Ninja CT660UKV Smart Screen Blender : Super efficient blender

At first glance this is quite a daunting piece of kit, however, a little experience and familiarity soon overcomes the initial hesitation. The end result is that this blender produces really great smoothies, wonderful purees, and the stuff of which icecream is made. You need to take great care with the blades, the chopping blade assembly is a fearsome beast, so be careful when cleaning. The extra bit which makes this blender a little difficult is the vacuum pump- but actually all you need to do is put the batteries (aa supplied) in the pump. If you want to process under a partial vacuum, then place this over the airlock on the pitcher or single serve cup and press the on button on the pump; the pump immediately begins to extract air from the pitcher or cup, whichever you are using. Be careful when inserting the batteries, they do not all go in the same way- this is indicated quite clearly on the pump, though i managed to get some in the wrong way round- quickly rectified, as the pump did not work until i had corrected this error. If you do use the vacuum pump you need to release the pressure before opening the jugs. . It sounds a little complicated, it is not, and if you do it once, it will present no further problem. The blender itself is great, it has built in programmes which operate the poweful motor to give a wonderful blend. You get a small recipe book as well to get you started.

This really is a very capable and rugged blender with a new twist – a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is designed to take air out of the blending vessels so that the result – e. , a smoothie is much less frothy and easier to pour after blending. And yes, it did seem to make a noticeable difference. Out of the large box you get the blender, the main blending jug, two small single cup blenders – the clever idea here is that you can attach the blade to one, blend a smoothie, remove the blades and swap with the lid from the other cup. . So you can take your cold soup or smoothie into work with you, leaving the blades at home. Also in the box is a manual, a quick start guide, the vacuum pump six as batteries and a glossy recipe book. Actually there’s so much in the box that it all feels a bit intimidating at first, but the quick start guide and instructions are refreshingly clear and easy to follow.

I passed this review sample onto my flatmate, as she has an almost addict-level passion for making her own juices and smoothies. She was not disappointed: just throw in a handful of ice cubes, juices, chunks of banana and/or other fruit (either fresh, or pre-chopped/sliced and frozen). The large jug is fitted with a torture-chamber-like three blade attachment, which does an efficient job of chopping and pulverising whatever surrounds it, or one of the two individual beaker/cups can be used with its own smaller blade, if you are just making one portion at a time. The digital display allows you to select which type of liquidised foodstuff you are interested in making, from smoothies, soups to ice cream (i’m skeptical about this, as the recipes given for these ‘ice creams’ don’t really correlate with my experience of making ice cream in a more traditional way. They are more like sorbets or granitas). Once you’ve selected the preferred food type, the blender will operate in an appropriate way, blending and pausing automatically as you watch the timer countdown. The air-pump apparently removes the air from the jug or cup, to prevent oxidisation and preserving the bright colour and fresh taste for longer. Whilst amusing to use, my flatmate doesn’t really notice any difference in the results – but then she doesn’t store her smoothies for very long, so perhaps others will find this has a more remarkable effect. The pump has the capacity to be plugged into a mains socket, but you are not provided with the necessary cable and adaptor, so if you’re not keen on finding that yourself, you’ll need to stock up on aa batteries. We cannot fathom why it’s called “ninja”, aside from that it is predominantly decked out in black plastic.

Love this blender as i can use both the large jug or the individual travel jugs for smoothies.

This is a superb blender, with a tremendous touchscreen for accurate control. I am very impressed with this terrific blender. It is quite a big beast, so do think about storage and its dimensions. But it is a great piece of kitchen kit, and well worth the investment if you’re into smoothies and also making things like cocktails, dips and the like. This does it all, and is very robustly made, so it will definitely last quite a few years, and likely more. What you get is a versatile blender and one that detaches and you can take with you. What makes this a stand-out is the addition of a vacuum pump, which removes air (oxygen) from the blended products. I did notice that apples especially do not brown when i’ve operated the vacuum. And bright fruits looked brighter. And the idea is that nutrients are preserved for longer because the nutrients don’t oxidise.

Absolutely love love love it.

I had never heard of ninja before and can say i am impressed by the product. I can only give it 4 stars as i cannot comment on longevity and how it will age after reasonable domestic use. Technically, this is a great product. The large mixer bowl has blades stacked vertically, which is great to help in mixing and crushing. The hummus i made with it is delicious and very smooth. Just missing the sun and heat to go with it, really. The small bowl and on the go are also very handy when only doing something for one person. The ‘freshvac’ attachment is a smart idea though i am one of those easily convinced by these smart new things, but i cannot say there is a markedly different taste to the smoothy when using it.

Yes, it’s super expensive, but it’s also incredible in terms of its features and performance. It blends everything with ease. The vacuum pump is unusual and a bit of a faff, we don’t recommend using it. One minor downside is the size and weight of this unit.

