NUTRiBULLET Rx Blender and Food Processor – Excellent product

The nutribullet is powerful enough to deal with anything i throw in it.

Too many parts good machine, but too highly priced for what it is.

What a fantastic product, if you like smoothies this is for you.

Thank you to the manufacturers. It’s a really a good product. The recipes on youtube about making hummus recommend the blending time as 3 minutes but with this excellent product your blending time is 30 seconds.

A really ‘king’ of blender family. Arrived timely and in excellent packing. All family enjoying fresh vegetables and fruit cocktails everyday.

Good but nosy when making soap.

This was an upgrade for me from my previous nutribullet and i’m glad i did it. Much more powerful , auto turn off , more options plus a soup maker 🙏🙏.

I started with a cheaper competitor version, that’s like a toy by comparison.

Easy to use and quick to make healthy smoothies and soups.

Great price for a bullet that is not a copy. Use all the time and it helps me loose weight.

Best blending device i have owned.

I umm’ed and ahh’d, but glad i got this. Its convenience is its biggest asset – easy to operate and clean and therefore gets used. Here are the specifications for the NUTRiBULLET Rx Blender and Food Processor:

  • Makes soup from scratch in 7 minutes with its powerful 1700 watts
  • Makes perfect NutriBlast smoothies every time with auto Smart Technology
  • The most powerful and technologically advanced NutriBullet to date!
  • Quick and easy to clean – the NutriBullet RX cups, pitcher and lids are dishwasher safe
  • The Large Pitcher and Oversized Cup are ideal for creating multiple servings to feed the entire family.
  • Voltage – 220-240V.

Been doing the jason vale ‘superblend me’. Incredibly easy to use and, importantly, wash afterwards.

As good as if not better than the vita mix which costs more than double the price. I had smooth fresh apple juice within 1 minute would totally reccomend.

I absolutely love my new nutribullet. I have had the standard model for years and decided to upgrade. The automatic start and stop function is awesome and the soup option is the quickest and easiest way to cook the soup. It’s alot bigger than the standard model but it comes with the power so don’t mind.

This is a fantastic gadget which gets lots of use.

Not had it long enough for your birthday info.

Very noisy, very very noisybut blends well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Well made but noisy
  • Smoothie machine!
  • Excellent build quality

A great product made to last. It’s easy to use and very powerful, but living in an apartment block it’s too loud for use early mornings or late at night.

Works great for smoothies but the ‘souper’ function is too hot for the nutribullet and results in soup going everywhere because the plastic seals meltthe smoothie bit works great however and i use it daily for that.

Fabulous product, love the recipes.

Comes with only one set of knifes.

Looks awkward to use but very straight forward. A little hard to clean the grinder a* otherwise.

Fantastic device for making smoothiespulverises the fruit and veg to a fine smooth drink. Anything put into it disappears into a nice cool delicious smoothy.

Just the best product for making smoothies, soups, sauces, pastes.

As described – prompt delivery.

If like me you are fed up of throwing away fruit and vegetables, then this is a godsend. Simply blend them up and drink them. You will need a steady supply of ice cubes or smoothies will be warm. Be warned, when making soup it is noisy. Otherwise very well made and an aid to eating more fruit and vegetables.

Great product, easy to use and more importantly, easy to clean. My old juicer is now redundant.

Nut & seed butter all in one machine.

Efficient, easy to use and clean.

My parents very happy with this.

Great smoothies, i have not tried it for soups yet.

Industrial but does a great job.

It arrived on time, very big size for the family.

Awesome piece of kit, doe’s everything it says on the tin, and the soup maker is just great.

Unbelievably powerful motor. The soups you can make in this are just delicious. Would recommend you avoid using one of those ‘slimming’ recipe books with it as they taste horrible.

Brilliant blender, glad i chose this model. Would recommend buying recipe books to go with it.

Speed and large measuring jugs.

Had the previous 2 nutribullets and i wasn’t going to get any more as the other ones aren’t as good but this one is the best one that they have done you don’t have to turn the jug on the bullet you just put it on and switch it on and it blends the ingredients then slows down and then it blends again brilliant easy clean i haven’t tried the soup jug yet but i will definitely try that soon would recommend this one.

5 horsepower motor turns everything to liquid.

Awesome gadget, how did i ever live without one.

I have used the blender almost daily for smoothies. I add frozen fruits with fresh fruits soya milk etc to make delicious drinks. I haven’t used the soup maker yet.