NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet Blender : So easy to use. And fast to learn.

I love this and the price was so much better then other retailers use daily to make milkshakes love it.

While it works amazingly for soups and smoothies, i’ve only had if for 4 months and already the cups are cracking around the handles. I’ve been especially careful not to strain the handles when plugging the cup into the machine or screwing off the lid/blade, yet all the cups are cracking.

As someone who enjoys smoothies and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a blender this was the perfect option for me. It crushes ice and frozen fruit no problem. Had it for a while now and had no issues.

It’s ok it’s not that powerful compared to another gadget i have.

I expected 11 items as described but only 9 found in the box. Also different colour sent instead of the colour i have chosen.

Blender is ok but after some months of use decided to review it. It’s good enough to use as a juicer and soft things. I tried to make a thai curry paste but it didn’t have enough grunt for the lemon grass. Tried to whip egg and sugar and the attachment got really hot before the eggs were even done. The ingredients don’t circulate very well either and required me to shake the entire unit as it blended. I would opt in for a proper full size blender next time. It’s really only good for making smoothies and simple blends.

Perfect addition to the family, ideal for our needs. Speedy delivery , well packaged also has a great recipe book with this which contains shopping lists and great recipes. I have the nutribullet recipe book which i bought before this and that also has great recipes which this product whizzes through.

  • If you cook, and make smoothies then very useful
  • wanted to wait before doing a review on this blender to see how it works first and I love it. I previously had a nutribullet and I
  • Great little blender

NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet Blender, Mixer & Food Processor, 17 piece set

Colour:Black  |  Style Name:Magic Bullet 17 Piece Set
Product Description, Enjoy hundreds of fresh, healthy meals, snacks, drinks & desserts. in 10 seconds or less! from the creators of the bestselling NUTRiBULLET, the all in one original Magic Bullet blender, mixer & food processor is the versatile kitchen magician that blends, chops, mixes, whips, dices and grinds – so you can prepare quick, healthy and delicious snacks and meals in seconds! the original Magic Bullet blender, mixer & food processor is the incredible personal, versatile ‘countertop food prep magician’ that does the job of multiple kitchen appliances all in one, with no mess and no fuss. It’s the perfect kitchen appliance for people who want to eat fresh, delicious, wholesome food. What the NUTRiBULLET does for NutriBlast smoothies, the original Magic Bullet blender, mixer & food processor does for, easy, nutritious food preparation. It chops, blends, Grates, grinds, purees, whips, mixes and more so you can prepare virtually endless, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks in a flash. NOTE: Item is part of NutriBullet Brand.

Box Contains, 1 x high torque power base, 1x tall cup, 1x short cup, 1x stainless steel flat blade, 1x stainless steel cross blade, 2x stay fresh re-sealable lids, 2x shake/steamer lids, 4x smoothie mugs, 4x coloured lip rings, bonus recipe and user guide

From the manufacturer

Magic Bullet

From the creators of the bestselling NutriBullet.

Magic Bullet

Food Processor, Mixer, Blender And More; All In One Neat And Compact Device

The all-in-one Magic Bullet Deluxe Blender, Mixer and Food Processor is the incredible personal, versatile ‘Countertop Food Prep Magician’ that does the job of multiple kitchen appliances with no mess and no fuss.

Quick And Easy To Use

There are no complicated buttons to press, simply load the cups or smoothie mug with your ingredients, place on the high-torque power base and press downwards. Includes a bonus 100 page recipe and user guide packed full of fantastic recipes for you to try at home.

  • Food processor, mixer and blender in one
  • Ice crushing function
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Double action blade – cuts vertically and horizontally
  • Sleek and compact design
  • The cups and steamer lids are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • BPA Free Cups

Sleek and Compact

The Magic Bullets sleek and compact design maximises countertop space and looks great when not in use.


With the choice of chopping, blending, mixing, whipping and grinding to produce all types of textures to tantalise your taste buds.

Ice Crushing

The clever ice crushing function means you can keep your smoothies cool and fresh, before pouring into an iced glass. Also great for cocktails!

