OneConcept Darjeeling 2G Wasserkocher 2200W 1 : The best kettle ever

Not very quick to boil but otherwise does the job well.

I am very pleased with this kettle but even though it is described as a 2lt kettle its maximum fill is still only 1.

The option to choose different temperatures and the corresponding colours which accompany this feature are fab. However, i don’t really need the kettle to beep every time i do something with it. (each time you press a button, when the kettle has boiled, when you remove the kettle from the stand and when you put it back on the stand – this doesn’t make for a quiet cup of tea. Not great for anyone living in a hard water area as signs of limescale appeared within just a couple of days and the kettle does seem quite slow to boil. This may seem like a negative review but i’m actually very happy with the kettle despite the minor points i’ve mentioned.

Heats water and looks pretty while it’s doing it.

The kettle is smart to look at, easy to fill, easy to locate on the power pad, and easy to operate without reading the instructions (although they do describe the route to keeping the kettle on top heat for 2 hours automatically, if you’d ever need such an action??) the glass body accounts for about 75% of the internal surfaces that are exposted to the hot water that you drink, so if you’re avoiding bpa’s or nickel this kettle is definitely better than an all-plastic one or an all stainless steel one. The one issue i’d beg the manufacturer to improve is the spurious useless ‘beep’ sounds. I do not require to be beeped at when i place the kettle onto the base. I do not want to be beeped when i turn the wall socket off and on. No-one in the house wishes to be beeped when the water has boiled, and you could not hypnotise anyone to desire four beeps when selecting the 90ºc option. It is currently impossible to silently make a cup of tea at 6am while our teenager is sleeping above the kitchen, and i will be getting out my tools asap to disconnect the wretched buzzer and place it on our local railroad tracks.

Can make my cuppa at drinking temp.

  • Looks good, untainted water, very usable, annoying buzzer
  • The best kettle ever
  • Pleased with my new kettle

OneConcept Darjeeling 2G Wasserkocher 2200W 1,8l

Stylish kettle with temperature control for heating water to the exact degree.
Real taste: 1.8L glass jug with metal bottom for pure enjoyment.
Temperature selection: 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 ° C hot water withcorresponding coloured LED lighting.
Boil water fast and easy: the oneConcept Darjeeling 2G kettle not only looks good andboils water, it also keeps water warm for up to two hours and may be adjusted forprecisely desired temperatures. Pure luxury and great design for the kitchen!
Perfect tea enjoyment starts with the right water temperature: the high-qualityoneConcept Darjeeling 2G kettle is the perfect companion for tea lovers andconnoisseurs. Different teas require different water temperatures to develop theirtastes optimally, the convenient adjustable desired temperature offers an outspokenluxury: water at the perfect temperature. The desired temperature may be adjustedbetween 60 ° and 100 ° C on the easy-to-use display on the handle. A beep alerts youwhen boiling is started and a second beep informs you when the desired temperature isreached. Different colours for different temperatures provide a visual element: 60 °C lights up green, 70 ° C blue, 80 ° C yellow, 90 ° C purple and 100 ° C red. Boilingwater is made easier than ever, and the removable glass carafe makes handling thekettle effortless.
If one cup of tea is not enough, you can always keep hot water ready for a refillthanks to the 2 hour keep-warm function. With a capacity of 1.8 litres and powerful2200 watts of power, the oneConcept Darjeeling kettle is ideal for all kinds of tasksin the kitchen – all while looking stylish!
Stylish kettle with detachable, wireless glass carafe and 360 ° base station For tea drinkers: adjustable water temperature Warming function for 2 h Powerful 2200W 1.8 l capacity

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  • Looks good, untainted water, very usable, annoying buzzer
  • The best kettle ever
  • Pleased with my new kettle

OneConcept Darjeeling 2G Wasserkocher 2200W 1,8l

Features and Spesification

  • WIRELESS AND QUIET: The oneConcept Darjeeling 2G has a volume of 1.8 litres and features a 360 ° turnable plug-in connection. Since the electric kettle is wireless, it can be transported easily. It is not only comfortable in use but also very quiet.
  • SUPER FAST HEATING: The tea maker consists of safety glass with a water level indicator, flexible temperature adjustment and a keep-warm function. Thanks to 2200 watts of power, it is turbocharged – so the boiling point is reached in a very short time.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the kettle has a cool touch handle, which protects against possible burns. The additional dry boil protection and automatic shutoff make the kettle a safe companion in every kitchen.
  • HIGH CAPACITY – UP TO 6 CUPS OF TEA: The oneConcept Darjeeling 2G is a practical electric kettle that not only supplies enough water for one person, but also supplies medium-sized households, offices or camping trips outdoors with hot water for beverages.
  • SOUTHERN FLAIR IN THE KITCHEN: The electric kettle is particularly impressive thanks to its spectacular pink LED interior lighting, which delicately portrays the interior of the device and makes for a cosy visual highlight for every kitchen.