Ninja Air Fryer [AF100UK] 3 – Good air fryer

This air fryer is one of the best on the market easy to use,easy to clean and really cooks the food nice in no time55.

This is a well built air fryer. If you’re new to the concept, they’re great. They don’t require oil (although some items benefot from a very light coating applied directly to the item to get them crispy), they heat up very fast, faster cooking times, relatively easy to clean. This version benefits from a decent sized ‘drawer’ which slides in and out of the cooking area. It’s still small enough to limit how much you can cook in there – i’d say this works best for a couple eating together, or for a family who perhaps eat at different times looking for a fuss free and fast way of preparing food. With the round tray, i find this easier to clean than my previous air fryer, and instead of a wire mesh insert which i found fiddly to clean, this one has a ceramic plate insert with slots, which allows air flow around the item you are cooking for all around crispiness. The ceramic plate insert takes a bit of a tug to get out, but otherwise is easy to use and clean. The display and controls are digital, and have more options than previous generations had – including a setting for drying food (e. Fruit), which i havent used yet.

First air frier i got easy and quick and easier cleaned.

We have been dying to get one of these in the kitchen and this has not disappointed. Chicken comes out lovely and crispy (i guess down to the moisture in the skin) as do frozen calamaris and chips. Especially on the ‘max crisp’ setting. I have tried 3 different types of chip from scratch in this, (sweet potato, normal potato and courgette) all with the same minimal amount of oil and all three have cooked well. But i would probably say the normal potato came out crispiest. Again, i’m wondering if this is due to them having a naturally high moisture content. Sausage skin becomes lovely and crisp toothe bowl is a good size, so you can cook a decent amount of chips or chicken etc at once. The fantastic thing about this is that where the instructions advise you to turn the food regularly, you can just pull out the bowl, give everything a good old toss about and pop it back. And the timer pauses/starts automatically. The bowl is a little stiff to get out sometimes. But not to cause any concern. Everything i have cooked has been incredibly easy to clean. A few times i’ve thought oh dear, that looks like it will need a scrub and it’s come off completely effortlessly. It cooks frozen items such as calamaris as pictured quicker than the advise on the pack which is always good.

Within a week have made chips, southern fried paneer and onion bhajis. Food comes out lovely, basket is huge so plenty of room to feed a small family. Looking forward to experimenting more with recipes knowing that it’s healthier than frying.

As with our ninja multi, this is a great product. Ninja really is a good way to cook.

I was planning on buying an air fryer for some time and after a lot of research, decided on ninja. Easy to use, no preheating necessary, cooks fries from frozen in less than 10 minutes. Large basket, digital controls. Lightweight but durable and very easy to clean. I suggest cleaning it straight after each use to keep it in the best condition. If you’re lookung for an air fryer you won’t be disappointed.

Fries chips with really very minimal oil – i put in one tablespoon for a large helping and it was basically fine. It’s so simple to operate as well – choose air fry, put your frozen chips in and let it go for 15 minutes. Then you get tasty, fluffy, delicious chipsit has a host of other functions as well, from roasting to dehydrating – i’m looking forward to using these, but ultimately, i think i’m mostly going to use it for chips. The drawer is big – you could easily feed 4-6 people from the chips you could get in there, and it’s relatively easy to clean as well. The instructions leave a little to be desired – it sounds weird, but i wasn’t sure when or where to put the oil in, so i just drizzled it over the chips and it seemed fine. But there’s a load of settings and it cooks to perfection. This model is a little pricey, but i can’t fault it on function.

