nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones : Very pleased indeed

I have a lot of headphones, but these are the ones that make me smile. The combination of in-ear (for sound) and over-ear (for haptic), along with the app which tailors sound to your hearing, makes for a very unique experience. The introduction of noise-cancelling with the firmware update makes them even better. These headphones are a lot of fun.

I had my eyes on them for a while and finally made the jump when on offerand i’d say just wowsound is amazing, i love the immersion mode (make you feel you’re in live, depending on the music you listen it’s wow. I love my “boom boom “ so yeah it’s pretty cool) and social mode (noise cancelling, love to be i my bubble when i listen to my music). About the weight, i got used to it quickly but definitely heavier them my beats, and the over ear and earbuds system well it doesn’t bother too much. My bad, got a piercing which made it a bit uncomfortable after a while but not much. The only thing that i would say is a negative point are the 2 control buttons. Your setting is reduced you can only choose 4 actions (1 tap left, 2 left and same for right side) so you need to choose between playing/pausing, the immersion mode, the social mode, volume up, volume down, and 2 others to go to next or previous music. + they’re super ultra sensitive so that each time i adjust my nura something happen. I love my music but not an expert. But i am not disappointed with my nura and will recommend them .

Have a couple of pairs of good headphones already so didn’t get the awe shock as portrayed in the promos but, saying that, they are good, very good in fact. Love the fit, the inner plugs put the sound right in your ears with the bass coming from around. Very rich, powerful and open sound tailored to your ears.

After few setups, you will find the perfect one, the sound is simply incredible, deep rich bass as you have never experienced, clear mid and highs. The app works beautifully and the touch controls are fantastic. The noise cancelling cuts a lot more noise than the bose series, simply amazing, just buy them.

Everybody has a few memorable tech purchases – this is one of mine. After reading all the reviews i thought i just needed to try and hear for myself and return it if i didn’t like it. It sounds better than anything i’ve tried before, main difference being how immersed i feel. With many other headphones i’m always still aware i’m listening to one speaker clamped on either of my ears, but with nuraphone my head is just drooowned in sound. The bluetooth connection is flawless, auto on/off too, battery lasts extremely long. It took a little discomfort and getting used to in the beginning (when wearing for a long time), but i’m used to in ears anyway so it’s fine now.

I brought my nuraphones on here a few days ago. Now i am disabled ie heart/kidney failure , +spinal pain for over 40 years so music is one of the few pleasures left to me. Have a few headphones ie grado, bose, sony,audio technica, plus others. All very good but however much i looked there was always something missing. No longer as once i set up the nura’s everything just opened up around me. It’s hard to explain but suddenly my search was over, i had several h/phones because each gave me something different ie the grados one sound, the sony-mdr1as something else etc but the nuraphones just seem to have everything in one box as it were. Really really pleased with my purchase, i have never spent this much money on a set of headphones but as far as i am concerned they are worth every penny. Only hope to god that my wife doesn’t find out what i paid . ( at least i wouldn’t have to worry about my heart any more haha ).

. Headphones are mostly my listening method these days although i have a decent audiophile system too. I was a bit concerned that i might have made an error buying wireless cans, as my usual ones are oppo planar ones through a head amp. Listening via 2 hd bluetooth transmitters, i couldn’t be more wrong. Once set up ,and this can be a little tricky til you get to grips with fit, these things sound better than my oppos. Shock to system quite frankly. My hearing isnt perfect, but for my advanced age its pretty decent, but these things have compensated for any issues ive got to produce an incredibly clear, full soundstage. I would advise to get an hd transmitter(i have 2 from anantree) as they get the best out of the headphones. I also have 2 avantree oasis that are not hd and sound is still super as it is from my iphone. Comfort is another potential issue but as there is 3 sizes of tip, and the headband adjusts well, you should get used to it quite soon. Ive managed 3 hrs before it became an issue and thats more than i get with the oppos tbh.

