ÓMega Omega Juicer Nutrition Centre 8006 Chrome 220v – couple of days and it certainly seems to be better than my last juicer

The process is straightforward – smooth, cannot fit a lot in at once like some but less troubles with cleaning as fewer bits.

A really good juicer easy to clean. It feels robust and like it will last a long time.

Realy pleased with this juicer,have used other cheaper juicers which only juice a fraction of what the omega juices,also it is so quick & easy to clean. Which is a big help when using it daily. In fact have already done so to everyone i know.

I was given a twice preloved omega 8006. I had it in the cupboard for 18 months, until i saw my son loose 11kb, in two weeks juicing. Stunned so now i use it and in the first two days i have got rid of 3 lbs weight. Four juices a day and not hungry or thirsty. It was a bit daunting at first to pile up all the fruit and veg required for a juice for two people ( i insisted my husband support me in this experience) by the time all ingredients had been chopped into the size that would fit. Placing the softer items through first, enclosing ginger slices within the spinach, or between slices of apple. And to my amazement avocado, early on as well. ( centrifugal juicers can’t cope with avocado or banana, you have to put these into a blender with the final juice. I don’t have a blender) it has become quick and easy.

Quite slow but that’s essential to keep the vitamins etc apparently.

This juicer is easy to use, really easy to clean and well worth the money.

Fantastic piece of kit, if a bit pricey. Gets almost a pint of juice out of my celery head compared to only half a pint the nutrininja managed.

Be the warranty doesn’t really work. Which is why i’m giving it four star.

I bought this for my husband after loads of research on the internet to find the best machine, whilst it is one of the more expensive brands, my husband found it really easy to use and the flavour of the juices are great. He is really impressed and that is not easy.

Well i’ve had this for a couple of days and it certainly seems to be better than my last juicer. I have never had a juicer like this before and seems to be working perfectly. Does anything from juicing to making peanut butter and other things. Also, it can make pasta like tagliatelle etc out of the dough.

This machine really does take on anything you give it. Not so crazy about the ‘baby food’ ability. The pulp comes out too clumpy even if you put it through twice. If you like to juice vegetables this is the machine for you. Product shipped quickly and exactly as described. Would definitely recommend it.

I have one at my miami home, my jacksonville, fl home and my daughter’s home in the uk. The juicer presses the juice from the wheatgrass, etc using a different method than most other types of juicers. I prefer this method as it extracts the highest quality juice.

I purchased this product about four weeks ago and have had time to use it and comment on the product. I have used the product every morning since i purchased it and i love it. It is built well – feels solid and looks neat. For me, this product is easy to put together, easy to use, easy to take apart and easy to clean (as long as you clean immediately after using). It comes with a cleaning brush which is great for cleaning some of the more fiddly areas. I can clean this in a matter of minutes. The manual is fairly basic but still clearly tells you what you can and cannot do. The product accepts anything i chuck at it – it does feel like a heavy duty guy. You do have to chop your veg into small pieces to fit into the chute. You can easily tell the difference between this and other juicers. Here are the specifications for the ÓMega Omega Juicer Nutrition Centre 8006 Chrome 220v:

  • Simple, single screw system
  • Two-phased extraction for a superior yield
  • Revolving speed very slow (80 revolutions per minute)
  • Multi-equipped (2 pitchers, 2 screens, 6 specialized nozzles)
  • Good quality/price ratio

The best juicer i’ve tried. I’ve been using it for the past few years now its very durable, easy to use and clean.

Omega have been in the game for around 30 years or moreso have a lot of experience in this kind of device being asthey first started making meat mincers many years ago. I spend many weeks studying different types and the 8006kept showing up all over the place like you tube ect. With a10 year warranty you cant go wrong. I know of one stillgoing after 15 years. I can clean mine in under a minutewhere as my fast juicer is a total pain. And yep it can takeany thing you put in it.

As a wheatgrass juice fan this masticating juicer is perfect for my needs. Juices everything and makes great banana ice cream, sorbets and pasta. Solid build, easy to take apart and clean. Certainly my most loved kitchen appliance :).

Fantastic, from delivery to juicing, fantastic piece of kit.

I had never had a juice extractor but this one seems perfect, very easy to use, and to clean, i recommend it 100%.

It’s so easy to use, the hardest part is chopping the vegetables or fruit to fit. After that it efficiently squeezes the goodness out and to was you can almost drop it in hot water and all the dirt drops off; maybe a little wipe. Couple this with a good juice book and you’ll never look back. On price, yes it’s expense and it would be nice if it’s cheaper. I rationalised it as how much is an extra day of good health or missing a medical bill; all worth it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent juicer
  • couple of days and it certainly seems to be better than my last juicer
  • Excellent Equipment

Firstly, i would like to say that although i’m sharing this review i didn’t buy from amazon. I didn’t realise they sold them until now. I could have saved maybe £10 coming to amazon. But i got a free book with mine and the specialised juicer website made it easier to compare bettween products. The website i bought from also offered a longer garuntee, maybe that’s an error though. It sounds like i am plugging the website i know. Here goes,i’ve had the omega 8006 juicer for about a month now. It’s amazingi decided to buy the 8006 even though it wasn’t the newest because i didn’t want to pay too much and i didn’t want to get a really old one as the juicing screens are generally larger and so take more time to clean, i use my juicer every day so being easy to clean saves me a lot of time. I looked at buying some other cheaper versions of the juicer but the omega one seemed the most robust with its ge plastic and long guarantee. Plus, john kohler from `growing your greens’ and `discount juicers’ has the white version of mine; that swayed me more than perhaps it should have, i just love his youtube stuff.

Great flavours for all fruits and vegetables. Highly recommend it for anyone who juices. However, the price on amazon is £100 more than other websites. Sadly, i discovered this a week after i had bought and used it.

I bought this to replace the philips juicer which started smoking and making a grinding noise. Pros:- very solid machine, looks high quality with a long warranty- makes almost no noise and is smooth no matter what you put in it- philips uses centrifugal force to push items through a metal mesh (damaging the minerals and vitamins) and the juice doesn’t keep – the omega on the other hand uses a ‘worm’ or drill type mechanism that uses the fibre to squeeze the items. The juice looks richer, deeper in colour, hence more appetizing, compared to the philips juice which has been aerated during the process and always has a froth- with different fittings you can make more things with the omega: peanut butter, almond butter, pasta, and you can also grind coffee, mince meet etc. Cons:- you have to cut up the items to about 1. 5 inches wide in order to fit into the feeder which takes much longer (so i make a lot more juice in one go, and because it keeps up to about 3 days, i store it in the fridge). So you can make juices the night before and take them to work without worrying that the health benefits diminish with time. Cleaning is about the same amount of effort, with the omega taking perhaps a little longer. I swill them with water and put in the dishwasher, or wash by had with a little dish soap and leave to dry. I created a spreadsheet of the different juices: ingredients on the left column, recipe names across the top, and filled it out. Then add up the amount of each ingredient row by row and order it.