  • Huge and capable
  • Robust touch-screen blending
  • Put a ninja in your blending

Ninja CT660UKV Smart Screen Blender with FreshVac Technology, Plastic & Metal, 1100 W, 2.1 liters, Black

Product Description, Experience the FreshVac difference. Enhanced with Ninja’s vacuum blending technology, this two-in-one blender features both a large-capacity jug for sharing and Ninja cups for making single servings. What is vacuum blending? Oxygen can cause the discolouration and separation of fruits and vegetables when blended. FreshVac Technology draws out excess oxygen before you blend, creating visibly brighter drinks with a smooth texture, less foam and less separation than traditional blending. Quickly and easily make smoothies, sauces, desserts, dips, frozen cocktails and more. Simply add your favourite ingredients, draw out oxygen with the FreshVac pump and select a pre-set Auto-iQ blending programme using the sleek touchscreen controls. A 1100 W motor drives specially-designed Ninja blades to blend whole fruits and vegetables, tough nuts, seeds and even crush ice.

From the manufacturer


2 appliances in 1





Remove oxygen from the blending jug or cup with Ninja’s easy-to-use FreshVac Pump. Select a pre-set Auto-iQ blending programme for smooth results with no guesswork.


Blend smoothies, sauces, soup prep, dips and desserts in moments thanks to a powerful 1100W motor and interchangeable blades, blitzing tough ingredients and even ice.


Enjoy rich, visibly brighter drinks with a smooth texture, less foam and less separation than traditional blending, whether you make enough to share or a personal portion to take on-the-go.

2 in 1




2 appliances in 1

Make dips, sauces and cocktails to share using the generously-sized blending jug, or blend fresh smoothies straight into a Ninja cup with a spout lid to take on-the-go.

FreshVac Technology

Remove oxygen from the blending jug or Ninja cup with the FreshVac Pump to create visibly brighter, smooth drinks with less foam and separation than traditional blending.

Auto-iQ Technology

For consistently smooth results, let multiple pre-set pulse, pause and blend patterns do all the work for you, at the tap of a touchscreen.

LED Touchscreen

Ninja’s Smart Screen LED display makes blending easier than ever. Simple soft-touch controls combine cutting-edge technology with modern style.

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Mostly use for chilli, but plenty of chilli seeds aren’t chopped.

If you are short on space this is not the blender to buy. It’s bulky and takes up a lot of room on the worktop and in storage. Not something you’d leave out unless you’re using it constantly. I was practising (amplified) electric guitar in the sitting room and nearly jumped out of my skin when my partner first switched it on in the kitchen. Blenders are noisy but this one takes the biscuit. It even drove the dog out of the kitchen despite her hoovering duties. it has a useful single serve cup, for the loners amongst you. And a power vacuum which removes the air and maintains the ingredients’ colours, gives a smoother texture, less foamy. The main body is really bulky.

I’ve used ninja blenders in the past and was never disappointed. Happy to say that this blender has lived up to my expectations too. It blends anything you throw at it. I’ve mainly used it for smoothies and have always packed it full of stuff including ice. It never got stuck and everything was always blended well. The jug has a pouring spout and is easy to wash after each use. The led touchscreen works very well too. There’s no need to press multiple times. This blender also removes oxygen from the jug when blending so your smoothies will look brighter.

Blenders open up a whole new world of flavours and i love them until they need washing. There are so many bits and pieces and they have to be stored somewhere. Having said everything that i hate about blenders, let me share what is great about this. This has a powerful motor and a very aggressive blade system, so simply cut up your fruit and put into the large and well made blending jug. Turning on the power brings up the blending screen which has lots of options and a very clear display indeed. The blade system will easily crush ice cubes and there are time delays built into each programme (except things like ‘pulse’ which are clearly supposed to have no delay) which allow the solids to fall back down around the blades. Given about 60 seconds you have a result. The jug has a great pouring spout and washes easily under the tap afterwards. The device that sets this apart from other blenders is the separate vacuum attachment that runs on 6xaa batteries (supplied). When using this just make sure that the seal over the poring spout is firmly closed and stand it on the seal and press the power switch.

This is by far the most exciting blender i’ve used and i’m a big fan all round. It looks great, seems really well designed, easy to use, easy to clean and does the job really well. It comes with a ton of options and things too, including the smaller cups and vacuum seal technology. The screen is really cool and it just feels fun to use in general. Even the way everything ‘snaps’ into place just feels very satisfying. The only complaint i have is that it’s very noisy, but that’s probably to be expected and at least it’s very quick.

