OLLIVAN KZ ATE : Sound quality

Plastic earbuds vibrate a lot if you play loud music, you would notice the sound of plastic containers. Voice call quality is average. Bass and sound quality is fine if you listen to songs at low or medium volume.

Beautiful impressive design,they look and feel high quality. Beautifully boxed and presented making a fantastic quality gift. These really are 10/10 for a pressie. They seem very well designed and well built,but only had a month so can’t really confirm the seeming good quality design. For a cheap pair of chinese earphones they are of superb quality sound. These do not stand out in volume. The loudness is good but not exceptional. The bass is nicely balanced but not extra depth or potent. I wouldn’t use these headphones for bass heavy music like club music. Apart from these 2 restrictions the sheer quality of sound is outstanding. Clear,resonant,dynamic,natural,well balanced,great stereo seperation. Sheer quality of sound worth many times more than thier cost. Outside of heavy metal or heavy bass club music these are outstanding earphones.

Normally buy audio technica costing eight to ten times and owned cheap betrons costing similar to these. No ambient sea shell like background hiss. Tested on a macbook pro and motorola phone. At low volumes to have a wonderful sound stage, great detail, space separation. I listen to mostly folk, acoustic and ambient music and at low volume and this where it shines. Increasing the volume to mid level the bass is a little heavy with rock and folk when i would personally prefer a flatter sound found on the higher end earphones but still very good and much better than any betron. I am only giving them 4 stars as i am comparing them to the flat audio response of audio technica earphones costing many times this. As i use these for commuting and abusing i can not justify spending more.

Better quality than headphones 3x the price. Sound does leak and there is no isolation, which is not an issue for me. Microphone quality is fair, good enough for phone calls.

I bought 2 of the airbuds and i was so impressed that i bought 3 more for my grandsons. One didnt work so i contacted the seller and i was sent a replacement straight away.

When i first used these to listen to music i thought the bass was too flat so after more listening i went back to the other pair of ear buds i was using with my phone, samsung ones, needless to say the quality of the samsung ear buds now sounded awful compared to these, the bass was deeper but the quality is poor on my old ear buds. These are great quality for the price. Some of the music i like to listen to i am used to hearing more depth to the bass but these ear buds are much better due to quality and the clarity is very good for this price.

Amazing i was looking for a back up pair for my betrons. Not over will these overtake the betrons but my beyerdynamic headphones too. Sound is light and airy clear vocals. Bass is there but not overdone.

Short test for 30 minute jog in the rain and pleasantly surprised at the price point. Time will tell in robustness and battery life. Buttons a little fiddly when in but for less than 30£ i can live with it.

  • Pretty dang good
  • By far the best at this price point
  • You cannot go wrong with Xiaomi

KZ ATE, Ollivan Original KZ Earphones 3.5mm KZ ATE-HIFI In-Ear Headphones Noise Isolating Heavy Bass Stereo KZ ATE Earphones Earbuds Headphones for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and More (Black no Mic)

KZ-ATE Earphones Headset with high-end material to make the perfect stereo. the lossless HiFi cable and gold-plated Jack effectly reduces signal loss Better noise insulation, to avoid sound leakage, take you the full enjoyment of sound headsetProduct details Style: ear hook Connectors: 3.5mm Use: Mobile Phone Function: noise canceller Communication: Wired Frequency Response: 15-29000Hz Sensitivity: 118 Input Impedance: 16Ω Driver Unit: 8mm Driver Type: Moving coil Please contact with us without a hesitation if this earphones have any quality problems during 3 month.We will do our best service for you

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Sound was lacking until i fitted triple flange tips that changed them altogether.

Purchased a pair of these after reading a review in wired. For the price, i am mightily impressed with the well rounded sound. The earbuds are a touch heavier than a standard pair but that’s a small compromise to pay for the sound clarity and quality at this price.

I’m not sure if they’re faulty but when i’m on my bike (and only when on my bike) the left ear cuts out intermittently or the sound is distorted. In the gym or at home though, there’s no issue. Sound quality wise, they’re very good for the price but they’re virtually useless to me as i cycle everywhere.

You’d struggle to find better at this price. Lovely definition and space, the bass is definitely not of a booming nature, but solid. They do however, i think, need to be handled carefully as although they look good and are light there is a fragility to the feel.

Certainly not an audiophile but they sound good compared to other cheap pairs i’ve used and look a little more solid. The actual units are a little bigger than standard ear buds and stick out of your ear more but not really an issue for me.

