NESPRESSO XN300540 Pixie Coffee Machine : Five Stars

Great coffee maker- would i recommend this one?. Doesn’t take too long to make a cup, or to heat the water up before beginning, and the coffee is lovely and hot when it comes out.

This was bought as a present for my mother after she used ours. As a fellow owner these machines are great, compact and the coffee that is produced from this is great. Initially i used only nespresso capsules, however i can say that some of the generic brands are equally as good and much cheaper. If you live in an area with hard water it’s imperative that you descale your machine as it can clog (as in the case of any other appliance). The de-scaling liquid from nespresso is very expensive for what it is from the shop, so amazon may be a good alternative.

The recipients are pleased with it. Very compact, so slots into the smallest of kitchens without taking up too much of a surface. Also came with a taster pack of pods, which is useful when you don’t know which flavours to buy.

My only quibble would be that it’s set up to deliver very small cups of coffee, i usually press the delivery twice to get a full cup of coffee.

Arrived with 16 different coffees.

Super little coffee machine, it fits perfectly on the work surface and delivers consistantly every time. I wanted a machine which was simple and caused little or no mess and thats exactly what this is.

Love coffee, love this machine.

I replaced a bean to cup espresso machine with this and i have found it easy to use and clean. I ordered capsules from nespresso online and they were delivered next day. The cost of the coffee is much the same as buying coffee beans.

  • Fantastic Coffee
  • superb coffee – worth every penny
  • Note Decide first if you want the Frother!

Nespresso XN300540 Pixie Coffee Machine, Titanium by Krups

Style Name:Pixie  |  Colour:Titanium
Product Description, Nespresso XN300540 Pixie Coffee Machine by Krups – Titanium.

Box Contains,

  • Nespresso Pixie
  • Instruction booklet
  • Nespresso Welcome Pack of capsules

  • From the manufacturer




    A cup of coffee is much more than a break. It is your small ritual. Make it an unparalleled experience.

    Choose Nespresso, do not settle for less: strictly-selected coffee coming in a matchless range of exclusive varieties, coffee machines combining smart design with simple state-of-the-art technology, refined accessories, indulgent sweet treats and services anticipating your every desire. What else?

    Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine by Krups, Titanium, XN300540, Thermoblock Technology, Stainless Steel, 0.7 Litre Capacity

    Equipped with premium metal side panels and a range of advanced features, the Pixie machine is energy efficient with a surprisingly compact and minimalist design. Streamlined for maximum efficiency, this coffee machine lives up to the Nespresso reputation for high-end technology.





    More than you see

    Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Pixie coffee maker fits in any kitchen and is available in a wide range of colours and 2 finishes. Only 11 cm wide, it uses hardly any space and is perfect for smaller urban kitchens.

    Espresso and Lungo

    The one-touch buttons with two cup capacities (Espresso and Lungo) can be reprogrammed to custom volumes and are backlit for ease of use. The folding drip tray accommodates differing cup sizes for espresso and milk coffee lovers alike.

    High pressure pump

    The 19 bar high-pressure pump allows for a barista-style result, unlocking the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule during the brewing process and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema. The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds.

    Empty water tank alert

    Red backlights along the sides of the machine light up to alert you when you need to refill the water tank. With the automatic power-off function, the machine turns off 9 minutes after the last use, consuming less energy.




    Complimentary Welcome Gift

    Each machine includes a welcome set with a range of Nespresso capsules with unique aromatic profiles. Try each Grand Cru to find your favourites. Order your Nespresso capsules through the Nespresso Club via mobile app, online, by telephone or in one of our Boutiques.

    Ultimate Coffee Quality

    Nespresso follows highly rigorous standards in selecting coffee. We create hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminum capsules as an optimum way to lock in freshness and provide exceptional taste. As a result, we offer a wide variety of 25 Grands Crus to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day.

