NETTA 23L Electric Mini Oven and Grill – Perfect for my needs

This is a very small mini oven and it is perfect for my needs. (it is not for everyone though. It may too be small for normal day to day use).

For son, new flat said he likes it.

The lightbulb stopped working. The response was ‘ it does not have one’ i dislike being called a lier. I saw a light working for the first day. Otherwise this is great product.

I love that you can set a timer and temperature to what you need and it basically screams at you when it’s done. Wish i could slow cook in it but only goes for an hour. Never mind, it does the job πŸ™‚.

This mini oven is brilliant. As instructions and inforrmation very brief i have taken a short time to learn myself how to use it. It works great and looks clean and is very efficient. I like the fact that the timer is a safety button. The whole thing switches off when the timer has finished. Also there is no heating without it. So less chance of an accident. I would recommend this mini oven.

This is how my cooker came too me unfortunately damaged i’ve had it a little while but did not unpack it until today and this what i’ve found. I would like too keep it but i think it’s too badly damaged although it’s still working. As you can see i’ve not actually used it yet just turned it on briefly.

This little oven is excellent, my main oven broke so needed one quick until i got a replacement. It is only small and you can’t fit a whole chicken in it, but chicken portions etc are fine. I have a smart meter at home and this oven is so energy efficient even better than my main oven. I can not fault this oven one bit and i have used it everyday for over a week. I will probably still use it even when i replace my main oven. Very suitable for 1/2 people.

First couple of goes at driving this thing i burnt the food i was cooking. It runs hotter than the controls indicateok now though i’m getting the hang of it, only half burning things now.

Here are the specifications for the NETTA 23L Electric Mini Oven and Grill:

  • 3 Heating Function: The mini oven can be used upper heat, lower heat or a combination of both heating function that makes it for baking, roasting, cooking, and grilling. Powered by 1600W heating elements that create enough radiant heat to cook your most delicious foods in a matter of minutes, save time and energy.
  • 23L Compact Oven Toaster: It features with 23L capacity and 4 layers which allows you to cook different kinds of food. it is ideal for caravans, homes, offices, student accommodations, and camping/holiday homes.
  • 230℃ Max Temperature and 60 Mins Timer: The temperature dial allows you to adjust the heat settings up to 230℃ while the timer allows you to pre-set the oven’s cooking time for up to 60 minutes, precise control of oven brings you the best flavour.
  • Easy to Clean: The non-stick interior makes it easy to clean by wiping with clean cloth, the accessories included in the package are a chrome-plated grill rack, a baking tray, and a detachable handle for removing hot trays

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 9l mini oven brought for me as a gift.
  • That it works.??
  • lovely mini oven