My 5 year old philips avance xl packed it in and started autonomously changing the temperature and the time when it would get hot. I not sure if the ai inside became sentient, it was hacked or just malfunctioned. I had my eye on ninja foodi for awhile but since we already have a instantpot, i decided just to look at airfryers. This one had good reviews, and it was on flash sale for £99 for the first time, so i pulled the trigger. Some reviews complained about rubbery/plasticy smell, so i ran the airfryer empty couple of times for 10 minute cycle on maxcrisp, which is the highest heat. There was a slight initial whiff of plasticy smell, but when i cooked with it there was none. Compared to my old philips:- the ninja max is quieter. – it’s roughly the same size volume wise but the footprint is a tad smaller and it seems to be a bit higher. I’d say this slightly better for a smaller kitchen.

I really like this ninja af100uk air fryer and have used it virtually every day since i got it. It is very easy to use, very easy to clean but most importantly it cooks food very quickly and very well. I am a vegetarian and have so far tried cooking veggie burgers, nuggets, fake chicken pieces and lots of vegetables and everything has been cooked so quickly, and with no oil. As others have reported, the first time you use it there is a slight plasticy/rubbery smell but that was only there the first time i used it. This has almost instantly stopped me cooking any food in a frying pan, and that is amazing in itself.

Decent size for family cooking. Good for chips and sweet potato fries. So easy for sausages and bacon which usually cause a greasy mess. Handy for reheating food such as pizza. So easy to clean, just wipe out the bowl and go. It’s also not too bulky so i just leave it out on the hob.

Needed a new airt fryer read all the reviews and went with this used it few times and it is bloody quick. Tried the dehumidifier last night on apples and was delicious does take 6 hours not sure about my electric bill.

Not too big and is easy to use. Only done freshly made chip and frozen fries in it but that was the reason for buying it in the first place. No sticky or greasy lid/pan to worry about and practically creates no odour when cooking another reason why i thought twice about this. Wish i had invested earlier. Here are the specifications for the Ninja Air Fryer [AF100UK] 3:

  • Guilt-free fried food using little to no oil
  • Lower fat alternative to traditional frying methods
  • 4 cooking functions – Air Fry, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate
  • Air Fry – Up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods*
  • Dishwasher-safe parts. Includes 3. 8L non-stick basket with crisper plate

This is an absolutely brilliant airfryer. . And takes up minimum amount of space in the kitchen,super fast and super hot😀👍🏻.

Fantastic not sure how i ever coped without it 🤣 easy to use and easy to clean too highly recommended.

Great buy, absolutely love this air fryer. Can’t get over how crisp things are in it and how quick it is.

This is an excellent product it is the best air fryer i have owned i would recommend this product to everyone i would give it six stars if i could.

The ninja is quite a big fryer, great for a family but a little big for a couple. This family focus is also clear in family size meals in the provided recipe book. The pan heats up very quickly (which is great) but that means it needs a lot of shaking to stop burning. That shaking is a little annoying given the pan has to be very firmly removed as it doesn’t have a release trigger at all. It cooks well and has a lot of settings and modes (most of which we have not explored), makes great potato wedges.

Yes, it’s brilliantquick to use (saves on power). Our most popular use is at weekends when we get hungry on ‘movie night’ and it is so quick and simple to cook finger foods. But it does get a lot of use through the week, so much so, we hardly use our oven any more. So this is ideal for singles, couples, flat dwellers, family home. Just realise that it cannot cook a whole (sunday) dinner in one go – capacity and settings. Think of it as a mini oven rather than heat up your big one, or as an extra pan. For small meals and snacks it is excellent, you can do your meat in it while veg are in pans on the hob.

Reviews from purchasers :

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  • This fryer is a game changer
  • Ninja did it again! A+

