Noontec Zoro Professional Headphones – : – The result – the Dr Dre ones are better but only marginally

Though i don’t love the fact that these look like cheap beats clones, i do like the styling of these headphones. The sound is also great, considering the size and price, but they’re not as clean as other large headphones. Definitely a great buy if you like bassy sound. Would recommend this product, though there is a new version called the ‘zoro hd’ coming out, so i would probably hold out for those.

Superb set of headphones still going well today.

Happy with these headphones – first set stopped working after 18 months so have purchased another pair.

I originally bought these to use for the gym and i also listened to some beats years ago at school. My verdict however was i wasn’t too impressed with beats but noontec are really impressive and much better sound but still keeping that bass. They also look cooler in my personal opinion and very practical with it’s fold away style and little bag and the cable is really good for plugging my irig into my bluetooth water jet speakers. If your looking some some budget beats look-a-likes, look no further.

Great headphones, great price, great sound. Don’t waste your money on beats i’ve tried them, these are far better & alot less expensive. Alot of my friends and family have listened to these headphones are amazed at the sound quality. Product is well built, comfortable, sturdy & look great with the high gloss finish. Definitely recommend you purchase a pair of these headphones you won’t be disappointed.

I was about to buy the beats solo when i saw someone say in the feedback section ‘nothing on the noontec’. So i did some research and decided to buy these. Sound quality is perfect and it’s a lot cheaper than paying £130 for beats. Definitely recommend you buy the noontec zoro’s instead of beats.

Wow what great headphone and they aren’t expensive great soundcommunication from seller arrive bang on time very very happy.

Fantastic value for money, very good sound quality 😊.

  • Amazing Headphones
  • Constant, trusted companion!
  • Good, Balanced Listen

Noontec Zoro Professional Headphones – White

Product Description, A clean sound you can´t imagine The Noontec ZORO Professional headphone is on one level with the most expensive high performance headphones on the market. The attractive as well as high-grade design illustrates the first class sound of them. He is equipped with soft ear cushions, adapting to every kind of ear. With just 150g the headphones provide you with an excellent wearing comfort, even after hours of hearing. Furthermore, scratches could be avoided because of the piano-finish. Due to a good cooperation of first class sound and full bass without distortions you can enjoy a dynamic music reproduction with the highest sound experience. In the headphone test we have seen a frequency range between 11 and 22,000Hz, an impedance of 16Ohm and a maximum power of 60mW. Audio cable covered with TPE-plastic Coated with a TPE-plastic, the audio cable prevents from twisting and because of the 24K-gold plated jack plug of 3,5mm size it operates on the highest technical level. But here it does not stop: the headphones are equipped with a masterful, 40mm small high-grade neodymium-magnet speaker, which reproduces every detail of the music. The plug with its 24K-gold plating makes reliable connections and audio transmissions possible. ZORO headphones for music lovers With the exclusive technology of Noontec and masterfully skills, the ZORO wireless headphone provides you with a reliable and lossless audio performance – giving you every kind of sound. It combines 40mm high-grade neodymium-magnet speakers, a precisely adjustable low frequency audio tuner, a professional OFC audio cable and tested, comfortable ear cushions. This equipment ensures a powerful bass and dynamic music performance. Practical design When folded up, the headphones can be carried easily in the supplied bag. Adjustable and hinged head band A lovely wearing comfort for every head size due to the flexible and adjustable head band. Piano-finish The surface out of a piano-finish let the colour of the headphone shine and, moreover, is robust and consistent in his colour. Solid because of the steel To have a durable lifetime of the headphones, the moveable parts are strenghtened with steel. Flexible ear cushions The ear cushions adapt to the ears and so improve the low-frequency audio performance. They are even comfortable after hours of hearing. Skin-friendly material The breathable and soft material is perfect for your skin and does not lead to irritations even after lengthy use. These advanced headphones of the global brand Noontec are definitely up-to-date and make our hearts beat faster. A must-have for every music friend, not just because of this incredible price-performance ratio!

Box Contains, headphonesbagheadphone cable

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These headphones resemble dre’s very much so, but the sound is way more balanced and in my opinion, more accurate. The bass integrates well with the mids with perhaps a slight roll off up in the highs. Not such a bad thing since that allows louder listening without screech and the zoro then really snaps into focus well. Comfortable to wear for longer periods and very good looking too. Durability seems fine and sensitivity is amazingly good. You can use the zoro with an ipod set at very low volume and still get a satisfactory, balanced sound. No need for amping whatsoever. At this price level, i feel that the zoro is amongst the best, giving you a headphone that looks stylish without the fat, booming bass of many other similar headphones at a very competitive price.

