Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Satinato” 2400W 1 – The item looks fabulous and performs as a kettle should

Writing it having only had it a week so can’t comment on durability. Delivery was pretty quick (from italy). The company were very responsive and charming in communications. The item looks fabulous and performs as a kettle should. In fact we think it looks better in the flesh than on the website. It is not noisier than any other metal kettle. I can only assume those who complain about noise are coming from double walled plastic things.

This kettle works perfectly and has no plastic materials inside, which is what i was after. It boils very fast and i soon got used to there not being a fill level display, which is what my last kettle failed on. I would rather not have a display than it being sub-standard and having to try and find another kettle. Delivery time is good even though the item being shipped from italy. All is well and i am very happy with this kettle and my partner likes it too.

This is a very well engineered product. It was very well packaged and operates as expected. It is obvious that this company cares about the products it produces. If it lasts better than other kettles we have had in recent years i will post again and probably buy another.

Design, build quality, performance, packaging quality all beyond expectations.

It is all made in europe, no plastic touching the water, all stainless steel, and beautiful too. We received a pack of stainless steel spoons as a little present which was nice.

Great kettle just what i wanted and good service from supplier.

I wanted a kettle with no plastic in it, and after quite a lot of searching this is what i found. I requested a change of filter (in spout) from plastic to stainless steel, by contacting the seller via amazon immediately after placing the order. The kettle arrived promptly, well packaged, with the stainless steel filter in place. It seems very well made, it pours well, and most importantly the water has no background taste (which i have found with other kettles). Very pleased with this purchase.

The point of the exercise was to source a fully stainless steel kettle i. Wasn’t really sure what to expect but i still can’t quite believe the difference in the taste of the water when used for tea/coffee-making. There’s no background taste – just the taste of the tea or the coffee. Ottoni fabbrica communication was very good throughout. Followed my order with a prompt request for a stainless steel spout filter (instead of the plastic default one) and this was supplied (and fitted) to the kettle upon delivery. Completely worth the extra cost for a fully stainless steel product and transportation from italy. Would never go back to kettles with plastic components.

Speedy delivery, quality packaging and stellar communication from ottoni. Asked for a metal filter and now have a plastic free kettle that is also beautiful.

Requested optional stainless steel filter so the interior of kettle is 100% stainless steel (many stainless steel kettles from other manufacturers contain internal components made of plastic that cause the water to taste and smell awful). The seller replied to my email regarding the filter promptly and the kettle arrived sooner than expected with some complimentary stainless steel tea spoons. Cannot fault the service or the product.

I bought this kettle because it has no plastic components inside. I have no idea why other manufacturers keep using plastic parts (e. A lid, filter or level indicator), knowing it carries potential health risks. It is also more quiet than my old kettle. Overall, a fantastic kettle, very happy with my purchase.

Decided to buy this kettle as after all stainless, no plastic, and this ticked all the boxes; plus all components made in europe. Great service, excellent & friendly communications. Excellent quality and the seller kindly included free teaspoons which was a nice touch.

It was delivered early in excellent packaging. Here are the specifications for the Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Satinato” 2400W 1:

  • Electric kettle made entirely in 18/10 stainless steel MADE IN ITALY.
  • Removable lime scale filter.
  • The parts are all made in Europe

Incredible pot , easy to use , easy to clean. And it’s made by stainless steel 18/10.

I bought it for the obvious non plastic in contact with the water reason. In that sense is perfect and i have not found its equal. In terms of deaign and functionaity there is a lot better out there. Inconvenient to fill (handle on the way), very hard to fit ones hand to clean inside, easy to get burned if not careful when opening lid are a few examples. The exterior design is nothing to show off either. My first one had a defect on the metal and manufacturer replaced it without quibbles.

Lovely kettle, thoroughly recommended, no criticisms whatsoever.

100% stainless steel in contact with water and steam. Excellent service all round.

Really pleased with it and love that it’s all metal inside. Pours nicely and looks great.

Have been looking for a kettle like this for years.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Exactly what I wanted!
  • Looking Good
  • Excellent kettle

Stylish and retains hot water even after 20mins.

Beautiful kettle that stops the horrible plasticy taste we were getting with our plastic kettle. Tea tastes exactly as it should. Yes it is expensive but for great tasting tea i would spend double that. Beautiful to look at as well.

Just what i wanted a lovely kettle no plastic parts and the customer service is excellent would highly recommend.

Have only used this for a couple of days but am so far really happy with this kettle. The seller sent a metal filter when i requested it and it arrived quickly by courier. It feels well made, looks beautiful and pours better than any kettle i have had before.