This is already becoming a favourite in a household that hasn’t seen chips for years. I was sceptical of the stated instruction to only shake the chips once during cooking, but they do brown and crisp to perfection resulting in tasty non-greasy chips. Today i used the roasting function (which i use for baking because it gives me the required temperature range) to bake a batch of rock cakes, which also came out cooked to perfection (cooking the dozen in 2 batches of 6). I love that it preheats in only 3 minutes, but it would be even better if it rang the bell at that point. The four functions (air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate) are different temperature ranges within which you can adjust to suit your recipe. I was interested to see that the dehydrate function goes down to 40 degrees, so you could use it to prove small quantities of dough. It took me a while to realise that if i’m taking the pan out part way through cooking to give it a shake, i don’t need to press any buttons, it automatically stops when the pan is removed and restarts when the pan is returned. The pan washes up easily, in fact when i have taken the food out i immediately splosh a bit of washing up water in, so it uses the heat to help clean itself up (but you need to be careful not to burn your hands). I haven’t had the bottle to put the pan in the dish washer (previously expensive ‘dish washer safe’ saucepans have been badly scratched through the non-stick coating). It’s like an extra little ovenhowever i have dropped one star as i think the current £119.

It has a large basket capacity so can make food for 4 people. Most things like fries, nuggets, sausages etc can be done in 20 minutes. It is easy to use and importantly easy to clean. The food tastes great and uses a lot less oil so much healthier.

We had the ‘original’ (phillips walita) before and this one is as good as the previous one.

The ninja is a smart-looking piece of kitchen equipment that’s very modern and sleek. It’s a fairly large bit of kit, so you may want to consider where you’re going to store it long-term if you don’t have much counter space. It’s very easy to set up and use – the instructions are very clear and it comes with a couple of recipes. Naturally, we tried the classic – chips – first. You have to prep your chips by soaking in water for 30 mins to remove the starch, then dry them thoroughly. We added two tablespoons of vegetable oil to coat the prepped spuds, but to be honest we could have used half of that. All you have to do is pre-heat the fryer for 3 minutes: very easy to do as it has really simple digital controls. Then drop in the chipped raw potatoes and set the timer to 20 minutes. Remove the cooking drawer every 5 mins to shake the chips (the timer stops while you’re doing this and re-starts when the drawer goes back in). Our chips were pretty well done after 20 minutes and fairly dark in colour.

I have one of the first models of philips airfryer and have had it for several years now. After the microwave and kettle it is the appliance i use the most. Yes it’s great for making french fries with barely any oil, but it’s also fantastic for heating and crisping up anything frozen like breadrolls, pies, frozen chicken, hamburges patties, sausages etc. The beauty of the air fryer is that becuase it has a very large element, a small cooking area and a powerful fan, it heats up incredibly quickly. Frozen foods are cooked in half the suggested time. And no waiting for 20 minutes for the oven to warm up. 2-3 minutes and the air fryer is pre-heated. It’s a must for singles who only need to cook amounts as well as for families where you can do a portion of fries in one go. I defrost frozen rolls in the microwave for 30 seconds and then pop them in the airfryer for 5 minutes and they’re perfect. My top tip is to make sure you have good ventilation.

This is so easy to clean and cooks really well. Stirring/shaking is very important but it cooks lovely crisp chips and chicken.

The tastiest healthiest chips in 20 mins. Also did the kids their favourite of chicken nuggets and potato waffles in 20 minutes. Nice and crispy, no grease, wish i’d bought it ages ago. Next to try chicken and some broccoli in it 😋.

We tried this out initially with one of the recipes that came in the manual. This was for potatoes with onions, spices, olive oil and feta cheese and tomatoes added after cooking. Setting up the device was pretty simple. First allow it to preheat, and then just put the ingredients in the pan, slide it into the fryer and press start after selecting the ‘air fry’ option and setting a time. While it was cooking the device is pretty quiet, and i occasionally pulled out the tray to shake it up. When it was finished the results were pretty impressive: the potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft inside, which is just how i like them. We’ve used it again since with similarly pleasing results. It’s an easy device to use, requires very little cleaning and the results are excellent (and healthy, as you don’t need to use much oil.

