OCDAY Electric Kettles : Perfect

The time came to replace my old rusty kittle. I was a liitle bit sceptical to buy not branded one but decided to give it a go. This kettle is lovely, looks stylish  – love it when it lights up, is very quiet and quick to boil. There are temprature setting so the temperature can be adjusted to meet different need.

I have had this smart kettle for a few weeks now and i have to admit, i am pleasantly surprised by the quality you get for such a great price. The kettles set-up is a you would expect with any kettle. Plug the base in and turn it on, fill the kettle up and then turn the kettle on. Really simple to use, once on hold the on button and it will flash 5 times with 100. I can confirm it took 3 mins to boil less than 1 litre of water and have included some pictures to show you just have good it looks. So my favourite feature of this smart kettle has to be the facility to preset a temperature and have the kettle maintain it, by reboiling when required. Another would be the blue light it admits when it boils, absolutely love that. Another bonus in my eyes is the capacity, 1. 8l is very big compared to standard kettles. The design is very well thought out, solid, good quality construction. Good weight due to the glass shell, the top opens in a elegant none abrupt manner which is a nice feature to have. My main reason for purchasing this smart kettle was due to my fascination with chinese tea and wanted a new kettle that displayed the temperature. As this is essential with brewing particaular teas. Overall the price and quality of materials used is very impressive.

The ocday glass kettle is quite good. Firstly its glass which is what i wanted as its different and looks nicer. Its got a temperature control feature which is great. This feature allows you to choose your desired temperature for the water to boil at. It also has a keep warm feature which will keep the water at a set temperature of your choice for two hours. There is a blue led light which turns on when you boil the kettle and it looks nice in the water. Theres not much else to really say. If this review was helpful please click the yes button below.

I bought this kettle because i liked the design, it’s much bigger than i thought but it’s easy to use. It’s got a little display to adjust the temperature of the water, which i think is essential for a kettle. Very happy with this item because it shuts off automatically so there is minimal risk of danger. The only thing which could happen quicker is the heating time. But otherwise it’s worth every penny.

Great modern compact kettle with a really beautiful blue light while boiling and good timing for boiling water.

Only had it for a few weeks now it stopped working and it’s is turning it self on and off so i think it’s a dangerous to use it now and also started to get a smell from like a burni g smell started to leak aswell which is why i think it’s stop working properly.

The glass wall looks very nice. When turned on, the blue led at the bottom turned on as well. You can set the temperature to however warm you want. For me, this is perfect, i dont want to fully boil the water when brewing my green tea. The temperature control function makes it easier to make the tea the way i like. It has a keep warm function, some might find it useful, i found it a bit annoying though. I dont really want to keep the warter warm when i am not in, which is most of the time. But overall it is a good product.

Conform as expected, very satisfying product.

  • Fast, Stylish & Lights Up, What more could you want.
  • Glass based kettle
  • Modern and nice

OCDAY Electric Kettles,1.8L Fast Heating Temperature Control Glass Electric Kettle with LED Indicator Light,Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection for Coffee & Tea Brewing,1500W

Germany imported glass, resistant to 400 degrees high temperature.
Unlimited, no toxic, environmentally friendly and healthy.
The base of the lower connector is stable and the water does not swing.
With a filter screen, it can filter out tea leaves, and the large diameter is easy to clean.
Open the cap with one button and the lid will open slowly to avoid being burned by boiling water.
Premium Glass Exterior – Beautiful and strong.
The premium glass kettle places the illuminated boiling water on display, creating an eye-catching attraction in your kitchen.
Lift-and-Serve Base – Pick up and set down the kettle at any angle. 
The swivel base makes transferring the kettle easy.
Material: Glass + stainless steel
Product size: 240x240x130mm
Model number: PY1837-GD 
Kettle heating speed: 4 minutes – 6 minutes 
Electric kettle capacity: 1.8L
Electric kettle material: glass
Insulation function: Yes
Additional features: automatic power off
Heating method: chassis heating
1.Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
2.Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-3cm deviation. Thanks!     

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It’s a lovely looking, practical kettle at a very good price.

