Noontec Zoro HD True Sound Professional Headphones : Same quality as beats with a better look and 1/10th of the price

I can’t use the ear phones that go in your ears as the smallest ones still won’t stay in my ears, small holesthese are great, great sound and fell comfy on.

Not much to say except that these headphones sound superb. Wearing these, i’ve heard so many nuances in my classical music collection that i’d never been aware of before. Comfort for me is excellent, with the cups rotating on both axes to fit the ears well. Unlike other reviewers, i don’t have any fears that they will break — the folding connection is reinforced with metal and in general the phones seem well constructed and solid, without being too heavy. The detachable (and therefore replaceable) cable is a really nice touch at this price range, and the cable itself appears solid and unlikely to break any time soon. Note that these headphones are ported so they’re not in any way sound isolating. Ambient noise is still reduced, but you do need a quiet environment to get the most out of these.

These are really great; the sound quality is awesome, and they are much cheaper than some of the other options out there. But they got to a single week after warranty had expired and then broke.

Really pleased with these headphones, very stylish, and the sould is really good from them.

Fast service 👍🏽 cheers.

They are well made and produce a good sound with no external leakage. Adjustment for head size is easy and they remain in place and secure.

Excellent sound and better quality and value for money than beats.

My daughter says they are as good if not better than her beats by dr dre.

  • Great Sound
  • Excellent headphones for the price
  • Great product, sounds superb.

Noontec Zoro HD True Sound Professional Headphones with Inline Mic and Answer/End Button – White

Product Description, Show your style – inspire your ears The Noontec ZORO HD On-Ear headphone will delight you with his amazing sound quality and modern design. Because of the adjustable and hinged head band strenghtened with steel the ZORO HD is a stylish gimmick for every friend of music. Enjoy your favourite music with an extreme clean HD sound and a full bass. Due to the comfortable ear cushions you won´t have an irritation even after hours of wearing. The flat and elastic TPU cable prevents any twisting and with the multifunctional button you can switch from one song to the next, changing the volume or making a call. Inspire your ears! Enjoy your music in a trendy style and in an easy way! The Noontec ZORO HD embodies high definition. An unforgettable, clean high-definition sound equipped with an intensive bass. Perfect sound quality in cooperation with a modern design. Here, the extreme comfortable ear cushions are an absolute highlight. Coated with a piano finish, the head band is adjustable and hinged. Furthermore, the elastic and unique TPU flat cable prevents any twisting. With the multifunctional button you can switch between the tracks, changing the volume or directly making a phone call. What do you want more? The Noontec ZORO HD On-Ear headphone – high definition with fascinating quality feeling! High definition performance The HD headphone of Noontec is equipped with a 40mm driver, exceeding his forerunner in view of sound quality. Besides, he has the latest SCCB HD audio technology of Noontec and because of that, the ZORO HD is able to differentiate a clear midrange. Due to the natural sound, a lot of music styles are a great pleasure to hear. ZORO headphones for music fans With the exclusive technology of Noontec and masterfully skills, the ZORO wireless headphone provides you with a reliable and lossless audio performance – giving you every kind of sound. It combines 40mm high-grade neodymium-magnet speakers, a precisely adjustable low frequency audio tuner, a professional OFC audio cable and tested, comfortable ear cushions. This equipment ensures a powerful bass and dynamic music performance. Professional OFC audio cable – unique cable design The unique flat cable design out of elastical TPE material prevents any twisting. By the use of the integrated cable microphone you can make a phone call without using your hands. Furthermore, because of the 24 carat gold contacts you will have a lossless audio transmission. Clean treble –deep bass Professional audio developments led to an improved treble sound reproduction without sounding weird. Drums, stringed instruments, and pianos – each one of them will sound amazing, especially in combination with the distinctive bass. Enjoy high-definition power of the new generation. Adjustable and hinged head band Pleasant wearing comfort for every head size because of the flexible and adjustable head band. When folded up, the headphones can be carried in the supplied bag. Solid because of the steel To have a durable lifetime of the headphones, the moveable parts are strenghtened with steel. Flexible ear cushion The ear cushions adapt to the ears and improve the low-frequency audio performance. They will be comfortable even after longer hearing. With just 150gram and the ergonomic design, the ZORO HD ensures an incredible wearing comfort. Skin-friendly material The breathable and soft material is perfect for your skin and does not lead to irritations even after lengthy use. These advanced headphones of the global brand Noontec are definitely up-to-date and make our hearts beat faster. A must-have for every music friend, not just because of this incredible price-performance ratio!

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Fantastic quality for really good price.

Very good sound quality, good value.

Brought these for my son for christmas. I was going to get the dr dre ones, but after reading the reviews we choose these. My son said that these are great. No interference and a third the price. Think twice before buying something because of the name.

Highly portable with a rich, warm sound. About to buy a second pair to use at work.

