OneAudio Active Noise Cancelling Headphones : Really good sound!

The sound quality is very appealing overall,with a pretty accurate sound-clear high and capable but not exaggerated bass. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to bose ,then give these a try.

I wanted a budget anc headset for my short flights to europe. These feel really comfy around the head – not too tight but doesn’t move. The white noise isn’t noticeable unless its completely silent. It did a decent job blocking out the plane’s engine noise.

99 delivered) and i will not disappointed. Pairing was easy (just charge them fully before you try) and the sound is great. Light enough gor long-haul flights. And very good build quality. The sound quality is up there with other brand cisting twice as much with rich as much but pricise bass, and fine highs without sounding tinny. Dynamic range seems to be narrower if the noise cancellation is off. But this can be compensated for by using by using a music player app with eq.

I think these headphones are amazing. As my pc doesn’t have bluetooth, i had only been able to try them with my samsung tab a and phone. But today i connected with wire to a sony mp3 walkman; wow wow wow. Conclusion: if sound source is quality, these headphones reproduce amazing sound.

Very good quality bluetooth wireless headphones. Finished with matt black, these headphones looks and feels really nice. With the large padded leather ear cushions they are really comfy on the ears giving you maximum comfort whilst enjoying the music. The headphones are fold-able making it more compact when carrying it around. The music quality is actually really good, giving out strong bass and transforming it into crisp sound. 18 hours playtime at bluetooth mode. Enjoy music all the time when the battery dead using the 3. Charging about 2-3 hours, 18 hours music play time varying by the volume and music type, up to hours of talking time and long lasting standby time. Reduce distracting ambient noise by up to 85% with the flick of a switch.

Having only ever used earphones previously, but not being able to find a decent enough pair of bluetoothed enabled ones at a decent price, i though it would give this a try and i must say i am not disappointed. First impressions were very good, nicely packaged in a hard zip case to protect whilst not being worn and complete with aux cable (should you run out of charge you can plug them in), charging cable and one of those funny adapters that you use on the plane. Two minutes after opening i was connected and wow, i was amazed at the sound produced; real earthy bass and great treble. I have always listened to my music on full volume and found myself having to turn it down with these, really handy is there is a volume button on the bottom of the right earphone, so even better. There is an ‘active noise cancelling’ switch on the left and i only wish i had purchased these a few weeks ago prior to my last flight as i struggled to listen properly with my earphones, would not have been a problem with these though, better than ear plugs. The headphones themselves appear well made and are comfortable to wear, they als have the addition of a built in mic so you can answer calls hands free too, how cool is that?if like me, you’re not sure if headphones are for you and don’t fancy spending 100s of pounds, give these a try, you will not be dissapointed.

I own the bose qc15 noise cancelling headphones, but these are difficult to use on my bicycle turbo trainer so i purchased these to use instead, thinking that i would be happy to give up some sound quality for the practicality of having more freedom on the trainer and not having sweat run down the cable into my iphone. Well, i was right about the practicality, but wrong about the sound quality. In a back to back test these sound better than my bose. Initially, the sound was quite harsh, but after about 5 hours of use they smoothed out to a very pleasant sound. I would say that they have a slight bass enhancement built in (which i like). They are comfortable to wear and do a good job of isolating the whining sound from my trainer. I would say that the noise cancelling is better on the bose, but the bose cost 6 times more than the a3’s. From a quality viewpoint, these come in very high quality packaging, have a handy carry case and a good user manual. The headphones seem very sturdy, are lightweight and comfortable. They claim to offer 11 hours playing time and this is very possible as i have used them for quite a few days without recharging.

I bought them so i can concentrate without any distraction during my study session. There is a switch to activate the anc mode where you can feel more isolated and you won’t hear any sound from the environment. If the battery is low you can use the cable to continue listening to your music. An adapter for the aeroplane comes with them.

  • Honestlya honest review!!
  • Fantastic quality, value and sound!
  • Great Audio Quality & Christmas Present – Quite Large Though

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone Wireless Over Ear Headphones Hi-Fi Stereo Protein Leather Earpads Foldable Earphones with Airplane Adapter Carry Case for Air Travel,Phones, PC, TV



Why should we choose Noise Canceling Headphones?

