Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB – Good times

When it worked, it was interesting investigating apps but very slow to connect, download and respond despite having superfast broadband. Might have been faulty unit so returned and had a full refund.

As an educational and entertainment tool this unit is amazing. So many sights and emotions at the touch of a button.

Out of this world,fantastic experience ,oculus have loads of free stuff too.

. Excellent device for the money gives a pseudo vr experience. Pros:-truly portable, use it anywhere, even outside, sometimes even without wifi. Can watch 2d, 3d, 180, 360 and vr movies as if you are in an imax cinema. Comfortable, no trailing umbilical cables. Lots of material availablecons:-not truly vr – there are no external sensors so cannot detect walkabout movement. Simple control device, can limit scope of games etc.

I admit i bought it with a amazon warehouse deal and it was in a different language maybe dutch so i had to do a factory reset, than the boot screen stopped with a message about downloading an app. Than i downloaded the app on a htc 10, put internet and bluetooth on, had to reboot the go again and than it found the phone and than i was going if you excuse the pun. This is also not a google log in but a facebook log in through the phone. Google youtube vr has to be registered on your phone with a code. External usb storage support is expected to come soon. Also keep the phone with bluetooth on near the go for a hour and it should update the firmware automatically. So you have to be a little careful. Best vr player is free and called skybox and no problem with a hevc format 3d film. Hevc means super condensed to save space. Only real problem i had was i cannot move flac music files to the internal music folder though no problem with mp3.

I’ve bought it mainly for educational purposes. Little boy and i love going into space, or flying over the yosemite’s, gallery’s and national geographic.

Cannot fault this system much, i think its better than the ps4 vr, no wires. Easy to use and downloading games is also easy. Only problem is casting to tv or phone isn’t easy and lags or freezes but i think a update in the future will fix this.

The main worry i had was how it would handle videos shot with a theta s and i shouldn’t have worried. This oculus go can handle just about any format that you could think of throwing at it from standard 2d, 3d, 180 and 360 degree formats. I wanted something standalone without any attached cables and not dependant on my phone. As a standalone product, this one is ideal. I have not viewed any of the packaged content, but concentrated on locally produced videos. No problem viewing them – just copy to the oculus ‘movies’ folder and then they appear under oculus gallery when using the device. Something worth noting for the newbie – when you first view an imported video, it is always shown on a 2d screen – don’t be alarmed. Just use the pointer, and click on the screen. This stops the movie and brings up a status bar on the bottom – look for a small box with 2d in it. Click on this box and you will get a wide array of possible viewing formats.

Slightly fuzzy but very effective and efficient. Much better than expensive devices requiring fast pc access.

Works perfectly and portably for the reason you want it for. Thankyou to the czech republic and oculus for all your hard work so that i can play hard.

Great quality for moneyloads of apps & gamesevolution could be:-external memory to expand storage-easier sideload (upload from computer)-having two controlers-google playstore not (yet) available.

While it isn’t as ‘good’ as having a rift, the benefit of wireless use is a major positive. Screens are clear and responsive and the immersion is good (i admit, watching my mother wearing it playing a roller coaster sim, was hysterical watching her gripping the seat and chanting where she was over and over again). I’ve ripped a 3d movie and watched it using the headset and had no problems with it – even wearing glasses, although i have now put corrective lenses on so it can be used without wearing them. Software seems to be coming out quite regularly and there’s quite a few things to use and try (ignoring movies, there are some fun games and a lot of demonstrations of what it can do – such as viewing a 3d vr wwe wrestlemania). I purchased the 64gb for storage if i take it away, but it streams movies (3d and non-3d) nicely across the network. Battery life seems pretty good too. Based on this, i’d be tempted on the new one coming next year (more of the same, but more powerful). If you just want it for movies etc, then grab one.

