Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Nero” 2400W 1 – No plastic taste.

What is not to like about this kettle – nothing. Superb quality and style but then the italians are good at that. Excellent packaging and prompt delivery with an unexpected gift of six spoons.

Italian engineering at its best. Fantastic customer service and definitely worth the money. Far superior to any other kettle i have owned. And no plastic to taint or pollute the water.

I’m really pleased with this kettle. It looks stylish, boils quickly and there are no metal parts inside ( although i used the contact the seller email to ask them to fit with a stainless steel filter just to be sure) the kettle arrived within days of ordering well packaged with a personalised note from the seller thanking me for the purchase ( small detail but a feel good one). Some people may be disappointed that there is no water measure but most of us automatically gauge how much we need so this isn’t an issue for me. Another point for the pernickety may be that you need to remove the lid to fill but i filled from the spout of my last kettle resulting in dribbles of lime scale over time. So it is worth the nano second it takes to remove the lid not to have this. I’m convinced the lack of any plastic parts makes for a nicer cup of tea , with my last kettle i chucked more cups than i drank because of the horrid taste. I have drunk every last drop since using this kettle.

I don’t usually write a review but felt i had to with this kettle. I ordered it on the sunday and received it on the wednesday even though it came from italy. I wasn’t expecting it until after xmas, so was really please. The kettle is excellent quality. Traditional style that works well. It’s really nice to hold and pour. We received a letter along with the kettle thanking us for purchasing the kettle along with a set of teaspoons, nice touch. I wish more companies had this type of customer service. Very impressed with the kettle and the company.

This kettle was exactly as described. Unlike a previous reviewer, we do not find the shape of the handle causes a problem when filling from the tap – in fact, we find no problem with this, whereas with our old kettle it was much more awkward. We emailed the company to request a uk plug and the stainless steel filter, and gabriella replied very promptly and confirmed that they had received the message. There are no plastic parts in the kettle itself so no plastic comes in contact with the water as long as you request the stainless steel filter, which is done by emailing the seller. There has been no unpleasant taste and no smell right from the start. It feels much more solid and durable than our previous kettles. We have only had it for about 3 weeks, but i expect it to last.

A fantastic looking kettle, looks great in our new kitchen and works well. We requested a uk style plug and stainless steelr filter and we received a nice email confiming that our request had been received. The kettle arrived sooner than expected with a complimentary set of tea spoons and a signed letter from gabriella pallone telling us about the product. Brilliant, i wish they made toasters too.

This kettle is great, especially as it has no plastic parts touching the water, but sometimes is doesn’t switch itself off when it’s boiled so i have to flick it off myself.

Fantastic kettle, very stylish. Boils very quickly and obviously high quality materials and well made. Excellent customer service also.

I purchased this kettle in february, and i love it. Although compared to the average kettle it may seem a bit expensive it is certainly worth every penny. I was looking for a completely stainless kettle and this one certainly fits the bill, the company, who are so friendly and helpful will include a stainless steel filter too if you ask for one. I initially didn’t think i would be able to purchase this product as i live in jersey and for some reason, even though i buy lots from amazon, they would not post this item to my address. I therefore sent it to a relative at a uk address and got it that way. I did email the company regarding the delivery issue and they very promptly ( by phone ) contacted me to say in future i can go direct if delivery posed a problem. The kettle is very solid, a confortable design and does not drip when pouring. I have no hesitation in recommending this kettle and if i could, i would give it 10 stars.

Firstly i wanted a kettle without plastic components on the inside. This kettle has not internal plastic parts. You can request a stainless steel filter and whether or not you would like a uk plug. The top removes completely which was also on my wish list as i had four replacement kettles from another manufacturer due to the lid mechanism breaking, the kettle was more expensive than this one. I read a comment that the steam can burn your had when refilling, just tilt it as a fixed lid tilts and it’s fine. It isn’t a noisy kettle, boiling water makes some noise. Kettle is solid without being too heavy. I received free teaspoons and a personalised letter from which it is evident customer service is very important to them. I have only just received this kettle so will update with any issues if they arise.

Superior craftsmanship, amazing style, fast delivery. I am very happy with my purchase, will definitely recommend to family and friends. No more worries about plastic 🙂 ps – loved the personalized letter and the gift of wonderful spoons included with my order. Thank you ottoni fabbrica :).

I’ve had this kettle for a few weeks and i think it’s great. Yes, it is expensive but i was looking for a non-plastic kettle and this fits the bill. Very good, not too noisy (a few clicks when first heating up – expansion?) and it does not leak everywhere when you are pouring the water out. I’ll update this review in a few months – i expect it to last a long time because of the cost. The company kindly supplied a steel filter instead of a plastic one, for free.

