OneOdio Adapter-free Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones : Stunning for that money

Very comfortable on my ears. Have weight to them but i wouldn’t say they’re heavy. The wire is very thick and long (no homo) and has an elastic bit so you can connect them to your pc from quite a far distance. Delicious headphones 5/5 for the price.

Been using different brands each time the padded foam of my headphone started to fall apart. A little skeptical about the price would give me anything amazing, but it’s really a good bargain. How long will it last, that we don’t know, but it has been 2 hours i’m using it and i’m already adding more in my basket in order to replace the rest of headphones in the house. Again with this kind of price, i’m not expecting any full bodied solid sound, but it will not give you cheap sound either, after all, you get what you pay for, and i’m happy with it. The ear cup blocked out most noises, yet doesn’t make your ears ache or uncomfortable, not feel hot. Gold plated jack is what you get, which also one thing in particular i insist of when i’m buying headphone or earphone. The overall look also very nice, looks like expensive stuff.

Very light , cool to wear for long periods , and amazed with the sounds these headsets pickup , i use these in my “ham radio” shack that covers a high range of sounds and at times can be operating with a wide banded / narrow band audio that cope really well , overall very pleased with the kit. Hope to do further business with you again.

I paid less than 20 quid for these, so didn’t have huge expectations, but i have been pleasantly surprised. The sound quality is more than decent and they seem well made for the price point. I bought them for home studio monitoring purposes. They clearly aren’t truly neutral, but are perfectly adequate for my (very) amateur purposes. The two cables supplied are also good quality, and ensure that the headphones are versatile. A wee carry case would have been good, but i certainly wouldn’t quibble given what i paid. Well worthy of 5 stars at this price.

Straight out of box paired with phone and playing no hassle. Great sound quality bass and treble perfect. Controls tracks on phone and noise cancelling works great. Volume is limited to avoid ringing ears but they are still loud enough to drown out background noise anyway. Nice and comfy to wear basic controls left ear is noise cancelling on and off right ear is play (pair), next previous so no need to fumble around.

I don’t use these professionally so can only comment on these headphones on a like for like against comparable headphones at this price point. The brief i was given was to find headphones that are comfortable to wear, over ear and with good sound quality for listening to music and watching movies. These are over qualified for this use, very comfortable, comes with carry bag and two leads with different adaptors (allowing more than one input). They can be daisy chained with another set of headphones (any make). They are fantastic for the money.

The headphones are comfortable and the sound is good. It comes with a long red cable with a 6. 5mm at the other, and a shorter black cable with a 3. 5mm on either end which has a microphone on it. For the red cable, the headphones will allow either end to plug into them, so you whether your device has a 6. 5 you should be able to use the cable the necessary way round, though i’ve only tried the 6. 3mm plugged into the headphones and the 3. The black cable (with the mic) for just music was fine, but when using the microphone for me was very crackly and the mic overly sensitive making it pretty unusable, just moving my head side to side caused crackling when looped back into my ears, and if you were using that for chat/phone/skype etc it’d be torture for the person you’re speaking to even if you can’t hear it (if you dont have mic monitoring on) so don’t expect to be able to the included mic. But for purely audio, you’re fine and i’m sure you’ll be happy with these headphones.

I’m using this for watching videos, listening to music and editing podcasts = for hours a day. Sound is excellend, very clear. Headphones are wery comfortable, but beware – they may be too small for a larger head. Noise isolation 100%, the sound coming from outside is moderately isolated. The cable is brilliant – springs on the ends, so that it does not broke. The spring on the cable itself is also a big deal.

  • Great headphones
  • Pretty good
  • Not Studio Quality As Advertised – DJs it works fine – Small Jack Don’t Work

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones for Monitoring and Mixing, Protein Leather Earcups, Noise Isolation, 90° Rotatable Housing, Portable Over Ear Stereo Headphones (Silver-Brown)

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The headset is comfortable, not too heavy and not too light and for the first time covers my ears entirely, they are tiny though. I’m testing this on my laptop for max volume. At a fairly medium volume, the headphones are noise cancelling. ( i will update with an outdoor test later for mobile)so every new set i test for bass, quality of all types of instruments, noise cancelling. The complexity of music and tracks, volume level, all the cables and bluetooth if a set has them. Also testing for genres like drum and bass, funk, house, and instrumentals and rock music. Wired test – quality is amazing with the dj jack cable. Handles vocals well as instruments. Handles intense songs like bands like 2 cellos well. On full volume, they are like speakers.

