Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe crash tested & approved twin DVD system : Very pleased, with lots of additional features.

Very good system and we are especially impressed with the mounting system. The only slight issue is that the built in speakers are not very loud even on full volume. Not to much of an issue as we use a fm broadcaster plugged into the headphone socket but other makes have this facility built in.

Feels really good and solid. Bought others in past but this really feels worth the money. 3 monkeys really helpful and full of advice.

If you have kids and are going on a car journey you need this product. I bought it with the nextbase wireless infra red headphones.

Had bought an original nextbase 49a unit for my eldest son several years ago, but now the younger one is old enough i thought i would invest in a twin screen system, and i am glad i did. The ability to watch different films was important, so although they do appreciate the same film from time to time, i opted for the deluxe version to allow me to keep them both happy. The stanchion mounts included here were easy to fit, and the system was ready to go within 10 mins. The screens fit on the mounts well, and were easily adjusted to the different car seat positions. The display itself looks very similar to the previous model, and whilst they may not be the greatest resolution they are certainly good enough to display dvd qualities. The units don’t play blu-ray which is a real shame given most releases are now in this format. I also ordered two pairs of the wireless headphones at the same time, and whilst they also worked well, it did cause some minor irritation in trying to get them set up. The screen units don’t have individual remote controls, a single unit controls both. Using the ir channel button on the remote allows you to cycle through the a and b output channels, to match them to a simple switch setting on the headphones. But as there are no individual setting for the screens, pressing the button actually changes the setting on both units.

Bought this to drive our 4 boys down to france. With a headphone splitter all four of my boys were able to watch as we had two sat in the middle row with the centre seat down and two in the back. We had only expected it to be of use for the middle row so that was an unexpected bonus. They are quick and easy to fit and its great to be able to slide the unit off to change the dvd as a front seat passenger as the cables fix to the mount not the screen. Really happy with this purchase.

Really well made – excellent picture and sound quality. And no annoying trailing cables.

Excellent product just what we needed.

Won’t go into too much details but my two girls stayed awake the whole time on our trip to devon (4 hour drive) there and back. Very easy for them to operate and it comes with a remote control that controls both screens, would have been better if they each had their own remotes but stil give it five stars and would definitely recommend.

  • Great system, with a minor bit of irritation with the remote control.
  • Best buy for the kids in years
  • Very good but careful if fitting to a Discovery 3

Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe crash tested & approved twin DVD system

Size Name:9″ Player-Player The Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe is a twin 9 inch portable DVD player set giving you the ability to play different movies on each screen or one movie across the two screens. The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe incorporates convenience via the integrated wireless audio transmitter for wireless headphones and complete ease of use… and safety by utilising the patented Nextbase Click & Go headrest mounting system making the Nextbase Click & Go players the only European crash tested and approved portable DVD player systems.
Neatest solution for in car… Stanchion mount included With the power cable / interconnect cable attaching to the headrest mounts rather than the screens it means you can hide the wires in your car as the headrest mounts need not be removed from the car at all. Plus … the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe now comes with the upgraded stanchion mount headrest mounts included.
Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe safety Nextbase have made intensive efforts to ensure that the Nextbase Click & Go range are the safest players available for in car use and by investing in R&D efforts along with lots of testing the Click & Go range are now the only European crash tested and approved portable DVD player available.
Smooth playback with anti-skip circuitry To ensure you get even playback on the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe player Nextbase have ensured antiskip circuitry is built in.
Multiregion and multi format Being a multiregion player the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe players can play discs purchased anywhere world wide.
USB port An integrated USB port featured on the side of the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe players means you can play your music, photos or movies from USB memory stick.

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Absolutely achieved objective, the children love it. Would recommend you buy the wireless headphones just in case the children are watching different dvds. My only criticism would be that the remote does not have a volume control (only mute function), which is frustrating especially when driving and having to pull-over to adjust. Other than that, very pleased and highly recommended product.

I did order nextbaseb click and go for my kids for long journeys. Quality of picture is very good and the holders are briliant. Keeping my two daughters occupied during the long trips. Dvd’s are expensive but i did give 5 stars becouse quality of screens. I also order infra red headphones from nextbase. I did not recive them yet but i’m expecting same quality like screens.

Love these click and play portable tvs for the car. Lovely picture and sound keeps my 3 little girls quite and entertained on long journeys what a god send. Not had any problems at all would recommend to anyone.

I am very much satisfied with this dvd player. For me it is very expensive. It would be the best if battery and ir headphones included in it. But good thing is, it is still cheaper on amazon than other site and whatever i got is branded and originals. It supports most of the video format but not sure if it also plays hd (1080) video. Rest everything is excellent. I would recomend to go for it.