Nothing can beat them in terms of noise cancelling and overall sound quality. The more i use them the more i find myself dancing on the street as i really enjoy listening to the music. Yes, indeed, they are an expensive set of a device. But it is the first time in my life that a piece of technology truly makes me happy. I am so looking forward to going to my next hike or walk because my nuraphines will provide an unforgettable experience and they will exclude the outer world. Just me and the songs that keep me going.

  • I wanted to hate the Nuraphone, but I love them
  • The BEST
  • Great sound quality, not very practical

nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Earbuds, Creates Personalized Sound, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Social Mode, Multi-tap Buttons, 20 Hour Battery Life

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They’re easily the most uncomfortable pair of headphones i got (and i got quite a few). But when i switch to any other pair these days, i double check whether the cable is broken – they all sound somewhat poor by comparison. Especially bass, it’s just something else – you need to try it yourself. Not the best noise cancellation, but good enough for average noisy office / underground in london. I also use them for mixing – they’re very revealing, despite not being designed for that.

I deliberated for ages between this and the bose quite comforts and now i have regrets. These have great sound quality but at the cost of worse sound cancelling and having your ear probed. When you walk in these you can hear your steps and sleeping in uncomfortable.

These headphones are 5 stars for me. I’m addicted to music and sound im always looking for the next big thing and i believe i have found the best headphones i have ever had. Compared to other headphones that i have had in the past these are in a whole league of their own nothing can compare to the shear power, clarity, immersive sound of these headphones and would definitely recommend these to anyone that loves sound. With their own way of telling what sound that you prefer to listen to and also true noise cancellation as well as having a social mode in the new update so if you are with a group of friends you can listen to your music and still talk to your friends. These headphones have now become a way of life and are by far the best headphones i have ever owned and i do not regret it and i never will.

. My headphones search end but now i have to listen to all songs all over again. Update: doesn’t connect to my apple tv automatically and when two devices connected make flickering noise so only one device at the time.

I’m a music lover and producer, as well as a bit of a sucker for a good pair of headphones. After seeing constant facebook adverts for these supposedly mind blowing headphones, i decided to pick up a pair to test them for myself. I was fully convinced that it was all going to be a sham, and that i’d take advantage of amazon’s easy returns process. As it stands, and despite myself, i love them. There’s not enough space here to give a full review of all the features, so i’ll stick to the most important things. I reviewed them after the g2 update which added active noise cancellation etc. At first i was irritated that some of the changes (like adjusting immersion mode’s amount) could only be done via the app, but i soon realised that i barely touched the settings once the initial process was done. Comfort: i was concerned that the headphones would be uncomfortable or too heavy after reading reviews. The silicone is very soft, and my ears didn’t get hot, even after hours of use. The one issue i did experience was achey ears for the first while as they adjusted to the ear tips. However, if you purchase from amazon they include smaller tips, which help a lot. Noise cancellation: the passive noise cancellation is already pretty good on the nuraphone, but the active noise cancellation is even better. They work just as good as, if not a fair bit better than my sennheiser hd 4.

I never imagined myself buying over ear phones, i have always had in-ear phones, and my core purchase last year where some fantastic sony wf1000x the had some great reviews and i was very happy. But then something caught my eye something that was both, as an avid tech watcher on youtube unbox therapy did a nuraphone unboxing. I had to have some, there was a little bit of guilt purchasing a $400 pair of phones but the risk was worth taking. So apologies for the epiphany but its so you know where im coming from now a breakdown. One of the great features of these phones is their look, the box has you intrigued from the off and upon opening your presented with a very solid carry case, it feels well made and good quality wipe clean soft touch material and that clasp, when opened you see the phones, but inner felt is clean and adds to the premium feel and the magnetic cable holder is just the icing on the cake. If you didn’t know already you know why these are $400 and its because they mean business and you haven’t even listened to them yet. Connectivitypairing is straight forward and as you’d expect a very slick affair. Pick up the phones and put them on your head they talk to you and guide you through the process on the app. Saying that, once your setup, your introduced to your first experience of the sound visually as you hear it. From then on in your greeted with the profile name (my name in my case) every time i put them on take them off within no time at all they turn off conserving that power. Charging is indicted by light beep and the percentage is said to you every time you put them on. Soft cups supported by a rigid outer shell that again adds to that premium feel these aren’t some plastic moulded affair. They twist, flex and bend which ever way and aren’t going to lose shape very quickly sorry.