The only problem i have found with this item is that it fogs up very easily, i am not sure whether this is the case for all vr headsets but what i do know is that with this one i often find my sf either breathing normally and having to wipe the display every five minutes or so, or breath downwards so that the display doesnt fogs which makes it quite uncomfortable to use. Here are the specifications for the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB:

  • Personal Viewing: The littlest, big screen. Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics make your headset feel more like a personal theatre
  • Viewing with Friends: Watch with friends. Meet up in VR with friends and fans from around the world to catch live sports, concerts, or just your favourite TV show
  • Portable & Easy to use: Ready when you are. Experience portable, all-in-one VR. That means no PC, phone, wires or hassles
  • Controller: Effortless control. Whether it’s navigating to your favourite shows or to a far-off land, the intuitive controller makes getting there easy
  • Built-In Audio: Surrounded by sound. Spatial audio drivers are built right into the headset, providing dramatic, immersive sound without the need for bulky or tangled headphones. Oculus Go also features a 3.5 mm audio jack, so how you listen is always up to you

Absolutely love my oculus go. I already own a psvr but hardly use it as a) i’m not a huge gamer and b) it’s a hassle setting it up every time and being tethered by wires. With the go, i can just slip it on and be watching a movie or experience in minutes if not seconds. There’s 100’s of games available which will keep anyone busy but if your looking for hardcore games i’d recommend a different headset for you.

I was unsure about buying this but i needn’t have worried. It is a good quality product and comes with everything you need. It was very easy to set up using a downloadable app on your mobile. Very easy to become familiar with all aspects of headset. It really is great fun to use and it it is fabulous being untethered. I would recommend the higher memory option as you can never have enough memory.

I’ve had the oculus go for around 4 months now. Pros – some games great fun, some of the horror games actually give you a scare ( which is a good thing), really easy to use and set up, glasses adapter is a good thing. Cons – it’s not something that i use everyday. I actually prefer others to use it so they can experience it so only comes out once or twice a week. The price of some of the games is far too high. Once you’ve played a game you don’t tend to go back and play it again. Don’t use it as much as i thought i would, but i’m still glad i got it.

I umm’d and err’d over getting this. I’ve tried vr on two different cellphones and it seemed like it had potential but the phone experience was poor due to constant drifting on both handsets. I was a bit worried the same might happen with this device, but it doesn’t. You might see a tiny bit of drift over a reasonably long period, but it’s easily reset with the handy remote. As for the headset itself – fairly comfortable. It’s a little on the heavy side but you get used to it quickly enough. I find i have to adjust it for a while to get a clear image. Even a tiny move can make a lot of difference to the clarity of the picture. There’s quite a gap between the nose groove so if you look down you can see the light. However, this doesn’t prove much of an issue and may even contribute to the lenses not fogging up so easily as they do with phone headsets.

Brought this for my husband for christmas, excellent product, worth every penny, looking to buy a second one at some point so we can access games together. Was initially caucious about buying, but was not disapointed.

Astonishingly sharp, smooth video. Main limitation seems to be how good the camera was, which made the original video. A completely different sensation from something like widescreen theatre. I’ve tried things like google glass vr, interesting but unremarkable. This is completely different and amazing for the price. The main difference from the posh vr glasses is that this one assumes you stay in one place, but move your head in different directions. The posh ones sense your forward and backward movement as well and adjust the picture. Nevertheless the sensation of ‘being there’ is amazing. So much so it will give you problems of feeling sick on roller coasters and in planes, like you were there. It will run things like google streetview (via an app called wander) , it seems like you are standing there looking round the street.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love my Oculus Go

  • I said “I’ll never buy VR” and here I am, with a VR headset

  • Not Bad

Excellent screen, suprisingly good built in sound, the best lenses on the market bar none & plenty of great apps like blazerush, pinball fx 2 vr, vendetta online, virtual desktop, skybox, ultrawings, art plunge, witchblood, virtual virtual reality, dead & buried, republique vr, the well, augmented empire, drop dead, astraeus, tactera, face your fears, keep talking and nobody explodes, skylight, darknet, herobound, catan vr, covert, netflix & youtube (although you do need to wade through a lot of dross to find the gems). Battery life could be better, but this is easily fixed with the addition of an external battery pack for around £15. The touch pad on the controller isn’t great either, but for most of the best go games you’re going to want to use a joypad anyway. You also can’t play the best 6 dof vr games (like echo arena, brass tactics, superhot vr, the unspoken or beat saber) on the 3 dof go (for those you’d want an oculus rift), but it does provide plenty of worthwhile games & use cases from watching a movie on a huge cinema screen in the bath to controlling your pc from anywhere in the world in vr (using virtual desktop). All in all, highly recommended.