The short answer: i’m a *complete* convert to this lovely machine. I’ve had gadgety, gizmo-ish cooking appliances before that purported to make things easier, but this one really does the job – pop it in, add a tiny bit of a oil and set it going. The most you have to do is take out the frying drawer a few times to give it a shake, and it cooks *beautifully*. So why is this one so much better than all the other cooking gadgets i’ve gone through?⭐️easy food prep for cooking⭐️it’s as simple as a microwave to operate (no rocket science settings)⭐️it fries and crisps beautifully⭐️it cooks *fast*⭐️it’s no problem at all to cleanbeing a bit kitchen-shy, i really will only use these things if they are truly quick and simple, and make life easier (as often promised but rarely delivered). It’s actually the case with this – the pretty short quick start guide bears testimony to that fact, and you can get it set up and work out how to use it in no time at all. There are more complicated ways to use it for all sorts of dishes, but for roasting / air frying veg and fries, it’s just a case of adding your food with a *tiny* bit of oil or fat, setting the time and temperature (200 has been ideal for almost everything we’ve tried), then set it off, remembering to take the drawer out and shake a few times during cooking. Like a microwave door, the unit stops cooking automatically when you pull the drawer out, and as a whole, the unit generally seems very safe and self-contained. There are really just two moving / removable parts to it – the drawer and the frying tray, if you use it. These are the only pieces that need cleaning between each use. Very little to wash up: now that’s what we like to hearincidentally, it also takes up very little kitchen counter space.

Absolutely love the air fryer my old philips gave up after a few years the roasting function is excellent.

Best chips/ bacon/ hamburger i have ever cooked.

I have a philps air frer and this one , this one beats it hands down, philips one is an older model. I use them both at the same tine,its a really great product and i am happy with it.

The stupid thing is half an inch taller than any of the shelves in my kitchen cupboards. I can’t store the damn thing. Apart from that it seems ok. Very expensive for what you get.

This is easy and straight forward to use. I’ve had another air fryer for years and it’s similar to that. . Produces good foodgood item.

But it keeps tripping my electricity now.

A wonderful air fryer, i cooked a large horseshoe gammon steak, it took 8 minutes, i turned it once, fabulously tender cooked and crispy over the fat, very tasty, i am happy beyond words as i have needed a ‘grill’ for years but did not know these were around. Simple to clean, i am looking forward to many more great meals, thank you ninja.

Well the capacity of this is great. I just chucked in some chicken and chips and 20 mins later, lovely crispy food. I could do it in the oven but that would take a lot longer, i could also fry but that’s so unhealthy. I thought this would remove flavour and make everything taste dry but it doesn’t. I really don’t have a bad thing to say. It’s all automatic so one button then the timer counts down till it’s done. , i just shake every now and again as recommended for an even cooking. After cooking it is also easy to wipe clean, no changing oil like old fashioned fryersit’s modern, sleek and looks great in any kitchen, i won’t be keeping this in a cupboardprice tag is a bit hefty but it’s worth it in my opinion for the quality of this air fryer.

With teenage sons, i refused to buy a deep fat fryer, i bought this as an alternative. The best decision, so quick and easy to use, far more efficient and much faster than doing chips etc in the oven. The boys use it for everything, it’s paid for itself already. Have also used to roast baby potatoes, a success. You always worry that things like this will end up in the cupboard, rarely used, not this.

This was our first experience of an air fryer and, because we currently fry very little food, i was dubious of how much use it would get. However, i have been won over. There are many dishes that we previously used the oven for and now find that the air fryer is quicker and in some cases better. Plus – we get chips occasionally which we had previously totally avoided. The down-side is the bulk of the fryer – in a relatively small kitchen it’s difficult to find storage space and it takes up quite a bit of worktop. There have been a few issues with cooking times such as jacket potatoes which were great with a good crispy skin but took 50 mins rather than the suggested 35. This will just be a matter of experimentation. So far we have had chips, jacket potatoes (ordinary and sweet potatoes), potato crisps (again needed some experimentation with time and temperature to get crisp crisps which aren’t overdone), dried herbs and cooked a full chicken in just over half an hour. Whilst this appliance won’t be replacing our traditional oven, it would be ideal for someone who likes to bake or fry food and hasn’t space for a full oven.

