Ninja NJ1002UKBK Chopper – Absolutely brilliant!

The ninja is very very good at chopping things very finely, it’s done in 3 or 4 pulses, so great for marinadea with chilli and garlic, or fillings for stuffed vegetables etc. It’s a nice capacity and when you wash it it doesn’t take a lot of space on the draining rack. I’ve also suprised myself by making use of the second container to prep ahead of time. It’s not very good at chopping to a typical ‘diced’ veg size – you need to give it a few pulses to get everything chopped evenly and by then everything is very very fine. So you choose between either very very fine or chopped a bit larger with some uneven big chunks left. The container has 3 ridges in it and food sticks around this. Food doesn’t empty out of it easily and you always have to get a separate spatula to scrape it out, which takes several goes because of the ridges. The container is large to hold in one hand while doing this. Probably not a big deal to someone with good hand function, but not great for those like me with limited hand use who need a food chopper.

Amazing product, well designed as you can take the small silicone black lip off and put rest of container + black circular lid straight in the dishwasher. Blends well, i have used it for smoothies, as well as cashew nuts – blends nuts well but not a completely pure paste. Great storage as each one has a lid and can stack / store in fridge air tight. Only down side – i wish it was wireless & run off battery so you can use it anywhere without plug socket in range .

I use it for chopping vegetables for soups or for cooking other food dishes. Pulse for chunky, keep pressed for breadcrumbs, or biscuit base for cheesecakes. It saves me so much time as i am continually chopping onions for meals. I chop down soft fruits to purée as well. I am so pleased i purchased this item.

Chops chunky to fine without blending in seconds by pulsing. I love to cook and use it all the time.

Excellent piece of kitchen equipment. But take heed of instructions & be careful,very sharp.

Pretty cool time saver, very easy to get trigger happy and make mush out of whatever you wanted to chop. The insides of the pots would be better if they had no grooves, would be so much easier to get your food out of. By the time you’ve had to scoop your ingredients out of every nook and cranny, you could have chopped it by hand.

Open the box, you will find a 2 canisters and a motor. Cut some onions, tomotoes and attempted to dice them. In just 2 seconds, the motor diced away and left me speechless. Just wash the canister and the blade in running water, it just cleans up so well. I know this is dishwasher safe but am very happy with the results. Be very, very careful when handling the blade it is that sharp. Very well designed chopper that has exceeded my expectations.

Really good so far, it chops things up much better than i can.

I absolutely love this gadget. So easy to use and chops or blends in seconds. The only negative is the cleaning of the lid. It has a rim around the top where food gets in and you have to use something small to clean it as the lid has the plug/wire attached so cant put it in dishwasher or wash it like other items.

I’ll never chop an onion again. Love this, i use it for smoothies, chopping and blending. You need a small brush like a toothbrush to clean the top bit, but no showstoper.

Bought another as a gift for a friend. It cuts really small the longer you depress the button. Very short presses give bigger pieces. Just took a few times to learn. The two bowls with sealable lids mean you can create 2 different foods one after the other and store them in the fridge till needed. Ideal for preparing baby food.

I purchased the ninja food processer which is brilliant for chopping, grating vegebles as well as mixing cakes and breads. However, i found that making smaller batches such as hummus often left chickpeas stuck under the blades, it was also difficult to clean for such small amounts. Adding the ninja chopper has helped immensely. Much smaller and extremely easy to clean for the day to day uses eg. Chopping and mixing smaller amounts of vegetables, nuts and seeds and brilliant for hummus (a family favourite).

Bought this as my mum had to move onto soups for a while. Love it – so easy to use and clean. The additional tub means storage of excess is easy as pop the lid on and keep in fridge. Here are the specifications for the Ninja NJ1002UKBK Chopper:

  • Simple pulse action to Chop, Mince and Puree with precision and ease.
  • Unique Ninja blades for perfect consistency
  • Includes 2 stackable containers with lids, perfect for storage in the fridge or cupboards.
  • Serve, seal and store in the same container

Mom likes the shakes , this item breakers down fruit and veg and even meat into pulp, if you find it difficult to swallow this machine is ideal. One warning the blades are very sharp keep them away from the kids.

