Nespresso Vertuo Plus : Excellent coffee

Really easy to use, and it produces delicious coffee.

Great machine and good to look at.

I waited to post my review until now when the pods are available for sale in the uk and i have been able to test it more thoroughly than i was able to with the ‘taster pack’ of 12 pods which came with the machine. I have a nespresso shop near me at westfield and so was able to pick up my new supplies and try some more of the coffee in store as well as talking though the new machine and its advantages with one of the staff. I have been lucky enough to have had the nespresso creatista coffee machine, black by sage, which converted me to nespresso made coffee and i’ve been over the moon with that. To my surprise i prefer the vertuo to the creatista but whether it’s the better machine for you depends on a few questions — do you like longer cups of coffee?- do you drink your coffee black or with just a little milk?- do you buy your coffee from nespresso?if you answer yes to all three, as i do, then i think it’s a no brainer – the vertuo is the right machine for you. If you like cappuccinos and macchiatos and prefer to buy compatible pods rather than nespresso’s own brand then it’s probably not and you’re better off sticking with the original style. The coffee=========the vertuo’s great strength is in making longer drinks. There are four sizes of pods, of which the smallest is for espresso and the largest for long mugs of coffee. The sizes are espresso (40ml), gran lungo (150ml), mug (230ml), alto (414ml). The creatista is fabulous for making milky coffee styles but i drink my coffee black and would generally use two pods and two cafe lungo cycles for my morning mug of coffee. Although the pod i use for the vertuo mug size (50p per pod) is more expensive that the standard nespresso pod (35p per pod) i need only use one rather than the two i have been using, so it works out fine in terms of cost increase.

This is a quatum leap from the standard nespresso capsules and machine. Because the pods are larger, and the water is centrifuged through the coffee, you get good taste and a decent amount to fill travel mugs etc. I initially wanted a bean to cup to replace my aged nespresso machine, but this was four times cheaper and makes good coffee.

Coffee is what gets me up in the mornings and the nesspresso vertuo plus is giving me more of an incentive. With a water container which can me moved to either behind,to the left or right of the machine. I have mine to the left and it fits perfectly in to a corner of my work top. The hardest part is picking a capsule to insert,with such a variety of strengths,blend and notes of fruit, spices and even chocolate i didn’t know which to start with. I eventually chose the solelio which is fruity and light bodied. The machine recognises the barcode on the capsules ‘centrifusion technology’. With one touch of the centrifusion technology’. With one touch of the lever and the top opens,insert the capsule another touch and it closes. When the coffee is brewed press the button and it pours in to the mug. This machine offers a choiceof four size cups/mugs.

Very different model from the normal nespresso models. Our unit was 9 years old and the pump has started to go, unrepairable. Got this in the prime day at £100 off. The head is motorised and the pod slides backwards into the included bin. Water receptacle is movable so it can be behind, left or right. The coffee pods are bar coded, so the machine knows the volume, larger and of course more expensive. Only one ‘go’ button now. The pod spins around inside of the machine, so the code can be read and the coffee is ejected at a low stream rate at a slight forward angle, so you don’t have to use straight sided mugsadjustable cup holder for different cup sizes. You do get a sample pack of capsules, not very many though. The first one my wife tried made here quest and very negative.

This machine is the best nespresso machine i have owned and makes a superb freshly brewed cup of coffee every time, in record time. The machine houses a huge water tank which keeps you in coffee for the whole day, along with a substantial capsule disposal tank, holding 12 mug size capsules before requiring emptying. The machine is robust, operates extremely quietly and looks very sleek and is an asset to my kitchen. The aroma of all the capsules, including the decaffeinato one is lovely and rich and inviting. All of the coffees i have tasted have been enjoyable and even ones with a lower intensity taste of rich, freshly brewed coffee. I have not had one capsule fail to make a perfect drink. The machine offers a premium service for the money, with one touch opening to enable easy insertion and then one touch closing it. With a press of the button, a fast and powerful coffee is dispensed into the cup. I have not experienced any splashing or dripping from the machine and the speed the coffee is made is superb, as is the hotness of the drink. Each capsule has a barcode on it, which enables the machine to read the capsule and instantly know how much water to dispense.

I waited a long time to buy this, not the cheapest on the market but regrets – none. Everything from nespresso is pure quality, beautifully wrapped and protected for transit. The coffee is just sublime, i would recommend this is, if like me, you love coffee. Lots of different coffees, biscuits, chocolates and various accessories to chose from. Let’s not forget amazon, great packing, great service, speedy delivery.

  • Love it
  • Finally an improved version of the original Nespresso.
  • Quieter and simpler to use than the original, new style capsules more expensive too. No milk frother.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus, Titanium finish by Krups

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Nespresso have a good selection of coffees for the vertuo machines. Not all are to my taste but several are good. I’d tried a dolce gusto machine but most of the available coffees are not to my taste. I’ve an older nespresso machine which is good for short coffees but all the larger sizes are too weak, the vertuo has larger capsules available so can make a decent sup or mug full as well as the espresso. Easy to use, good value as i got it on prime day, probably fair value normally.

