Noontec Zoro Wireless On Ear Headphone – : Awesome purchase made!

I ordered these headphones due to a test report and i am really satisfied. At the beginning i was very critical, particularly view to the beats-headphones, but since i tried the noontec headphones i am very enthused. The tone – during the hearing of different kind of music – is very good, the product is very light and the wearing comfort is extremely high, last but not least the very favourable price.

The design of the headphones is perfect and the tone is much better as the tested bose headphones. The current time of the battery is approx. They are the best headphones i ever bought. I can recommend this product for 100 % – assumed you want a perfect performance for a good price and if you do not need a brand name.

The sound production is second to none.

I got these headphones for myself as a little treat and they are absolutely amazing. I charged them fully on 26/12/14 and use them on average between 1-3 hours a day. I have not charged them since that day and it is now 13/01/15. Nice design and very comfortable to wear, you can tell the quality when you feel them and when you can hear every sound when listening to music. I’ll be honest, i’d never heard of noontec before and considered getting some beats but i’m so glad i got these.

Excellent xmas gift for my 16 year old daughter. Now have to shout loudly all over the house rather than just in one spot.

Met the sound quality expectations, good construction and resources. Good package of accessories. Not much heat transfer to ears.

Really nice headphones the sound is very good and the bluetooth is very easy to use i bought these on the basis of other reviews and have not been disappointed.

Great sound quality and blocks out back ground noise very well also don’t get odd looks from people as doesn’t leak sound out.

  • On of the best headphone & it’s wireless as well!
  • Very good product, with very bad details
  • Fantastic.

Noontec Zoro Wireless On Ear Headphone – Silver

Product Description, The perfect combination of sound quality and modern design – fashion in street! The Noontec ZORO wireless On-Ear headphone is the perfect combination of sound quality and unique design. The headphone is wireless – so the latest Bluetooth technology now also operates in the area of stereo headsets. Tests examined them and marked the headphones with various superlatives. In the field of acoustic you can enjoy an incomprehensible sound. The latest SCCB HD acoustic technique and tweeter provide an incredibly perfect sound. The audio signal of the headphone also has the same breathtaking quality when using it with the wireless function. Besides, the Noontec ZORO wireless On-Ear headphone is absolutely stylish. Furthermore, the revolutional, extravagant, and attractive appearance of the headphones is not just good looking – but also durable because of his piano high-gloss finish and prevents fading of the colour. An all-around diverse stereo headphone with wireless-headset stiring up the global market. ZORO headphones for music fans With the exclusive technology of Noontec and masterfully skills, the ZORO wireless headphone provides you with a reliable and lossless audio performance – giving you every kind of sound. It combines 40mm high-grade neodymium-magnet speakers, a precisely adjustable low frequency audio tuner, a professional OFC audio cable and tested, comfortable ear cushions. This equipment ensures a powerful bass and dynamic music performance. Functions inside as well as outside The headphone works with the cable as well as without. If you use it with the cable, the sound will be even better and in HD quality. Besides, the battery is more long-lasting then. Unique cable design The unique flat clable design made of highly elastic TPE material prevents from twisting. Adjustable and hinged head band A lovely wearing comfort for every head size due to the flexible and adjustable head band. Because of the hinged design of the headphones and the included bag, the ZORO wireless is easy to transport. Solid because of the steel To have a durable lifetime of the headphones, the moveable parts are strenghtened with steel. Flexible ear cushions The ear cushions adapt perfectly to the ears, improving so the low-frequency audio performance. Furthermore, they are even comfortable after hours of hearing. Skin-friendly material The breathable and soft material is perfect for your skin and does not lead to irritations even after lengthy use. Latest technologies The ZORO wireless headphone includes high quality microphones for a clean voice while phoning. The new wireless technique NFC is able to exchange data and commands between two NFC devices. One touch is enough to connect the two devices and no further settings are needed. The ZORO wireless is equipped with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology with hardly any loss of audio signal. These advanced headphones of the global brand Noontec are definitely up-to-date and make our hearts beat faster. A must-have for every music friend, not just because of this incredible price-performance ratio!

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A christmas gift – very well received.

Can go about doing things without worrying about the lead and sound quality is very good.

My honest opinion after a month of use. Maybe they are not super detailed, but is a “gimmicky” sound with good bass response and mid-high to be enjoyed. With poweramp (best player for andorid) sometimes i demand serious and responds very well without distorting. I had another bluetooth gadget but could not stand more than six hours of continuous use. These headphones will guarantee performance of a couple of days “full” without needing an outlet. That gives you peace of mind per its high autonomy. – bring microphone and you can take phone calls. The sound of incoming calls is unbeatable. – it can be used wirelessly or wired. You can connect it to your pc / computer with a quality flat cable is included. – the construction is sturdy, does not seem cheap plastic. It comes enameled and i think in two years will still look new. – the folding system at the beginning gives a bit of scary, but also good and robust.

