Noontec Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphone : Sound is very good and comfort is 1st class

I have been testing these headphones out for a few days now. They are comfortable fitting over most of the ear, and the noise cancelling feature is great of blocking out the noise of my children who are exceptionally loud. Although you will want to keep fresh batteries in them as once the batteries start to die it distorts your music. I am certainly not an audiophile, but these are among the best headphones i have tried recently, they have taken every kind of music i have thrown at them, cello, beethoven, metallica, haggard, some cheesy 90s pop, ac/dc etc etc, and apart from when the batteries were low, the music was crisp, the bass was adequate. Would highly recommend these phones.

During the last year i have reviewed a lot of audio devices, mostly bluetooth speakers and earphones, thanks to the generosity of suppliers offering free items in return for honest and unbiased reviews. I normally turn down these offers now as frankly i am more than somewhat bored with them, but when noontec contacted me offering these headphones on the same basis i knew they would be exceptional as i had previously evaluated that rio s ear phones. From the moment i opened the amazon packaging i knew i was dealing with something a cut above the rest; very smart packaging, a really nice zip fastening hard case and two classy & robust flat 3. 5mm jack tangle resistant cables. Also included are a couple of aaa batteries which, on the surface, may seem a little retro but is in fact far preferable to built-in batteries which only have a limited number of recharge cycles. The batteries power the noise cancelling feature – more of this later. The headphones are incredibly comfortable. The padded ear covers and the padding on the headband are almost lusciously soft and the gentle pressure of the headphones against the ears holds them comfortably in place even when wearing glasses. I have worn then for seven solid hours with none of the slight discomfort i usually experience with even my favourite bluetooth earphones (that always make your ears ache, somehow). Not only are they beautifully styled but the sound quality is an order of magnitude above the other devices i have experienced; a beautiful balance of lovely deep bass, sumptuous mid-tones, crystal clear hiss-free treble with amazing stereo separation.

Sound is very good and comfort is 1st class ,i have 4 sets of noontec headphones and none have given me any issues.

My main criticism is the lack of an led indicator that the noise cancelling is on as i have forgotten several times to switch it off. With regard to sound quality i have a pair of audio-technica ath-m50x’s to compare them to (which i love) and i would say the nootecs are not quite as good to listen to but there’s not much in it. I have been a little bit disappointed with the noise cancelling but i’m not to sure what i should have been expecting here and how they would compare to other brands.

I work as a studio musician, using pro gear on a daily basis, so you might say i know a thing or two about headphones. I’ll try to keep this review simple and short. So, these headphones have deep enough low end, crisp highs and clear mids, which makes for a superior hi-fi experience. I’ve tested them on both apple and android phones, and i’m happy to report that all the tracks i’ve played sound balanced and rich. If you take into account the noise canceling feature, which works better than expected, it makes for a very attractive offer. Considering i’ve never heard of noontec before, i was not expecting too much, but boy, was i in for a surprise. A sturdy, high-quality product and an accomodating seller. Bottomline, i don’t regret getting these headphones, not one bit.

One of the best pairs of headphones i have ever used at an incredible price. The noise cancelling works perfectly and sound quality is up there with the best. Will definitely recommend these impressive headphones to anyone.

 i was given a discount code for this item by the supplier in return for my feedback and to write a review. This review is my honest opinion and have not been influenced in any way by the supplier. I am no audio connoisseur, if i like the sound i like the device. My favourite headphones are my sennheiser mm450-x, which although bluetooth, always use them with a lead. I use them to listen to music at night and when travelling as the noise cancelling is impressive. It will take something special to replace them. These are a nicely presented headphones. The box suggests that inside is a quality set. Upon opening, the folded headphones are held in a protective case together with a audio lead for standard headphones, a lead with microphone in to use with a mobile phone for hands free calling, an adapter to us in an aeroplane and batteries for the noise cancelling part. These are over the ear phones which fold down when not in use.

Have bought them for aeroplane. Have yet to use them on one. So cannot comment properly yet.

  • Wish there was an LED
  • Good
  • Comfy, good sound, deep bass, crisp vocals, fold away when not in use, nice case

Noontec Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphone, Hammo Go Audiophile Sound, Good Sound Quality, Durable, Foldable, Comfortable, Fashion Stereo Headphone for Music (Black with Noise Cancelling)

Product Description, Noontec Hammo Go Over-Ear headphone black- with noise cancelling function  The Noontec Hammo Go is a noise cancelling over-ear headphone and is developed for persons,  who have high demands on the sound quality of their music. Thanks to the exclusive SCCB  technology and Votrik HD500 speaker, Hammo Go performs so professional – every detail of your  music sounds clearer than ever before. Due to the noise cancelling function there is no matter how  noisy the world is, it’s just you and your music.  With the advanced noise cancelling technology, the Hammo GO headphone reduces noise you  don’t want to hear, like the one of a crowded city, cabin noise inside an airplane, or of a busy office. If  the AAA battery runs out, you can still enjoy music without noise cancelling function. HD Sound, SCCB audio technology, Votrik HD500 speakers, and portable design  The Noontec Hammo Go headphone comes with the exclusive SCCB technology and latest  Votrik HD500 50mm speaker. Due to that it is able to perform in high definition and to create a wider  sound field which arranges a better balance between treble, mid-range and bass. Foldable design and comfortable to wear  The Hammo Go has adopted the much-loved foldable design of Hammo, so that it will fit easily into  your luggage. In the scope of delivery there is also a carrying box, which is not only for your  convenience in storing your headphones, but also for the protection of them. Hammo Go is extremely  comfortable to wear. In order to ensure the comfort of the user, the ear muffs are hand-made of  protein cotton, which is why they are so durable, breathable, skin contact friendly, and compatible  with long term wearing. High sensitive cable microphone  In order to easily make phone calls whilst listening to music, Hammo Go has a highly sensitive  microphone on its cable. The microphone is compatible with most smartphones including iPhone,  Samsung, and SONY. Box Contains