The noise canceling technology reduces ambient noise such as aircraft cabin noise, the noise of city traffic or offices, or the everyday noise. You can easily focus on your music, your movies, your calls undisturbed or just hide the ambient noise.

Enjoy music endlessly

Up to 18 hours playing time with rechargeable lithium-ion battery when using headphones without ANC mode. Exquisite 3.5mm audio cords can be connected when the battery is empty or the desired audio device does not have Bluetooth capability. Thus, there is no need for a break for your music! Deep, impressive sound at every volume. Clearer call quality for calls at both ends of the communication. Seamless switching between Bluetooth and wired mode.


– Bluetooth version: V 4.1

– Connection distance: approx. 10m (33ft)

– Battery life: up to 18 hours

– ANC operating time: over 15 hours

– Charging time: about 2 hours

– Input: 5V 220mA

– Battery capacity: 360mAh

– Chip: CSR

– Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, CVC

– Weight: 165g

Package Contents

1 * OneAudio ANC headphones

1 * 3.5mm audio cable

1 * Micro USB charging cable

1 * storage box

1 * user manual


1. Designed to work optimally with Android / iOS smartphones and tablets; MP3, MP4, iPod, PC, TV and other Bluetooth enabled devices within 10m.

2. Please make sure the driver software of the receiver adapter is fully updated when connected to a PC or laptop.

3. And you need a SEPARATE Bluetooth adapter when connected to the TV.

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It’s been 3 weeks since i brought this item. In that time period, i have travelled extensively with this headset. Your average ordinary joe who thinks that his hard-earned money should never go down the drain. So my dear review reader, i am your earnest reflection. Regarding design – this headset is one of those items which will not make you stand out. But, once noticed, it’s a subtle statement in looks. Obviously, it was told to me by people known and unknown. It’s good looking, if you notice it.

First time using wireless noise canceling headphones and having using them everyday since i purchased them, i must say im really impressed with the quality and the battery life of these headphones. The build quality is really good and the sound quality is just as amazing. The headphones are comfortable to wear and are very compact which makes them easy to pack into your bag when commuting. I woupd highly recommend these to anyone who is an adement music listener our anyone after a good pair of headphones. The noise cancelling is also very impressive and works a charm when you need it.

Brought this for my commute to and from work. Comfortable ear pads and luxury case make it easy to carry on journey. Anc works good, able to cancel most of notice but not complete silence, might be because i was in a heavy crowd. Good charge retention on usage over 3 days. Overall very happy with the purchase.

The sound of these headphones is very clear and powerful, the sound canceling button works instantly and i can say without exaggerating but these headphones can be compared to other companies like bose and sony. . For the money i received some quality headphones far beyond expectations my.

In terms of its core function, these headphones perform well – in noisy environments, the active noise cancelling is a blessing without compromise on sound quality. Bluetooth connectivity to a number of different devices is a simple, problem-free operation. The build quality suggests the headphones are durable and yet, they are surprisingly light. That, in combination with their over-the-ear cups, means they can be worn for many hours without discomfort. At their current price, these are a good buy – coupled with any discount, a must.

I love these headphones their great, the sound quality and comfort that they provide is amazing. The noise-canceling function is great as it tunes out background noise i commonly use them on my daily commute on the train and they easily drown out the noise which is great. The headphones themselves are very comfortable and are great that they fold up into a tiny little travel case :).

These are the most comfortable headphones i ever owned. The build quality is top class and the feel is premium, on pair with some much more expensive products. I like the oval shape of them which covers my ears in full and allows hours of listening to the music without any discomfort. The sound quality is excellent, reach and full of bass. The sound doesn’t get distorted when listening very loud. I never had any disruptions in connection, it is always very reliable. I only used the microphone once for a phone call and it sounded nice and clear. The battery lasts me all day long, but i like the comfort of being able to plug them via cable if needed. Overall i am very happy with this purchase and value for money. I suspect my daughter will really want them once she will come visit me as she is not a big fan of in ear ones, so i might need to buy another pair for her.

