Netherton Foundry Shropshire Cast Iron Slow Cooker – arrived at our house in Australia promptly and in great condition with good packaging

I chose it because it was cast iron and british made. Having tried several recipes, i can now conclude that it does not cook as slowly as all of the other slow cookers that i have owned. Not sure i could leave any recipe for 8 hours. The customer service from netherton foundry was excellent, there was a little issue with the recipe/instruction manual enclosed. Having successfully slow roasted a chicken in it with no complaints from the family i feel that it can be highly recommended.

An absolutely wonderful slow cooker that exudes quality. So pleased with my purchase, particularly as it’s made in the uk. It does require some maintenance, as you’d expect given it’s made of iron, but this doesn’t take long and involves a natural process of treating it with flaxseed oil – just requires a quick wipe with kitchen paper and the oil to stop it rusting. The cooker comes with maintenance instructions and a lovely rustic looking booklet of recipes to try as an added bonus. These recipes can either be cooked on a high setting for 6 hours or the low setting for 8 hours. (there’s also a ‘keep warm’ setting, which is very handy for guests wanting a second helping) unlike one other reviewer, i’ve found these times to work well / not to be excessive. The shropshire hills pork is one of my favourites. I bought the tagine lid in cream as well as the standard flat iron lid. Again, it’s very well made and looks great with a cream kitchen. Whilst i’ve only used it a couple of times, i certainly can see no reason to fault it.

Wonderful, a bit of a pain to look after, but it should last many years.

So excited to receive my slow cooker it’s beautiful, haven’t used it yet because the weather is just to hot but can’t wait.

Cast iron slow cookeri loved the look of the cast iron and oak on this slow cooker from netherton foundry, and when it arrived i was just as thrilled with the results. Couldn’t wait to try out the recipes in the gorgeous booklet that comes with it, and have already planned menus and written my shopping list for the next three weeks. In fact, i’ve already arranged my first dinner party to show this off to my friends, and because of the size of the bowl, i can impress lots of them all at once. Not only does the cast iron look great, but the flax oil coating is a major plus for me. I love the fact that this is natural and it really is an easy clean finish. I can’t believe that this is made in england, it’s so exciting to buy something that hasn’t been imported. I’m now trying to persuade my husband that the whole kitchen should be in english oak, just to match the knobs on my slow cooker. I might have to keep making him the shropshire hills pork dish to bring him round, and, in the meantime, i’m going to buy the tagine lid to match.

An excellent product, well made. . Follow the instructions and you get great food. This is a cast iron cooker so you do need to ensure it’s prepared before you cook.

Havent really had time to play with it yet but have spoken to the producers who were very good and informative and it seems there is much more to this cooker than just a slow cooker, have just cooked bacon in it which was very good. It appears that the more you use it the better it gets.

This was purchased as a gift. Although we like the fact that it is british, it is not ideal from a maintenance / cleaning perspective as, apparently, care is required to ensure you don’t get any rust. Wouldn’t be any good for me, but i do believe in buying british whenever possible, so if you can deal with the maintenance side of things, then please support our industries and buy it.

Got this as an xmas present and have used it a dozen times since. Has that feel that it should last forever, and is one of the few slow cookers that can be used as a normal casserole pot on a hob or even in the oven (on their website they sell an accessory cast iron lid handle to replace the oak one if using in the oven, but i have used mine twice in the oven and the oak handle looks fine). I like that i can sear meat or onions directly in it at high temps on a hob before adding everything else straight in then transferring the pan straight to the slow cooker ring. You’re getting a slow cooker, which is also a cast iron pot that can be used on a bbq or open fire or in an oven or on any kind of hob, which is a real bonus. The pot rim has a thoughtful little bump to let a little steam out which is a nice touch (and presumably to stop lid and pot gluing themselves together with some recipes). Needs oiling after every wash or will rust (especially inside of lid).

I bought the slow cooker as a christmas present for my daughter. It does look really robust compared to my bottom of the market slow cooker. I am sure she will give me more feedback on it.

An utterly brilliant slow cooker, can’t recommend highly enough. Not only does it cook well, its also smart enough to leave out on the kitchen worktops. The cooker has three setting, high, low and keep warm. I pop all the ingredients for a chilli or stew in the pot before work, set it on low and hey presto 8 hours later a delicious meal is waiting for you.

I bought this and it arrived at our house in australia promptly and in great condition with good packaging. I’ve used it three time in the last four days and am really looking forward to it being a well-loved and well-used piece of kit. I have a bit of seasoned cast iron and have re-seasoned it a couple of times, just because it helps to make a great non-stick surface and reduces maintenance (which is hardly arduous) later. I’m back at work from maternity leave this week and this, combined with my pressure cooker, will make home made meals a breeze. I’m putting on an oxtail stew today to feed us all (plus my mother in law, who’s helping with child care) tomorrow night. I also love the recipe books and have made the chicken korma – deliciousthanks netherton foundry.

We purchased this slow cooker because it is made of cast iron and also that it is british. It is more expensive than some brands but we are absolutely delighted with the quality. Very easy to use, love the wooden handles and the delivery service was excellent. We would definitely recommend this cast iron slow cooker. Here are the specifications for the Netherton Foundry Shropshire Cast Iron Slow Cooker:

  • Cast Iron Slow Cooker.
  • 3.3 litre cooking volume.
  • Made in Shropshire, England.
  • 100% Recycled Packaging

Really, really like this for all the good reasons mentioned above, and was absolutely thrilled with the quality and presentation – however i was bitterly disappointed to read the small print, and am in two minds now whether to send it back or not. Unfortunately, towards the back of the booklet the instructions starkly warn one to ‘never leave the appliance unsupervised when in use’. I was actually hoping to leave meals cooking overnight or during the day when we’re out at work, but the thought of having to stand over it and supervise it simmering away for eight hours at a time is breaking my spirit before i’ve ever started. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

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  • A different way of cooking
  • Four Stars
  • So excited to receive my slow cooker it’s beautiful, haven’t used it yet because the weather is