Noontec 50mm Hammo Over-Ear HD Headphone : brilliant sound for the price

Build quality bit flimsy but brilliant sound for the price.

 these headphones were sent to me by noontec to test and review and i think they are excellent. I make no special claim to be an audiophile, but i do listen to a wide variety of music through headphones, usually for several hours a day. I have listened to a great many different headphones and i think these are among the best i have ever heard – and that includes some dearly loved sets which i have used for years with great pleasure like bose qc2s (and more recently soundtrue), brainwavz hm5 and hm9 and others. These are up there with the best. The sound quality is the critical thing, and it is quite outstanding to my ears. I use a playlist to test audio equipment which goes from 16th-century choral music to london grammar and covers most things in between. Pretty well everything sounds as good as i have ever heard it. Clarity and articulation are exceptionally good. The frequency response range on the hammo s is 5hz-30khz, which is beyond the range of normal human hearing at both ends of the spectrum and gives a superb overall sound. It is beautifully balanced with crystal clear treble, wonderful rich middles and a fantastic bass response.

I am a musician and i was the owner of a pair of beats solo for 3 years. I was very happy with them because it was the best headphones i’ve had. I later realised that the bass was too much. The sound of hammo is better. More spacious and clearer in my opinion. I wanted my new pair to be over-ear and not on-ear because beats were uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Hammo are more comfortable but not as much as i hoped for. This is not a big issue however since i spent more than 6 hours wearing them the other day. The hard case is nice for their price. The big downside of this purchase was the very poor quality of the cable.

The headphones them self are absolutely amazing but the cable end was cracked when i got them and shortly after broke but they are worth the money apart from the cable😄.

Build quality could be more heavyweight and exact without adding much to the price. Given that the aim seems to be ‘deliver a quality product at a fraction of the major brand pricing and aim at beats buyers’ more physical heft is needed. Sound terrible if fed rubbish. Ignore at anything less than 320 mp3 or with a poor dac. Flat, dull, murky – nearly sent them back. Wouldn’t even consider using hammo with a mobile. Power should be fine but setting levels never changed the basic problem – ever so dull, thudding and murky. Still darker than i’d like with a reasonable dac/amp but very strong performance as a whole. Comfortable, good isolation. Bass is a touch ott but nowhere near beats level ott (which is great for edm and a bunch of modern genres, granddad).

Unfortunately two cables are supplied, one red and one black with no instructions given as to what each are to be used for, other than that good headphones.

I loved these headphones sound quality was great, comfort was great but about six months of use and the cup fell off and they’re now unusable. Gutted doesn’t cover it, so it’s time to invest in a different brand.

Hi i bought two pairs of these noontec hd headphones for my daughters and would highly recomend them the punchy and sharp. I would definitely buy noontec products in the futurepeter o briendublinireland.

  • Excellent
  • other than that good headphones.
  • brilliant sound for the price

Noontec 50mm Hammo Over-Ear HD Headphone with Drivers – White

Product Description, A clear sound you can´t imagine The Noontec Hammo Over-Ear headphone will convince you! The first class model in view of high-end headphones provides you with a masterful audio sound quality. The headphone is equipped with a 50mm thin, but technically high standard speaker, which will bring you an amazing sound experience due to the improved sound technology of Noontec. The latest SCCB HD acoustic technique and tweeter let you enjoy a perfect sound. But the Hammo headphone is not just because of the technique and sound such a fascination. The ergonomic, top-quality, and elegant design is an eye-catcher and with The Noontec Hammo Over-Ear headphone can also be used as gaming-headset or for daily phoning. The high-grade cable microphone provides outstanding calling quality, so that phone calls can be a pleasure.Incredible tweeter Professional audio tuning leads to a treble never sounding weird or unnatural.Deep bass With the development of a new sound technology, Noontec provides their customers with a new music experience, especially regarding the bass. The Hammo headphone offers an unprecedented sound experience for music lovers of Pop, Rock&Roll and Rap.Excellent mid-range tones reproduction Due to the latest SCCB acoustic technique and excellent speakers, realistic clear mid-range sounds are possible. Especially to enjoy Bel Canto, Country music and Jazz. Balanced acoustic performance To have a good sound when playing Pop, Rock&Roll, Jazz, Country music and Classic, a balanced acoustic performance is needed. The Hammo is a headphone, which gives you a clear sound all over the audio spectrum.Practical design When folded up, the headphones can be carried easily in the supplied bag. Piano-finish The surface out of a piano-finish let the colour of the headphone shine and, moreover, is robust and consistent in his colour.50mm speaker The Noontec Hammo headphone is equipped with a 50mm speaker, providing an incredible audio sound.Audio cable covered with TPE-plastic Coated with a TPE-plastic, the audio cable prevents from twisting and because of the 24K-gold plated jack plug of 3,5mm size it operates on the highest technical level. The integrated microphone and the multifunctional button facilitate phoning. Furthermore, the multifunctional button on the cable can be used for managing the music – to stop it, to proceed it or to go to the next title as well as to the preceding title Flexible ear cushions The ear cushions adapt to the ears and so improve the low-frequency audio performance. They are even comfortable after hours of hearing.Skin-friendly material The breathable and soft material is perfect for your skin and does not lead to irritations even after lengthy use. Adjustable and hinged head band Pleasant wearing comfort for every head size because of the flexible and adjustable head band. Solid because of the steel To have a durable lifetime of the headphones, the moveable parts are strenghtened with steel. These advanced headphones of the global brand Noontec are definitely up-to-date and make our hearts beat faster. A must-have for every music friend, not just because of this incredible price-performance ratio!

Box Contains, HeadsetAudio CableHard Pouch

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After purchasing a set of noontec for myself, i realised my partner would need a pair as i kept finding mine had mysteriously disappeared. . I ordered the noontec hammo so we could distinguish the 2. And i was that happy with them i have taken them for myself and given my partner my original pair. Noontec really know how to produce awesome headphones at a price that doesn’t upset the wife.

I purchased these as i thought the beats range to be all marketing and no substance. The highs, mids and lows are reproduced very well. The only thing i would say is that the headphones leak a bit too much sound. But all in all i do like these headphones.

These are very good headphones. I got fed up with in-ear devices from cheapish sony to expensive sennheiser giving sore ears and being insecure. These noontecs out perform all these in music quality and comfort. I can now hear the difference between high end mp3 and flac files.

  • Excellent
  • other than that good headphones.
  • brilliant sound for the price

Noontec 50mm Hammo Over-Ear HD Headphone with Drivers – White

Features and Spesification

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  • The wide frequency range combines with a clear frequency response leads to a clean sound (13 ~ 26000Hz)
  • The flat cable design prevents from twisting. The integrated microphone and the multifunctional button facilitate phoning. Furthermore, the multifunctional button on the cable can be used for managing the music – to stop it, to proceed it or to go to the next title as well as to the preceding title
  • The dynamic driver with a 50mm big and high-grade neodymium-magnet speaker reproduces every detail of the music
  • The head band is adjustable and provides a good wearing comfort for every head size. The ear cushions lie softly on your ears and will be comfortable even after wearing them for hours
  • Scope of delivery: Noontec Hammo Stereo Over-Ear headphones, cable, user manual