If you’re a hardcore gamer it’s probably not for you but as a good introduction to vr it’s fantastic. There are some great :experiences: (some absolutely terrifying. ) i love the app tripp which changes daily and is really relaxing.

Just putting this here in case it helps someone. When i first put this item on to charge no lights came on like they should. Checked and changed leads and adaptor etc but it just looked dead. Eventually i saw a red light blink on and then off a couple of times. I thought it was faulty and was about to send it back. But i persevered and kept it on charge and eventually it started showing that it was taking charge and it now appears to charge and work fine. I checked the year of manufacture on the box and it’d basically been sitting in it’s box for the last year so i’m thinking the battery had just run down to nothing and needed a bit of time plugged in to jump start it. . So try this first before you return itanyway, really good bit of kit, very responsive, not sluggish like i suspected it might be. Graphics better than i personally thought they would be.

We don’t use it enough but when we do we enjoy it. A good intro to vr for my two young boys (8 and 12). It needs a ‘killer’ app to really take it to the next level to get used every day.

I currently own a psvr, cardboard and now the oculus go and have to admit, i’m blown away by the oculus. The ‘cardboard’ headset is trash. It’s one of the £40 generic plastic affairs found lurking around amazon and almost entirely pointless. Psvr is excellent but the image quality is lacking. Despite all of the tech and software magic that went into the psvr, it’s just not quite ‘there’ but i’m still happy to use it for some racing and a few other games. The go, for me, shines with media playback. I haven’t had much experience gaming on there, but love the image quality and i’m blown away with the audio. The audio will not replace a decent pair of headphones, it still does a good job. In an empty room, with the lights off, watching netflix is a joy. The audio is clear, precise but lacks bass.

Wow what a bargain – what’s not to like . This is the most amazing vr tech at such a reasonable price. Travel the world in 360 or virtual reality. Describing all of the pluses for this product would go well beyond the space available, however this vr viewer brings the cinema to your front room in complete comfort. The massive selection of free apps, films, programs of all kinds are instantly at your fingertips, including those from from the likes of youtube, google etc. There is also a plethora of content available – (latest films & apps at reasonable prices ) from oculus, netflix, amazon, samsung, etc. I can recommend some ad-ons available from other sources, such as magnetic cables or protective carry cases. The only negative comments that i could make are that the battery life is only about two hours and that this player is not really for serious gaming. Any serious gamers would already know this. In conclusion i would say that this is a great all round entertainment unit which is constantly being expanded with masses of free content.

I love the fact i can just put it on without having the comp on or just to take it with me. The lenses are much better than the rift. This is idea for casual gaming. Idea for watching the lastest movie. You can even play your stream games on it via the link app which you can sideload. You can use a bluetooth joypad my gamesir pad works fine with it. There is 2 hour battery time.

Great vr unittotally standalone you don’t need a pc or console to playwatching movies is like being at the cinema with a massive screengaming is great especially a game called bait a really fun cartoony fishing game where you actually cast out and catch some interesting thingssound is excellent you think you have headphones on its that good and you can plug any standard headphones in for privacy or a good horror game or moviejurassic world blue seeing a t rex stand over me in full 3d was just wow you have to try thatnetflix youtube vr etc all work perfectlythere’s a lot of apps and games on the storeno eye strain or headache at alli have to go and catch some more fish now before watching a good 3d movie it’s great to escape the everyday noise for a couple of hours a nice getaway for mum or dad,also able to join up online in a vr living room and watch tv and movies together if you have some one far away or even someone upstairs or even on the loo (y’all do it haha)use it for relaxation with the included apps sit looking around a nice beach and relax ahhha great machine highly recommended9/10 is great.

The headset works fine, although the speakers sound a little distorted. The main problem was the charger not present and the headset really stank, like a smelly sock.

Even when you are watching other people it is hilarious. I have used it in school for the kids to research the solar system, to move around anne frank’s hiding place and to travel to places of historic interest. My mother-in-law is too frail to return to her ‘home’ in ni, but she can go there with the oculus and the wander app. She spent a nostalgic 90 minutes walking around her home village. I use it to watch netflix and there are rollercoasters galore. It lasts a good 2 hours on each charge.

Oculus go saves the hassle of fitting my phone into a vr headset. Nice and comfortable even with glasses. Better quality images then using my samsung galaxy edge 7.

