OneOdio Adapter-free Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones : Great Bass!

I came from a logitech g430 headset. Oh, how i have been missing out on so much bass. It completely changes my listening experience. These headphones are slightly bulky, however, but i like it. The pads are soft and i hardly feel the headband. Also, if you were wondering, like myself, what those squiggles are inside the earpiece, i attached a photo to show that they resemble a ‘l’ for the left side and an ‘r’ for the right side. All round, good for the price.

Perfect for my needs as i play guitar plus cable is long enough when i do recording. Barely noise leakage which is perfect for travelling going to work they’re very light so no neck strain. I also like the fact they are foldable so i can just pop them in my bag. For the price, you can’t really go wrong.

Very comfortable on my ears. Have weight to them but i wouldn’t say they’re heavy. The wire is very thick and long (no homo) and has an elastic bit so you can connect them to your pc from quite a far distance. Delicious headphones 5/5 for the price.

First time using wireless noise canceling headphones and having using them everyday since i purchased them, i must say im really impressed with the quality and the battery life of these headphones. The build quality is really good and the sound quality is just as amazing. The headphones are comfortable to wear and are very compact which makes them easy to pack into your bag when commuting. I woupd highly recommend these to anyone who is an adement music listener our anyone after a good pair of headphones. The noise cancelling is also very impressive and works a charm when you need it.

Excellent well rounded sound. I looked at lots of reviews before purchasing. Out of the box i was already impressed with what they look like. Charged it and i’m happy with the balanced sound quality. Very nice high and mid range sound. Base is about right for my taste, not overpowering, balanced. Battery charged in about 4 hours, and i have had it on for 20 hours now, still hasn’t died. Ear cups are a good size of soft high quality material which allows the headphones to sit nicely on your ears without causing discomfort.

This is probably one the most comfortable headphones i’ve had. Sound is good and i’ve had no bluetooth connectivity issues.

Bought these as i play guitar and needed some comfortable phones with a long lead. The usual length was just to short and keep falling off and pulling the amp when ever i moved. These are great, comfortable and light enough to wear for a practise session. Great sound and the long cable makes them useful.

Straight out of box paired with phone and playing no hassle. Great sound quality bass and treble perfect. Controls tracks on phone and noise cancelling works great. Volume is limited to avoid ringing ears but they are still loud enough to drown out background noise anyway. Nice and comfy to wear basic controls left ear is noise cancelling on and off right ear is play (pair), next previous so no need to fumble around.

  • An interesting exercise in Value
  • Surprisingly Good
  • Excellent headphones

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones for Monitoring and Mixing, Protein Leather Earcups, Noise Isolation, 90° Rotatable Housing, Portable Over Ear Stereo Headphones (Upgraded Version)

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 thanks to the modern design the headphones suits to boys and girls and are appropriate for young and old people. The foldable property makes it very easy to store, pack and wear them. This makes a huge difference between this high quality product and others on the marketplace. I am very happy because i don’t need any more adapters to carry after me thanks to the dual-duty cable when i share with my girlfriend my favourite music. Talking about cables, i don’t need them because they are bluetooth aswell. Related to the sound quality, it feels like i am in a cinema. Hear every detail and deliver a professional quality sound. It looks like this product it worth every penny.

Ok so firstly its important to read these reviews with context in mind. And the context here and also the reason for the title of my short review is that these are not a pristine set of vmoda crossfades or shure srh840es. The thing about these cans is that they cost a paltry £40. What these headphones show is that oneodio has access to many (if not all) of the internal components that all of the various vendors use, package and tune in various different ways, with varying degrees of build quality and finish. The drivers in these headphones are really quite good. The sound is pretty balanced, full and clean. Treble is not splashy, bass is not overblown and the midrange is not dulled down to create the illusion of “premium sound quality”. Do they sound as good as the vmodas or shure’s mentioned just now, well, no of course they don’t, but then you are paying less than half to one fifth of what those can cost.

The sound from these headphones is really good in terms of clarity and depth, the source of the sound does not come from between your ears but as if it was originating in front and around you. Good bass and audio frequency response excellent value for money spent.

I was looking for some headphones that were affordable and that delivered in terms of sound quality, and these definitely didn’t dissapoint,oneaudio a7 fushion give me great quality, they fit very well on their ears. Easy to usei highly recommend them.

