New African Snacks by Love Chin Chin


I’m a big foodie and when it comes to trying new foods, I’m all up for it. I know what I don’t like and as it stands, all I restrict from my stomach is tomatoes and hot spices. Therefore, when a parcel arrived on my doorstep I was pleasantly surprised to find all four flavours of the Love Chin Chin African Snacks staring back at me. Firstly, the packaging is perfect for taking to work and popping on your desk. It’s the ideal work snack in my eyes and has plenty of treats per bag to be able to share around. I know, I know, sharing food isn’t my kind of thing either.Chilli Love Chin Chin

So who are Love Chin Chin?
Love Chin Chin is a West African snack that ‘crunches like a biscuit, tastes like a cake!’ and to be honest, that’s all I had to know to make me dive into the first bag. I love biscuits and I love cakes, for obvious reasons, so when a snack combines the two like so, surely you can’t go wrong?

Vanilla was the first flavour I tried, and I’m going to openly admit I ate the whole bag within the hour of opening them. Yes, it was all by myself. I was simply doing work on the blog, photographing these products during the process, and obviously I had to open the bag for a food shot. Once they were open, that’s when the smell hit me and that’s when I start snacking…non-stop. They literally are irresistible. Once you eat one you find yourself going back for more and before you know it, they’re gone. They’re crunchy, moreish, flavoursome and really are the perfect snack for any time of day.Lemon Love Chin Chin

The Flavours.

Vanilla: very subtle and is probably the best flavour to opt for if trying these snacks for the first time and you’re hesitant as to whether the other flavours would be for you or not.

Cinnamon: this one on the other hand is a firm favourite of mine. I love cinnamon in general and even enjoy it in coffee, so for me this flavour makes the perfect snack for my mid-morning cup o’ Joe.

Chilli: this is my least favourite out of the four, but for simple reasons; not for taste, but because I don’t like chillies or anything to do with spice of any kind. For me, I just can’t get past the chillies and it’s a personal preference.

Lemon: this is a subtle lemon flavour, which I like as lemon can be very overpowering. I can guarantee my Mum would love this one as these taste just like Lemon tarts you get at the supermarkets, but are alot more elegant to eat with minimal ‘crumbage’.

If you’re curious about the snacks and would love to give them a whirl, head on over to Asda or Tesco to give them a go. In Asda you are likely to find them in either the Snacks, Drinks, Biscuit or World Food aisles and in Tesco it would simply be the World Food aisle.