Meet My New Watch by Nordgreen

Handbags or necklaces are an accessory of choice for many, but for me, it’s always been a watch. I opt for simple stud earrings most days as my jewellery of choice, and occasionally choose a necklace if I’m going out. But a watch is an accessory I wear every day, without fail. Heck, I even forgot to put my engagement ring back on after a shower, but did I forget my watch? You bet I didn’t.Nordgreen Watch

If I could, I’d have a draw in my wardrobe filled with watches in every compartment. One in every style and colour, so there was an option for every outfit. Which brings me to my new watch by Nordgreen. I’m never going to be able to have a draw to house all the watches I want, so having the ability to have one clock face, but multiple straps, sounds ideal for me.Nordgreen Rose Gold Mesh Watch

I got this stunning Philosopher Clock Face in a beautiful Rose Gold finish, along with two different straps from the Philosopher range; Rose Gold Mesh and Black Leather with Rose Gold Buckle.

I always thought interchangeable straps would be a faff and I’d wouldn’t be bothered to switch them around. But actually, I’ve so far been enjoying switching up my wrist accessory on the daily. Personally, I prefer the mesh strap, because I love that it’s different to your standard leather strap. However, I do like the black leather with rose gold contrast on the buckle. But in this current heat which the UK has been experiencing for far too long in my opinion, I like to opt for the mesh strap more as it’s much more comfortable to wear.Nordgreen Black Leather Watch

Nordgreen have three ranges available to shop; Philosopher which is the range I opted for, Native and Infinity. The difference between the them all? The clock face is what differs. Each clock face within the three ranges are minimal, which I love, but the style changes slightly between each one. For example, Philosopher has small minute markings and includes a date dial too (always handy for me, as I’m forever forgetting what day I’m on). Native is pretty much the same as Philosopher, but without the date dial. Then Infinity is simply the same as Native, but each 5 minute marking on the clock face is more prominent.

Each style is also available in either a Rose Gold or Silver finish. Straps can be purchased with either Rose Gold or Silver buckle detail to match your chosen clock face.

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