This headphone is a perfect item to replace any of those high end headphones. Firstly, the design looks sleek; the all black colour with tints of metallic looks give this a high quality feel. Wearing the headphone is very comfortable even for a long use, probably because it is padded very well. The sound quality is very impressive; you get the nice deep bass as well as the surround sound effect which i didn’t expect from a headphone of this budget. The noise cancelling is fairly decent too; not the best obviously, but better than what i would have imagined. It comes with a carry bag which also looks and feels amazing.

The headphones are overall pretty great. The sound is very good, they are comfortable and the controls are easily reachable. There are only two small negatives:- only the arms holding the bins fold, but the bins don’t rotate, so you end up with a bundle the thickness of two full bins (they’re pretty big) plus the top part of the headband. That’s quite big- there is a scary warning that the things might burst into flame if you charge them with anything more than the ysb coming from a charging port on your laptop. I have a charger by my bed but am now a little afraid to use it for the headphones, just in case. And i hardly ever travel with my laptop unless it’s for work. So, i am sol charging these safely a lot of the time. They should have a safe charging component that ratchets down whatever power is going in as required and switches off when full. That’s what my other headphones from phillips have.

I don’t use these professionally so can only comment on these headphones on a like for like against comparable headphones at this price point. The brief i was given was to find headphones that are comfortable to wear, over ear and with good sound quality for listening to music and watching movies. These are over qualified for this use, very comfortable, comes with carry bag and two leads with different adaptors (allowing more than one input). They can be daisy chained with another set of headphones (any make). They are fantastic for the money.

Seriously great product for the price. Used by my son for guitar playing and home studio recording purposes. Excellent sound, must be the best for the price.

  • An interesting exercise in Value
  • Surprisingly Good
  • Excellent headphones

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones for Monitoring and Mixing, Protein Leather Earcups, Noise Isolation, 90° Rotatable Housing, Portable Over Ear Stereo Headphones (Upgraded Version)

This headphone is great for good sound quality. Also they are well design for staying on the head and being adjustable. Jack lock system is my favourite but bluetooth music sharing is the thing i really wanted. The pouch is really lovely and will help me to keep and carry my headphone. I was struggling with my previous headphones for not being comfortable over my head and ears but this one is perfect. And i love the whole design and package in my first impression.

One of my best buys, this product is everything the description says it does. The comfort, background noise cancelling and it actually fits my head. If you are reading this i recommend this product to anyone who is curious enough. If you are an editor, like myself, these shall benefit you in everyway possible. When the audio is too loud in premiere these headphones make it so that you do not hurt your ears as much, which is very difficult to find in cheap products.

Tried this over a week now and i am amazed at the quality. This is different to other headphones, with option of actually using it for dj it’s clear sound makes it easy. Cable quality is good and fits well. While it’s bit huge for some but for me it was perfect. Use this to play my guitar and with high cable quality it works very well.

The long wire seemed to go faulty within 5 mins – but thankfully had something that would take its place, the noise cancelling feature isn’t that great – it’s a little hit and miss, maybe that was due to the cable issue; but as they were then used in a recording scenario – there really wasn’t much other noise about.

The headphones come with all necessary cables to use for all their features and the soft lining storage bag. I like listening to the music through the pair of good headphones and these are not exception, but none of the other pair i’ve used had an option to share the music with another pair of headphones or another device thanks to its dual purpose cables. The sound quality in them is just amazing, very clear and reach in bass. They are very comfortable too due to the large soft ear pads cushions and soft head band. I always choose the oval shape as it much more comfortable for the ears and better passive noise cancelling. The bluetooth connection is stable and reliable and the battery lasts me nearly two weeks with 1-2 hours of use daily. It is also good to have the piece of mind when if the battery dies i can use them on cable.

Surprise is the whole product. This is a cheap plastic effect, but the comfort and sound quality is fantastic. Replaceable cable instantly two.

My new gym buddy, love the headset and sound qualitynot too heavy to wear and fits properly.

I’m so happy with these, i primarily bought these for my dj setup but i’ve found myself using them for so much more (listening to music, mixing music gaming and for the tv)the build quality and sound quality is excellent, the bass is nice and deep but tight and the treble is nice and clear and they are very loud. They are also comfortable and not heavy at all so can be worn for long periods. They also came with multiple leads all of which are gold contact and feel like really good quality cable aswell as a charger cable and carry pouchexcellent value for money in my opinion and i would definitely recommend them.

I bought these headphones in order to study in loud spaces. For the price tag, they certainly do their job. The noise canceling capabilities may not be able to block out all of the loudest sounds, but if you crank up the volume on them you won’t be disturbed by it outside noises. Excellent battery life, love the bluetooth, would definitely buy again.