Was looking for a glass based kettle for some time, as they are easier to clean and don’t leave any residue of bacteria as minerals can built up very easy in other kettles. This one also has blue led lights which makes it look more futuristic. The lid also opens automatically when finished, so you don’t even have to use your hands manually to open it. The boiling of water is instant and just what i need to save time. 8 litres, more than what i actually require as i usually only make myself a quick cup of tea or coffee. Overall very pleased with it.

 i was a little sceptical about ordering a brand that i wasn’t familiar with , but i was completely surprised but the quality of this kettle , it’s very sturdy and so easy to use. The best feature for me is the fact that you can control the boiling temperature. It’s also pretty cool when boiling as a blue light comes up. Great kettle fully recommended.

Full of glass with aluminium design. Really modern and good quality product. Water boil really fast and you can safe energy if you don’t need 100c temperature.

What a lovely design kettle. I bought this to our new place. It’s easy to clean with a large diameter. Led light will light up during the cooking process and the light will turn off after cooking which makes this kettle unique from typical kettle. Easy to use and the water boils quickly that helps to save energy.

Looks very nice and good quality. I am happy that i can set up the temperature.

It boils quickly, which is great when you are in a hurry. Easy to use and control the temperature.

This electric glass kettle came in perfect condition i was excited with its useful technological features including temperature control that has electric glass with the capacity of 1. 8l and 1500 watt fast boiling option. The water taste and smells a bit burnt after boiled which isn’t common. But overall a very good product.

  • Fast, Stylish & Lights Up, What more could you want.
  • Glass based kettle
  • Modern and nice

OCDAY Electric Kettles,1.8L Fast Heating Temperature Control Glass Electric Kettle with LED Indicator Light,Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection for Coffee & Tea Brewing,1500W

Easy to use and a techie kettle with a lower 1. Lights up blue when heating, and using the keep warm function is a nice trick. The lower power seems to have little effect on time to boil, and means the kettle is useful to keep the power down to manageable limits. Added bonus is that you can read the current temperate (and set your preference temperature) in keep warm mode, and it seems to lose heat much slower than a metal kettle. Minor point is that the device makes an quiet electrical noise when turned on, sounds like a power supply buzz in the base but you can only hear when it is not boiling and just noticeable during keep warm. A massive value for money kettle, i might buy some more before they increase in price.

 this is the first electronic kettle i have bought. We had plenty of old fashioned ones, those just heat up the water. I must say, i am impressed by the technology. You can keep the water warm for a couple of hours, which i think it’s brilliant, so you don’t have to reboil it. It also looks cool, with the glass and electronic buttons. I am happy with this purchase.

Looks very stylish gonna have to find other appliances that match this like toaster mines black at moment works well boils water alot quicker then my old one my mum likes this also might buy another one.

Very nice until it stopped working after two months.

This kettle is great for my teas n coffee.

I like the transparent design and the blue light up, when the kettle is turned on. Happy with the quality and feel the kettle was value for money.

Features and Spesification

  • ★ FAST BOIL ELECTRIC KETTLE: The glass electric kettle utilizes advanced heating technology to ensure fast and efficient heating within just a few minutes. Whenever you have a taste for tea, hot chocolate or instant soup, the OCDAY 1.8L electric kettle can have it ready in minutes!
  • ★ TEMPERATURE CONTROL: There are 13 types of temprature setting ,you can adjust the temperature to meet different need,which makes you have a better taste.Convenient easy-to-read liter markings allow for precise measuring,no more guess about water levels with this tea kettle that also makes water boiling a visual delight!
  • ★ UNIQUE ILLUMINATED DESIGN: Compared to stovetop kettles, this illuminated kettle is as functional as it is stylish which the LED light will light up during the cooking process and the light will turn off after cooking,which will surely please your eyes!
  • ★ SAFE: The kettle use Germany imports glass,which resistant to 400 degrees high temperature,no toxicity, environmental and health protection,it comes with boil dry protection, automatic shut-off feature and concealed heating element, so you don’t worry about the explosion of kettle when it’s dry!
  • ★HUMANIZE DESIGN: Press the button to open the lid, the lid opens slowly to prevent boiling with boiling water,and there is a filter that can filter tea leaves and is easy to clean with a large diameter. Serving at the table is no problem as the kettle lifts right off the 360-degree rotating base without the cord, and a cord wrap is under the base for space-saving storage when not in use.