Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer : LOVE this coffee maker!

We previously had a bosch tassimo, but the coffees available were very limited. This machine makes superb coffee. The best part is that it can measure the exact amount of water to discharge for the various coffee size selections available. Most makers, you have to measure the water into the reservoir.

I absolutely love this machine. I had a few problems in the beginning with the strength of the coffee, i have used costa roast and ground coffee strength 3 and lavazza qualita rossa roast and ground coffee so far. In the instructions of the ninja it will tell you to use 8 scoops for a full carafe, 4 scoops for half a carafe and 3 scoops for cappuccinos and lattes, i followed these instructions, but i was getting very severe headaches. When i read the instructions on the coffee packets it stated 1 tablespoon per cup, so i tried 4 scoops for a full carafe, 2 for half a carafe and 1 for cappuccinos and lattes, this was a bit too weak for my liking, but the headaches were better. I have found my perfect strength now, by experimenting around, and the headaches are cured. I am using 5 scoops for a full carafe, 3 scoops for a half carafe and 1 3/4 scoops for cappuccinos and lattes. Another problem i was having was the clean light kept coming on after just one use. This problem was resolved with just one email sent to shark, who sent me clear instructions on how to resolve the issue. No more clean light coming on after just one use. The frother is amazingly good and much better than i thought it would be, it really froths the milk up nicely but i have problems with my shoulders so i found it hard work if i had to make more than one cup, so i bought an electric one instead but if you are fit and able i would say the ninja one does it better. I very nearly sent my machine back with the problems i was having in the beginning, but boy am i glad i didn’t now, get the strength of the coffee right to the way you like it and yes it does make amazingly tasty coffee, either as a filter coffee or as cappuccino. I haven’t tried the ice option as yet, but i am sure i will when the summer arrives.

Great product and amazing deal.

At last, tasty consistent coffee. I haven’t tried all of the recipes yet but i love just the plain black coffee. I don’t usually take milk in my coffee but did froth a little to see how effective the frother is; it works well. Some of the recipes contain flavoured syrups – up to 3 tablespoons in a mug (perhaps this is a typo).I find a teaspoon to be more than enough for sweetness, so perhaps start with a small amount and work up to what works for you.

Ditching the tassimo has been long overdue but couldn’t find an alternative i liked, bean to cup being way too expensive and refillable pod machines only available in the usa and again very expensive. It galled me every time i used that plastic pod, not to mention the limits on trying different coffees. Didn’t really want another filter machine as i rarely ever make more than one cup at a time. Reviews from other ex tassimo users clinched it for me along with the flexibility of half caraffe, mug etc. So thought i would give it a go. I have not been dissapointed but of course only time will tell on durability. Only got a cheap ground italian coffee from aldi to tide me over. Tried it on rich and classic so far and yes it does make a big difference.Rich blew my socks off, probably not the best to try with a strong blend.

Love the stylish shape with its practical design , removable water tank with flip lid makes filling a breeze no guess work involved for water quantities just fill it to the top, water tank sits on side of machine and twist locks on. The machine does the work and only uses the water required based on your selection of drink. I love the slide out coffee filter with option to use the permanaent filter or paper. I use paper ones no mess just remove permanant filter and replace it with a size 4 filter paper fill it with coffee and away you go, when finished brewing just lift out and pop in the bin or use in compost bin. I like the slide out coffee filler as it allows the machine to sit neatly under kitchen cabinets without having to drag the machine forward to put coffee in, as opposed to others that have a lift up lid , water tank is located on side so no need to move machine to fill either , it has a built in clock very easy to set even for me hour and minutes just press hour then minute and machine beeps to tell you its set , want early morning coffee ready when you get up or any specific time you like , after you have set clock on machine, you can then press delay brew button and clock flashes press hour and minute to time required and wait for beep,thats it set , press type of coffee required i. E classic, rich, turn knob to full carafe , or half carafe cup etc and make sure you have filled water and put your coffee in job done , you have the option to make cappuchinos and other coffees which require milk , but you do need to warm the milk in the microwave using the frother jar which has the milk measurements on for each type of coffee this is supplied with the machine because the machine doesnt provide this option via the water tank or other method , but not such a hardship as you then stand warm milk on the flip down cup stand and press your required coffee and it makes it that way i personally think its cleaner no extra tanks to clean overall machine build feels very solid , buttons are clear and easy to read and as a pour over / multi drink maker i think at the price i paid 64. 00 a very good purchase compared with bean to cup machines and other filter coffee machines it has a clean button that will alert you when machine needs cleaning , and you need to run this twice before using the machine fill water tank press clean and let it run through , double end scoop supplied to measure coffee and although it does tell you how many scoops of coffee to use per type of drink you are making personally i followed this advice, but then adjusted it next time accordingly as i found my coffee was a bit too strong for my liking but i think it all depends on the brand of coffee you use strength etc every coffee brand is different try it and see what works for you overall delighted.