These headphones do everything i need, give exceptional overall sound quality, very comfortable wearing over long periods, useful adapter free cable, fairly good external noise isolation and nicely made, at a competitive price point. I own other headphones, including premium makes and yenona, excel for adding the missing musical detail.

I have changed my usual headphones for this ones as the style looks very cool and retro too. They are a big small for my ears but they are comfortable to wear, you can even fold them in case you want to put the in your bag. This headphones are supposed to be excelent for music people that work in music studios so sound quality should be amazing, in my case inthink it’s good but not excellent maybe because i have not used both connecting cables but i don’t think that’s the reason. From my point of view the price is okay because you pay for something that is good quality and looks and feels good material and well built. Bare in mine this headphones are not wireless/bluetooth so you will always need a connection cable to listen to the music.

Style, comfort, sound quality and connectivity are the main reasons for purchasing a this 2nd headphone from oneodio. This is a prime example of keeping something simple and making it the best.

For gaming on ps4, these headphones really work great. The aux cord has an in line microphone, and the end of the wire has a spring to prevent the likelihood of the wire tearing (nice touch), and microphone quality is good. The sound from these headphones for gaming is great. It is easy to hear what and where things are coming from within games, and the headphones make it very easy to feel immersed while gaming. The sound quality is very good, especially when listening to music. I have been able to feel the bass rather than just hear it – this is something that surprised me when i first used these headphones. The sound is balanced well – when i play music, it does sound like the track has been bass boosted to extremes or doesn’t sound tinny at high frequencies. Everything sounds clean and balanced. Also, the noise cancelling is pretty good – most sounds from the outside are drowned out. The quality and feel of the headphones are good.

These headphones are comfy to wear and give very good, neutral sound. Nothing bad stands out, such as over bright treble or boomy bass. Excellent midrange for vocals. There is very good soundstaging for a closed back design. Resolution is quite good too. Althouth plastic they seem quite well built and are quite quiet when moving my head around. Choice of cable plug size is interesting but not of use to me personally. The pads are large but the hole is only 5cm in length, which is about 1cm smaller than the average adult ear, so these sit on, not over, my ears. Other than being a bit hot after a couple of hours listening that’s no problem. I don’t know why so many reviewers mention a battery as it doesn’t use one.

Firstly, the headphone is very stylish and feels solid and not cheap. The sound quality is very good for the price paid for, but the noise cancellation was exceptional. This is a one of my favourite wireless headphones.

If you dont want to read my rather long review, my summary is that these are nearly perfect if not for their insane sound leakage. – great quality sound (9/10)- loud volume (10/10)- comfortable on the top of you head (7-8/10)- comfortable on ears (8-9/10)- noise cancelling (8/10) – they arent actually ‘active’ noise cancelling, but are passive noice cancelling. Of course you will always hear whats going on outside as with any $300 pair, but they block out background noise in general- asthetics (7/10) – imo they dont look too trendy, but for the price thats no concern, and who gives a duck *quack* about appealling to the wider masses anyways eh?noise leakage (0/10)noise isolation (which is about cancelling external noises as much as possible and and reducing internal noise leakage as much as possible) – (4/10 – good enough cancellation, ridiculous leakage)so what’s the problem?.Because they dont have good noise isolation properties. ‘noise isolation’ is supposed to be: 1- about blocking out, or cancelling (whether actively or passively (these are passive)), outside noise as much as possible; and, 2- about reducing sound leakage. These headphones fail on this second point. I kid you not when plugged into my iphone 6 at max volume, they’re literally like speakers (weak speakers but still so loud). For me, that’s a problem as i have flatmates to consider and as i dont want to be that guy who plays his music so loudly late at night nor in public. If such excessive sound leakage is not a problem for you, i highly recommend these headphones as their sound their quality, their comfort, and (clearly) their volume are all top level.

Daily go on a long walks and really enjoy the quality of the headphone, pair with my phone and use directly with amazing sounds, it’s very comfortable to wear for long time with excellent design, has size adjustable, and has decent noise isolating, overall the build quality is top and the sound quality is far better then expected.

They’re really cool overallthese headphones look good, and sound quality is great. ) 4+ hours of continual usage before needing recharging. The noise cancellation works fine but still get a bit of quiet noise pollution coming through, however that’s on a noisy urban train so, no complaints.

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