Nutri Ninja Blender BL450 – Powerful!

Why spend twice as much on other brands when this one does a brilliant job. Magazine has it down as a best buy, and i can see why.

Have to say more impressed with the delivery arrived less than 24 hours after i placed the order.

Brilliant gadget, exactly what i wanted.

I’m very pleasantly surprised how powerful it is.

Got my ma the nutri ninja and she can’t stop kissing me. Have this product for more than a year now, and it’s still fast, reliable and just worth it overall. Ice is broken down in shreds and carrots apologise to you so you don’t destroy them with the ninja. It can lick a bit though, but with the with band around it you should get a good result. Would definitely recommend, i find it’s worth it.

Very fast and powerful, i love the cups that can be taken with you when on the go and it comes with a receipe book as well.

I finally have my favourite blender. Strong, powerful and practical does everything it says. I enjoy freezing bananas, carrots and strawberries to have a cool smothie.

Fantastic blender, all of the family love making smoothies. Only thing i would say, is if/when you try out new recipes and don’t want to add a lot of the ingredients, the ninja doesn’t blend it very well. So even if you’re trying a new combo and aren’t sure if it will be to your taste, make sure you add a reasonable amount of ingredients to ensure there are no chunks.

Excellent item and service, many thanks.

I bought this for a christmas present and the feedback is that it’s the best blender they’ve ever used and perfect for making vegan meals.

Blends well, good size but feel it’s very overpriced. Guess i was expecting a bit more for the £100 price tag.

Love this for my morning shake, blends really well, easy clean.

The item is defected because of its packingsee attached photo.

Saw this advertised so checked up on the reviews and decided to buy, fantastic fast delivery, well packaged. Have used this a few times and it does everything it claims to do. Have made a few ‘smoothies’, all have come out fantastic, easy to clean ect. . Thoughly recommend if a ‘bit’ pricey.

I use this almost daily for breakfast & love it. The only negative is that i would have liked 2 of the larger beakers.

It is able to make light work of frozen kale and spinach. It is very loud, but i dont find it much of a problem. After a couple of months of use, i have found it a bit more difficult to push the bottles down to make it start without quite a bit of force. I think a button would have been better. Its not the easiest to clean as well, though a quick rince under the tap after use makes cleaning the blades easy enough.

Great product, enjoy using it.

Very versatile, i use it for so many things around the kitchen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Delighted with this
  • Powerful!
  • Good value for money, but don’t expect ultra smooth smoothies

So far so good it blends everything i want it to.

Best designed gadget of all time. Beats the nutri bullet hands down on build quality and value for money.

Arrived via prime in good time. I’ve only had the chance to use this for around 4 days now but i’ve already got a good idea as to its performance. I previously had a nutribullet which finally burnt out after 2 years, so i was after an alternative. The good:- great value for money- good build quality (better than the nutribullet)- the thread for the lid is on the inside of the beaker, which makes a huge difference when you drink straight from the beaker. No spilt smoothies- the lids are useful and well designedthe bad- relatively noisy compared to a nutri bullet for example- doesn’t blend hard vegetables (carrots) and fruits (apples) as smooth as i would likeoverall, for the price this is a good blender. But if you’re looking for completely smooth you need to put in an extra few hundred £ and get somethign like a blendtec or a vitamix.

Previous comments have mentioned that you have to hold it down during blending, but the manufacturers have obviously listened because it clicks in very satisfactorily into place now and a light comes on to show it is in correctly, then there’s the button to press. The only comment my son made was that he would have preferred a bright red flashing button to go with the sound which is rather like a rocket taking off. Much louder than the previous nutribullet we had. The blending is definitely better than the previous mixer we had.

Blends anything i can make soups and smoothies so easily it’s very powerful, only takes seconds to blend.