What a great little machine. It is more compact than our larger food processor, though i think i would prefer the top motor section to be just a bit smaller. It chops and purees within seconds. And handy that you can then leave what you have done in the container and pop the lid on it until you are ready to use. Mostly easy enough to clean, though you do have to be a bit more precise when cleaning the underside of the top / motor. A bit fiddly, but easy enough to clean it still.

Decent enough piece of equipment but it is more of a pain to clean as the electric piece can become stuck with a little of the food you’ve blitzed. I had a cuisinart prior to this which was easier to clean.

I use mine mainly for chopping veg such as onions and herbs. Perfect for small amounts of garlic and parsley etc which i find really tedious to chop by hand. It’s a fairly powerful little machine and stores neatly away as the bowls are stackable. But my only gripe is trying to get the ingredients out of the bowl as it has ridges on the inside that make it hard to get your spatula around. One other minor thing (and this is my error) i keep forgetting to put the lid on between the bowl and the motor as the motor will work regardless. You aren’t meant to wash this part and i keep getting it covered in food, so i have to carefully wipe it clean and curse myself for forgetting againall in all, glad i bought it.

Bought to make hummus and harissa, and various other sauces, pastes and purees. I was slightly concerned it wouldn’t chop to a smooth paste but is fantastic. Works really well even with hard/fibrous ingredients.

I love this product, i have it for about 1 year now and works very well. Not sure how would be life in the kitchen without it now.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Too good really
  • My Number 1 kitchen appliance!
  • Very dicey chopper

So this is like a mini-food processor, be careful the blades are really sharp have already cut the skin on my finger from touching it, expecting them to be blunt. Time will tell how long they stay sharp. The two containers are really useful and can be sealed and put in the. The blades can be a little difficult to clean and obviously be careful as i have already ruined a few sponges due to how sharp the blades are. It easily chops if you give it short bursts or blends if you hold it down. Although operation is ideal for those with disabilities, the cleaning is not. So far, really happy with this.

This is a fantastic productit does what it’s supposed to helped by the 4 blades instead of the usual 2. If i had to find something wrong, it’s the fact that food spatters up through the lid onto the top motor housing meaning having to use a thin blade to remove bits from around the rim. Other than that, it’s brilliant.

This is one gadget i would never be without. I use it several times a day for things like chopping onions nice and fine, egg mayonnaise (3 or 4 short bursts and it’s done), chopping tomatoes for a tomato relish, left over meat for, for example, pork patties or shepherds pie, chopping apples for home-made coleslaw, olives for olive tapenade. I bought one for my sister (she’s 78) and have just bought one as a housewarming present for a friend. I’ve even bought myself a standby in case my current one ever stops working, (though why it should i don’t know) – i just couldn’t bear to be without it. Oh, and i even do breadcrumbs for the birds in it.

One of the best gadgets ive ever bought. Should of got one years ago.

Absolutely cracking wee blender. It can chop up frozen things, big stuff and also finely chop fresh herbs. Best mini blender out there, i have been through a few. The blades are really sharp. The box comes covered in warnings, and yet for some reason i still touched the blade to see how sharp it was. Just trust them when they say it is sharp.

Wonderful product at a great price – i now make a healthy smoothie nearly every day due to the ease of use, cleaning and very sharp blades that chop and blend anything.

I have problems chopping lots of vegetables. Ideal for chopping onions and carrots for bolognese. Chopping food to make baby or adult food. The double blades are very sharp, beware when washing. But i’d definitely recommend.

Really easy to use and clean. Only issue is that 1 pulse can make the difference between nicely chopped veg, and pureed veg. You can’t be too heavy handed with it.

Super sharp blades watch out. It’s great – amazing for sauces houmous herbs etc. I did want to use it for onions to speed up food prep but the blades are so effective they turn the onion to paste in a split second so it’s actually too sharp and fast to chop veg for cooking.

I have used other choppers but really love this item. I’m a diabetic and have to prepare my own meals and this is a great help.

I already own the ninja auto iq blender but needed something to chop onions and garlic etc. This chopper works well in this field. I defiantly would recommend.

It’s not so easy to clean where the blade slots in, i just gently washed under the hot tap, other than that love it.

This is so good just a couple of short bursts and onions are chopped, have used it to mince garlic and ginger and finely chop herbs, just need to be careful and keep to short bursts.