I was so pleased to receive the machine, on opening the box it peeled apart revealing my new best friend. No clumsy stuck on polystyrene here. Super easy to set up, in fact it took about 3 minutes to get ready and away we went. The following morning i had 4 delicious giornio coffees and cleaned the house with amazing gusto. My husband loves the coffee to and his favourite is stormio. Making the coffee is super simple and requires only one touch, the capsules look great too. I particularly like that the used capsules get emptied into a container at the back which means i no longer drip boiling water on my toes. The machine is sturdy and well built and i’d happily recommend to a coffee lover. Slightly disappointed that there aren’t third party capsules on the market as the capsules are a bit more expensive but for the taste it’s definitely worth it.

This machine is sleek, stylish and impressive yet small enough to be unobtrusive in the kitchen. The range of coffee flavours is a delight, yet it would be nice to have more mellow capsules, a mocha for example. Our favourite was definitely the hazelino but it would have been nice to try more flavoured coffee like caramel. So many were strong enough to taste slightly bitter, such as the stormio but the fruity and floral coffees like giornio and solelio were amazing. Better than anything else on the market. One of the frustrations is that the crema doesn’t really have a purpose, it sits on top of the coffee then at the bottom of the cup. I can tell the quality of the coffee is higher than other machines we have owned but likewise the capsules are on the pricier side. It’s so simple to use which was delightful and easy to clean. The top opens at a touch and the capsule container empties cleanly with no leakage from the used pods. The centrifugal system is quiet and the coffee is ready effortlessly and quickly.

Great looking machine and works like a dream. The coffee tastes great and is easy to make- only downside is the measure of coffee as i drink it black. I would also like to be able to buy the capsules in the shop and to recycle in a better way.

I have had my nespresso for a couple of years now, i’ve enjoyed having it but because i like a big mug of coffee i often use 2 (or 3) lungo pods to make a long black coffee or 3 espresso to make a half decent strong latte. The vertuo has done away with this with addition of mug sizes (250ml) and alto (414ml). In particular, the mug size produces a beautiful cup of strong coffee – all the flavours i’ve tried i have enjoyed (except the vanilla one). The alto is quite big even for me and i find running the whole 414ml produces a rather weak coffee. I have set it to 320ml and it’s much better. The machine is easy to use, quicker and quieter than before and crucially there are no drips after the machine finishes so no mess at all. The pods are more expensive (up to 62p each) but it’s actually cheaper for me as i only use one compared to before. Other reviews have complained that pods are exclusive to nespresso but that isn’t an issue for me as i have found virtually all the supermarket/ starbucks/ lor pods to be universally rubbish in terms of flavour.

If you want a no-fuss coffee machine for small and large coffees this is it. But beware it doesn’t come with a free travel mug as advertised, amazon should do something about that.

Wanted a nespresso machine for a long time but i didn’t like the fact it only did smaller cups of coffee so thought this was perfect. And besides amazon’s inability to deliver the correct colour (ordered shiny black, they delivered dull grey and i absolutely loathe grey appliances) this is as suspected, perfect. Is quite a hefty size and takes up a lot more space than my previous little dolce gusto machine but it’s worth every millimetre of extra space required. Produces lovely hot strong coffee, has a large enough capacity waste bin and an excellent water capacity. The coffee is simple enough to order online from their site although you do have to order 50 capsules at a time. The selection box you get with this machine gives a nice taster, but they are all fairly strong so i’ve struggled to find a coffee that agrees with me but that’s my personal tastes. There are a lot of choices in capsules however so i’m sure with a little trial and error i can find one that suits me. But if you like real coffee then splash out on one of these babies, you won’t regret it.

I have to say at the start of this i like coffee, i like coffee a lot and are currently spending a fortune in a well know coffee chain buying an oversized latte daily for what will be a price tag of nearly £1000 by the end of the year. I have looked into my own barista expresso machine, but it is a hassle with the cleaning being a right pain so eventually gave up. This is where nespresso wins no fuss no cleaning, apart from the odd descaling once a month. However, till now the draw back was the size of the coffees that come out of nespresso machines 25ml ristretto, 40ml expresso, and 110ml lungo to my taste these never really had that caffeine laden coffee i was after, strength of flavour yes, but not an eye openerwell you can now forget all of the hassle and get a coffee that really makes your eyes water with delight with the new nespresso vertuoplus. I have only had mine a day but already i have fallen in love with it. It produces coffee with depth of flavour, and of a size that means you aren’t reaching to make another almost immediately after finishing the first with 40ml expresso, 150ml grand lungo, 230ml mug, and a stoncking 414ml alto. But its not just that the coffee itself looks and tastes more like the one i am used to from my favourite coffee chain; its deeper, richer and with a great crème on the top (small details matter). The machine itself is simple plug it in, fill up the water reservoir. After the 20 second setup, push gently on the silver opener at the front at a smooth wirl will reveal the coffee pod receptor (very star trek), drop the chosen pod in (as always with nespresso there is a mind boggling 20 different pods to choose from, for even the most ardent coffee fan), and let the machine do the rest. Nespresso have again taken the fiddling out of even setting the right amount of water, each capsule has a bar code around its edge and therefore the machine knows which pod and therefore which water/coffee mix has been selected.

  • Love it
  • Finally an improved version of the original Nespresso.
  • Quieter and simpler to use than the original, new style capsules more expensive too. No milk frother.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus, Titanium finish by Krups

I love the idea that you get a full cup of coffee after my old machine hardly ever gave one. This holds more water so you don’t have to keep refilling. Coffee varied and tastes great.

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