    Creating Shared Value

    We are proud to seal our long-term commitment on sustainability and quality, celebrating our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. We source more than 80% of our coffee from AAA farms and over 40% of all of our coffee from the Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

    Nespresso Pixie by Krups, Titanium Nespresso Citiz by Krups, Silver Nespresso Essenza Mini by Krups, Pure White
    Pump pressure 19 bar 19 bar 19 bar
    Empty water tank detection
    Fast 25″ heat-up
    Programmable, one-touch buttons Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo Espresso & Lungo
    Movable drip tray for large cups Foldable drip tray Foldable drip tray Detachable drip tray
    Energy consumption class A-40% A-40% A-40%
    Automatic power off
    Water tank capacity 0.7L 0.9L 0,6L
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 11.1 x 23.5 x 32.6cm 13 x 27.7 x 37.2cm 8.4cm x 20.4cm x 33cm
    Special features – Avant-garde design – Compact size – Premium aluminium side panels – Retro-modern design – Retro-modern design

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    This machine has proved to be perfect for my needs. It makes excellent coffee in double quick time and nespresso has a wonderful range of coffee capsules to choose from. I chose their sample pack which includes their entire range and now i shall have to make a choice, when next ordering, of my favourites. A difficult decisioni would unhesitatingly recommend this product to all coffee lovers and i have found nespresso an extremely good company to deal with. I took advantage of their promotional offer which, i understand, runs until the end of february 2012. This allows you a credit of £40. 00 off your next order, after you have registered your new machine with them.

    This is ok, but it is a bit untidy. Part of the trim is already looking a bit warn. I have had a nespresso machine for years, this is the replacement.

    I love good coffee, but did wonder if i was being extravagent buying a machine to do what i can do with a cafetiere or filter. My coffee now seems mediocre in comparison. The pixie produces superb espresso with crema in less than 1 minute from a cold start, 2 minutes for lungo. The hardest part is deciding which coffee capsule to choose, depending on my mood and the time of day. There is a whole range of strengths and flavours; one of each is included with the machine. I don’t live near a nespresso boutique, so order my capsules through the nespresso club store – far cheaper than some of the other retail outlets i’ve seen, with standard delivery within 48hrs. Not only do i use much less electricity producing a cup of coffee (i’m only heating the water i need) but there is no waste or mess. The capsules are aluminium, and the nespresso club provide a free collection/recycle service, just remember to order a recycle bag along with your coffee. Definitely a cult worth joining.

    Couldn;t ask for anything more – and still working perfectly after 18 months heavy usage.

    Thank you, very nice machine.

    Word of warningonly use genuine capsules or it could get messy.

    Love this little coffee machine – warms up fast & delivers great coffee. If you forget to turn it off, no worries as the machine turns off automatically after few mins.

    This is great if you want a coffee machine, but don’t want to give up too much space in your kitchen for it. Water come out perfectly hot, so you can even use it as a kettle if you don’t put a coffee pod in first. Easy to clean and looks chic.

    • Fantastic Coffee
    • superb coffee – worth every penny
    • Note Decide first if you want the Frother!

    Nespresso XN300540 Pixie Coffee Machine, Titanium by Krups

    It’s a good coffee maker, quite slow to make the coffee and overpriced in my eyes.

    Lovely coffee and easy to use. Stylish and doesn’t take up much room. Great range of flavours available to go with it – even the milder and decaffeinated capsules are tasty.

    I was reluctant to get involved with these sort of machines that tie you to coffee capsules but i have to say i’m completely converted. Easy to use & gives fantastic results. Nespresso give superb service too on the coffee too with a great range to pick from. It is a bit noisy as others have said but i can cope with that.

    We bought this coffee machine having used one in an apartment in milan. We had heard of nespresso but thought the machines may have been out of our price range. We were also looking for one that wouldn’t take too much space up on the kitchen worktop. This model fits the bill; compact, slick design, great tasting coffee and a reasonable price. Some people comment that it is noisy but we don’t find it too loud. Make sure you use the nespresso descaler regularly.