Brews quickly and makes a prefect brew every time.

  • So long pods! A great reasonably priced alternative for great tasting coffee!
  • I absolutely love this machine
  • Excellent coffee maker

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer with Thermal Carafe – CF065UK

Style Name:Thermal Carafe
Product Description, Ninja’s Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence is the brains behind the brew: choose a brew, size and strength and it’ll make great-tasting coffee drinks at the press of a button. Ready, set, brew! A dosing scooper helps you get the right measure of things, the included Ninja Microfrother makes luxurious froth from hot or cold milk, and there are two 300ml thermal mugs to serve your drinks in. If you’re making coffee for a few, the 1. 35 litre double-walled stainless steel carafe will keep it hot and ready to pour for hours. The Ninja also comes with a really helpful recipe book with 40 irresistible suggestions – with everything from the perfect black coffee to flavoured drinks and coffee cocktails, it’s a really clear, simple guide to help you make the most of your machine. As well as all of the intelligent features that make the Ninja so special, the little details are taken care of too – the removable water reservoir delivers the perfect amount so there’s no need to measure, the Multi Serve Platform is adjustable so you can brew directly into a mug, travel mug or carafe, and the LED control panel is simple to use. The brew basket is easy to fill with coffee and can be removed for thorough cleaning, there’s an audible ready signal, a drip-stop feature, cleaning function and a permanent filter. Auto-IQ One Touch Intelligence lets you choose size, strength and style of coffee. Smooth Brew Technology controls temperature, pre-infusion and saturation so you get a balanced brew every time. Delay Brew Feature means you can set the time in advance to make coffee when you want it. Con Latte is a smooth, concentrated coffee that you can use to make all of your favourite layered coffee shop drinks at home. Model No. CF065UK1. 35 litre. Flex 100cm. 27 x 27 x 37. 5cm H. 1700W.

Box Contains, 1 x 1700 Watt Base 1 x Stainless Steel Carafe 1 x Premium Gold Filter 5 x Paper Filter 1 x Microfrother 2 x 300ml Mugs 1 x Scoop Instruction Book Quick Start Guide 40 Recipe Inspiration Guide

From the manufacturer

What’s in the Box
  • 1 x 1700 Watt Base
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Carafe
  • 1 x Premium Gold Filter
  • 5 x Paper Filter
  • 1 x Microfrother
  • 2 x 300ml Mugs
  • 1 x Scoop
  • Instruction Book
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 40 Recipe Inspiration Guide

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer with Thermal Carafe


This revolutionary coffee brewer isn’t a coffee machine but a complete Coffee Bar. Bringing you a variety of delectable coffee based drinks, rivaling the menu of your favourite coffee shop, all in the comfort of your own home.

The Ninja Coffee Bar rewards your great taste, so finally you can enjoy your coffee your way. Unlike Coffee Pod machines you can make delicious coffee using a blend of your choice, then dial to select the size of your brew from mug to travel cup, to half or full carafe, choose your preferred strength, press a single button and let Auto-iQ technology do the work for you. It really is that easy!

Smooth Brew Technology is the brains behind the brew. Sit back and relax whilst this ingenious technology combines Pre Infusion, Temperature calibration and controlled coffee saturation to create a sumptuously smooth, beautifully balanced, unbelievably great tasting coffee.