We all love it well worth the money.

First venture into vr and i’m not disappointed. Considering it’s stand alone it’s really good, and there are loads of apps. I’m using reviews from others to find ones, as there are absolutely loads. The youtube vr is amazing, walking with elephants is incredible. The only real downside (which is to be expected and is understandable) is the battery life, but you get a good two hours and it only takes 2-3 to charge. Overall i’d 100% recommend, and i’d go for the 64gb so you can store more apps.

Not a bad device, very entry level for vr.

Hardly watch conventional television anymore. Plus all my google play films on here. Wish amazon can be watched on it like netflix. The 360/3d on it is awesome. I’m to old for the serious gaming that why i brought the go. If gaming’s your thing go for the rift. The picture is fine for me i can see perfectly. They do supply a adapter to go around the lences good idea.

This is am excellant alternative to the very expensive htc vive. It was a christmas present for my 11 year old son and his first experience of vr so a good starter. I love that it only needs a phone for start up and not thereafter. . Haven’t given in to phone yet. It can be used offline as stuff saved on it so that’s helpful for long car journeys. It has been used by kids and adults for a fantastic experience.

Quality product and worth the money as the use value is good for me with loads a apps and experiencesand. Vr on this head set is quite mindblowing and the functionality is great downloading from there app store.

It is definitely the most portable, light weight vr headset out there, unlike the rift or vive, it doesn’t require any cables, or a million dollar gaming pc to run it. It’s basically a mini vr game console, you can see your facebook friends, as oculus is made by facebook, and chat with your friends who also have a go.All you have to do is download the app, if you struggle with the setup, there are many youtube videos out there which can help you. It doesn’t require a phone to be put inside it. If you know you will do lots of gaming on it, i recommend getting the 64gb version, for £249, when i am writing this review, until the 23th december it costs £215, for the 64gb version, you can have: 7 hd movies, 20 games, and 40 apps. You get half as much for the 32gb version, but. The battery life is only 2 and a half hours for movies, and 2 hours for games. Yet it takes a long three hours just to charge. It also doesn’t have expandable storage.I think i love the oculus go, with so many pros.

I was never interested in other vr solutions due to all the wires and faff, but oculus go removes those barriers and i plunged for the 64gb version after hearing 32gb wasn’t enough, people were right so i’m glad i spent the extra 50 notes on 64gb. This is simply stunning as a stand alone vr headset. Really gives you that wow factor and to anyone who has never got into vr before but wants to dip their toes in, this headset is perfect. Even just watching a 3d movie within the headset is outstanding, the apps are great too. The only downside is the battery life but considering this is an all in one unit, that can be forgiven. Well done to oculus on this amazing product which appeals to those who never considered vr before.

Get this, this is not just for gaming, this is a whole package that the family will enjoythe wife likes the beach scenes and looking around the worldkids like the disney stuff and storiesi like, everything this thing does, i missed a load of films in the cinema which i started to catch up on last night watching a vast screen (netflix void cinema mode is my favourite)had a quick look around machu pichu, and took five minutes out of my busy schedule to surf for 5 minutes in tahitijust browsing the net?. Why not use this and have a massive screen,games are hit and miss, some are exceptional experiences, i bought this originally wanting to use it for games but it does other stuff so much better, it is without a doubt an exceptional entertainment device, but what it does best is experience activitiesgreat sound quality from in built speakers, the controller is really responsive and pretty goodif you can barely support the weight of your own head then you will find this heavy, but i find it pretty comfortablesome great educational potential with some great apps, like the human body and astronomyit eats batteries and expect to get 2 hours max from it (you will want to take a break by then) i got into the habit of putting back on charge while i do other stuffi would however recommend the 64gb version as the storage will get swallowed pretty quickly with your favourite apps and if the family is using iti am not dissapointed with this purchase in the slightest.

I would have given this 5 star but the unit arrived with only a power cable for the computer, despite the website indicating a wall plug power line. It takes hours and hours (around 4 hrs) to charge which is a bummer when you need the oculus go during presentations. After some correspondence oculus stated this wall plug power cable was only for usa supplied items. So why include it and misleading buyers ?you have been warned. The vr is great – just get the recharging time sorted and supply the walled charging cable.

