NUTRiBULLET 600 Series Blender – Fab! But currently not usable!

This is just awesome, use it everyday, i love it. Been telling friends and family about it.

Seller deserves a lot of credit.

Great service & great product, chuffed.

Seems ok so far but will reserve judgement as tried to blitz some nuts and it left quite a few large bits, but smoothy is fantastic.

The nutribullet arrived yesterday and i used it for the first time this morning. I am delighted with my purchase. . The machine is extremely well constructed, sturdy, attractive in appearance and it functions perfectly. The nutribullet is impressively designed – the blade fitting, cups, lid, handle and the body combine easily together. Many thanks for an excellent product.

It’s good and small blender but it’s rly noisy and when i making my smoothie with low amount of water the blender just getting overhit and stops for few minutes and u r stuck with yours half blend smoothie.

Use it every day for smoothies, making soup, pasta sauces, breadcrumbs etc etc. Don’t need any other blender now. Can literally throw in anything and it pulverises it.

I absolutely love my nutribullet – it’s easy to use, clean and most importantly, it does fantastic smoothies – the blender has been put away and the juicer is being used much less. There are certain things that i will still use the juicer for eg beetroot, large amounts of citrus as these are very fibrous and i don’t much like the consistency of the smoothie but other than that i really love it.

Very good, although does overheat if blending thick items such as dates, was surprised by this and can’t use for prolonged periods of times. Otherwise very nice item small and compact and good colour for a red colour scheme in kitchen.

Probably the best blender ive ever purchased , feels very robust , blends items into a very smooth drink , if it had an on off button on blender it would be perfect.

Bulletastic no good for toffee.

My friend talked me into buying one as i was dubious but worth every penny. I was hopeless at eating breakfast, i now have a shake every morning. I’ve been recommended supplements for this time of year, i just add them to the shake as i never remembered to take them as tabletscan blend anything so keep a freezer drawer of fruit and add whatever i feel like. Here are the specifications for the NUTRiBULLET 600 Series Blender:

  • Accept no imitation with the original NutriBullet, loved by millions around the UK!
  • NutriBullet’s powerful 600 watt motor can break down fruits, vegetables, nuts and even ice!. This appliance has a polarized plug to reduce the risk of electric shock
  • This set includes: high power base, extractor blade, tall cup (680ml), short cup (511ml), lip ring, stay fresh lid, user manual, pocket nutritionist booklet.
  • Approved by Good Housekeeping Institute, the NutriBullet rivals traditional juicing and blending methods.
  • Quick and Easy Clean – Simply rinse under warm tap water. (READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY).

Love my bullet use it every day. Really good way to use up fruit and veg that’s nearly at expiry date. Would recommend every family with kids should get one of these. So easy to use even though i have arthritic hands.

1 star if it jams shut and i can’t use itlove this gadget. Genuinely used it daily and replaced previous breakfast with a veggie, oats, fruit and nut shake. Recommend it to anyonebut 2 days ago the lid (with blades) jammed shut on the beaker, and seems to have formed a vacuum rather than the lid being too tight. Tried everything recommended online. It’s jammed shut with milk and oats in it. The nutribullet helpline reccomended a replacement from amazon – fingers crossedsuch a shame – never had a single problem with it in 8 months.

Doesn’t crush all seeds am but there is no pulp. Recipe book is very very handy. Recipes for energy, losing weight, fat burner, antioxidant recipes.

Recommended to help change your diet, we use ours every day now.

The nutribullet is a very efficient machine for preparation of smoothies, purees etc. It is so easy to use and to clean. I have tried a couple of recipes and found it no trouble at all. Also it was delivered very quickly and in excellent condition.

Brilliant item, use it regularly and it doesn’t disappoint. Blends the food incredibly well and makes delicious smoothies.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I am very impressed by the NutriBullet 600.
  • It is so easy to use and to clean
  • Easy to wash

Everyone should have this machine. I make smoothies everyday with banana and pineapple and oats or other fruits. Easy to wash, but never let the bottom get wet, otherwise it will cause corrosion and make it leak a horrible dark grey stuff. When it get stained, scrub some baking soda on it and it will be new again.

This is an excellent machine, easy, quick to use and very easy to clean.

One of the best appliances i have purchased in years. Sorry the review is late but i wasnt able to write at the time and then it got overlooked.

So pleased i purchased this. Great device, crushes ice too.

If you are struggling to eat your greens then you must get a bullet.

It is quick and extremely efficient and has been used almost daily to juice, blend and grind and it is also incredibly easy to clean.