NUTRiBULLET Dessert Bullet – Does what the manufacturer says it does

I had seen this advertised on the nutribullet website, and watched the videos. It seemed so easy to turn fruit into something looking like ice cream, and was reasonably priced, so i decided to try it. I ordered it, and it arrived quickly within two days at a delivery charge of £2. It was smaller than i expected from the videos, but i was keen to use it as it sounded great. It was really simple to put together. The shape makes it not ideal for storage, and it can go off balance when you press the plunger down, so the design is flawed. The biggest draw back is when you make the dessert. I followed the instructions and froze the fruit 24hrs before i was to make the dessert to ensure it was frozen through. I took it out of the freezer at the beginning of the meal, and left it to thaw for 20mins.

Easy to use,easy to clean and love the desserts.

My kid loves frozen yogourt. To do it at home is very satisfying for him so he can chose what flavor he wants.

Brilliant great value for money.

It isn’t out every night but can make some delicious desserts with it. Still trying out new ideas but very easy to clean.

Great for making icecream, use frozen banana, and other fruit, delicious.

Fab deserts with no fat, all the age ranges love it.

She never complained about it so i guess she liked it.

Very good buy easy to use and clean.

What can i say desserts come out absolutely perfect. Using the start shaped part makes them look so professional and it is so easy to clean. One of life’s great little kitchen gadgets.

I’m on a weight loss programme and it makes 0% yogurt plus fruit that little more interesting. I really enjoy my deserts now.

. Easy to use, easy to clean. . Whoopdedoo you have to freeze a some fruit, but that’s all the prep you have to do, or you can cheat and buy it frozen.Add some frozen chopped banana, cocoa powder and sweetener sugar and hey presto you got chocolate ice cream mmmmmmmmi am addicted, and for only aprox 100 calories and no dairy.

Works well just as described. Here are the specifications for the NUTRiBULLET Dessert Bullet:

  • Delicious, healthy all-natural desserts in just seconds
  • Ideal for all natural, dairy free, gluten free, diabetics, low fat, low sugar and low calorie recipes
  • Easy to use, compact design

Easy to use, easy to clean and makes gorgeous healthy desserts – whats not to like. Have tried a range of fruits since purchasing, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, banana, pineapple, mango, melon, kiwi – the list is endless and find that the supermarket bags of frozen fruits make it more affordable. My type 1 diabetic husband can indulge in a sweet now and then too which is great. Just follow the instructions and enjoy.

Great gadget, good way to get kids to eat fruit. Only downside rather bulky to store.

I was hesitant because of the in your face american advertising, but have only praise for this machine. I had seen a supermarket knock off brand version, which was cheaper, and decided to make the jump for the original model. It is far superior in many ways. There is far less ‘waste’ – i. With this version there was barely a tablespoon, whilst the knock off had about half a cup. It is an absolute doddle to clean – the knock off had metal teeth in the grinder section which made it much more difficult. General point about these frozen desserts. You have to be aware of what you are buying; it is a frozen fruit dessert and not an ice cream maker.

Makes delicious and tasty nice-cream. I have made dragon fruit, orange (no skins), mango & banana, the chocolate peanut butter recipe from the recipe booklet.

Omg i totally love this machine it’s amazing. Tip- if you want a dessert bullet then buy this one and not a cheaper alternative. I bought another make to save £15 but the quality was very poor compared to the original dessert bullet. I even take it to work with me as my fellow workers love it😀handful of frozen berries from the supermarket a few chopped nuts and coconut flakes and wowalso the delivery was very quick and arrived within 2 daysworth every penny.

It was a very good product but it wasn’t for me unfortunately.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best gadget ever!
  • Five Stars
  • Does what it should

. I am not 100% satisfied but my kids wanted it. Took more than a week to deliver.

All it basically does is grind frozen fruit into a fancy shape. You can do the same in a blender minus the fancy shape.

Does what it’s supposed to do.

Your always dubious about a purchase you don’t have any experience of but this arrived very quickly and on first trying, a really fantastic item which gives you a vast choice to make something to suite your personal pallet. It’s also very well made and sturdy and we highly recommend this purchase, most of all it’s so easy to use.

Great gimmick works suprisingly well.

This is a delightful addition to my kitchen. I have tried making desserts beore using a food processor and the nutribullet but they have not turned out well. The dessert bullet delivers a smooth creamy texture everytime. The recipe book included provides many good tips and suggestions. I anticipate getting a lot of use out of this. Perfect for us ice cream addicts who want to cut down on fats and sugars.

It is great, and does as it says. But there is a lot of prepping to be done.

Great alternative to high calorie ice cream tastes so delicious but alot of bananas and frozen fruit is pricy.

Makes a great sorbet-style frozen dessert. We have used this product a few times so far and have not had any problems as mentioned by some other reviewers. It is important to thaw the fruit as per the table which is in the included instruction manual. Different fruits have different thaw times so be sure to get your timing right in order to get the best consistency.

Arrived on time, good value, had plenty of use especially with the vegan in the family.

Wonderful product, delivered on time as well, thank you.

The one thing i hate about eating a good diet is that ice creams are on the ‘no’ list. But no with the dessert bullet i can make wonderful frozen desserts with good quality and lower calories. It’s very easy to use and with more practise i know i’ll be inventing my own recipes. If you love ice cream – you’ll love your dessert bullet.

For a family who love ice cream, or just a sweet snack. It is so fast, and easy to wash up, and the results are amazing. My husband who loves ice cream, has voted it his best present ever. If you layer for instance, frozen pineapple, then banana then cherry, and drizzle over a coulis made in the nutri-bullet no five 5 restaurant could compare.

We have been very pleased with the dessert bullet and although it comes with a recipe book, with a bit of trial and error you can adapt or create your own recipes, it does however give a really good soft scoop texture as long as you let the frozen fruit etc. Defrost for 5-10 mins, sorbets are especially good and is very easy to clean, you do lose about 1/2 a portion in the machines workings that dont fully exit after processing.

Great little machine making real ice cream in minutes.

Works really well and the fruity meal tastes fantastic.

Love this product,healthy alternative to ice cream,delivery speedy.

Brilliant 😊 instant healthy dessert.

Present for somebody else arrived very quickly and looked good.

Bought for family member and she is very pleased with it.

Like this product it’s great for sneaking more fruit into our toddlers they love seeing the fruit being pipped out the bottom and i make them fruit 99’s. Guests seem wowed by it too.

I can now have guilt free healthy deserts with no sugar, wonderful.

I love to have aice cream every day. But , since i bought this item ,i have not craved for ice creams what so ever. The great part is that , i am on the weight watchers diet. On this diet you get zero points for fruits. Meaning you can have as much fruit as you like per day. So now i get to buy fresh fruits. . This way i also get to mix & matchlooll. One day, i’ll have banana + mango. The neext day, i’ll have pineapple+ banana. So very easy to essemble , use & wash. I would %100 recommend this dessert maker. . Especially , if you have small kids at home.

This is a great product easy to use and clean up quick is a breeze the kids love it and it great for my mum who is diabetic, recipes are great and we have made up many of our own which a delicious. If we have fruit that going soft we chop up and freeze and use for ice cream.

Although i haven’t yet had time to experiment with this device it appears to do what the manufacturer says it does. I have been using frozen fruit bought from the supermarket which works very well though with a limited choice.