These are the most amazing things i have ever brought truly breathtaking. #soundrevolution #bosewhati sent my new bose headphones back and took the leap of faith with nura after reading about some very intriguing reviews. The leap of faith has blown my mind. These are a portable sound revolution truly.A revolutionary redesign of on the go musicwell done dear friends at nura.

Let me preface this review by saying i believed the hype that surrounded these headphones. The whole seeing music in colour and experiencing something unique. For that very reason, i wanted to like these headphones so much. The problem with them is that they have too many flaws to justify the price. Read on for my reviewdesign :firstly, design of the headphones is, on one end very unique, and on the other very bland. Starting from the bland, we have a non-collapsible metal headband with touch sensitive buttons on each side of the headphone. The interesting part about these headphones is the in ear and over ear design. These are so uncomfortable and make listening to music for long periods of time very hard and painful. For the price, you shouldn’t be paying this.

  • I wanted to hate the Nuraphone, but I love them
  • The BEST
  • Great sound quality, not very practical

nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Earbuds, Creates Personalized Sound, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Social Mode, Multi-tap Buttons, 20 Hour Battery Life

First things first, these sound amazing and have by far the best noise cancelling i’ve tried. In addition, the design of in-ear earbuds plus the over-ear cups means i can really crank up the volume without worrying about sound leaks. I upgraded to these after using a pair of bose quiet comfort 25 for around 3 years and honestly, i don’t think what the nuraphones offer is enough to justify such a pricey upgrade. Undoubtedly they sound amazing, but only marginally more so the qc25s to my ear. The personalised profiles are cool, but the ‘neutral’ sound is so awful that honestly, it makes me think the personalised listening profile is more of a marketing gimmick. I find that they can get quite uncomfortable after extended use — i’ve worn them around 6+ hours today and can feel discomfort in my right ear (only the right) and on my head around where the ear cups sit. I know i have a big head but they only just fit me at full extension, and i’m only 5′ 11″. If i’m wearing a hat they start to feel too small. The touch controls are cool but i found them to be too sensitive and i regularly accidentally press them and end up pausing the music or increasing the volume.

I have owned these nc headphones – sony xm2, akg n60nc, nuratried – bose qc 35my view on features from best to worstsound quality – nura, akg n60nc, sony xm2, bose qc 35anc – bose qc 35, sony xm2, akg n60nc, nurapassive noise isolation – nura, sony xm2, bose qc 35, akg n60nccomfort – bose qc 35, sony xm2, nura, akg n60ncbattery life – sony xm2, bose qc 35, nura, akg n60ncuseful features/controls – sony xm2, nura, bose qc 35, akg n60ncif sound quality is your concern nura is the best in terms of clarity, detail and can adjust bass if you prefer. Basically you will enjoy the music unlike in case of bose(sounds artificial to me). With active and passive noise isolation nura is almost as good as any anc and sound leak is also minimum. The worst part of nura is comfort, it is not bad but definitely not as good as bose. Nura unique design results in better sound quality but makes it not very practical for exercise.

I owned a pair of dr dre beats, second generation for 5 years and loved them, various parts of them broke twice over the years and i replaced them. The third time the left side snapped due to wear and tear and i started doing mad research into the best headphones i could buy. I got it down to 4 potentials:1. Sony 1000after watching about 40 different videos and reading many reviews i started to eliminate. Sony were best for value but looked too plastic and clunky to me. Bose were really good but again very manual and also plastic looking. Typical big brands being cheap. B&o and nuras were my hardest choice and i found a pair of b&os on amazon in black for £399. I thought to myself they look beautiful, foldable, elegant, it’s a name you can trust and they had amazing reviews and only cost £32 more given that with the nura i needed a separate cable for a wired pc connection. What stood out to me was the realness of the nuras reviews and how people said it was like listening to music for the first time and that this is a new and researched brand not a big name who can be lazy. I wanted to test them but couldn’t wait and wanted to replace my beats quickly being a prime member. I took a punt, ordered the nuras and loved them.