The large jack input works well. You would call the sound as clear, but lacking warmth. There’s a small reliance on very high tones. For dj’s and rappers this is good for studio work. It might effect your final mix with dance music, so i recommend using high end headphones before releasing tunes on itunes etc. Warning: the mini headphone jack is useless. Tried and tested with a very high quality minijack to mini jack and a plenue cowen d hi-fi mp3 player known for its ‘quality’ by audiophiles. Used normal and ‘funk’ setting for contrast. Had to pump up sound 3x for the same sound level vs sennheiser hd 205 ii’s. The port is its only let down.

These headphones are comfy to wear and give very good, neutral sound. Nothing bad stands out, such as over bright treble or boomy bass. Excellent midrange for vocals. There is very good soundstaging for a closed back design. Resolution is quite good too. Although plastic they seem quite well built and are quite quiet when moving my head around. Because of their dj use design, the cups do flip flop around very easily so you need to get used to handling them when putting them on. Choice of cable plug size is interesting but not of use to me personally. The pads are large but the hole is only 5cm in length, which is about 1cm smaller than the average adult ear, so these sit on, not over, my ears. Other than being a bit hot after a couple of hours listening that’s no problem.

I bought these mainly to watch tv at night, until i had the money to get a more expensive, well known make at a later date. Though to be honest, after using them, i don’t see the need, not in the foreseeable future. The sound is great, i watched jurassic park when i first got them (has to be done when checking sound for films on any kind of output lol) the clarity of sound and the balance, although not 5. 1 was extremely impressive, as was the bass. I plugged it into my denon amplifier, only because my tv doesn’t have a jack socket, whether this helped or not i don’t know.

I have no issues with the sound quality, they sound exactly like they should for the price and i have no complaints there. My issue is with the build quality. They creak and crack just from being held, they feel quite loosely put together and when using them wired, even after only having them for a few weeks, one of the ears cuts out and can only be fixed by twisting the cable. I have tested this on multiple devices with multiple cables, one of which was purchased brand new and taken out of the box specifically to test them. I previously purchased the oneodio studio wired headphones and they felt much more sturdy than these, i understand compromises must be made in order to keep prices down, but i would prefer to pay a bit more to have sturdier headphones. These are bluetooth headphones, which means chances are they’ll be taken outside. These are nowhere near sturdy enough to be ‘outside headphones’. The entire housing is put together from cheap plastic and feels light and hollow. While this might sound like a nitpick, i feel as though comfort is important when choosing headphones. Remember you might be wearing these for hours a day, but even if you aren’t, it’s good to have them be comfortable.

Love them, only had them for over a week, i was dubious at first as i’d never heard of the brand, but absolutely love them, the sound quality is superb for what i need it for. It’s not bluetooth, but that’s not what i wanted, it’s wired headphones. There are other headphones in that brand that cater for bluetooth. I use it for listening to music on my ipod, i would definately recommend. Plus you get 2 years warranty when you register and sign up.

Ok headphones – connection on the 3. Got round this by using the bigger jack. 5hour before they start to annoy me. But i guess i’m just sensitive. Build quality is nice (except for the scratchy 3. 5mm jack cable) & sound quality is ok but have heard better. For the price these are probably the best you can get.

I used these headphones for 6 days after i received it. And i can say that in general the quality of the item is pretty good, very durable. Battery works for me 3-4 days( i used it 5 hours during the day), so it also good. And what about sound – it has nice basses and sounds clear, but it also depends on the quality of music you are listening.I could not check very well noise cancellation, bs it was quite in the room, but in general works great.

  • Great headphones
  • Pretty good
  • Not Studio Quality As Advertised – DJs it works fine – Small Jack Don’t Work

OneOdio Adapter-free Closed-Back DJ Studio Headphones for Monitoring and Mixing, Protein Leather Earcups, Noise Isolation, 90° Rotatable Housing, Portable Over Ear Stereo Headphones (Silver-Brown)

For gaming on ps4, these headphones really work great. The aux cord has an in line microphone, and the end of the wire has a spring to prevent the likelihood of the wire tearing (nice touch), and microphone quality is good. The sound from these headphones for gaming is great. It is easy to hear what and where things are coming from within games, and the headphones make it very easy to feel immersed while gaming. The sound quality is very good, especially when listening to music. I have been able to feel the bass rather than just hear it – this is something that surprised me when i first used these headphones. The sound is balanced well – when i play music, it does sound like the track has been bass boosted to extremes or doesn’t sound tinny at high frequencies. Everything sounds clean and balanced. Also, the noise cancelling is pretty good – most sounds from the outside are drowned out. The quality and feel of the headphones are good.

Tremendous value for money pair of budget over-ear headphones. Build quality is really solid. They feel much more expensive than they are. Sound quality is great, and although they don’t have noise cancellation they do cocoon you nicely from the outside world. The only criticism is that there is a lot of sound bleed from the back of the cups, so not really suitable for use on public transport, unless you want to annoy the person next to you.

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