Ninja Nutri 1000W Personal Blender [BL580UKV] – recommend if you like this type of thing

This is my first experience with a pucker food blender, my previous blender pales into insignificance against this monster. This one really means business, and makes short work of whatever you feed it, rapidly reducing it to a pulp. It is very easy to use, with the choice of the automatic preset smoothie button (50 secs) or the pulse button you control yourself (there is also an extract button which i’ve not tried). The vacuum pump attachment is very easy to use too, it just sits on top to do its bit and then you remove it to do the blending part. The cutting blades are impressive, compared to the slithers of bent sheet metal i’ve seen on other blenders these are really substantial. I’ve tried several different recipes incorporating a range of foods from fine carrot tops to raw butternut squash and root vegetables and it falters at none. The use of the vacuum pump does appear to improve the texture and it claims also to better retain the nutrient content. The vacuum pump is battery powered – six aa batteries (included), but there is provision for a 9 volt power adapter (the instructions say that one is available to order from the ninja kitchen website, but at the time of looking it was not there) so i used an existing power adapter with the right plug for the pump. It comes with two single serve cups for blending, each with a lid for use on the go, although i do not find it that pleasant to drink from these cups and decant the contents into something more appealing. This is not so easy as the ribs on the interior of the cups make getting all the content out difficult.

The new craze is for vacuum blenders that come with all sorts of claims about smoothies retaining more nutrients. In theory, removing the oxygen from the container before blending should help to prevent the ingredients oxidizing. When tested independently by which a smoothie in the vacuum blender and an ordinary blender the smoothies showed no visible signs of longer-lasting freshness. But the vacuum blended smoothies were undeniably bubble-free, giving a more pleasant velvety-smooth texture. Then again nothing will offer the same benefits as eating the fruit and vegetables whole. I prefer the promixx vortex mixer for a protein shake to give me my post workout refuel. It is much cheaper, portable, and sold here by amazon. This ninja nutri is the cheapest vacuum blender at £95. Alternatively there is the beko vacuum blender at £199, or the philips vacuum blender for even more at £225.

 i recieved one of these to review which is handy as the last one i had was the regular one but the motor broke when i did not seal the blender properly once and it leaked which caused the device to stop working. Firth thing you notice is the amount of plastic wrapping and bits that come with the blender. This seems to be an updated base unit nutri ninja 1000w blender with auto-iq but with a different mount with a vaccuum attachment that goes on top. The idea is that oxygen can cause the discolouration and separation of fruits and vegetables when blended so you suck the air out before you juice your ingridients. It is supposed to improve the colour and the flavour of the juice blend. The last photo shows the difference, left vacuum right normal big difference in colour and taste about 15% improvement. I personally think it is a big gimmick and a big palava (to make people think it’s different or better than normal blenders). However it dies make some difference to colour & taste. Firstly you need 6 batteries, which are included in the box, for the vaccumm bit that goes on top or you can buy an additional plug for the wall. (which they should have provided free if charge for this price).

Having had a ninja pro blender 900 watts for the last few years, i had high expectations for the new 1000 watt ninja blender. It has surpassed my expectations and can say with confidence the smoothies are fresher tasting and more brightly coloured even the next day. The fruit blitzed effortlessly by the ninja’s sharp and powerful blades and even any seeds are quickly blended. I have used it every morning. The blender can make a large smoothie, actually enough for two, which is great, as i keep one in the fridge and it still looks appetizing the next day. There is a definite difference in the taste of a day old smoothie with this blender compared with the one i have been using. The taste is much fresher and i assume that the nutritional value is better than what i usually get. The vacuum attachment comes with batteries; however, it can run directly from mains power. The mains lead, can be purchased by visiting the manufacturer website. I find this a little disappointing considering the price of this blender; i feel this could be included.

This is a good blender and does a cracking job. The vacuum gadget is a bit of a gimmick that is supposed make your smoothies brighter and not have browned fruit etc in your smoothie. You can use this blender without the vacuum unit and still make excellent smoothies and it comes with two of the smoothie cups to blend in. It’s a robust unit and blends the veggies and fruit very well.

Well i was hoping to be the first reviewer of the blender. However, oej beat me to it and that review is superb and covered everything i was going to mention. But being a viner, i have to submit a review all the same. The amazon pictures show exactly what you’re getting. The video doesn’t explain a lot. So i chopped some bananas, apples and pears. I have no experience with making smoothies but it was easy. Batteries are included for the oxygen extractor. Cleaning is easy but storage is also an issue for me as well as oej.