It is refreshing to come across a company that is so committed to client satisfaction and craftsmanship. The actual kettle is very well made and you can tell there is pride in the construction and design. It took me some time to find a non plastic kettle (i. Having no internal plastic parts due to leeching and contaminating the boiling water). If you ask the company during the order to install a metal gauge instead of the plastic one and to install a uk plug they will they will do so happily. I also received a complimentary tea spoon set which was not only beautifully crafted but another sign of the companies commitment to client care. Great packaging and communication. My only slight issue is that the kettle can be a tad loud but this really is nothing to worry about. I would recommend this product and company. Here are the specifications for the Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Nero” 2400W 1:

  • Electric kettle made entirely in 18/10 stainless steel MADE IN ITALY.
  • Removable lime scale filter.
  • The parts are all made in Europe.

Best buy kettle, albeit the plastic kind, lasted less than 6 months and i could not be bothered to take it back. I choose this kettle based on the good reviews here. As suggested by other reviewers, i contacted the company (in english i’m afraid) to ask for a uk plug and metal filter; their response could not have been prompter or more courteous. Simple, attractive, solid, easy to clean and it looks like it is built to last. Worth the money to my mind if you too are tired of having to throw electrical goods away.

No frills, but great quality, and best of all no plastic at all. Even if you’re dubious about the health benefits, it’s worth considering this kettle for it’s durability: the weak point in most kettles is where the plastic water window meets the metal, over time the seal can perish casing leaks. Boils quickly and reasonably quietly, pours well. Ordered on a monday, item arrived thursday morning.

Having never spent more than £20 on a kettle in my life i was sceptical about the no plastic would make a difference claims. I love my coffee and can honestly say this kettle has brought my taste buds back to life. You will not believe what crap water you have had to endure until you have tasted the crisp clean drink this produces. I hope this kettles last an eternity, but i will say, i’ll never buy a plastic laced kettle ever again.

A properly engineered kettle made from stainless steel not plastic, and very stylish indeed. Purchased direct from the manufacturer in italy. Delivery from italy was very fast. When placing the order i requested a metal rather than plastic filter and asked them to confirm it would have a uk power lead, which was acknowledged with a prompt email from customer services. The kettle is not cheap, and is not loaded with features or gimmicks, but you can see where the money has been spent, and i am hopeful that it will last a lot longer than the expensive household name kettles i have been replacing every 18-24 months. I recommend it unreservedly, and i think that ottoni fabbrica are clearly a very good company to deal with.

This is an excellent quality kettle when compared to other premium brands which are more expensive. It is sold direct by the manufacturer ottoni fabbrica and our contact with the seller was excellent and they offer a personal service which is rare these days. The kettle is not the quietest we have had but pours very well and has no plastic components ( we requested a steel filter from manufacturer when ordering).

The best electric kettle you can buy at any price. It’s well made and it makes tea perfectly and consistently, primarily due to the complete lack of plastic anywhere near the water.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Plastic Free Kettle At Last & 100% European Made!
  • I love this as had been looking for a kettle with
  • Great product, fantastic company!

This is a top quality kettle made from real steel as opposed to the fake metal most other kettles use. Consequently it’s robust (down to the metal internal filter) and there are no internal plastic parts. Before buying i wasn’t sure about the design of the handle and the lid but it’s not difficult to pop the lid off and fill it and the handle makes lifting it up very easy.

Ottoni fabbrica italian top kettle ‘alice nero’ 2400w 1,7 l theres not much i can add of value over many of the other 5 star reviews here, all of them well earned i think. This kettle is beautifully constructed, exudes quality workmanship-and in the the little details too like the slick mechanism of the one of switch. Plastic free quality , fantastic.

Great customer service throughout the process, right up until delivery. Its a great product, the people who make and sell it seem to be really nice too.

What an absolutely beautiful kettle. It’s made from premium stainless steel and thankfully the electrical components are of german origin, so the best of both worlds combining superb build quality and reliability in one. Ottoni alice nero not only captures the stylish looks, but it’s so much better than i could have wished for. I’m really pleased that i have bought this kettle. It arrived two days before e. A and we had a set of stainless steel spoons as an unexpected free gift and a personalised letter from the manufacturer. If you want a great kettle then buy one of these.

I love this as had been looking for a kettle with no internal plastic parts for ages. It also came with a metal filter inside. The only drawback to this kind of kettle is that if you have just used it and want to refill it you have to remove the lid which can be quite hot whereas others of the plastic variety have the flip top lids. But really glad to have found this.