This has definitely got me cooking again. I hate food prep so i needed something that was going to cut that out. Chops anything in a single press of the button, don’t hold it down for too long though as it could come out as mush.

Great design with instant storage. Very powerful for such a small unit.

This is a really good device to use. It dices garlic/onions in seconds and is fantastic for making hummus (but for thicker things like hummus you do need to add liquid slowly and keep pushing it down into the main pot for it to work properly, otherwise it just whirls around the air pockets). Cleaning is really easy as it all comes apart however on the underside of the bit you press down to make the blade works there’s a thin hollow circle that is very difficult to clean out (but can be done with patience). 5/5 for cost and efficiency.

I bought this to make cheesecake bases with as i would normally spend about 20 minutes trying to break the biscuits into tiny pieces then try to make sure the butter was evenly spread out, only for my base to be super crumbly but it took about 5 minutes for me to do everything and the base came out perfect. Easy to clean and doesn’t take up loads of space storing it. I haven’t attempted cutting vegetables etc yet but the blades are super sharp so i’ve got good hopes.

Great little item, however the tubs are not quite dishwasher friendly as the leaflet makes out. Therefore do not put in dishwasher even on top rack as it will warp. Had wash only and its a fab kitchen essential.

One of the best kitchen gadgets, and it gets used a lot. Easy to use and easy to clean, does not take too much space.

Please read the caution label. Saying that the blade is sharp is an extreme understatement. I had a bad cut just by touching it. Two days later and the cut still hurts.

Easy to clean but watch out for blades.

We bought it for blitzing food for our baby. The only bit that is tricky is the top as food can get trapped inside.

I can chop everything from tiny seeds to fruits and meat.

Really pleased with this little blender. I love cooking and already own a large food processor, however will often not use it as its a pain to get out, set up and wash. This little blender is great, and as its so quick and easy to use and clean i use it all the time. Can handle everything ive put into it so far including carrots and other hard vegetables.

Great little blender/chopper, i even use to make smoothies works a treat. My only disappointment is when cleaning the top there is a little gap where the top connects to bottom and this can be a little tricky to get food residue out and clean properly. Other than that it is a great little blender, fast, smooth and nice to look at.

Great bit of kit for the kitchen works great quality build and feel easy to use.

I had bought this chopper after being disappointed with another brand i had previously, and i have to say it is fabulous. Has two blades at different depths of the container, so it is very even chopping. One short press for rough chopping, two for slightly fine chop, three for very fine and smooth. The blades are very sharp and powerful, and it seems very durable. The machine looks easy to clean. As long as you don’t overfill the container unnecessarily.

Fab little chopper perfect size for our small household. Makes smooth purée for stufffing my sauces packed with veg for my fussy child. Cleaning all components is easy and the storage containers are fab. Only slight downside is if your making sauces it comes up through the hole in the lid to the top motor. And that’s not easy to clean.

The double blades make chopping and mincing extremely easy and quick compared to others i have had would recommend well worth the money.

This is great – i had my eye on this for a while and bought this as a present for myself on my birthday (i know, i know). I especially love red onion chopped in this. You can pop the top on and stick this in the fridge for storage, which is really handy. I’ve made some nice humous in it too.

I have gone through a few of those over the years and thought this would not be great quality as it was cheap. It’s perfect and very powerful. Easy to clean and can be used to store sauces etc.

Food gets caught in the head in the grooves. Damp clothes as advise does not do the job. I’ve tried using cotton buds and that’s still a struggle. Power is strong and can over chop- sounds strange, but i struggle to get hunky chopped onions. Good for hummus and guacamole- but as i said then the cleaning of it is a nightmare.

Just for 1st time this week, great wee gadget. Straightforward, love the way everything comes out for easy cleaning, used it to chop carrot for soup brilliant, just right consistency.

We have a full size magimix food processor, but if i’ve only got smallish quantities to chop it’s too big to use really. So we looked for a mini chopper and decided on this one. Only had it a few weeks, but we’ve used it lots. It handles smaller quantities and does a great job of chopping up vegetables etc. You can cut them fairly coarse with a short pulse, of absolutely blitz them by giving it longer. It’s really easy to clean too. Another great touch is that you get 2 of the bowls (with lids). These are great if you want to keep things in the fridge until you’re ready for them. I’d recommend this mini chopper.