My current blender is an extremely basic affair. In fact it’s an amazon basic that i had for testing and reviewing about 4 years ago and is still going strong, so my review of this is comparing two extremes. This is a much more high-tech affair. Programmable and more powerful and then there’s the vacuum lock concept. The vacuum lock is a separate entity which is battery operated but you can buy a mains lead separately if preferred. The smoothie produced has a great fresh flavour and if you are making the night before, then yes there is a significant reduction in ‘browning’ the fading away of the bright red of berries and the vibrant greens of kiwi and broccoli into a non-descript brown. I have to admit though that i miss the simplicity of my ‘basic’ and that once the novelty wears off, this will end up back in the box. That’s one of the negative aspects of this blender. The fact that i still have the box- because there is a lot of extra bits and pieces to keep track of. The one thing this blender beats my old one at is being powerful enough to blend ice cubes. That’s a definite plus but i’m just not sure for me personally with a small kitchen and limited space, that it’s a good enough reason to swap my little basic smoothie maker. If space and storage isn’t an issue and you like to make your smoothies the night before then yes, i highly recommend this for ease of use, power, and the quality of the resultant smoothies.

I used to get through quite a lot of fruit smoothies, probably more than was strictly good for me. What put me off was the speed with which berries in particular turn into fluffy little lumps of mould. That and the fact you simply can’t make a jug of smoothy and store it for any length of time before it turns into a brown sludge. The vacuum pump is an entirely optional step but don’t dismiss it – it works, and it works really well. It’s a pity it’s battery operated, but there’s a certain logic to it, i suppose. Anyway, by sucking most of the air out before blending it means the air isn’t turned into froth which in turn causes the fruit to oxidise and turn brown. It’ll still happen over time, but at a much slower rate. There is, literally, a visible difference between smoothies made under vacuum compared to those that aren’t, with them being visibly brighter. I was fully prepared to scoff at this but it really turned me around in use.

Ok, this is a great product and i am very pleased with it. I have owned a magic bullet and a nutrabullet which i liked, but got rid of both when i upgraded to a thermomix. The thermomix is fantastic in every way, but it was a bit overkill to make a quick protein smoothie for the gym (and there is more to wash up), so i was keen to get this ninja nutri and see what it could do. First of all it seems really well made to me and does seem stronger and more robust than the bullet family i have previously owned. I was a bit perplexed by the vac technology and more than a little sceptical, but now i have been using it for a couple of weeks i can tell you that it definitely reduces froth and bubbles – they were all too present in my previous blender smoothies. The thing i really liked was the locking in mechanism and the programmed buttons, pulsing and whizzing at set times to ensure that drinks are perfectly blended. It is quiet, powerful and stylish and has been in use daily. It makes great smoothies – whether fruit and veg or protein powder and the sports lids are great too. If you are considering which machine to buy, i would definitely opt for this one.

Ok so i’ve made smoothies before and my son especially loves them as he’s a bit of a gym junkie. As i said i’ve made them before and if not drunk right away they do tend to go a merky colour which is far less enjoyable. No one wants a brown smoothie so i was hopeful this fresh vac thing wasn’t just hype which often these things are. . I am happy in fact overjoyed to announce that it works and boy did it work well. Nice bright colours and they even tasted fresher and zingy. It’s easy to use and quick to blend and a pretty smooth blend too. Easy to clean and comes with everything you need to get started inc the batteries. Think i’m in love with my new blender.

Easy to use and i hope to make healthy meals in the future.

I recommend reading the instructions when this arrives. This actually looks more complicated than it actually is but if you’re intimidated (like me) read the instructions as they were very useful. This makes larger smoothies/shakes then other blenders i have owned in the past and this is helpful when making for more than just me. It blends really well and the smoothies/shakes are extremely smooth when done and very refreshing when drunk. Whilst this is fairly easy to use, set up and clean again, it seems odd that it doesn’t come with a mains power cord. In fact if you want one of these, you can order it but means more money spent. Whilst i used this quite a bit in january (new years resolutions and all), i haven’t really used it since and after a while just packed up and put away. I recommend something like this if you are going to use multiple times a week, especially considering the price tag. However, if it’s a fad i wouldn’t waste the money.

This is a smoothie lovers dream appliance. Visually robust and dishwasher proof, and capable of fruit, veg, nuts and ice. This paves the way to almost any diet preference from a banana smoothie to soups. What i really like about this product is that it’s easy to use. Very clear touch buttons with travel container bottles, preparation containers and capacities of well over 600ml. I feel this is just a cleaner and more capable blender than my old plastic one. It powered through ice and frozen berries to create a great smoothie on first use, a few weeks later and it has handled fresh veg, walnuts and even a frozen yoghurt dessert. I’m not sold on the oxygen reduction facility, but very pleased with the basic features and number of accessories that make this one of the best blenders i have ever used. Well worth noting are the quiet operation and good power consumption at just 1000w. A brilliant gift for an enthusiastic cook, fitness user or lover of great gadgets. Here are the specifications for the Ninja Nutri 1000W Personal Blender [BL580UKV]:

  • Draw oxygen out and lock vitamins in with the vacuum pump
  • Enjoy visibly brighter drinks with a smooth texture, less foam and separation than traditional blending
  • Quick, easy results with pre-set Auto-iQ programmes
  • Blitz whole fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and crush ice with patented Pro Extractor Blades
  • Includes 2 x 700ml Ninja cups, 2 x spout lids, Pro Extractor Blades, vacuum pump