Brilliant and so realistic but needs more content added without extra coststhere is free content but it’s limited and when using is like the app store where if you want content you have to pay.

I foolishly thought vr was still line shapes on a single colour background, but a friend was raving about the go on the phone so such an extent i felt i had to try one, after a frustrating day trying to get it to update, amazon and oculus technical support were great and i now feel i have a gateway to another world for a mere 250 pounds, games apps and content are stunning, if you enjoy erotic material, vr videos are particularly enjoyable. You need very good wifi to stream anything from the internet but its great when youre there. Battery life seems to be a couple of hours but that’s probably enough anyway. I thoroughly recommend this as worth ever penny, its more science fiction becoming reality.

My first look at a v r kit and it’s a fantastic piece of kit, love all the 360 all round feeling it gives me. As some have said battery life is only around 2 hours and although you can charge from a computer e. C i have found the seelion 5v mains adapter a deal quicker at charging. I have also added a rav power power bank 500mah adapter and used used velcro to attach it to the side of the go. This extends battery life from 2 to 3. 5 to 4 hours by constantly charging from the usb adapter, now from an extra £25 it’s fantastic all round. Apps are improving and there are some class v r games out there, simply great.

Fits comfortably on my head and i wear glasses. Very easy to set up with app. Wish all devices were so easy to set up. However i had severe nausea heachache and dizziness which lasted for about 4hrs after using the device. Sadly i don’t think vr is for me.

Having started with google cardboard (iphone), then moving upto gear vr (samsung phone eventually went kaput), i had a good understanding of what to expect on the oculus go. Having gone 6 months with no vr i started to miss the personal cinema experience so started looking at those personal cinema glasses, all of which came with a price tag of around £649+. I eventually came across oculus go and knowing the previous experience along with the price tag of £249. Not only would the oculus go provide me with the cinema feature to watch all films, netflix and prime, it would also be an entertaining vr headset at the same time. Version (32gb v 64gb)i opted for the 64gb version as from experience knew it was needed, i’m glad i did too as i overlooked the fact that the operating system and oculus software took up a lot of this before installing any apps. I can’t imagine how the 32gb is enough for anyone. If you are buying i urge you to spend the extra £50 and get the 64gb as there is no upgrading. Batterythe battery i feel is just enough to enjoy a streamed film without worrying, i don’t think i would play more than a couple of hours anyway. After every use i just plug it in and the light is solid green when i come to play it again.

Had a go on a rift, and thought i gotta have a go at this. Couldn’t justify a pc upgrade, so i gave this a punt. Well impressed is all i can say. Great fun, works well, loads of free stuff, but even paid games aren’t that expensive. Worth it for the extra space.

All in all the oculus go is a very good introduction to the world of virtual reality, it’s ease of use combined with a light headset make this an easy option as a beginners introduction to vr.

It’s just okay, resolution is still nothing special and the range of games is quite limited. Admittedly there are a high number of titles but the lack of variation is the issue. For the price it is a good introduction to vr and i like being cable free, but it’s still not the hardware that pushes the barriers enough for me.

So great to just pick up and play it only last a hour but the smash beats and bait is great even medatasion but you may fall asleep wearing it and get confused about were you are when you wake up lol.

This accessible introduction to vr is amazing. The vr world takes a bit of getting used to but for a non-gamer like myself its a huge wow. Sure some development is needed to improve picture quality and function in some apps , but the creative skill and imagination of the vr artists already producing work out there is mindblowing and you can experience it all from your own sofa. A great way to relax and disengage the mind. I say lets welcome this addition to the vr world, support and encourage its development.

I have given the oculus go 4/5 stars because of the 2hr battery usage and waiting hours until its fully charged. Apart from that it’s a great headset and has better screen than my galaxy s6 with gear vr. I sent mine back because of the battery usage. The controller is only 3 degrees of freedom but a more powerful version is coming out next year with 6dof.

I am on the headset every night, great for children to sample all experience s of animals and lots of games, money well spend.

The vr experience is pretty good but battery life is a real deal breaker. Playing anything 3d intensive really kills the charge and makes it very hard to recommend. A lot of the software is rather poor and it is obvious that it is a basically a mobile phone doing all the processing work. Pay a bit more and go the quest.