This is a pretty big blender and having initially been manufactured for the us market, i am assuming that many of the customers there have larger kitchens than we brits do: our kitchen isn’t small by any means, but this item takes up quite a lot of space on the worktop and is not that easy to store in a cupboard; on that basis, we are leaving it out for now. Like many items manufactured by the company which makes shark vacuum cleaners, their products are very robust and are accompanied by a 2 year warranty (vacuum cleaner 5 years). The item comes supplied with a main blender, which is capable of blending anything that you might wish to challenge it with, including ice and a personal blender (x2) (a bit like a nutri bullet container) for personal drinks, which you can take away with you. Suffice to say whether it be crushing ice, blending vegetables for soup or making smoothes or fruit juice, this item can cope with anything that you wish to render to a pulp. An innovative addition is to include a vacuum pump which supposedly helps preserve vitamins and the flavour – i can’t say that i can tell the difference in the finished product, with or without the pump. May i suggest that you look at the video demonstration on site and on youtube. The touchscreen control is pretty good and unlike cheaper products, i believe that this type of control should last. There are three settings which are low, high and pulse – these seem to accurately control the 1100w motor very well. I really like this item but i have deducted a star. Few things, firstly i think that the £149. 00 price tag as at 26th december 2018 is fair, but i find that this item is a bit big for our kitchen: a 2. 1 litre jug is perhaps a little too big – the main factor in deducting a star though is that i found this item a bit of a pain to clean and for someone in a rush in the morning, i am more likely to want to leave it rather than use it – great for weekends when i have more time though. If you want a very well built and powerful unit, have a large enough kitchen to accommodate it, want something that can do everything from juice, to smoothies, soup to ice cream can produce juice for home or on the move (with or without the vacuum option) you will not be disappointed with this item.

This is a great blender which is ideal for making smoothies or just general blitzing. Like most modern blenders you can pulse or use the multiple blending settings. It has a unique element which i haven’t come across in a blender before. A fresh vac element which the maker advises ‘removes oxygen from the blending jug or ninja cup with the freshvac pump to create visibly brighter, smooth drinks with less foam and separation than traditional blending. ‘this seems a bit of an unnecessary gimmick to me so i don’t think i’ll really be using it. The ninja will easily crush ice cubes in a slush and can be used to make ice cream. The machine itself appears to be robust and well made. However, it is made in china. Not a criticism in itself as most electronic goods, even from established european manufacturers, are made in china these days. All in all, in seems to be a versatile, a well constructed kitchen gizmo.

Big solid robust machine – looks like it will survive nuclear war and brexit. Two sizes of blender – family and personal which is a really useful idea, saving the washing up if only you want some. And the ‘fresh vac’ technology – not so sure. This (according to the blurb) ‘. Removes oxygen from the blending jug or ninja cup with the freshvac pump to create visibly brighter, smooth drinks with less foam and separation than traditional blending. ‘well that may be the case, but i am not convinced that this is not some whizz-kids idea that crept into the design ‘cos no one else had thought of it. But it is an amazingly smooth blender (even crushing ice, if you really have to).

  • Huge and capable
  • Robust touch-screen blending
  • Put a ninja in your blending

Ninja CT660UKV Smart Screen Blender with FreshVac Technology, Plastic & Metal, 1100 W, 2.1 liters, Black

I’ve got just about every ninja product that’s ever been produced. They are excellent if you want to produce food for one or two people. And this turns out to be the best of the best. It’s really powerful for its size and the new technology makes your smoothies and soups look brighter and healthier than ever. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

When the ninja smart blender arrives at your house – be prepared to spend no small amount of time unpacking it. It’s pretty heavy, and a bulky item. You’ll also need a significant amount of space either on a work surface or in a cupboard to house it. As well as the blending jug, it comes with 2 x 600ml cups, lids and the vacuum pump, so extra space required. I am primarily using my blender for smoothies and without a doubt it is superb at doing this. The instructions tell you how to correctly layer your smoothie, depending upon ingredients, and i have followed this advice. I have, however, slightly gone over the max fill mark when using one of the cups and this resulted in the vacuum pump spraying out milk … so maybe not a good idea to overfill if using the pump. I am agnostic as to the vacuum pump. I can’t tell any difference in flavour or consistency after using it, compared with not using it, so to be honest i am not generally using it. It strikes me as being a bit of a gimmick rather than something that is going to be noticeably beneficial.

Features and Spesification

  • Two appliances in one: Touchscreen jug blender and personal blender
  • Draw oxygen out and lock vitamins in with the vacuum pump
  • Enjoy visibly brighter drinks with a smooth texture, less foam and separation than traditional blending
  • Quick, easy results with pre-set Auto-iQ programmes
  • Includes 2.1 Litre blending jug and total crushing blades, 2 x 600 ml Ninja cups and PRO extractor blades, two x spout lids, vacuum pump