Take a break from the norm, show off a little, treat your friends and family with the help of the HOT, COLD, BOLD Inspirational Coffee recipe guide. With 40 irresistible recipes for all to enjoy. Go Hot with Con Latte and recreate coffee shop classics like cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato’s using the incredible Ninja Microfrother also included in the box. Go Bold with a the rich, full flavoured Café Forte or Go Cold with a Smooth Brew Over Ice.

Complete with a Stylish double walled insulated stainless steel carafe. Great for entertaining, it’s 1.25 litre capacity allows for 4 generous servings of deliciously hot, smooth, balanced coffee. Stylish by design means you can go straight from the brewer to the table. Double walled insulation keeps your hot coffee warmer for hours, so the coffee can flow with your conversation. Use the convenient Delay Brew Timer to automatically brew at a time chosen by you. Perfecting dinner parties or assisting early starts, you can literally wake up and smell the coffee.

Auto-iQ Technology

Only Ninja products have Auto-iQ technology. Designed to make life easier. Simply press one button and let Auto-iQ do the work for you. Starting the programme of your choice to create coffee drinks exactly as you want them without the effort.


Enjoy your coffee your way. Use your favourite, blend, choose the strength, style and size you want, Brew straight to mug, travel cup, half or full carafe. This Stainless Steel edition features a carafe with double walled insulation, keeping your coffee at the optimum drinking temperature for up to 4 hours after brewing.


Enjoy smooth, beautifully balanced, great-tasting coffee with Smooth Brew Technology. A winning combination of Pre-Infusion, Temperature Calibration and Controlled coffee saturation.


You can create a variety of delectable coffee based drinks in the comfort of your own home. Choose from Classic or Rich, Over-ice, Bold Americanos, Mochas, Cappuccinos, Lattes and many more.

Example Recipes Ideas From The Inspirational Guide Included In The Box


Create an instant classic or rich coffee. Hot, smooth, and with balanced flavour that stands up to milk and sweeteners.

Iced Brew

Brew it Hot. Over Ice. Brews hot coffee over ice so that you get a delicious and refreshing mug of iced coffee.

Espresso Martini

Create luxurious coffee shop drinks. Specialist recipes from the inspiration guide allows you to bring the coffee shop home.

530ml Hot and Cold Tumbler 470ml Stainless Steel Travel Mug 410ml Hot and Cold Mugs (2 Pack)
Description While it handles both hot and cold drinks with ease, this is iced coffee’s best friend, staying colder for longer. Keep your cold drinks chilled and your coffee hot throughout your daily routine. Ideal for daily use, this double-walled mug provides crystal-like clarity to simplify specialty brews.
Hot Coffee
Cold Coffee
On the Go

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A really excellent coffee machine which uses proper coffee not them dam pods .

This has replaced my old filter coffee machine. Don’t know how it does it but the same coffee tastes better when made with the ninja.

Produces great coffee , just make sure you run the clean cycle regularly to prevent lime scale build up, this is my second machine because lime scale build up killed the first one .

Coffee machine is great for our family use.

Managed to get it when on sale for £69. Easy to use (although looks complicated) – get a great little book with different coffees to try.

Took me awhile to get into this coffee machine, experimenting with different coffee strengths etc. Got it sussed now and love the versatility of this machine. Husband and i love the classic brew, whereas our son likes a stronger coffee so prefers the rich brew. I chose the thermal carafe, looks stylish on the dinner table too.

Bought for son who was very happy with all the various bits & enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Great even in hard water areas.

  • So long pods! A great reasonably priced alternative for great tasting coffee!
  • I absolutely love this machine
  • Excellent coffee maker

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer with Thermal Carafe – CF065UK

It really does make coffee like a coffee shop. Yes it looks a bit intimidating at first but it really is not. Simple instructions, easy to use and the separate milk frother is so easy to clean, unlike integrated ones. The easy read recipe book is just great. Highly recommend this machine.

Features and Spesification

  • Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe
  • Automatically brew the perfect cup, travel mug or carafe
  • Includes Microfrother for milk, plus Permanent Gold Filter
  • Enjoy serving drinks in 2 Thermal Insulated Cups
  • Includes inspiring ‘Hot, Cold and Bold’ Recipe Guide