and produces a great cup of coffee effortlessly

Similar to many reviewers now i have had my machine for over 4 years and it is utterly brilliant. It makes my morning lattes to perfection. I am so pleased you can still buy them and actually might buy another before they disappear completely. Don’t hesitate if you like lattes then this is the machine for you. If it’s just expresso or black americano then go for one of the much cheaper machines.

Looks great on the bench and makes nice coffee. Occasionally pods don’t seat properly and you need to jiggle them a bit.

A stylish piece of kitchenalia and makes a good cup[ of coffee too.

The best easiest coffee machine i’ve ever used.

Love this machine which is in daily use.

Having owned a bosch tassimo machine for three years i have found £5. 29 for 8 lattes unnecessarily expensive considering the milk pods are uht. Deals on tassimo pods are few and far between – so i looked for alternatives. I read recently that the french government ruled that no such cartel should apply to nespresso consumables and thus opened up the manufacture of compatible capsules to the free market. I decided to purchase the magimix maestria machine because it has the advantage of the milk frothing wand, full control of the amount of coffee dispensed and, not least, the solid build quality and wonderful retro design. Once all the capsules from the variety pack were used i have discovered that the lidl ristretto capsules are my current favourite – and at less than 18p a cup with frothed fresh milk (rather than uht) every cup tastes wonderful (and £5. 29 buys 29 lattes instead of 8)the machine runs at an impressive 19 bar pressure and the machine heats up quickly and drinks are always hot. With three years warranty i recommend this machine.

My old magimix nespresso finally gave up after 8 long and arduous years of service. The maestria was my choice for a replacement and i am delighted with it. It is well made and feels substantial and sturdy and looks great in my kitchen. It has a wow factor when turned on it lights up lights and coffee can be made to anyone’s preference. It is slim but does have quite a depth to it so be sure to take account of the dimensions. I love the fact that you can set different levels of both the espresso and lungo cups rather than just have a preset amount. The frothing wand works very well and you will be an accomplished barista in no time. I also purchased an aeroccino from nespresso direct. The grand maestria comes with a built in aeroccino and mug warmer but is a much bigger machine.