The kettle is quiet, easy to fill and pour from and has a little red light to tell you it is on. It arrived early and was well packed in recyclable packaging. All the parts are made in europe so fewer ‘kettle miles’. It has no plastic touching water and so is healthier for you. It came with a free gift of 6 nice teaspoons (always useful). You can request both a british plug and stainless filter if you want and they confirm this by email. Definitely would recommend this kettle and the company.

Firstly, let me say this, i have been on amazon for years and lost count of the orders i have had and this is the very first feedback or product review i have left. That alone speaks volumesit is a quirky design but i love it. The stainless steel is outstanding quality and thickness far superior to indian or chinese imported products. It feels, looks and the service feels like it has been made with a lot of pride in the quality of workmanship and with the desire that the end users will feel that love, and it worked 🙂 highly polished to a gleaming finish inside and out, that it attention to detail. I came to this product having spent years thinking my tea and coffee tasted weird. My wife would never drink tea or coffee that hadn’t been filtered with a britta etc but to me it still tasted weird. Bought a new kettle for work a cheap plastic one and it was awful undrinkable chemical stodge. So i boiled some in a microwave which is not ideal but the smell and taste wasn’t there. That led me to googling tainted tea and came across a long thread on the which forum, it wasn’t just me there are loads of people with the same issues with the new cheap imported plastic kettles. So then my search began for a non-plastic kettle, blimey how difficult was that.

I love this kettle, there’s no plastic inside at all, completely stainless steel invcluding the filter. I’ve had it 7 months and had no problems. It wasn’t cheap but it’s not easy to find a 100% stainless steel, plastic-free kettle with a hidden element.

Excellent kettle top quality fully stainless steel should last a good few years.

This is actually ok so far had it a few months and it hasn’t stopped working :).

I love this non toxic kettle- what a real find.

So pleased to have found a plastic free kettle.

I have not rated the durability of the kettle yet as only time will tell in that regard, but this shall be my impression so far. I have had the kettle a couple of days now and so far am very impressed. The build quality is very nice, the kettle has an all metal interior (no plastic at all as they replaced the plastic filter with a stainless steel one upon request: as a side-note, if you are wondering how to go about that, once you have completed your order go to the order status and chose to contact the seller to customise your order and request it there). It has a really nice finish, comes very well packaged and came with the addition of a set of teaspoons not mentioned on the item page itself. This is the most expensive kettle i have purchased, but having had four kettles in a row fail on me due to inherent flaws in the design (windows which eventually leaked on three seperate models of kettle) and cheap construction choices (a plastic handle attached to the metal body of a kettle largely by glue, with the plastic/glue eventually wearing out, cracking and seperating due to the heat), i am happy to give this a try. As far as the aesthetic of the kettle, it has a really nice mirror finish and makes a nice addition to the kitchen.

This the first product review that i have placed on amazon, having used them for many years. I should make clear that i am in no way affiliated with ottoni fabbrica. We came to this kettle by way of three other models in seven years. None were cheap, unbranded super market items, but top of the range offerings from what were once solidly reliable brands, whose products used to be referred to as consumer durables. Now they are transformed through “value engineering & offshore manufacturing“ to nothing so much as consumer transients. Take heart, as salvation would appear to be at hand in the form of a kettle from ottoni fabbrica. I say appear, as i cannot vouch for the longevity of the product on my present short acquaintanceship. All elements of this transaction exude quality: from the communication, packaging, to the kettle and base. The inner cardboard protection for the kettle has had much thought devoted to its design: no polluting expanded polystyrene here. The base comes with more cable than our last kettle.

The kettle arrived sooner than i expected, which was a nice surprise, and after a few weeks of using it i now can say that i absolutely love it. I’ve been looking for a plastic free kettle for a while and i’m happy to say that i finally found one which is also really robust as well as beautifully made. It will look pretty in any kitchen. It boils the water as quick as any standard electric kettle, and the water tastes. I can finally enjoy a cup of tea without horrible taste of plastic. It pours really nicely too, the spout is positioned just right so there is no leakage, no spillage or tipping your kettle upside down to get that last bit of water out (like my previous kettle). I highly recommend to everyone who wants a plastic free kettle to get this one. Although you have to ask for stainless steel filter to go with your non plastic kettle, but don’t worry because costumer service is an absolute delight. Very professional, very quick in response and just super nice. I even got a uk plug without asking.

The best kettle without plastic material in direct contact to the hot water. A bit inconvenience that customer needs to request for stainless filter.

I had been searching online for a stainless steel kettle that had no plastic in the interior of the kettle for so long but to no avail. I had purchased a glass kettle thinking that it would be a healthy choice but even that had a silicone rim at the base where it would be in contact with the water and i am trying to avoid toxic chemicals like plastic and silicone. However, by chance i had come across a post by a blogger who had managed to find an ottoni fabbrica stainless steel kettle (without any plastic interior) along with photos. I decided to do another internet search on ottoni fabbrica kettles which brought me to the amazon website where they had a couple of different designs of kettle and in lots of lovely colours. I have had my kettle for a couple of months now and am very pleased with it. It’s somewhat expensive but i would recommend it. If you purchase directly from their website it is slightly cheaper. The free teaspoons are a lovely gesture. I actually needed some new ones so was delighted to receive them. Perhaps ottoni fabbrica could design a jug kettle which would have a smaller footprint then i would consider purchasing this in the future.

Ordered sunday evening and received thursday from italy fitted with uk plug and stainless steel filter as requested. There is absolutely no funny taste to the water unlike the other kettle we previously purchased that time after time we had to chuck our tea away because it tasted awful. We were also delighted with the complimentary stainless steel teaspoons (as ours always seem to go missing) and the personalized letter in with the kettle. We would totally recommend this kettle and the service was perfect.

Wow, what a beautifully designed kettle, superbly engineered. At last a kettle with no plastic in it, delicious cups of tea right from the start. No more disgusting taste and smell to the the water that is boiled with this kettle, cannot rate it enough would give it and the company in italy 10 stars if i could. This kettle puts most of the other established manufacturer’s to shame. There was also a lovely unexpected gift of 6 teaspoons which made my day. And a personal letter which came in the parcel. Cannot praise the company ottoni fabbrica enough for this great product and prompt delivery. ‘thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Good looking and very practical.

This is a kettle of excellent quality, which is well balanced and easy to handle. It pours well and the lid fits securely but easily. The switch is positive and never reluctant, even when the kettle has just boiled. I would not hesitate in recommending this product.

Really pleased with this kettle, good quality, well made item, no after taste as it is all metal and quiet boiling, recommend.

We looked long and hard for a plastic free kettle and this one ticked all the boxes ottoni changed the plastic filter for a stainless steel one they were very helpful we would buy from them again.

Elegant design and craftsmanship. Best of all no plastic interior and an added extra are the great stainless steel teaspoons included.

Great looking kettle, packed very well and included some free teaspoons. It feels very well made with a high quality finish. I can taste the difference in my tea and coffee compared to my russel hobbs that it has replaced. I wasn’t sure it was worth the extra money but so far i’m impressed.

Stylish kettle that feels like it is built to last. I spent a long time looking for a completely stainless steel kettle without any parts inside made of plastic. A stainless steel filter is available on request.

My kettle arrived a week ago and i’m really happy with it – especially delighted to have finally found an electric kettle with absolutely no plastic on the inside, and made in europe to boot. I’d never considered spending so much on a kettle before, but the difference in quality and design is really noticeable between this and previous ones i’ve had that cost half as much. The lid fits perfectly so is very easy to open and close. I requested a stainless steel limescale filter and that is also excellent quality and will be easy to clean. The packaging was nicely designed and more eco-friendly than usual – all plain brown cardboard, no polystyrene, and just one plastic bag. Definitely a higher class of kettle and so far seems worth the investment.

Really pleased with this kettle. Great to finally find one that isn’t made in china and doesn’t have any plastic parts inside. It looks really nice, pours perfectly and boils quietly. Customer service was great and the kettle didn’t take very long to arrive. I’m hoping it will last a long time.

Very well designed, easy to use, elegant to look at and at last we can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee without the taste of plastic. It’s also a nice quiet kettle. The service was excellent and it has been a pleasure to deal with this company.

Great quality kettle, found this ‘plastic free’ kettle after a long research. Very happy about my purchase :).

Has worked for many years now. Metal inside all the way which was important to us.

No plastic inside really does make the water taste better. Comfy handle and good looks. It shuts off reliably unlike the plastic jug kettles i’ve had in the past. I boil a lot of water and the previous philips jug kettle i had lasted 4 months so if this lasts a year it will justify the high price. Very pleased with the build quality, style and seller.

This is a very stylish kettle & being made of stainless steel helps to make you feel you’re doing something about reducing the amount of plastic. It’s very quiet & fast which is great as i have an open plan kitchen. The surprise packet of 6 teaspoons was a lovely touch.

We are very pleased with these kettles – we’ve bought two. No plastic, no smell, so water boiled in them tastes perfect. They look smart and are easy to fill and use. We looked for ages for a kettle that had no plastic and no plastic water level indicator and it was a relief to find these all stainless steel kettles.