I’ve been looking for a good pair of headphones to replace my old overears and these do not disappointit’s so hard to find headphones that deliver a true thumping bass drum and i can vouch that nuraphones deliver it and then sometruly amazing headphones.

There is not one negative comment i can make about these headphones. I purchased them after checking out reviews. My only concern was i had been here before after reading about beats headphones. Beats talk a good game but failed to deliver. My beats are laying in a cupboard gathering dust, especially after taking delivery of my nuraphones. I adore music but these headphones have made me appreciate music more.

The personalisation isn’t just a novelty, it really does work. Comparing my profile to my fiances and hers sounds tinny in comparison to mine yet she thinks it sounds amazing to her. 2 different sound set ups with 2 different people hearing their music perfectly.

The sound and fit are awesome the battery seems to last for hours these are not cheap headphones but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.

Very comfortable and superb sound. My only small gripe is that the smartphone app needs improving. It was a real fiddle to get the profiles set up. But they only have to be done once – so not the end of the world.

I have had my nuraphones for about a month now and decided to wait before writing this review as, initially, i had a problem with the comfort of the product. I had mild discomfort which led to a dull pain in my right ear after prolonged use, however, i persevered, and after trying out a combination of the variously sized inner earbuds, i found the correct ones for my aural canals and since then i have not looked back, as they say. The sound quality is excellent and the noise cancellation is as good as the noise cancelling bose headphones i was using previously. I also think that the quality of materials used and the construction of the phones is superb. I particularly like the fact that the phones simply switch on when placed on one’s head and turn off when removed and the customisation app is simple to use and adds significantly to the aural experience. In addition, i like the fact that the action buttons on each ear cover are changeable, allowing a variety of actions to be performed by a single or double tap on the button. I have also found the rechargeable battery life to be impressive and the battery also recharges in a reasonable time. I do have one gripe about the headphone design and that is they are not ‘collapsable’ and cannot be greatly reduced in size which is a minor niggle for me, especially if i have been outside and then go into a shop or restaurant for example and have to squeeze the headphones into my jacket pocket. However, all-in-all, these are excellent headphones, providing an exceptional sound and comfort combination and if you are in the market for a product in this price range i would urge you to consider the nuarphones.

Myself and my partner tested these alongside bose qc35ii. We were using the new software version. We created multiple personal hearing profiles (which is a cool process) and they were pretty similar. The tuning to your ear is very clever and our profiles were clearly distinct in terms of sound blob (see website) but also sound. The sound is really really fantastic, and i found the headphones to be very comfortable despite unusual in-ear design. They actually use some tesla tech to slightly cool your ears and certainly i found my ears weren’t over heating. I am buying these for use in the office and extensive travel in trains and planes. The case is beautiful but huge. The headphones are heavy and the design has pointy bits and buttons that are too easy to press accidentally if you lean on anything / try to sleep.

Ok this is a non biased review from a standard consumer been a bose fanboy for years, still am. It took me a week to realise how good they sound, the noise cancelling is overkill good and you get to listen to details like ride cymbals you didn’t before and you have the perk of the social mode which lets sound pass through when you talk to someone which works surprisingly well. I kept swapping between my qc35 and the nuras and the difference is immense, yes the qcs are more comfy but in 3 hour flight had no issues with nuras using the social mode pass through when i had to talk someone. Overall its pure awesome, its difficult to praise them enough so go ahead and buy them and give yourself time. The build quality is stellar that shows from the moment you open the box.

Before purchasing these i was using a set of bose qc35s which i loved. I found these a little heavy to wear in comparison at first but it has not taking long to get used to them. The personalized sound profile sounds completely excellent. I am finding a bigger sound stage, a very precise placement on studio albums and live performances sound incredible. With their firmware update this week, nura have added better noise cancelling and the new feature which auto mutes your music and turns on all the mikes so that you can hear everything around you is superb. I would heartily recommend these phones think they are worth every penny.