These headphones are very good value for money. The sound quality seems good on all levels with a good base (but not overpowering) and crisp mid and high frequencies. I listened to a range of music and they seem to work well with all types of music. I bought them mostly for commutes on noisy trains and for long distance flights. The noise cancelling feature works well, it doesn’t completely block out the sounds but significantly reduces it. I actually have it switched on permanently because when it’s not on the sound quality is reduced, becomes very quiet with a background hum (i’m not sure why this happens). The battery life is superb, it lasted two 14 hour flights without a problem and the connection to the inflight media was easy, the cable (supplied with the headphones) work on the plane without even needing the flight adapter (also supplied). The hard case (supplied) is great for travelling and transporting the headphones and cables safely. The bluetooth works well with a good range (it works fine on underground trains and in an apartment a few rooms away). However, there needs to be a little bit of battery life in the headphone for the bluetooth to work at its optimum capacity (so make sure you charge them if you plan on using only the bluetooth connection for extended periods).

  • Honestlya honest review!!
  • Fantastic quality, value and sound!
  • Great Audio Quality & Christmas Present – Quite Large Though

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Microphone Wireless Over Ear Headphones Hi-Fi Stereo Protein Leather Earpads Foldable Earphones with Airplane Adapter Carry Case for Air Travel,Phones, PC, TV

My younger brother has been on about the active noise cancelling headphones on planes every time he flies, so i thought i’d surprise him with some for christmas. They come very well packaged, especially compared to some other products that i’ve bought on amazon in the past. Nicely wrapped in cellophane with very professional and expensive packaging, which given it was a gift was perfect. The build quality feels good, although it would have been nice to see the headphones be better suited to us with smaller heads, unfortunately they were just ever so slightly too large. Given the room there is to make the band even larger, this change could be quite easily implemented to suit everyone. Nonetheless, they were very easy to connect to bluetooth, taking about 15 seconds in total. Just push and hold the power button until it flashes blue/red, and then connect on your device. Sound quality is fantastic, bass is deep and there is good separation in audio. Also, the active noise cancelling feature that can be switched on/off works very well, i have to admit i was quite surprised just how well it workedoverall, a high-quality product for not much money – oh, and the carry case is a lovely addition.

The adjustable headphones are so comfortable to put on you kind of forget your wearing them when your listening to your tunes. I wore them at the gym and they stayed on without needing propping up and they didn’t leak any noise to disturb others around me even when i had my music on loud. The music was clear and the bass just right for me. Overall very good value for money and features.

These headphones have a great battery life. They also have a really nice design with good materials and accessories, taking small space when folded. They fit well over the ears, without creating any problem or pain even after long hours. The sound quality is acceptable, nothing incredible, right for the price. Also the noise cancelling works pretty decentely even in noisy enviroments.

Features and Spesification

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  • 😍 ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES – Reduce distracting ambient noise by up to 85% with the flick of a switch. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology effectively reduces the noise of city traffic, drone of a plane cabin or hubbub in a busy office
  • 😍 SUPERIOR SOUND – Premium 40mm stereo drivers deliver dynamic, highly detailed sound quality. Enjoy immersive listening from warm mids, precise highs and deep, powerful bass . Breath new life into your favorite tracks against a quieter backdrop.
  • 😍 LESS INTERRUPTIONS – Long lasting 360mAh battery supporting 18 hours playback from 2 hours charge. Lightweight construction with soft touch memory foam earcups that fit generously over-ear. Fully adjustable headband with 90-degree rotating earcups
  • 😍 STAY CONNECTED – Reliable and stable Bluetooth 4.1 connects in seconds from up to 33 feet away. 3.5mm AUX port with cable and flight adapter (included) for use in flight mode or with wired devices. Free protective case included for your travel bag
  • 😍 SATISFACTION WARRANTY – 30 days money back guarantee, and 24 months manufacturers warranty, lifetime support. Compatible with Apple and Android devices. Join the thousands of customers delighted by our wireless headphones.