Ex product , arrived very quickly , ex sound and look really coooooool , look just like a brand that costs 3 times as much andsounds the same or better.

For the price they are pretty good, but i’d only recommend to those on the move. If wanting headphones just for home you can get denons or similar for less money, better quality, but they’re normally twice the size & too big to carry or walk around with.

After doing a lot of research and reading many reviews, i decided to but the noontec zoros. I cannot believe that dr dre beats headphones are so popular when they cost so much more than these and sound poor in comparison. I also cannot believe that noontec aren’t chasing dr dre for design infringment. In any case, these sound terrific now and to be honest, they’re still improving. I did read other reviewers saying that these headphones need to be run in and i thought. But they really do improve over time. Due to high demand i imagine. And the packaging was excellent.

Sound is great for the price. Bass is great – not exaggerated like in other phones – still very solid without dominating everything else. Very light as well and they fold so easy to carry safely in your bag.

Is nice and lovely the way it sounds very clear is better then the way i was thinking.

I have bought two of these headphones. One pair a couple of years ago, that my daughter keeps stealing from me. So i decided to let her keep them and buy myself a new pair. Great sound and excellent build quality worthy of a far more expensive pair. I’ve tried out some more expensive headphones and they don’t come even close to these.

These are my 2nd pair and are such superb sound quality & comfort for the price. No need to spend lots on beats.

  • Amazing Headphones
  • Constant, trusted companion!
  • Good, Balanced Listen

Noontec Zoro Professional Headphones – White

Good quality build and good quality of sound. However, if you are going to wear headphones for an extended period of time look elsewhere. They are great for 15/20 min. But any longer and your ears will really start getting sore to the extent you would rather be in silence.

I was looking for a set of headphones , i looked at beats but was put off by the high price. Then i found the noon tec zoro head phones, read the reviews and took the plunge and ordered them. I can say they are really good head phones and the build and sound is better than i expected for the price i paid. They have a similar look to the beats, but a lot cheaper. I would recommend you by these.

Liked these a lot, bought as a present on the reviews and not disappointed, the audio is well balanced with the base punchy and the high’s snappy, probably a bit too on the sharp side for me but it’s all personal preference, the build and styling is great, minimal outside bleeding despite being ‘on ear’, the detachable cable is useful since the one it comes with has failed, this means buying a new one is cheaper than replacing the whole phones obviously, would thoroughly recommend to anyone on the fence, these will trump anything sat in your local high-street electrical store for half the price, i’m afraid beats are just the product of good marketing and brand placement not quality audio reproduction, no contest.

Absolutely brilliant music quality for the money. They’re so much cheaper than alternative brands and yet i’m impressed with how well these headphones perform. I seriously recommend going for this option if you’re a money saver yet also still picky with music quality and comfort like myself as these are great. Only slight downside is they’re obviously not very sound cancelling but i’m not too worried about that as i mostly use them whilst studying or on public transport. I’m very happy overall with these headphones.

I buy the white ones and looks pretty nice , it’s so muuch confortable it fits very good. The sound is very good, and you don’t hear the other people talking wich is awesome too. I recommend this headphones to everyone, to all types of music , hip hop , reggae , rock ,etc. Principally to who don’t want to spend too much money on a pair of headphones. And very fast delivery , 3 days to portugal , so in uk it’s like 1 day or less. Thank you noontec and amazon.

Great looking headphones and great soundthese headphones have the best sound of any headphones i’ve used, music seems to be more alive when listened to with the noontec zoros. I’d certainly recommend these to anyone who is looking to buy new headphones.

Great price and the build quality is spot on. I’ve tried beats before and to be honest the sound is no different than on these. I run a lot and i’ve heard that these fall of your head because of the headband having no rubber or grips on it, but i can confirm that this statement is not true. They never fell down once, just make sure the headband is fairly secure before running and you will be fine. The sound quality is very good, a generous amount of bass is provided on all types of music and they neutralise the outdoor sounds such as heavy winds very well. They look very smart and expensive if you like, and the folding feature is very secure and doesn’t feel tacky at all. The bag is a great addition to carry these headphones, and its made from a nice suede type of material which is smart. My only concern is the headphone cable, this feels pretty thin and it could break if it got caught in something or stretched, but you could always get a braided cable or even a monster one if needed. All in all, i highly recommend this set of headphones for both the casual and outdoor person – you will definitely not be disappointed with the quality and price of the headphones.

