Optoma ML330 500 LED Brightness Ultra-Compact Android LED Projector – Grey/ – Great Projector, Excellent Value for money, Small and compact. Just what i was looking for!

Very impressed by this projector. It’s tiny, it’s bright, and if you pair it with a standard tripod, it becomes wonderfully simple in terms of set up, even if you have to move it round your house a lot. Only downside is the focusing can be a bit uneven and fade off towards the edges. When you’re watching a movie, this isn’t really a problem, if you use this projector as a computer monitor for lots of text, then you’re better off with a screen, or a more expensive projector.

I got this several years ago instead of a traditional tv and have been quite happy with it, i am about 3-4k hours usage time with the projector. I originally bought it as being a renter and having to move regularly meant that it was useful to have something compact and light that i could take to friends, use at bbqs and generally for a bit of gaming/tv. For everyday home use it is paired with the kindle fire 4k and a q acoustic m3 over bluetooth but any bluetooth speaker is a decent upgrade. You can use this with a small stand or gorilla pod if portability is your thing. The case with everything in is about the same size as a 2l tupperware container and is very light. Brightness is not incredible unless it is nighttime, watching in a dimly lit room with the curtains drawn will generally produce an acceptable 3lx2. It can be usable even in bright light if you are willing to drop this to a 21′ screen. Overall i am very happy with it and am waiting for the technology to get better before getting something 4k/4000 lumens bulb-free. Nb: in sales this will sometimes go down to £389pros:’camera weight’ so all standard camera triports worked i paired it with a £50 manfrotto from pc world to keep it stabletheoretically will last for about 8 years heavy use without bulb replacementdoes the jobcons:edid issue which can prevent some devices working – testing a workaround with an edid injectoron-board software/pdf reader is disappointing slow and underpoweredpower brick can be awkward, particularly if you want to move the projectorpoor but functional speakerrather loud fans unless you are using a decent sound systemdid not with hdcp in my testing ie xbox360 will not play dvdssome of the above could have been easily fixed with a firmware upgrade if optima ever decided to release one.

I have been using this projector for more than two months now. It was a complicated choice given all the chinese options that are half the price or even less. After several reviews, lots of comments, and internet articles, dlp technology was the answer to spot a good projector. I have used this with my laptop (and my wife’s), roku stick, and nintendo switch. It works perfectly well with all these. It has a built-in battery that i have tested up until 2 hours, so you can easily see a movie with one complete charge. Surprisingly, the sound is clear and quite loud. In the pictures you can see how it looks with the kitchen light on, and then with the living room’s on. (note: the picture looks normally wider, but spongebob does not support wide screen).

The processor in this is slow. Sd-card and internal memory playback (and even the memory scanning) is very poor and buggy using standard directory file structures on fat32. You can’t use the internal playback mode without embarrassingly slow / jittery and out of sync video play-back. Sound is better although you will need to you the multi-cable output to an amp and speakers to descent quality. The hdmi input is a much better option, and the screen quality and contrast is surprisingly good for a unit of this type and size. However, i am sure you will find a better one at around £400. Thankfully, i only paid half of that.

I originally ordered an aukey led projector for £100 less which i found really exceeded my expectations and made me really excited to try this ml750e projector. I’ve wanted to set up a cinema for ages but don’t really have the space so a compact led projector seemed the way to go. Please note: this review is biased because i am directly comparing it. Some of these points may not be as apparent without direct comparison. I was expecting the difference between the ml750 and the aukey to be great given the supposed difference in spec of 700 lumens and 15000:1 contrast ratio vs 200 and 1000:1. If anything this projector made me realise how good the aukey actually was and how mediocre the optoma is. I’ll explain why: – focus: i simply could not get the optoma as focussed as the aukey. It’s impossible, the lens really is worse quality or something. The focus isn’t ‘bad’ but the difference is immediately noticeable on text and faces. – contrast: yes the contrast is definitely better, there is definitely more detail in the shadows and highlights, however, oddly, in the mid range the contrast of the aukey seemed better, possibly due to the better focus.

I really want to like this item but generally i don’tthe main problem is the sound. If you connect by hdmi then the sound goes to the projector but the speaker is useless. Its difficult to get some streaming systems to output video to projector and sound to bluetooth so it would be nice if the unit had an audio out jack. Also video can be a little choppy especially when reading from the micro sd. It also struggles with streamed from google play even if you download the file so its definitely the projector at fault. Stream to a tv does not have this issue. Tried this using a modern high end android phone or tablet with same result. I have another projector with normal bulb and same lumen rating and that is definitely brighter though colours are cooler and nicer on this especially for skies. As a business tool the resolution is not quite there though the brightness is adequate for a smaller room for say 10-15 people.

It’s actually cooler than i expected.