The whole point of this is that it has the ‘vac’ technology, which means that it reduces both the froth and the air that gets into the mix. The reason why you want this to happen is because, so the theory goes, the air would otherwise cause browning and oxidation of the nutrients. Plus, frothing is inconvenient. The programmes available are excellent: at the touch of the buttons the thing whirrs into action and pulses so that you get the best consistency. The vacuum bit is a separate unit and operates with the (supplied) batteries. I’ve blended apples and there is no browning after quite a while, which is impressive. It is important to read through the very readable instructions, which relate exactly how to use the thing. Overall, this is a very well-made and easy-to-use blender, with the added benefit that the resultant product is brighter and looks more appealing than traditional blenders.

This is a very powerful blender that will get through any fruit and veg that you can think of using and also ice that can be added, which is a great way of cooling the drink down. Its really easy to use with the auto-iq programmes buttons speaking for them self, it is quite loud when in use so might think about that if you want to use it early in the morning and others are in bed, but its not a big problem. The blending cups are solid and easy to drink from. The vacum pump does work well and seems to do what its supposed to which is to keep the smoothie looking more freash, but its not something i have used on a daily basis when i just want to make a quick smoothie and go. Overall i think if you are looking for a smoothie maker of this type you really cant go wrong with this one.

This is the best product on the market. It’s so enjoyable to make smoothies and i haven’t found a vegetable or fruit it won’t blend up. It makes the best smoothies i have ever tasted. It’s a reasonably quiet blender/smoothie maker. It’s easy to clean and reuse all dishwasher safe and easy to store in any kitchen. Once smoothie made its a fab start to the day. With different speeds, this only takes minutes to make.

I’m a long time user of blenders for shakes and smoothies. I’ve always put up with the next days results in favour of no work making them in the morning. So i’m used to brown looking smoothies. So i jumped at the chance to try this vacuum blender. Im familiar with vacuum method of preserving as have one i bought for use to seal smaller bags of nuts and other items that are cheaper in bulk but go stale easily. This blender is sufficient for a very large smoothy or shake (over 600ml) but also comes with a second container, something i’ve never seen in a blender before. In addition the blade size is big and when compared to my current one a leading brand, came up on top. The vacuum is by means of a separate unit which comes supplied with as batteries see photo for install of these. The makers have a sticker on it saying if you want to run it by mains you can buy this by visiting the website. The blender worked very quick on the apple and cucumber smoothy ingredients and the vacuum was achieved by then removing container of smoothy then upturning it, opening the vacuum cover, placing the vacuum device on it then turning vacuum device on.

Have been using it for a month almost daily, besides the dificulty to clean the bottom of the cupdidnt find no other inconvenience. When you fill it too much it starts vibrating a little on the table.

I really didn’t believe the claims i read about this blender before i tried it but it really does live up to them. The juices and smoothies it produces look and taste more vibrant and fresh, and all in all it’s excellent value for money. It’s also amazingly quiet and easier to clean than my philips one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • a great buy
  • Like it alot
  • Actually works – this reduced oxygenation (browning) & gave brighter taste

I’ve never been much of a one for blending, usually because i can’t face cleaning up after myself. This blender is much easier to clean though, with its removable blades and small cups. I wanted this mainly for smoothies and soups, and i;ve now made both using this. First i made a tomato and chilli soup. I cut the ingredients quite largely and was so impressed when after a mere 6 seconds i had beautifully silky soup. I’ll definitely be making this again. I used frozen smoothie fruit and soya milk. At first there wasn;t enough liquid and everything got stuck.

‘draw oxygen out and lock vitamins in with the vacuum pump’i can’t help feeling, so far anyway, that this is a bit of a novelty that i personally hadn’t been looking for. It’s kind of interesting rather than useful. I tend to drink the entire smoothie straight after making it, so i would assume this facility is of limited benefit. For those who make smoothies for consumption much later, that’s when it could be of value. ‘enjoy visibly brighter drinks with a smooth texture, less foam and separation than traditional blending’i haven’t noticed much of a difference in brightness but again i wasn’t really looking for such a thing anyway. I would agree that the separation difference can be a worthwhile benefit. ‘quick, easy results with pre-set auto-iq programmes’i can’t agree with the word ‘quick’. One of my main frustrations with this device is that it comes in several parts and is not particularly practical from a storage point of view, i. I have a much simpler blender from salter which, if nothing else, is easy to just put in one place on the kitchen dresser and be ready to go in a few seconds. The ninja nutri isn’t like that. The main machine can be left on the dresser, yes, and with a granite worktop surface its suckers make sure that it grips the surface well. But because there are several components, i have to choose between standing them all next to the machine taking up more precious worktop space, or store them somewhere.