New Beauty Launch: Katie Price Beauty

If you love pigmented eyeshadows, shimmery bronzers and luxurious feeling skin and bodycare products, all I can say is that I recommend giving one or two products from the new Katie Price beauty range a go. I was shocked to even find out Katie Price herself had brought out a cosmetics range and when I had the opportunity to try some out, I’ll admit I was a little hesitant. In past experience, makeup products designed by celebrities haven’t gone well for me – it simply appeared that they had lots of money to throw at a products or collection, but very little knowledge and no highly-skilled team behind them to bring out something that actually works. But, I’m proven somewhat wrong with the new Katie Price beauty range. Let me talk you through what’s on offer:Katie Price BeautyKatie Price Beauty

Katie Price Beauty Baked Bronzer in Golden Bronze, RRP. £6*
This is extremely pigmented. I remember picking up this parcel of beauty goods from the Post Office and sitting in the car with my boyfriend, unwrapping everything like it was Christmas morning, swatching away on my hand and arms until I was quite literally covered. I’m not a bronzer kind of gal, but if you are then this is one I can recommend – it’s very pigmented, but it’s so easy to blend to avoid it looking heavy or harsh on the skin. Plus, I love the compact packaging. A little chunkier than other compact designs, but even the little release button is a cute little white bow which just adds that little extra touch you don’t get with other brands. As for the shade, if you’re pale like me, Golden Bronze is one you should avoid. It comes off slightly orange on me, so I think a lighter shade is definitely worth a try.Katie Price Beauty

Katie Price Beauty Brow Palette, RRP. £10*
Brow products are my thing and I’d happily try any new variety of brow products with the hope I’ve discovered the next best thing. Typically, a brow palette would consist of two shades, a wax and a brush, with the occasional palette containing a highlighter too. This brow palette however contains so much more and makes it better value for money. With 6 powder shades, a wax, a brow highlighter, cream, a brush and a set of mini tweezers (which really pluck the little fine hairs), you’re getting a heck of a lot in just one palette and all for just £10. The pigmentation is great, the tweezers work amazingly well, the brush appiclator makes applying product easy and the wax really keeps those hairs in place. The downfall however is that this palette isn’t available in a whole variety of shades – it’s essentially designed as a ‘one size fits all’ kind of product. Therefore, if you’ve got fairly blonde brows, red brows or perhaps black brows, this palette isn’t going to be suitable for you.Katie Price Beauty

Katie Price Beauty Nude Palette, RRP. £10*
I’m going to bite the bullet and say this is definitely edging to be a dupe for the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The design is very similar, bar Katie Price’s simple white and pink floral packaging, but the shadows themselves are stunning. The pigmentation is on point, the colours in this particular palette (other varieties available) are beautiful and overall it’s a very versatile palette. You’ve got 12 shades, all of which can take you from day to night in an instance; nude, base shades are ideal for a day time office look, where as the shimmery copper and the dark plum shades are ideal for a smoky eye come the evening. I’ve switched from my beloved The Balm Voyage Travel Palette to this one over the last week, because I simply love all the colours. If there’s one product out of the entire Katie Price Beauty range that I can recommend, it’s this one.Katie Price Beauty

Katie Price Beauty Body Wash & Eye Serum, RRP. £5 & £20*
All the products so far are very affordable and great value for what you get and the quality of products too, but the skincare and bodycare products are a little more on the steeper side for what they are. The body wash is 250ml, which is alot more than you’d usually get when nipping to your local supermarket, but for £5 I still can’t help but feel it’s a little more than it’s worth. Plus, I expected floral scents or fresh fragrances, but infact it’s quite musky and warm which isn’t a personal preference.

On the other hand, the eye serum is a staggering £20 for a 15ml bottle. The packaging itself makes it stand out from the crowd and I like the extra touch of the leaf-shaped pin to stop product spilling out. However, it’s the product itself that I pay good money for. This eye cream is designed to lessen dark circles, prevent photo ageing and give radiance to the eye area. It also contain Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin, whilst reducing the sign of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. I can agree with the fact that this eye serum provides added radiance, as my eyes appeared brighter than usual over the days I’ve been using this. As for the anti-ageing elements of this, I’m 23 years old and don’t currently require the need for this!Katie Price Beauty

Katie Price Beauty Conceal, Contour & Light for Men, RRp. £12*
That’s right – a contour palette for men. It’s the first beauty product I’ve ever come across that is designed specifically with men in mind and I love that fact. Just because it states ‘for men’ though, it doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. This is a high coverage and beautiful contour palette with beautiful packaging that will work for us ladies too.


Have you tried the new collection?