    Bought for my espresso loving husband as a surprise christmas present. It was delivered well within the timeframe specified. It was bought to replace a filter machine and a cafetiere and it really does exactly what was described. It is so clean, quick, spacesaving and economical in relation to its power consumption. It is definitely the machine for real coffee lovers, there being so many varieites of coffee available. That said ,the coffee capsules are not cheap so if you drink a lot of coffee, rather than appreciate a quality cup once or twice a day, then it is probably an extravagance you might prefer to miss out on. Although i like my latte coffees, i chose not to have a milk frother as an attachment because it is less hassle to heat my milk separately (in the microwave) and tip it into the coffee in the same way as the coffee chains do. The space for the cup is quite small however so i suggest you purchase some small espresso cups or at least something less than 8cm high.

    Have become addicted to caffeine since i’ve had this. Easy to use and the pods can be bought anywhere.

    Purchased this on the basis it had a good reputation. I have never been a coffee person but was inquisitive about this liitle machine. I am surprised how much i enjoy using and tasting the finished product. Very quick and easy to use i have almost become addicted to my treat of the day. With a little taste of chocolate of course. Pods are a bit pricey but at the moment will purchase them and try and find a less pricey alternative.

    Good product, drips a little but its not top of the range in the selection. Hard wearing and it filters hot water through a capsule what more do you want/need it to do?.

    The nespresso pixie fully satisfied. Footprint of unit excellent and operation and cleaning very easy and straightforward. Coffee also very good as i drink black americano so, lack of milk heater/frother ideal for me.

    I have had the krups pixie nespresso coffee machine for about 2 weeks. The drip tray came loose at one point but i have managed to re-assemble it with the machine and apart from that it has given no problems so far. The nespresso coffee really is excellent.

    Cannot live without this machine, so so good.

    Love the nespresso machines, bought this for when we go away to take with us for a perfect cup of coffee each time. Deal with free milk frother makes it an excellent price and ensures good coffee when holidaying in the uk and much cheaper than cafes.

    We also bought an aerator which is also vet easy and quick to use.

    Great little machine, very easy to use, coffee is delicious and ready in a matter if seconds. Anyone who says it is noisy must surely be offended by a boiling kettle. It is small, funky looking and a great addition to the kitchen. Best price on amazon especially good when bought during the nespresso promotion, so go £40 gift card :-)all in all highly recommend.

    I have another nespresso machine at work, and find it makes very good coffee. This is just as good, in a smaller package. One feature of this one is the auto off function, which is useful – i found i am always leaving the other one on. This looks stylish, and doesn’t take up much room at all. Buy one at the right time, and you can get a good cashback/free coffee deal as well.

    I brought this as a christmas present last year for my partner and have ended up using it myself daily it is so good. Very easy to set up for the first time just run a few cups of water through to clean it out. Comes with a pack of sample capsules so you can choose which are your favourite varieties. The machine makes espresso (short) 40ml or lungo (long) 110ml coffee and these amounts are pre programmed from the factory. You can also adjust the volume for each yourself by holding the button down and it will remember the amount for subsequent uses. The machine uses the proprietary nespresso capsule system and they are only officially available from the online nespresso club or a ’boutique’. I recommend avoiding buying from other places as you cannot guarantee how old the capsules are as they only last 12 months also many places such as ebay are more expensive than through nespresso. There are around 12 varieties to choose from including ristretto, espresso and lungo types. If your looking to make a large mug of coffee you will need to make an espresso and then add hot water afterwards. The coffee produced by the machine is excellent and better than most coffee shops and has a great crema layer on top.

    A very attractive, compact and easy to use machine. We’ve been using it for about a month and so far the coffee made has been excellent with a huge selection of flavours to choose from.

    This is just the best thing ever. Very compact, drip tray & pod holder easy to clean, and water container fits on the back really easily. It is a little noisy, but this is to be expected, and wouldn’t deter me from buying another one.

    Features and Spesification

    • Compact design: Elegant profile 11.1 cm (W) x 23.5 cm (H) x 32.6 cm (L) ideal for urbanites with limited kitchen counter space
    • High-tech: 19 bar high-performance pump and automatic piercing and brewing of capsules with drop stop technology, fast heating time of only 25 seconds
    • Tactile interface: One-touch controls with two programmable buttons-Espresso and Lungo
    • Intuitive: Smart alert system lets you know when there is almost no water left
    • Energy-saving: Power save mode automatically switches machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity