Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Elegance” 2400W 1 – Best quality

Love everything about this kettle – i can’t fault it.

Before we found this kettle we had been looking for a wholly steel kettle – by which i mean no plastic parts in contact with the water or steam – for years. Heat and plastic are not the best bedfellows and nearly every kettle we found dashed our expectations by having a plastic water level indicator or filter, or there was plastic inside the lid. I actually saw this product mentioned elsewhere originally, and at the time it wasn’t available in the uk through amazon, so we had to deal directly with the company, who were extremely helpful answering our questions and supplying us with the uk lead and metal filter (at no additional cost). Now we are equipping an annexe kitchen and our first thought was to get another one of these kettles, and so were delighted to find they are now available through amazon. It’s sturdy without being heavy or cumbersome and makes a lovely noise when boiling, as well as being very stylish – our original one is as good as new two years on.

Superb stylish and well made, delivered within a few days by ups. Also fitted with stainless steel filter in place of plastic filter as requested in notes.

Simply the nicest kettle we’ve ever had. We wanted a stainless kettle and it was important to us that it should have no plastic parts in contact with the water and no silicon joint seals. There are very few available that don’t have a plastic window or filter, but this one has none. It also has two other virtues, it’s beautifully made and it’s beautiful to look at. When you order, you need to email the manufacturer to specify the stainless lime scale filter, which is a no-cost option. I was charmed to receive a reply from alice ottoni herselfin the interest of balance i’m trying to think of any negatives, but the only one i can come up with is that the interior is so beautifully shiny it can be difficult to see the level of the water.

We wanted a kettle that looked great and had no plastic in contact with the boiling water, as our water produces a funny taste in plastic kettles. This fits the bill, stylish, light, and no plastic. Delivered extremely quickly from italy and emails in faultless english.

Does the job of boiling water.

Love this kettle and the customer service. I searched for a kettle with no plastic components and this is the best. Nb that you need to request a stainless steel filter by email once purchased. Seller was very fast on email and arrived on time with some extra small coffee spoons (which i actually desperately needed) – couldn’t be happier.

Have had this for a few months now. Entire kettle is stainless steel (tip: ask for stainless steel filter) – boils water very quickly. I bought this before i had my son, and it’s a lifesaver with the many bottles of formula i need to make.

Amazing kettle – no plastic parts in contact with water = very healthy. Fast delivery, arrived after 3 days. Thank youottoni fabbrica italian top kettle ‘alice elegance’ 2400w 1,7 l.

Such a wonderful kettle, completely plastic-free (as long as you request a stainless steel filter) and non-toxic. Beautiful design, easy to use and it doesn’t leak. Excellent customer service too :-).

Our ottoni lignum kettle arrived yesterday. It’s the most beautiful object in our new kitchen, highly efficient, a pleasure to see and to use. Above all, no plastic parts are touched by boiling water. The unsurpassed customer service was a bonus – the response to our initial email enquiry arrived within 25 minutes and the kettle itself arrived direct from italy as promised three days later – with a gift of 6 ottoni 18/20 teaspoons. Now that’s what you call stylea pity they don’t make a matching toaster.

Well built, no plastic parts inside. Nice colour, quality finish.

Love our new kettle and we have had lots of compliments, as it is good looking. All metal so no plastic inside which is what drew us to it. Water boils quickly and tastes good.

The heading might seem silly but it’s true. The taste of our tea has vastly improved since using our new kettle, why we don’t know. We have always used water from a filter tap so maybe it is because it has a stainless steel interior?. We love it, it is absolutely brilliant and very stylish also. As well as being plastic free it is also the quietest kettle we have ever owned. Congratulations ottoni fabbrica.

No plastic, well made & fast excellent service from italy.

This is a really great kettle, beautiful design, pours great and so well made. Fantastic service from ottoni, in particular gabriella who ensured we had a stainless steel filter fitted.

Looks lovely and is not noisy when boiling.

Looks good, does what a kettle should and, most importantly, has absolutely no plastic inside after we followed the instructions to request a stainless steel filter in place of the default plastic option. Ordered on a sunday, delivered the following thursday. Several emails from customer service kept us informed throughout.

There is a clicking sound when boiling which i would like to look into as it doesnt sound right.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Plastic free kettle at last!
  • it’s beautifully made and it’s beautiful to look at
  • A beautiful non-plastic kettle

Top quality kettle with quality customer service, boils and pours perfect. Absolutely no plastic inside kettle.

Love my new kettle, it looks great and best of all it has no plastic inside at all. I don’t find it too noisy either. Happy to pay for a quality product that is totalky manufactured in europe and not china, so better for the planet too.

Very pleased with this kettle which does not include plastic even filter is stainless steel. Every now and again our tea tasted awful in our old kettle which included plastic and we had to buy bottled water. Now the problem is solved ‘ a lovely tasting tea’ all the time.

Stylish, excellent quality kettle with no plastic materials inside. Fast despatch from time of ordering. Good customer service through emails.

Please hurry up and get approval to ship to usa. We need a 100% plastic free interior electric kettle.

So pleased to have a kettle that is plastic free after a very long search. More than we expected to pay at the beginning of our search but i feel worth it for the peace of mind. It is a lovely kettle too, looks good and pours nicely. Good quality, and fantastic customer service. I emailed at point of order to request a stainless steel filter and uk compatible plug which they did. I placed my order late saturday night and they dispatched it close to 9am on monday morning it was with me by thursday.

Really great kettle made all from high quality steel. The limescalebfilter is also made from steel. There is no plastic touching the water at all. That was the reason why we bought it. It is not easy to find this kind of kettle but thankfully ottoni fabrica came forward and fully met high quality expectations. I would highly recommend this kettle, especially to those ones who do care about their healthy lifestyle. Also, we were very pleased with a set of 6 tea spoons sent by company. Also made from high quality steel.

Excellent 100% plastic free kettle delivered quicker than indicated.

. Made completely of metal and really surprised how much of a difference it made to the taste (i. Fairly quick to boil, solidly made and customer service was great too.

Really nice kettle and all stainless steel. Feels ergonomically comfortable to use. Have already recommended to a friend, who is also happy with her purchase. I ordered a stainless steel filter, which came with the kettle (otherwise it might have come with a plastic one, so i read somewhere).

This kettle has absolutely no plastic or silicone inside, except for a plastic filter which ottoni will swap for a stainless steel filter if you ask them at time of order. It’s not cheap but it is well made and stylish and after having searched for a plastic free kettle for sometime we are delighted with it. Excellent customer service and quick delivery. Word of warning : if you are searching for a plastic free kettle, some kettle descriptions or reviews will state that the kettle has no plastic parts coming into contact with the water. Many of these kettles have plastic in the lid or around the handle joints, and these do come in contact with the steam from the kettle.

Everything about the design is very effective. It pours perfectly, nice weight and handle is comfortable. Ideal for a household with left and right handed users due to the ease of the swivel base. Looks very attractive and finish quality is excellent. When boiling it has a nice deep tone. I use a filter jug and fill the kettle directly from that. I requested the metal filter on my order form, so it is a completely plastic free kettle, a major reason for buying this kettle. Provided with an english plug, in case anyone is concerned about that. Alongside perfectly weighted customer service and extremely sturdy packaging, this product would be hard to improve :-)the only thing to add is that i had difficulty leaving a review as there was no link on my order history. Fortunately there was the option to leave the review on the product page.

I didn’t find any plastic components inside the kettle and that is what i wanted. Dpd failed to deliver on several occasions, which was my only issue, but otherwise i’m very happy with the product.

Haven’t felt like this about a kettle for a very long time. Eagerly awaited, it arrived early and is now sitting proudly on our kitchen counter. So happy that there’s no plastic (ottoni fabbrica sent us a stainless steel filter when we requested one, plus a gift of six spoons). It’s already in operation, functioning well and lovely to look at at the same time.

Utterly, utterly brilliantno plastic bits in the part where water touches. Even the parts are sourced from italy and other parts of europe.