Ninja QB3001UKS Slim Blender and Smoothie Maker – Impressively powerful

I have used the previous version of this ninja blender and loved it. It was getting a little old so thought it was worth replacing with this. This is quite a compact blender and sits on your counter top pretty unobtrusively ready to be used when required. The black and red design looks very stylish and sleek. Despite being 700w (compared to the 900w of the previous model) this blade design makes this seem just as powerful and efficient and i can blend up my smoothies in no time. This comes with 2 glasses to blend in and which you can then drink out of, as well as a small recipe booklet to get you started. This is perfect for your daily smoothies, or to make up sauces and marinades in the kitchen and one quick rinse under the tap while it is still wet makes this a quick and easy blender to clean too. I have been a fan of ninja for a while and this is just as good as other products they have made in the past.

This is a an entry-level personal blender from ninja. In addition to the base motorised unit you get a blade unit, two blender cups and two lids. You also get an instruction book and a recipe book. I haven’t owned a ‘personal blender’ before. From the instructions and the recipe book it’s clear that the product is aimed at the smoothy market, and i am a fan of smoothies. The unit is relatively small and looks smart enough to remain on a work surface permanently. To use you put the smoothy ingredients into one of the blender cups with the fruit first, liquid and finally ice. Each cup holds a little over 400ml although once liquidised the actual smoothly will be smaller. Once filled you screw on the blade unit, invert the cup, place it on the motor unit and press down. I’ve attached an image of the instruction book on this.

I chose this smoothie maker as it all the bits can go in the dishwasher (obviously not the motor part) it also crushes ice with the fruit (unlike some). Really easy to use, follow the basic instructions, don’t overfill. Easy to clean, you can rinse blade, cup & lid under hot water or in warm soapy water and it’s ready too again.

Certainly, this a good blending machine. It undoubtedly helps blend the best smoothies. Whether you need to crush ice or other foodstuffs does a good job within a few moments. This is a sturdy unit, which will hopefully last for a good long time. I have enjoyed using it so far it does so many things. Best to read the instructions first, to get the best results. Relatively easy to clean, which is a real boon in my book.

This is sleek, stylish and powerful. Easy to use, with the minimum of fuss and cleaning. It blasts its way through everything, so you can have fun with it. Chuck in ice cubes, lumps of ginger, carrots or whatever, it liquidises in seconds. I love using unwaxed lemons whole which are smashed to smithereens. Comes with a great recipe booklet, packed with inspiration.

This is my first nutri ninja product and i love it. It’s noisy, but so are all smoothie makers. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop, and it’s easy to clean. I like how you blend the ingredients straight into the drinking cup, so there’s less washing up. It makes great smoothies in no time.

There are a number of products like this on the market and they range from cheap to very expensive. This one is reasonably priced somewhere around the middle of the market. It is clean and straightforward to use – the instructions are clear. It is easy to clean with no tight spaces and corners to flush out and no faffing about. The parts that require cleaning are dishwasher compatible. It is fairly compact so doesn’t take up much cupboard space. While it is not as effective at puree-ing tougher veg like carrots, kale, broccoli and cauliflower it makes short work of fruit. In that sense it is probably more effective as a juicer or smoothie maker than an all round kitchen blender.

I quite like this little smoothie maker/blender with its simple system that works directly into a pair of 400ml travel cups. The system is very easy to use – simply layer the ingredients for your smoothie in accordance with a chart (as a rule of thumb this puts the things most likely to be challenging to chop – frozen elements – nearest to the blades when they system is assembled), attach the blade section, turn the cup upside down and dock onto the powered base unit. To blend, you simply press down on the bottom of the cup. There’s no control for speed variation, the closest that can be achieved is a series of brief presses to the bottom of the cup for a pulse effect versus pressing down firmly for a constant blitz. The blender itself is quite small and compact, the base unit about the size of a jar of coffee. At most 3 components are dirtied in order to make a travel drink: the blade unit, a cup, and a lid – none of which is particularly bulky. All three are dishwasher safe. The little blender is quite powerful, and blitzes through frozen fruit and ice cubes easily. This makes creating 2 (or more, if you buy extra cups) individual sized drinks at a go very easy, with minimal mess. I like the 400ml cup size – it’s about the same as a tall travel coffee mug, so not excessive in quantity and not too large or cumbersome in the hand.

The blender is of very good quality. The fact that is comes with two containers and 2 lids is very helpful as you can make yours and your partners and you are ready to go. The blades are very easy to wash, just put them under running water and be careful not moving them with your hand because they are very very sharp. The fruits have to be cut into small chunks so takes a bit longer to prep because of the ‘ready to go’ containers but saves washing up afterwards. After adding your fruits, vegetables, seeds, ice, you put the lid with the blades on and twist and hold it pressed for it to blend. The support itself is made of good quality materials, is sturdy and stable. The only downfall is that you have to hold it the whole time to operate it but doesn’t really take that long so shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience as in less than a minute you will be done. Really good quality, worth the extra money as this will probably last a long time.

This is an excellent straight to cup smoothie maker/blender. It is easy to assemble and comes with two cups with secure lids. You simply layer your ingredients into your cup, then turn the blender to attach the cup directly to the blender. Then turn on the blender to very quickly chop and blend your ingredients into a tasty smoothie. It is very powerful and works quickly. Once smooth, turn the blender back upside down and carefully remove your cup and place the lid on your drink and away you gothe blender itself is stylish and is relatively easy to clean, with the usual need to take care with the blades, which are very sharp. The footprint is small and doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter top. It is quite noisy whilst in use, but doesn’t take long to blend the ingredients, so isn’t a big issue. I do think the price is a little high compared to similar products which are around £35 mark, but this is quick and simple to use.