Similar products have been available for a while, under various brands, but we don’t fry a lot and never felt any desire for one. Now we’ve experienced the versatility of the ninja, it’s earned a place in our kitchen. It does so much more than produce chips (although does make very good low-fat chips). The description covers the ninja’s capabilities, so i won’t go into detail. Just be assured that they’re not exaggerating. The range of cooking modes gives you so many possibilities and often lets you dispense with an oven, which must save electricity. The food it produces always looks very appetising and is wonderfully crisp and delicious. It heats up very quickly, so we use it for simple tasks such as crisping up croissants, left-over pizza and much more, as well as cooking meals from scratch. It does an outstanding job with anything you might ordinarily put in a frying pan, and i don’t just mean bacon, sausages and burgers. We haven’t tried dehydrating anything with it yet but certainly will, with slices of root vegetables and a range of fruits.

It’s lowest temperature is 150 and the lowers time is 5 minutes. It cooks in half the time as a normal oven so keep an eye on the food until you get used to it. It’s handy to have when you have more than one meal to make at the same time and it doesn’t take up much space. No pre heating so saves money on electricity that’s a huge plus. I’m looking forward to cooking my christmas turkey in it.

Compact yet capable small and lightweight kitchen utensil that will serve a purpose for many requirements. Very capable in the hands of anybody that can cook the most basic of meals, through to the experienced chef. The fact that this also has a dehydrate function is absolutely fantastic. Pop in some fruits or vegetables and set it to dehydrate, perfect results every time i tried it. It doesn’t feature the biggest baskets for frying area. However given how fast they actually capable of doing what it needs to do it doesn’t need to be huge, it’s perfect for a couple or a small family and ideal for those that want to get from way from deep fat frying, yet still having great tasting food that feels like it’s been deep fried. It’s extremely simple to use and with its digital display it really couldn’t be easier, from unpacking to experimenting and eating brilliantly tasting food was only a matter of minutes. I’m completely hooked and love the food that keeps coming out of this device.

Very easy to follow timing and temperature. Makes lovely chips in about 30 mins.

This is the first ‘proper’ air fryer i’ve owned and used, having had an item, from a discount german supermarket chain, that claimed to be one. This is far ahead of that sort of thing in regards to functionality and features. This is fairly compact, with a footprint similar to that of a dinner plate, so it doesn’t crowd the worktop and it will fit under the wall units for storage. It is made, externally at least, of black and grey plastic, and is designed to have a functional appearance. It doesn’t look cheap and appears to have a quality build. On the front is a digital display, with which you can set the temperature and cooking time, as well as cooking function. Ergonomically, all is fine; it is simple and intuitive to use and shouldn’t prove to be too difficult for those with limited mobility or capacities. The capacity is sufficient for most things, you could easily get four good-size portions of chips or enough roast potatoes for the same number of people. Larger food items you’ll struggle with, you won’t get even a small chicken in to roast, perhaps five chicken thighs or two large leg portions. There are four cooking functions: airfry, roast, dehydrate and reheat.

I was initially sceptical about an air fryer but i’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the results. If you have ever used an air popcorn popper it works on a similar principle – by heating the air and circulating that around, you heat the food without using any or minimal oil. The fryer is fairly hefty so you will need a big chunk of space on your countertop to use it and it comes in 2 main parts; the main heating fryer unit and the frying container with a removable grill base. An air filter is also supplied that fits in the main unit. A recipe booklet is also provided for suggestions on how to use it to get you started but you can also buy recipe books specifically for air fryers. There are 4 heating types; air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate. You can independently set the temperature and the duration of the cycle for whatever you are cooking. We used it for ‘oven’ chips which took about 22 minutes during which the manual suggests removing the fryer and shaking the chips around to get the best results which we did do and worked well. I don’t think you have to do this but it seemed to help in making the chips evenly crispy. When you remove the fryer in mid cycle, it will automatically pause and then will resume when you put the pan back.