So, i got these headphones after getting a bit sick of my cheap skullcandy ones which had started to tear abit on the ear-leather parts (don’t know what they are called) and they were just getting quiet, so watched some videos and people were saying these were great quality and worth the cheap price. I have never had headphones as good as these before. They don’t destroy songs through bass which some mainstream headphones do *cough*beats*cough*, instead they have very crisp sound quality so you can just enjoy the music as they are. This may or may not be a big issue for you, as you may want some bass, but personally i think they are great. Another good point is that they just feel amazing to wear. The ear parts have some nice material and they rotate a tiny bit so it makes it more comfortable to wear, but also you can raise and lower the headphones to your necessary size, showing numbers on the side so you have an idea of what to keep them set as. One issue with the headphones is the cable, but don’t worry; you can replace the cable with one which has play controls and a mic and they will work, so easy gripe to get over if you can afford a replacement cable (typically 3. 5mm jack as found on similar headphones, such as beats). Another would be it sometimes can start to feel uncomfortable to wear on the ears after long periods of time, like partial ear sweat and stuff.

Size, colour, feeling, materials, sound, price. If there’s a picture for ‘value for money’ it’s this one. In the end you get a very high quality product for a realy afourdable amout of money.

Great price and excellent sounding headphones. Love them and would say go out and buy them for the cheap pricewell done noontecgreat priced quality headphones.

These headphones are amazingextremely comfortable. Took a few weeks to get used to them but now i don’t even notice there on. The one side cable is a good idea, although it has come unplugged a few times while listening. The best feature about these headphones are the anti knot cable. Another reason why i love these headphones are that they are foldable and there extreme durability. It feels like you can drop these from a height and these won’t break. Overall, if you are thinking about getting these headphones, just get them and never look back.

Long-lasting quality and surprisingly good sound (for not the most challenging of ears).

These have lasted me ages and are brilliant.

So i’m not an expert with headphones, but from my limited exposure. Properly impressed – even on free delivery they arrived within 2 days. Sound quality far out-strips anything i’ve found in this price range on a variety of music genres. A clear replacement for my previous trend of going with skull-candy, and better sound than a pair of sony’s i got as a pressie that cost over triple the price of these.

Good quality build & great sound. Very comfortable to wear & fold away conveniently. Would gladly recommend & good value for the money.

I wanted something light weight and easily transportable with good sound quality. Having read the reviews these seemed to be best for my purpose. Comfortable to wear and a read that does not get tangled.

Great sounding headphones with amazing clarity and a good amount of bass, especially for bassheads like me. Have had them for a couple of months now and the soundstage has really expanded to reveal something that is probably found in headphones triple the price. The zoro’s also have very good noise cancelling and retain their clarity even at a lower volume; i’ve used them in the gym and in libraries successfully with very minimal leakage, while still being able to hear and enjoy my music, unlike with my previous sony mdr-v55s. They also fold and can be stored in a black pouch provided by the manufacturer. I got them for £47 so £35 is definitely a steal. Wholeheartedly recommend as i can’t fault it (with the exception of beats by dre comparisons when these are much much better).

So cheap 🙂 amazing sound qualityi know some can be very picky with the feedback, but why should i give anything less than 5 star for this product or supplier?. Amazon and market sellers are normally very good. Good delivery, excellent product, value for money, product is as described, so no complaints, so 5 star, well done.

Features and Spesification

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  • The wide frequency range combines with a clear frequency response leads to a clean sound (13 ~ 26000Hz)
  • With the impedance of 16ohm and a sensibility of 1kHz/1mW with 108dB the headphones are perfect for the mobile music entertainment
  • The dynamic driver with a 40mm big and high-grade neodymium-magnet speaker reproduces every detail of the music
  • The head band is adjustable and provides a good wearing comfort for every head size. The ear cushions lie softly on your ears and will be comfortable even after wearing them for hours
  • Scope of delivery: Noontec ZORO Professional On-Ear headphones, cable, user manual