NESPRESSO Prodigio Coffee Maker : The machine struggles with anything other than genuine nespresso capsules

This is an excellent nespresso machine – we love it. It’s comapct, looks great and very easy to set up (including the bluetooth features) and took about 10 minutes. The bluetooth stuff is good; it all works well and is simple to use. In terms of actually using the bluetooth features. We love our technology, which is why we bought this machine, but nespressos are so easy to use and quick anyway that we just don’t feel the need to click or schedule. And for the machine alerts, there are indicator lights so you don’t need the app to tell you. We’re happy with our choice and would buy it again as we like the bluetooth options, but wanted to share this for anyone on the fence.

Although i was able to use other slightly less expensive capsules than those purchased direct from nespresso – the machine does not like them. The drip tray fills up quickly and they get stuck and don’t eject properly – which is disappointing as the advertising i read gave the impression it would use a range of capsules however that seems to mean a range of genuine nespresso capsules only.

My husband got me this for christmas this year and i’ve used it everyday since. I’ve previously used nespresso in a comercial setting and knew what i was getting into with the capsules. Many people think the bluetooth is gimmicky but for me it’s great, i can set the coffee off when dim getting ready and the coffee is there for when i get into the kitchen. I don’t like my coffee straight off the boil and maybe this is what is working for me. The set up was easy, the app is easy to use, the ordering system is easy to navigate, i find it best to buy the assortments then individuals, but again personal choice on that one. If you like an easy to use machine which decent espresso coffee and will not use the milk attachment go for this one.

Or, does all the coffee capsules taste almost exactly the same?.

I bought this machine around 7 months ago to replace a very similar nespresso machine (u model) which was around 3. I opted specifically for the silver magimix machine, rather than the slightly darker grey krups machine, because i referred the aesthetic and wanted to avoid too dark colours the kitchen. I have absolutely no complaints with the prodigio. It is a sophisticated piece of kit for the price and produces a great tasting coffee (ristretto, espresso or lungo). Unlike my previous u machine, this pours proper ristretto shots (rather than the three drips i got out of the u machine, rendering that option useless). I also quite like the orange led and sound alerts which come on for when the capsule/water trays are full or the machine requires descaling. Also, the machine has a fairly minimalist footprint (but is by no means the smallest in the nespresso range) – it is particularly helpful that the water tank can be rotated to either side, or placed directly at the back behind the machine. There have been a couple of occasions in recent months when the machine has decided that it did not finish the previous brew, so will refuse to open and the orange led comes on. (until after about 10 minutes, a final drip will come out of the machine when i press a button to re-wake it, and it is ready to make coffees again).

A good all round coffee machine. A teasmaid for the millenial generation and also opens up the nespresso world with the accompanying app. Very simple to set up and use and the warnings for self cleaning, full pod collector etc are useful. Two slight criticisms:firstly, the bluetooth connection can be a little clunky. Not always, and once you’re on its fine. Secondly, with my old nespresso machine, i used to run two cups through the same capsule (saves money without a truly discernible drop in quality or makes a large cup). This machine automatically ditches the old capsule, meaning this is unfortunately no longer an option. Neither of these detract, however, from a solid all round performer.

Too lazy to get out of bed and make my morning espresso, this does it for me,.

  • A good all round coffee machine
  • Great machine!
  • Fav Christmas present

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Maker, Silver by Magimix

Product Description, The Magimix Prodigio Nespresso Coffee Maker allows you to be connected to your coffee maker through your smart device with built-in Bluetooth technology. Your morning coffee can be ready for the moment you wake up. This clever Nespresso App ensures you will never run out of capsules, by keeping track of how many capsules have been used and also gives you the option of ordering more capsules through your app. With Compact design this machine fits perfectly in your kitchen, the multi position removable 0.8L water tank allows for easy refiling. Choose from 3 cup sizes Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo, for your favourite coffee. 25 second heat up time and auto shut off after last use (9 mins), means this smart machine is energy efficient and saves time. App Functions include: Capsule store management, aftercare alerts, water hardness level setting, coffee programming, remote control, club registration.

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Key Benefits
  • Connectivity features: capsules stock management, schedule brewing, maintenance alerts.
  • Coffee cups sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo
  • Rotating water tank
  • Fast heatup 25 seconds

Prodigio and milk

The connected coffee machine

  • The connected coffee machine – Take your coffee experience to a whole new level with Prodigio, the first connected Nespresso machine offering additional benefits thanks to its app.
  • Providing you with the ideal coffee – Prodigio and milk also has a built-in Aeroccino system to create an incredible creamy frothy milk for all kinds of delicious cappuccino, latte machiatto and other white coffees.


The connectivity feature works with your machine to ensure your Nespresso experience is as simple as it can be. With functions ensuring you never run out of capsules, allowing you to programme a coffee at your desired time and receiving alerts to assist you in your machine maintenance, Prodigio lets you enjoy your coffee and leaves your smartphone take care of the rest.

Capsule stock management

Never run out of capsules -The Nespresso app tracks your capsule stock, so you know exactly when to reorder. Then, with a simple click in the app, you can duplicate your last Grand Cru order or create a new one.

Schedule a coffee brewing

Programme your coffee at your desired time – Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure through the Nespresso app on your mobile device – any time, just the way you like it

Machine assistance and care

Simplified machine assist and care – Always there for you, the Nespresso app will let you know whenever attention is required, for example because the water level is too low or descaling is needed.

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  • A good all round coffee machine
  • Great machine!
  • Fav Christmas present

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Maker, Silver by Magimix

Features and Spesification

  • A smart coffee assistant that will brew your espresso to perfection
  • Automatically powers off after 9 minutes.Automatic ejection of used capsule;Descaling alarm.
  • Heats up in only 25 seconds
  • 3 cup sizes; Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo
  • Descaling alert