  • Hammo Go Headphones
  • 3,5 mm audio cable
  • User manual
  • Box Contains,

    Hammo Go audio cablemanual

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    Firstly this turned out to be a very attractive headphone. The build quality is very good, it is sturdy and has a premium feel. When placed on your head the feel is that of a very comfortable headphone. The audio quality is very good. The base is not all that heavy but is still clearly discernible. At first i was a bit skeptical about the noise cancelling function but when i tried it, it actually worked. All in all this turned out to be a really good buy; fantastic value for money that i would not hesitate to reccommend.

    Very sturdy and solid headphones, comes in a very well built case with a selection of audio cables and a plug which is a plus for me. Noise cancellation has been added ,which is a good feature for me because i enjoy listening to music outdoors and also great for commuting. Definitely an improvement to the previous model that i own. The sound doesn’t disappoint, very clear and sharp sounding and not too heavy on the bass which makes listening for long periods more enjoyable. The headphones are very comfortable. As a owner of a previous model of noontec headphones i’m very pleased to add another one to my collection. I would truly recommend it to all lovers of good sound.

    I bought it as i was going on a 16h flight and fancied listening to something more entertaining than the buzz of jet engines. From the moment i put them on i knew i’d found the right headphone. I found i had to turn down the volume of the plane’s entertainment system to its lowest level and i still couldn’t hear any engine noise. I have no hesitation in recommending these headphones to anyone –but for the price they maybe a little expensive. Also it has a carring case to store the headset.

    These headphones have some of the best quality that i have heard from bluetooth headphones. They are comfortable for on-ear headphones and the updated bluetooth means that they have a very long battery life so you don’t have to charge them for days if you only use them an hour or two a day (like i do). They are well made and look very good partially because they are on-ear and not like the enormous over-ear ones that make your head look like a pin. They fold up and come in a nice case, which i am not really using for the headphones cause it works better as a toiletry case since i’m traveling in asia right now. The buttons on the headphones are functional, but there is a loud voice that tells you when the volume is at the maximum/when it connects, which can be annoying, but in general it connects very quickly and easily. Also, it can connect to multiple devices and can switch between devices depending on which one you actually are using. I am amazed at how quickly the technology for these devices is progressing. So far these seem very durable, and i would recommend to anyone who is looking for a cheap alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on bose or whatever. They seem to charge very quickly as well, but that may be because i haven’t actually used up a full charge yet and just put them in to charge when i first got them. Here are some things that i like about these headphones:1) they are super comfortable.

    Best headphone if you want to listen your favorite music in a noisy place. I also love the fold-able design of thee headphone. You can easily put in their box and carry along with you at any place. These headphone completely satisfied my needs.

    These are great quality cans with the added bonus of noise cancellation. For a long time i had decided on buying some bose qc 25’s but these are comparable in quality and very stylish to boot. Pros:- top notch noise cancellation- clear and balanced sound- comfy to wear.

    Uk/dp/b00q8i0sri/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_3i am very pleased with the product. Additionally the delivery was prompt and the customer services were excellent (ref clair)ian johnston.

    Noontec noise cancelling over ear headphones are one top class set of earphones which i would happily recommend. The earphones are bright and very well designed, i found them very comfortable to wear. What really amazed me was the clarity of the sounds and along with the noise cancelling these are a pure pleasure to use. I love to listen to audio books, music or simply watch programmes via my laptop or tablet, i always had to leave the main living room because of noise etc, now i can listen to my audio without any disturbance as the noise cancelling works fully providing me with the background silence i crave. I always used earbuds in the past mainly for convenience but there was always the background noise or i would have to turn my player up to near enough full power to provide me with adequate audible experience. With the noontec noise cancelling over-ear headphones, i can put my player to a minimum yet miss nothing of my music or audio books. The headphones are also provided with a sturdy glossy case which i have to say it does look very smart and very trendy in today’s fashionable world. The manufacturer has certainly put everything into these very good looking set of over-ear headphones as everything about them can only be described as first-class throughout. The look of them is exceptional and along with the soft padding of the actual headphones makes them very comfortable to wear. If you want a set of headphones which provides a pure and clean audio experience these will fit you perfectly as once you use these and listen to pure perfection, while totally reducing any interruption of background noise these are the ones for you plus with the excellent design which will certainly help you stand out in the crowd.

    • Wish there was an LED
    • Good
    • Comfy, good sound, deep bass, crisp vocals, fold away when not in use, nice case

    Noontec Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphone, Hammo Go Audiophile Sound, Good Sound Quality, Durable, Foldable, Comfortable, Fashion Stereo Headphone for Music (Black with Noise Cancelling)

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    • 1. The integrated battery operated active noise cancelling function makes it perfect for long bus or train rides by basically cutting out all outside noises and just making you feel your music
    • 2. The flat cable design prevents the annoying struggling with cable tangling
    • 3. The integrated microphone and remote button on the cable makes taking calls easier. It can also be used for controlling your phones ¯ music player.
    • 4. he dynamic 50mm speaker containing a high quality neodym magnet grants a new music experience by letting you hear every detail in your songs