For just over £10 i got some headphones that sound way better than you would get from any high street shop. I wanted a wired set as i usually use bluetooth ones, but i’ve got a 13 hour travel day coming up and wanted something that wouldn’t run out of battery. I burned them in for around 15 hours with some white noise and have replaced the tips with some inairs and i’m very happy with the sound. It’s clear without ever being overwhelming in any one frequency. Treble extension isn’t the highest, but in cheap ‘phones that tends to be a good thing as they can get tinny quickly. I feel like these will be very easy listening for extended periods. The only thing i don’t like is that there is no fastener round the back of your head. This makes some cable noise as there are some little metal weights (?) about 8-10cm from the earphone itself, which have a tendency to knock around on the arms of my glasses when briskly walking. I personally wouldn’t use them for excercise because of this.

These are very nice headphones that fit comfortably in the ear and have good sound for the price. They last me a week on my commute back and forth to work before the case needs recharging. The only down side is that the internal voice is in chinese.You put them in your ear and that’s it. Instructions aren’t really needed.

I bought them as a gift for a friend, so i decided to go for a known brand. And i am so grateful i didfirst of all, they come in a cool case that has the perfect size. I’ve been carrying it in my pocket and it’s not too big or uncomfortable. The headphones recharge while they are in the case, and the case can be used as a power bank if you connect your phone to it, in case you need some extra batterythe headphones themselves are really convenient too. They turn on by just getting them off the case. They are also easy to pair with any bluetooth device (i have been using them connected to my phone, and in my imac in the office). They are really confortable, it adapts really well to the ear, and they don’t feel like they are gonna fall any time from it. The sound quality it really good aswell, and they have a really nice bass for powerful songs. They also eliminate all the noise around you, which is really appreciated. I don’t know exactly how much it last, because i charge them every night, but they sure last a whole office day if you put them in the case to recharge at lunch timeto sum up, i’ve been using them in the office when i need to concentrate, eliminating the noise and allowing me total freedom to move without cables getting in the way. I would totally recommend them, no doubt.

  • Pretty dang good
  • By far the best at this price point
  • You cannot go wrong with Xiaomi

KZ ATE, Ollivan Original KZ Earphones 3.5mm KZ ATE-HIFI In-Ear Headphones Noise Isolating Heavy Bass Stereo KZ ATE Earphones Earbuds Headphones for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and More (Black no Mic)

Sound very good and well balanced. Fairly comfortable and good seal. Cable gets tangled often, nothing to severe though. The only problem i had with this set is that i was walking and listening on a windy day and the wire got snagged on a tree, yanking the bud out of my ear. Since then that side is broken. Cannot really blame the set for it though as they are more meant for indoor use. Tldr: haven’t found a better option under 20, would recommend, better than zst pro’s.

Very happy with these earphones. The sound quality is very good. I’ve tried them with a range of music and the have performed well with all. The fit me comfortably and don’t get uncomfortable with wear as they are very light. Since receiving them i have teamed them up with a bluetooth module and this has proved to be a bonus. The sound quality is still at a very high quality.

First up, i consider these superb earphones for the price, offering very clear sound reproduction: well balanced, with a very good dynamic range, beating much higher priced headphone for audio quality. External noise isolation is very good, provided they are seated correctly. I’ve now owned these headphones for coming up to two years (in that time the microphone component has changed from plastic to metal) and despite their flimsy appearance i can happily report they have held together throughout, other than the loss of an (easily replaced) foam earbud. As others have reported, the fit is adequate and not suited for active sports i’ve tended to wear them under a cycle helmet with the straps helping to secure them in place by gripping the cable and thereby preventing them being yanked out.

Uncluttered design one multi function control button different functions require either short or long and multiple presses which you have to memorize but you get used to it. No user manual was included in my pack but by fiddling about i was able to pair them and get them working with my phone easily. The seller sent a pdf of the manual once i told them and within a day i had everything. The volume is dependent on the device but i am hard of hearing and the sound is clear and loud enough for me. The stereo separation is perfect listening to some 70s prog stuff where they really played around with binaural sound shine on you crazy diamond was noticeably good. I haven’t tested the mic yet with a phone conversation but so far i’m very pleased.

Very good for musicians in-ear monitoring. Compare favourably with headphones 5 or 6 times the price.

Quick and simple … i have bose qc35 ii. Mi are very similar sound quality. Juz a little bit warm are more in qc35 ii …. Yyyyy i think clarity is for plus in mi hehe. Bose costs over or around 300 mo 28 ??. If will be 200 will still perfect choice. . Sayonara im going to listen music hehe.

Great air buds and great sound quality. Could do with volume control on the buds as there are some apps / devices that don’t have control over the volume i. E bluetooth transmitter and slightly louder.