Everything it advertises is true but i cannot reccomend them. Really uncomfortable with the earbud in your ears with the cups too. Amazing noise cancellation etc but more of a gimmick than a practice set of headphones. Also the buttons on the side are very sensitive and often active while trying to adjust the headphones.

I’d been debating whether to get these for months, looking at lots of different reviews, and finally decided to take the plunge. The first thing i noticed when putting them on was the uncomfortable fit with the earbuds digging into my ears, and having to constantly adjust for minutes until they were sat properly on my ears and head. I did change to the included smaller earbuds which were better, now just uncomfortable rather than painful. I did get slightly more used to this discomfort over time, but i always found myself more relieved to take them off than i was looking forward to putting them on again. After the initial set up with the app, which was fairly straight forward, i wasn’t blown away with the sound as i expected to be, perhaps the ads of people’s reactions had given me too much of a high expectation. After a bit more listening and re-doing my hearing profile several times, i can say the sound is good, possibly very good, but not quite the revelation i was expecting from them tailoring the sound specifically to me. Unlike other reviews i found my hearing profiles to be very similar each time, and a friend did his own which looked and sounded very different, but he said he actually preferred the neutral mode without the personalisation turned on. I compared them to his pair of bose quietcomfort 35’s (series ii) and the nuras definitely sounded better with better mids, but the comfort of the bose was overwhelmingly better. The immersion mode (basically a bass slider) is a little bit pointless i feel; when it’s off there is very little bass, but turn it any higher than a third of the way up and the bass just starts to weirdly vibrate the sides of my head, turning it up all the way is totally pointless as it completely distorts the sound with too much bass. I feel that with the headphones adapting the sound to how you hear, the bass should be more included in that process and not be able to be adjusted.

I want to start off by saying these are the best sounding headphones you will get, no comparison. I only give a 4/5 for a few niggles. 1) the recent update with touch functionality can be very sensitive and you can change song / skip song on accident depending on your button layout. 2) i have to adjust the headband whenever i put the headset back on due to the slide and lock sort of functionality3) they take a long time to get used to. Its great when you get used to it but the in ear and out ear does take some time to get used to but i dont think i want to go back from now. The distinction between lows and highs in sound are unrivaled.

I couldn’t spend my money for this now, but i’ve bought them just for the curiosity. I needed to know what was so extraordinary for those people making video reactions to these headphones. The plan was to return them after the test. Now i can’t figure out my rent because i’m never gonna separate me from them. I’m not gonna be able to listen to music in any other device ever anymore. Just trust this nura-guys, they’ve made us all pass from music in black and white to full color for real.

Completely different approach to listening to music. I’m not sure if the science behind it is accurate. Best noise cancellation so far. Brilliant pass through at a touch of a button to hear external noises. Huge range with everything from the top to the bottom. Turn off poweramp eq and let the app take care of the rest. I paid £450 for a shure 535se but this is much better for £100 less.

So far i own the dt1770 pro. Beats solo2, fostex/massdrop thx-00 and these. I will be using the other headphones as a reference of comparison, as they are all roughly around the same price (with the exception of the beats). Sound: (disclaimer: i ran the setup 3 times to eliminate any anomalies). Really fun to listen to, and the simple slider is an awesome feature. It does sometimes feel too ‘separate’ from the mids and highs, which is a weird sensation. Not sure if i like it – it makes everything feel quite disconnected. Comparing it to my other headphones, it has the best overall bass, but the dt1770’s have unmatched sub-bass (seriously, it’s bonkers). The th-x00 is close, although next to these, it sounds really ‘rough’ (which i had never noticed until i tested it side by side with these). These are really smooth in the bass-area, so i’d really recommend either these, or the dt1770’s if you’re a basshead, – mids. The mids are smooth, if slightly overpowered by the highs. I’d say the thx-00’s & the dt1770’s have slightly better mids, although only marginally.

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