This is excellenti gave it to my 80 year old mother and to my aunt who lives with her – to use. They love it – set it up without a glance at instructions and now use it regularly easilyit’s easy to store – easy to clean – and it’s a joy to use and better than any comparable productif you’re looking for a blender to make juices and smoothies and such – then look no further -.

A 700 w motor drives this blender and does a good job, even with some of the heavier duty ingredients i like to use (broccoli stems, lemons with the skin on and so on). For a penny under £60, at the time of writing, you have a complete personal unit with a good set of recipe suggestions. The instructions indicate the best layering of ingredients to make a good smoothie. All you need is imagination. The set includes two dishwasher-safe, bpa-free tritan cups and two sip and seal lids. Tip: as soon as you have finished. Fill the container with water to ensure nothing gets stuck on. Best of all, rinse and wash immediately.

I’ve never had a blender like this before, so i have nothing really to compare it to. On it’s own merits though, i think it’s a great little product. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and it doesn’t take up much room. It even comes with an “inspiration guide” which includes about 30 recipes to get you started. I thought this was a fab little book and i’ve tried several recipes from it already – such as the watermelon and raspberry cleanser and berries galore. The ninja literally smashes through ice, so you can use frozen fruits straight from the freezer. You do need to make sure that the ingredients go into the cup in the right order – the order that they’re listed in the recipe, but everything is super easy to follow. In basic terms it’s fresh ingrediants first, followed by any extra water or liquids and ice last. Inside the box, you have the base section – the “power pod” that plugs into the mains, two 400ml cups, two “to-go” lids with a little flip up drinking spout, and another part that works like a lid, but has the blade assembly built into it. It’s so easy to use, you literally fill up the cup with the ingredients, screw on the blade assembly lid which then gives you a sealed cup. Here are the specifications for the Ninja QB3001UKS Slim Blender and Smoothie Maker:

  • Slim, compact nutri Ninja personal blender
  • Blends delicious, super-smooth, nutritious smoothies in seconds
  • Powerful 700 W motor drives specially-designed Ninja blades
  • Pulse action blends whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and crushes ice
  • Includes two dishwasher-safe, BPA-free tritan cups, two sip and seal lids, recipe guide

How the hell are you doing this, jeff?.

Great blender for drinks, smoothies, and blending in general. It is so easy to use and clean. Overall very efficient and powerful. It is a great size that can fit anywhere.

Now that s a practical blender small strong good.

This blender is a powerful machine that can crush ice and frozen fruit easily. The travel cup attaches easily and there is a separate lid to allow you can take it with you quickly and easily. The jug and travel cup can be popped into the dishwasher, but you may want to clean the blades by hand. I’m not sure if there is any difference between this and a nutribullet, i can’t notice one, so maybe its down to personal preference.

I really like the design of this: the lower part is heavy and solid with a rubber base so it doesn’t slip on your work surface. It comes with two plastic ‘cups’ that each have lids and look like mini liquidiser jugs (no handles). The lids screw on to the top and also have spouts that open so you can drink from it. The clever bit is that you put your ingredients into the cup and then screw the liquidiser blades onto the top with the blades facing into the contents. You then turn it upside down and it sits on top of the base. Plug it in, switch on and push down and the motor runs for as long as you hold the cup down, churning and pulverising the ingredients into your smoothie. Then just lift it off turn the right way up, unscrew the blades and screw on the lid. You can put the blades, cups and lids in the dishwasher which means it is incredibly easy and simple to use and clean – no messing about with filters or fiddly bits that need hand washing. The motor seems pretty powerful as it will crush ice. My first effort was to put in an unpeeled apple, a kiwi fruit, a stick of celery, half a dozen blueberries and a good squeeze of lemon.

It certainly delivers the best smoothies. Powerful motor done in seconds. The appearance is lovely with clean lines and although not a silent machine it beats most of the others. I have enjoyed using it so far it does so many things. Like all machines read the instructions first. Easy to clean cannot fault it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love this blender!
  • Best shake maker ever!
  • I’m blown away

Perfect solution for making my shakes. Works brilliantly and easy to clean.

Great compact and powerful smoothie maker, makes portions up to 450ml (which is way more than you really need for a single portion of a fruit smoothie, and indeed probably even enough for two portions). You get two of the 450ml blending cups each with its own lid. You unscrew and remove the lid, add your ingredients, and replace the lid with the blade unit, screw it on, turn upside down and place on the motor unit and simply press down to start blending, and release when done. After blending you can put the lids back on the cups and then put them in the fridge for later use, and drink directly from them, the lids having a flap which can be opened to drink from. What i’m very pleased by with this one, compared to my similar unit i have been using for a few years, is that the blade unit of this is very easy to clean indeed; my existing one has nooks and crannies which are quite difficult to wash out properly. On the downside, there is no wrap-around cable storage under the bottom of the unit as some smoothie makers (as does my existing one) and blenders have – the cable comes out the middle of the motor unit rather than the bottom, and you are expected to wrap the cable around the body, but there is no clip either on the motor unit or near the plug which would have been useful to keep it wrapped around.

This blender is simple to use, although at first sight i found it counter-intuitive. So read the (very good) instruction/recipe guides first. Better still, find some of the instruction videos online. Cleaning is easy, as it’s only the small unit containing the blades, and the cups themselves that need cleaning. All those things are supposed to be dishwasher-safe but i would not trust that and they are simple enough to clean by hand anyway. The only thing i was unhappy with was the need to hold down the container while the blender is operating. I don’t want to stand there for 5 minutes or whatever, although i can see that you might sometimes want to control the chunkiness or fluidity of the mixture.