Easy Clean

Simply rinse and go, or all cups and steamer lids are dishwasher safe as well as BPA free.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Veggie Bullet Baby Bullet Dessert Bullet
Enjoy Hundreds of Fresh, Healthy Meals, Snacks, Drinks & Desserts… IN 10 SECONDS OR LESS! Enjoy delicious, NutriBlast smoothies with the Nutrition Extractor everyone’s raving about Make healthy eating convenient and delicious with this 3 in 1 premium spiraliser, shredder and slicer Create your own organic, nutritious, preservative-free baby food Make healthier desserts and treats for all the family with all the flavour

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Arrived on time, wanted to wait before doing a review on this blender to see how it works first and i love it. I previously had a nutribullet and i was sick of it really , it’s heavy and the pressure would build up and it would leak, it also had a rubber insert on the lid with the blade which would constantly pop off and it was so loud it always sounded like it was going to take off. One more thing with the nutribullet was that i’d had it for ages but a saw a video showing how people had been injured by nutribullets imploding. So i thought i would try a new blender although my nutribullet had never broke but i was sick of it leaking. I watch a youtuber called shaaanxo and she makes smoothies and used a magic bullet so i looked it up amazon and found this one. It doesn’t leak, it’s quieter and a bit smaller and lighter than the nutribullet. It also doesn’t have the plastic insert on the blade lid which is great for a couple of reasons as i think that was part of the reason the pressure in nutribullet would build up and the plastic would pop off and second reason being that it’s easy to clean as smoothie residue would get under the plastic insert. So without it no pressure builds up and it’s easy to clean the the blade lid. So very happy so far and i’m more motivated to use it now as it’s lightweight, doesn’t leak and easy to clean.

Really happy with product, would recommend to anyone.

I am absolutely delighted about this product. In no time it makes the most delicious smoothie even from frozen and cut into big pieces. It like the one u see on tv’ go for it.

The flat blade isn’t that good.

I love the smaller size its so convenient and can be left on the kitchen counter.

How did i ever survive with this brilliant thing. I use it several times every day for fruits and veg, my grandkids love the smoothies and it,s a great way of getting extra vitamins into them.

Does quite well, my husband uses it, and he does the cooking. The four cups that come with it are useful if making couple of drinks or so, no need to transfer from machine to glass, therefore saving on washing up. He has found it successful for a variety of things, sauces, drinks, chopping, making relish etc. Middle of range price, and probably as good as other items that cost more and do look similar.

After reading so many great reviews on the web, i finally decided to purchase the nutri-bullit and i am extremely pleased. Incredibly easy to use and to clean up, it totally helped improve my daily meals. You can find loads of recipes online and honestly, once you get the general idea, just start experimenting your own blends.

  • If you cook, and make smoothies then very useful
  • wanted to wait before doing a review on this blender to see how it works first and I love it. I previously had a nutribullet and I
  • Great little blender

NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet Blender, Mixer & Food Processor, 17 piece set

This product has changed my morning. Never have to worry about not having time for breakfast before leaving the house for work. Oats, frozen berries, whey protein, cocoa powder, water and presto, in 10 seconds i have my morning nutrition sorted.

I received this product last month. For my first three smoothies it was great and they were extremely smooth and blended. Unfortunately now they always have bits of unblended fruit in them as if the blades just are sharp or fine enough for the job.

Do love this magic bullet it does what it says.

Blends really quick and makes great food.

Brilliant and has many uses.

Great first time i tried one, and it’s so easy to use, quick and simple, use mine daily now.

I have to admit two things, firstly i am not one to purchase these t. V channel advertisement items but ‘secondly’, this magic bullet mixer / blender does do a good job. My two daughters loved when they saw me open the box as their minds immediately started to think what smoothie they could make and more importantly what alcoholic drinks they could do with a pre-drink party before they go out and of course leave ‘mum & dad to clean and clear the whole place up afterwards’. Also i can go back to making great stuffing for the sunday roasts again. Now i just ordered the basic version and im glad i did because it wood be such an advantage if some if not all of the jugs / containers were inter grate together as this would take up less room ‘maybe the full version does im not sure’. This being the only downside i can see. Its a good product and great value for money consider the cost of some of similar products on the market. I would have to give it a firm 8/10.

First one we had lasted 12 years and used it for everything. New one getting some use as well.

I am loving the bullet, i use it mainly to make a seed mix flaxseed, chia, sunflower etc.

Simply brilliant for the deal price. Easy to operate and very useful accessories. Overall, very satisfied with this product and would highly recomment it.

Features and Spesification

  • From the creators of the bestselling NutriBullet, the All in One Magic Bullet Blender, Mixer and Food Processor is the high-torque, high-speed, versatile kitchen magician that helps you prepare quick, healthy and delicious snacks and meals in seconds!
  • One touch, easy to use press and twist action makes it so easy to chop, dice, grate, grind, blend and juice to create healthy soups, smoothies, nutritious breakfasts or snacks, desserts, dips and sauces, dice onions, chop fruit and so much more!
  • Sleek and compact design means it takes up less space on your counter than a coffee cup!
  • Includes a stay fresh re-sealable lid, so if you make more than you need, simply twist on the lid and store in the fridge for later.
  • The steamer lid and cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.