Best buy for the kids in years. An hour and forty five minutes to the inlaws and the kids are happy and not scrapping. They can either watch the same dvd or one each. . Although not related, the wife can watch a dvd on the front console of the car.

No complaints – much better than our previous ‘in headrest’ system, at 1/4 the price. The mounts are sturdy and crash-tested – although this does mean getting the screens on and connected can be beyond a 9-year-old. Just set them up before you set off. The wiring from the mounts makes it a very neat and tidy.

Excellent item easy to use very good quality well worth the extra cost kept both my grandchildren boy and girl different ages entertained on a long journey would highly recommend these dvds players and the company delivered on time well packaged i am well pleased.

Over the last 10 years i have bought 3 in-car dvd players and this set is by far the best. The stanchion mounts are very easy to fit and hold the screens really very still whilst driving, as well as looking unobtrusive when not in use. The two screens connect with a dual cable, meaning that you only need one cigarette socket. Once installed, the kids simply have to slide the screens on and off the mounts. The picture quality is good and with headphones in the volume was plenty loud enough. Be careful when purchasing that you buy the right kit. You won’t find the duo deluxe with stanchion mounts for less than £200, so look at the description carefully if you think you haveuno – one screenduo twin screen – two screens playing the same film. Duo deluxe – two screens able to play the same film or different films. Some of the nextbase kits come with the stanchion mounting kit (which attaches to the metal head rest posts. Other kits come with the headrest mount, which fastens in the traditional (and often annoying) way around the actual headrest.

  • Great system, with a minor bit of irritation with the remote control.
  • Best buy for the kids in years
  • Very good but careful if fitting to a Discovery 3

Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe crash tested & approved twin DVD system

The screens and the sound are both very good. Just some advice to anyone thinking about fitting these to a landrover discovery 3. The stanchion mounts will lift the headrest up slightly and therefore you are unable to replace grab handles. So at the moment these are fitted with the grab handles off the headrests. I’m going to ebay them and get the velcro click and go instead. It’s a shame as the stanchion mounts are very sturdy and you shouldn’t have this problem with any other car which have “normal” headrests.

Um’d and ah’d over how much to spend and what system to get. In the end bought this one because of: safety features; ease of getting units in and out of car (once brackets fitted); can use as 2 masters or one master and one slave (either can be master or slave); and, ability to use them out of the car (mains plug and lead supplied additional battery pack can be purchased if you want that as well). Boys very impressed and now quiet on long journeys.

Nice large screenthe click & go series is an excellent product for entertainment on-the-move – especially for journeys and events like waiting at the airport – which maybe or may require longer than the average playback/viewing time of 2-3 hours. Unlike those portable dvd players with internal batteries that give you a playback/viewing time of 2-3 hours, the theory of the click & go series means you can buy as many extra batteries as you want, charge them all up and just use them as & when. With a dual/twin set and two extra batteries, each player or each viewer can have a maximum of one extra battery and a total of 4-6 hours playback/viewing time each. The advantage of this theory would be that you could use one dvd player and have 4 batteries for the day.

I have long been searching for reasonably priced dvd players for cars that fit everything i want – less hassle setting up, larger screens, ability to play the same film or separate ones, usb playback, wireless headphones and when i saw these i thought ‘hmm, pricey, and do they actually do what i want well?’the answer is yes. The click system is a godsend – no more messing about taking everything off headrests. Some have said getting them on was quite a tricky issue but i didn’t find it an arduous affair. Also the positioning is sturdy in that as you click to change the viewing angles they go into place sturdily, no ‘droopy’ nonsense than some players have in their mountings. The usb playback is very clear and less glitchy than many machines. The normal sound playback is nice and loud/clear. The wireless sound system works a treat (i bought the 2 of nextbase nbcgirhfsbp – click and go series wireless infra red headphones from amazon too, please note they’re not included in this product but i recommend them. )the remote responds very well, although you do only get one remote that you press an a-b button to control each player. This seems to go against the point of having a remote for a system where both players can play different dvds, it makes sense for a slave system but not for this so i hope nextbase start including a second remote in the future, although i wouldn’t count on it, this doesn’t bother me so much because my kids always end up watching the same thing at the moment but in years to come it might become a problem so i’ve deducted a star. The fact that safety-wise they are crash test approved is another big bonus and one i hadn’t even considered before looking at these.

Features and Spesification

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  • Twin 9 inch DVD players – play a movie on each screen or 1 movie across both screens
  • Multiregion DVD players – can play discs purchased anywhere world wide
  • Includes Nextbase Click & Go stanchion mount system (not lower cost velcro mounts)
  • European crash tested and approved
  • Each player comes with its own full set of accessories