I’m so so thrilled with this air fryer. I’ve thought about getting one in the past but i’m not overly fussed on chips and we don’t eat meat so wasn’t sure we would have enough things to use it for. It’s a sturdy, well made machine and seems very well designed. Not as huge as i was worried it would be. Quick wash of the basket and crisper plate in warm soap water and we were away. We first tried the air crisp setting with some mozzarella sticks. It’s super easy to use but it is best if you preheat the machine for 3 minutes before you put anything it. I’m a bit surprised it doesn’t have a special button just for this but it’s a minor point. 6 minutes later we were cooing over the deliciousness of the cheese sticks. The air fryer does especially well with frozen junk food it seems, i suppose because most the oil is already in the product.

Ninja air fryerthese are early days for me and my ninja air fryer but thought i would come on here and give it a quick review. So far i haven’t cooked (“fried?”) much more than some good old fashioned chips and some burgers. I have had a phillips air fryer for a while now so was interested to see how this measures up to that (which i have been really happy with for the past couple of years). Given a few years of “advancement” in technology since then i wondered if it would be easier/quicker/better than that. I can now report that… it is about the same. Works in quite a similar way and produces very similar results. My chips were nice and crisp on the outside and still quite soft on the inside (just how i like them) and the burger was done pretty well. You only need to use only a tiny amount of fat – or no fat at all which means less calories and less furred arteriesthe operating of the air fryer is a doddle – and there is an instruction book and also a picture heavy “quick start guide” – both of which are really good. I certainly haven’t had any “burning rubber” smells that another reviewer has had. So, all in all, a hit with me.

This product is totally amazing. From chips to garlic bread cooking your sunday breakfast. Wish i bought one a while ago .

This is a review for the ninja af100uk air fryer, 3. We are a family of 4 with 2 little ones, so this air fryer is absolutely perfect for us:- it saves us a lot of time for cooking, especially when we all get home at 6pm after a full day at work & school. This is because it can be preheated in 2-3 minutes, instead of the usual 15-20 for the oven. – we can cook pretty much anything in it. So far, we have tried: chips (they are ready in about 10 minutes), a beef casserole, chicken (both breasts and drumsticks), and anything frozen (nuggets, fish fingers, etc). I would say that is just the right size for us but this is because our two daughters (6 and 3) eat small portions. I think you would need a bigger one if you were looking to cook for 2 adults and 2 teenagers, for example. A small niggle is that my wife was excited when she read that she could do dry fruits in this air fryer. However, it doesn’t seem to be very eco-friendly to have the machine going for 6 to 8hrs.

I do like an air fryer, but the products are not always as crispy as i’d like. This helps; the item being cooked is raised up, which allows air underneath, meaning a crispier result. However, i haven’t yet worked out how to get the base plate out to clean it. I’d be inclined to put some foil in the base if i was cooking anything with a sauce; admittedly that reduces the air getting underneath, but you still get the benefit of the air above and around – and catch all the juices. This has several programmes, or you can simply programme in the desired temperature and time. I’ve cooked chicken pieces, which were perfectly cooked, although without a paddle to stir, which some air fryers use, i found the pieces stuck together. This works better with separately portions – ideal for up to 3 people.

Very respectful company we own a few of their products good quality and super cheap. My gf got it for her mum, she absolutely loves it, and cooks everything in it, in now lives right next to the hob which doesn’t look to have been in much use recently.

I was aspects more from air fryer, it take while to cook and it not that easy to clean.

Bought this as recommended by mikhaila peterson. Steak comes out nice and doesn’t smoke the whole house setting off the smoke alarm. Very easy to use and on a timer so impossible to burn.

Very good quality, tasty foods and healthy too. Need to get to grips with making fresh chips.