Great sound great looks great valuesound is better ranged than most and for my acoustic style music it’s brilliant – also great with northern soul and motown.

Bought these for my 15 year old son, excellent price and good quality, he has used them everyday. They also fold up easily, which makes them great for travelling.

Love them, stylish comfortable and great sound highly recommend.

Bought these after comparing my husband’s versus my son’s beats by dr dre. The sound is clearer and more pure than anything i’ve heard through headphones before and much better than the beats which were very fuzzy by comparison. It copes extremely well with all different types of music, i played joe satriani i believe to see what the guitar was like and i was blown away by how perfect the instruments sounded. The quality of build standard is great, and when in use there was no noise escape, unlike the beats which were audible from a distance. A good range of colours to choose from and the inline mic is very useful for hands free, again very clear when on the mobile phone. A great buy, can’t quite believe only £37, less than a third of the beats and a much superior product.

  • Great Sound
  • Excellent headphones for the price
  • Great product, sounds superb.

Noontec Zoro HD True Sound Professional Headphones with Inline Mic and Answer/End Button – White

It’s professional quality, the sound is great on it. I use it for listening to music and for headphones for my ps4 sometimes (which is great, as it has a microphone in it to talk in group chats). After reading reviews on beats headphones, i noticed that a few people recommended these, both for better sound quality, and for price. Cheaper, and better sound quality. The only downside to them, is they can become uncomfortable to wear after a couple of hours non-stop usage. A quick break from them to give your ears a break usually helps. They are comfortable, but not for a very long period of time; as i say, after 2 hours, you’d probably want a quick break from them.

Fantastic product and brilliant sound quality.

These headphones were bought in response to all the previous reviews on amazon and i am very impressed by the sound quality. I had previously bought a pair of bang & olufsen headphones and find them very ‘style over content’. Ultimately the whole point of headphones for me was the sound which you are taking a risk with by not trying them out first. I couldn’t care less that they are a copy of the ‘beats’. With a wide ranging clear sound i wholeheartedly recommend these good value headphones.

Bought for christmas after reading on the ‘beats’ reviews that these where better. Absolutely fantastic headphones and he tells everyone that he will never buy an other brand again. Clarity of sound is exceptional. Would highly recommend and a fraction of the cost of ‘beats’.

Bought these headphones a few months back and i am very satisfied with them. They produce a sound that far exceeds their price tag. After a number of months of use and wear they still look and feel like new. . And i’ve often folded them up and packed them into my rucksack. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Returned as they didn’t stay connected.

Crisp voice and very light in weight. Material looks good quality too and doesn’t get warm or tight on the ears.

Bought as a present for my 60+ dad who wanted to enjoy films etc on his tablet without annoying my mum. Chose these after reading the reviews. But i did tell him they were 200 quid, they certainly look it.

Though the bass could be a little stronger, at the price it is, these are incredible. Same quality as beats with a better look and 1/10th of the price.

I use them with my yamaha csp digital clavinova. Sometimes i have to take them off to check they are plugged in because the sound is so realistic and rich that doesn’t seem like i have headphones on. I’m very impressed at the price.

Work brrilliant had mine for two years now had no problems so far i deffinetly reccomend these.

I have an old pair of sony cd550 which always sounded good and these are just as good to my ear. I have similarly priced sennheiser and sony headphones and these are much better. Compared to the cd550 the reproduction just varies a bit, the cd550s are slightly more detailed mid-range whereas the noontec are more detailed at higher and lower frequencies – both sound good. The clarity is good and they have decent pronounced base.

Good quality and sound great.

Looks great, sounds great, who needs beats when you have these headphones.

Tested in a big store vs the 200-250 pounds ones and sound quality was exactly the same. It’s a a bit less loud but definitely loud enough.

They look cool and are reasonably well priced. They are quite compact which i have liked. Finish was very good as well. Then they can work as wireless using bluetooth or if you run out of juice you can connect them via a cable. As for their size frequency range was satisfying. The only thing i didn’t like was lack of padding. They kept on sliding off from my head whenever i was looking down. At the end i have flogged them on ebay.

My 15 year old son loves them.

These were recommended from the amazon website and do everything brilliantly. Fast delivery, excellent build quality and sound superb,don’t waste your money on the dr dre beats these are far superior.

Features and Spesification

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  • The wide frequency range combines with a clear frequency response leads to a clean sound (13 ~ 26000Hz)
  • The flat cable design prevents from twisting. The integrated microfon and the multifunctional button facilitate phoning. Furthermore, the multifunctional button on the cable can be used for managing the music – to stop it, to proceed it or to go to the next title as well as to the preceding title
  • The dynamic driver with a 40mm high-grade neodymium-magnet speaker reproduces every detail of the music
  • The head band is adjustable and provides a good wearing comfort for every head size. The ear cushions lie softly on your ears and will be comfortable even after wearing them for hours
  • Scope of delivery: Noontec ZORO HD On-Ear headphones, cable, user manual