NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet 600 Series Deluxe 14 Piece Set – Incredible

Arrived very fast and is a brilliant product – easy to use and the results are fantastic.

Easy to use and the cleanest juicer i have ever experienced. I have been using it for the last 10 days and feel better and my heirlooms and feels better by far. Bought this to help me a long with stopping smoking without feeling lethargic_it has certainly done that.

I’ve been using this nearlyeveryday since i got this for my birthday back in february. Not only have i lost weight and have a flat stomach, but i feel much healthier. My 2 daughters, 12& 14 and husband started using it too a few months back. It’s become the norm to make a healthy shake instead of having sugary cereal or toast in the morning and so easy .

Very pleased with my purchase i think everyone should have one of these.

Apparently that doesn’t warrant a refund. On the other hand it’s a cracking little blender. Now i fill it with icream, milk and peanut butter. Beat that you set of healthy fools.

I use my nutribullet every day. Easy to clean & excellent at blending.

Easy to use and very useful in sorting out a healthy diet plan. The recipes are delicious and good for all ages. My two year old loves them so its an easy way to get her to eat her veges. I would reccomend it for everyone.

Excellent machine have recommended to families and friends.

As soon as you’ve mixed your smoothie just rinse under the hot tap.

Ordered through amazon, not sure the extra money for the bigger bundle is worth it and this is the 600 not the latest 900 model. But i have arthritis and fibro, my diet is very poor and i needed a easy option to improve what i eat during the day and this has done the job, easy to use and clean, takes up little space so stays on the work top and i’m using it daily. It’s a lot of money for a ‘blender’ but it does work differently, it blends frozen fruit, nuts and seeds til smooth in seconds and smoothies contain much less air than they do with my traditional blender. My main concern when buying is it would become an expensive unused kitchen ornament, but i’ve used it every day since it arrived 2 weeks ago and see no reason why i would stop.

Worth every penny its got me eating vegetables.

You can put together smoothies in seconds, and i use the grinder to mix nuts and seeds for my morning porridge. I was sick of catching coughs and colds, but feel so much better after just two weeks of using this.

I will recommend it anytime.

This piece of kit is amazing. I thought it might be like a juicer or soup maker, but it is very powerful, and makes a smoothie in less than 20 secs. Yo peel oranges and avocados, but with most fruit and vegetables, just cut up and put in. There are two sets of blades, the second is for nuts, dried oats and dried fruits, this makes these into a powder, which you add to your other recipe. There are several books with recipes included, but most of the fun is making up your own. I don’t know how i have survived for so long without one.

A great purchase but a little overpriced, hence 4 out of 5.

I was telling a nurse about how i was struggling with my diet as i am living out of hotels midweek. She told me about this device and it didn’t seem possible that i would not starve. I read the manual which told me how people would tell me i am looking great, and my clothes would feel looser. Six weeks down the line, i had shed the pounds i’d gained through working away. I had zero cravings for chocolates and crisps. People were telling me how my skin is really clear, that i make them sick because i look ten years younger, and that i’m glowing. Even the women on skin care counters were asking about my secret. I’ve been using this for eleven weeks now, never missed a day, and still look forward to whatever smoothie i’m going to have to replace one of my daily meals. My omega 3 intake has increased and i’m eating all manner of things that i would never have considered previously. I only ordered this deluxe set as it was available on prime. I wanted to order on saturday, receive on sunday and take away on monday. I’m pleased i have it as the flip top lid is a nice accessory and so is the hardback book.

This little machine is fantastic. Does what it says, and small enough to sit on a kitchen surface, i use itevery day, thank you.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Excellent. Easy to use