Got recommended these from a friend who mentioned that the company who make them are big in china . Extremely good quality for £28 from amazon. Easy to follow instructions sound quality good. They fit in a tiny box with which comes with usb lead not the plug but in this day and age easy to get. Very pleased with mine so far versatile and compact. The phones come with spare ear phone cover. I found as long as you put them in firmly they don’t easily come out. You can use one or two together very useful if your at work and need an ear to hear things.

Really excellent little ear buds, feels almost surreal at first having such rich sound in your ears without any dangling cables reminding you they’re there. I have no idea how good the batteries are as every time i take them out of my ears they go back into the charging/storage case. Build quality is very good and they come with 3 sizes of ear tips.

Saw so many wireless headphones. And just wanted to try them out. They seem to be the new fashion accessory and must have trend. Connectiing /swithing on / off can be a bit tricky, had to fiddle about sometimesmore premium ones might be more user friendly?.

I bought these after reading the reviews on darko hifi web page and when i first played these with the foam tips that come on them i could not hear what all the fuss was about. Now that i changed the tips to the silicone ones in the box i can see why. It is hard to take in that these cost just over a tenner. Yes, they are not perfect and the treble can be a bit harsh (maybe more burn in time will help with that) but i have spent more on a lot worse sounding imes plus you can change the cables – something i can’t do with my current favourites which cost the thick end of £100. Sure you can find better but they will cost a lot more. With these you can use them for commuting without worrying about wrecking the cable or losing them.

Very easy to connect to my samsung s8. The sound quality was surprisingly good. Better than my sony headphone. Love the way they connect automatically when taking them out of the charging unit and then turning off when putting them back in.

The sound quality is second to none with these which i was surprised with. Great quality too, they come with 3 different sizes of buds to sit in your ear which can sometimes be a little uncomfortable but usually just adjusting them fixes that and their back to not even feeling like they’re there.

At the price these sound decent, with a great midrange and top end detail, open and spacious staging with good separation between instruments. However for my taste, especially when using them b2b with other (admittedly more expensive: soundmagic e80) iems, they are a bit lacking in bottom end – a bit thin. I find them very comfortable (with the small foam tips included – not comply alas but given that comply tips cost about the same as this pair of earphones hardly surprising) and they stay in well with the wire over the ear. Also quite solidly built, however cable is a bit prone to interference.

Great sounds from these airdots. Stay in your ear perfectly and very small and compact.

I’m a avid collector of headphones and earphones, owning from the ue6000, ue9000, audio technica ath-m50x, denon ah-d1100, beats studio 2, srs by fifty and few more. I purchase these kz-ate to see what’s the rave about. I almost returned them when i listened then at first (should have known better), but after i left them playing all night to ‘burn them in’ i was astounded by the difference in sound these little thing was putting out. I think i must purchase a backup one in case anything happened to the one i have. Word of advice, burn them in for about 24 hrs continual playing to get the proper sound. Great set of earphones especially for the price. I’m not saying they are as great as the audio technica or the ultimate ears but they do sound brilliant for this price category. They sound way above their price class.

Especially for a person coming from earpods. It has good bass and lasts for good time. It is a great buy for the price.

Have to agree with many of the reviewers here. Exceptionally good sound at this price. Clear and crisp, with nice, deep bass. Comes with three earplugs which it claims are all silicon, but only the small and large ones actually are. The medium (which i need) is an odd foam (main amazon image) which i don’t use. I just use some sony ones i already own which fit onto these. Slightly unorthodox way of wearing them with the cable over the ear (which is comfortable but tricky putting them on without a mirror), but i also found the usual hanging style worked too. I did what another reviewer said and ‘burned them in’ by playing them on my stereo for 12 hours before using them properly. Worked a treat, as the sound was better than when i first plugged them in.

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  • [ High Performance Copper Driver Unit ] This KZ ATE-HIFI Earphones Sports Headphones with high quality copper material, has a precise resolution than average driver. Sound performance is clear treble exquisite voicals and heavy bass. Cooper is high rigidity, can effectively reduce the loss of sound, high resolution sound, wide sound field, the sound is full and rich dynamic course
  • [ More Comfortable KZ ATES ] This KZ Headphones Sports headset is lighter, reducing the weight of wear. The Form Fit reasonable for most people’s ears. Comfortable to wear for a long time, it will not cause as common discomfort in the ear headphones
  • [Anti-Tangle KZ-ATE Cables ] The Sports KZ ATE Headphones with a dynamic fashion look, and extremely easy to separate the earpieces. Feel comfortable wearing with ergonomics designed headset. And the housing promote sound performance
  • [ Lossless HiFi & Noise Reduction ] Jack contact surface plated gold to prevent oxidation, reduces signal loss and provides a better audio restoration. 32 Core Long crygen oxygen-free copper cable, lossless transmission of audio signal. Fully restore the scene sound and detail
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