For the price, the optoma led projector is probably one of the better choices. I have now bought three of these for events and show stands. However, optoma had an issue with the lens in these, they have now discontinued manufacture of this model and quite rightly too. They do not admit to this however, i had spoken to them several times about it, and they just fobbed me off with ‘ohh, you need to send the projector to us, so we can check it’. The fact i had 3 doing the same thing, and had already returned the first one for the same fault means nothing, they clearly knew about the flaw. The lens will focus sharp to only one side of the image, this is actually common a little with projector lenses in my experience, yet the focus issue in the optoma 750 projects is much more apparent, so you have to settle for some slightly out of focus elements on the edges of the image, and fine balance between getting that equal is an art with such a small but manual focus control. Otherwise a great projector with nothing bad to say about it, maybe other than it needs an audio out 3. 5mm jack on the projector and not on their flimsy proprietor connector / lead.

Amazing, no regrets, does me for work and play.

For the size in a darkened room the picture is superb for stills and movies. As i basically bought this for movies and knew it would need a darkened room then it fulfills my requirements. I have found that it works best with an hdmi input. I have tried the usb and it is a bit hit and miss. It seems to need very specific versions of files. The on board audio is awful, but for the size i expected no more. I have found using a media player with hdmi works better tan direct usb. I have films on a usb hard drive and they would not work directly. I suspect mpeg2 incompatibility as the manual only mentions mpeg1. Mp4 is as someone else said a bit hit and miss, although many worked.

I had to do a massive research on compact projectors and on projectors in general to understand which one is the right one for me as there are so many choices. This one seems to tick most of the boxes, and here are my conclusions:1. Brightness – it is bright enough to perform well on 85′ diagonal with semi-dimmed lights and is brilliant in dark room – see the photos. Picture quality – happy with it, the colours look natural and there are plenty of colour adjustment modes and options. Portability – it is very small and lightweight, as it does not have battery. Comes with a very good quality travel case. Smart features – they are there but i am not using them as i rely on firestick completely.

Bought this for a small presentation and it works much better than i had expected. Small, easy to use, bright so will become my projector of choice even for fairly large groups.

Superb little projector, been watching star wars on an 8ft wide screen :-). As stated in another review, getting the best focus does take a bit of fiddling, but not too bad. Excellent quality image for something this size. Have yet to try the 3d, so will write another review once i’ve tried it. This has really turned me onto projectors; you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Here are the specifications for the Optoma ML330 500 LED Brightness Ultra-Compact Android LED Projector – Grey/:

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  • Ultra-compact android LED projector
  • HD ready and LED technology – eminent for movies, gaming and PC – free business presentations
  • High connectivity – HDMI, MHL, microSD, USB, wireless, Bluetooth and built in speaker
  • Stream online content – built in android v4.4
  • Compact and lightweight, 0.46 kg – projects up to 120 Inch; image the same as 4 x 60 Inch TV’s
  • Includes 1 year UK warranty on the projector and 5 year/12,000 hrs warranty on the light source

Wow this is a great little portable projector. I use it as i travel a lot and it was unfeasible to take a ‘normal’ size one. I have used the sd card slot and the hdmi connection and both are great. I’ve used it approx 8 feet away from a white wall and the writing/pictures are crystal clear so much in fact that my colleagues have bought it as well.

This little projector far surpasses all expectations. It does everything you want it to; plays direct from usb, bluetooth’s to an external speaker but has it’s own speaker for quieter environments and is capable of downloading android apps for movies/tv streaming, games and powerpoint etc. The picture is crystal clear and with the 500lm it doesn’t have to be pitch black to benefit. No zoom-able feature (digital zoom for fine tuning) so depending how far away the projector is to the wall is how big the picture is, i would say though, it goes far bigger than the stated 120′, it focuses fine at the bigger sizes however you my loose a little brightness. It plays most video formats out there including mkv however i needed to download an app to play avi (vlc/mx player) which is not an issue. It comes in a nice travel little case with remote and all cables required including a hdmi cable and 2 power cables (british & european). My only criticism is it needs to be plugged in, no battery on this model, an air mouse would of been a nice touch also, you could buy a third party mouse but the supplied one more than good enough.

Very compact and light weight. No uk plug, some ridiculous large converter contraption to change to uk plug that makes the plug larger than the projector and therefore cannot fit in the carry bag, which is way too small to fit this in and a hdmi lead which sadly is not supplied either which i would expect at this price. The carry bag is not very well padded either: i assume optoma are confident in the robustness of their product – time will tell. If you are selling a product in the uk then it should be fit for purpose in the uk. Petty penny pinching just takes the shine off what is an excellent mini projector.