Really fantastic set of headphones at an amazing price, highly recommended at an amazing value for money price. You won’t be disappointed, i’ve had them for a year now & the build quality is on a par with its overpriced competitor, i even bought a second pair for my wife. The quality of the sound has to be heard to be believed, well done noontec.

I never write reviews because i believe one man’s meat is another man’s poison and from experience, i have read and bought things off good reviews that didn’t work for me and vice versa but i just had to write this because it was very very controversial in my household. I used my brother’s solo hd beats and i loved it so i wanted to buy one and i’v got a baby so wires are a no no for me hence i wanted the beats wireless but the price tag was a killer. I read good reviews about this zoro and was going to buy it cuz its cheaper but my mind just kept telling if its not beats, it can never be like beats. Anything that is a copy of something would always be just that – a copy and i was so right. My husband bought this and i just followed my heart and bought the beats wireless it arrived on same day and the comparison began. I must say when it comes to quality it is incomparable. The noontec very obviously looks like a cheap headphone and its smaller than beats, the beats is sturdier and of very high quality so based on that alone im pleased that i chose the beats. Well so we charged it up,paired and testing began. People say beats has too much bass well i dont think so because that’s what makes it ‘beats’ and comparing the sound there’s a big difference.

Optically it seems to be a headphone from dr. The treatment of the product is very good; the design is very stylish and modern. The tone is neutral and balanced. It is possible to hear all kinds of music without any kind of limitations. The technical features and the wireless hearing of the music are faultless. It is a perfect alternative for a favourable price.

Nothing but praise for these headphones, stylish, comfortable to wear and great sound to boot, if your an avid music listener and lover like me then these are for you, well worth the money. Fors: everythingagainst: nothing.

The noontec headphones are great good sound very happy with the head set.

  • On of the best headphone & it’s wireless as well!
  • Very good product, with very bad details
  • Fantastic.

Noontec Zoro Wireless On Ear Headphone – Silver

I have to say that this is one of the best headphones on the market. The sound is excellent and the price is by far the best out there. I had the previously version, the noontec zoro hd and i had them for 2 years and they sound the same. (a+)i was looking to buy the other brands, but since i saw the noontec wireless version i was hooked. Now with the wireless connectivity that its perfect for the gym and outdoor adventures, i recommend them for anybodythey fit perfect and also they have a microphone incorporated so that you can still manage your calls from your iphone or smartphone. They also do a pretty good job on absorve the outside noise. I have 2 pairs of them now and if your thinking on buying some of the brands that are far more expensive, i recommend it giving a try on these, before you spend your money. I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied. Price/quality = best out there.

These headphone are great, and for the price you are getting a lot of value out of it, i have compared the sound quality with other headphones which sit at the higher end of the market such as beats and sennheiser, and the quality of these headphones are just as good as them – deep bass and great sound clarity. I use these at the gym and the battery will last me for about 1. 5 to 2 weeks which is plentiful. Pairing this with your bluetooth enabled phone is very quick and easy. The buttons on the headphones work like a dream. I use an app called radiotunes on my android phone which has a whole load of radio stations – i use this app at the gym and these headphones let you skip through radio stations just by pressing the skip/next track button on the headphones itself. – such a convenient feature if you listen to your music using mobile phone music apps. Very good battery, nice sleeky looking design, low price, great bass and clarity, very light in weight. What more could you want?one small drawback i should mention is that there is quite a bit of sound leak when listening at a high volume.

After owning for 6 months, i can say these are brilliant. I like good sounding headphones- have a very good pair of akg’s and have tried the more gimmicky beats. These are obviously a beats rip-off but do one unusual thing- they genuinely sound at least on a par and probably a little better (more balanced) than beats. They are well constructed, and a regularly sweat on mine, wearing when running and on my turbo trainer (watching netflix on ipad) and have no issues. Really for the circa 50 price these sometimes go for, an absolute bargain- do not hesitate.

Good range of bass, mids and trables. Finish is nice but they would stay on my head sliding down every time i tip my head.

Great sound quality, best buy as of yet. No bad points to mention about the headphones.

Features and Spesification

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  • The wide frequency range combines with a clear frequency response leads to a clean sound (13 ~ 26000Hz
  • With the impedance of 16ohm and a sensibility of 1kHz/1mW with 108dB the headphones are perfect for the mobile music entertainment
  • The head band is adjustable and provides a good wearing comfort for every head size. The ear cushions lie softly on your ears and will be comfortable even after wearing them for hours
  • The rechargeable battery with 800mAh leads to a possible playing time of 20 hours and a standby time of 1000 hours. Due to the newest Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless technology you can even play music and phone at a distance of 20 to 50 metres
  • Scope of delivery: Noontec ZORO wireless On-Ear headphones, cable, user manual