I am using this quite a time, almost 3 months as a main game monitor, colors brightness is good. Sound is not reliable of course. But you must consider that this is short throw projector, means if you have a small room like mine to get an optimum size of projection, you need to put it in front of you. So most of the time you need to be close to the projector. And noise can bother you after a while. It is not super noisy( eco mode is very quite, but alittle dark) but still not like monitor silence. So be careful where you need to put it. Super portable and colors etc. If response time is a question mark dont worry it works well during gameplay, no difference from a real monitor.

This is incredibly small and powerful projector, it really does fit in the palm of your hand. Image is surprisingly bright, but best when the room is is reasonably dark. It coped well with movies and games (gta4, wokfenstein and cod). The screen size can be stretched to 100 inch at a push, but 80 is probably best. The speakers are very weak, connecting an external speaker is a bit of a faff as you need to use a multipurpose cable, it is a shame it does not have bluetooth connectivity as standard, i hate cables trailing all over the place. This absolutely perfect as a travel projector, it kept the kids really happy on holidays.

A great unit for its compact size but it isn’t capable of displaying a true 1080p image as its native resolution is 1280×800, where as 1080p would require 1920×1080 resolution. The firmware isn’t all that great, but what do you expect from something do small.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazed by this little gem

  • This little projector sets new standards for compact LED projection

  • Amazing bit of kit for the travelling presenter

What a beautifully sharp display. The picture quality on this is gorgeous. I wish i could say the firmware was as good. I am a bit disappointed that images have to be resized to 2000ppx as i am a wedding photographer and generally deliver images at 5000ppx. Yes it is just a quick batch to change them but i prefer not to hassle with extra steps. I found it a bit more than dodgy with playing powerpoints and diabolical with mpeg4 videos which it would just randomly decide not to play (renaming the files to an un-openable name) – i tried consulting the manual (which can only be retrieved online) and it appears i am doing nothing wrong – it is just fiddly. Re-saving the files with a different name usually fixes it which is mind boggling. Also the ability to change the source is supposed to work on the actual projector but we have never gotten it to work that way and have always had to use the remote. With the remote being so tiny it is a bit nerve wracking that we will lose it and then not be able to switch input sources. So overall the optics are awesome but the firmware sucks.

Already posted an extensive comment so can’t fathom why this request appeared?. Suffice to say the surprisingly minuscule ml750e has served me extremely well with my first fine art project; the purpose for my acquisition. I am sure it will continue to do so. Optoma support over a warranty issue was excellent. Almost purchased the artograph flare, at a higher price, an item that is supposedly geared for art usage. So pleased i went to optoma.

Anyone who does a lot of presentations in different locations will have horror stories about audiovisual equipment that isn’t there or doesn’t work. Most of us normally travel with a load of cables, dongles and adaptors, but if the projector doesn’t work then you’re stuck. I’ve considered buying a business projector for a while but didn’t fancy lugging one around with me everywhere of the off chance that i would need it. With this you can fit everything you need to give a presentation in your regular bag. I’ve transferred my presentations and videos onto a micro-sd card and can run them straight off the projector. I’ve added in a mini tripod amazonbasics lightweight mini tripod which fits in the included case with the power cable and paired it with a small speaker (which doesn’t) and i don’t need a computer at all. The bulb is easily bright enough to use in a normally lit room with the image at 50-60 inches, so great for fairly small groups, and setup is really easy. The remote can be used as a clicker for presentations but unfortunately the receiving sensor is on the back of the projector, so you have to be behind it to use it reliably. I haven’t tried the optional wireless dongle, so can’t comment on that.

I use it all the time in rounds.

We bought one of these sight-unseen as a 2017 gift for our daughter. When we finally visited her and saw it in action i was astonished to see how compact and effective it is, so we ordered one for use in our house and i now have a better understanding of what is offered. This optoma projector is ‘android’ – a point that was lost on me until i got to seriously play with it. What it means is: you can download apps, you can hook up a mouse and keyboard, you can set up dns addresses to manage the wifi access, and in a sense this is like having a mid-range mobile phone with projection capability (but it does not make calls, of course, and there is no sim card). The projector is provided in a very handy and nicely designed carry case with a little spare space (eg for keyboard and mouse dongles but not much more). It is lightweight of course, and one option is to fit it to a photographic tripod; we did that to run a movie outside, on a warm summer evening. Otherwise there is a small lifter underneath at the front which throws the image higher, if that is needed. In basic operation the automatic keystone is wonderful, i have no idea how that works. Focusing is easy, and there is a fairly wide angle so that for a 150cm (diagonal) display the projector needs to be about 155cm away from the screen – that is much closer than our old ‘conventional’ (hot, noisy and heavy) data projector. There is a remote that provides basic control, with an option to use the joystick buttons to skip around the objects on the home screen (apps, source, settings, and so on), but it also can be used to switch into a ‘pointer’ mode so that the joystick keys now push the pointer around pixel by pixel.