Ottoni Fabbrica New Italian Top Stainless Steel Kettle “Alice Primavera” 2400W 1 – Beautiful design, lovely kettle.

Having tried lots of different kettles at last i’ve found one that not only looks great but pours brilliantly. Would buy one in all the colours if i had space. Super fast delivery considering it comes from italy. No mod cons it’s just a fantastic kettle.

We had a one cup before but that started blowing fuses so as it was the second one to fail we decided to go back to an ordinary kettle. We noticed the kettle was somewhat noisier but that is a small price to pay for such a good looking item that did the job.

I bought this kettle for the simple reason of trying to avoid any kind of plastics inside. As such this kettle has been designed with that in mind. Bearing in mind it is not cheap, you’d have a reasonable expectation that it has to earn its money. **************************************************the good points:as you can see from the photo, the plastic, overhead handle is attached externally – nothing inside. The lid has a plastic knob but again it is all external. The kettle is solid and boils quickly. The spout is wide and you can pour very quickly. The company will fit and ship with a metal mesh filter on request to make sure absolutely no plastics inside. The company are very helpful in questions and problems. **********************************************the not-so-good points:the beige base has a black mains lead.

Beautifully designed kettle, lovely colour and so easy to open the lid and fill, the handle is a clever design too. It came very quickly from italy with a u. Plug, and i asked for a stainless steel filter, which they provided. It also states that all parts are sourced from europe and it is made in italy.

I absolutely love this kettle. Ok, you might say it is just a kettle, but it is so different from the normal style. The colours match my kitchen but as someone else said, the colour selection is so good it is hard to decide. It boils quickly and quietly, and i do not have to boil more than i need. It feels solid and well built. Although it came from italy, it arrived before the expected date. I am already keeping an eye on what this company has to offer and am sure this will not be my only purchase from them.

Ottoni fabbrica new italian top stanless steel electric kettle is very smart looking and does the job very well. Delivery was excellent and enclosed was six teaspoons.

Great kettle, beautiful design and without any plastic pieces. Exactly what i was looking for.

Looks great and contains no plastic inside kettle, so no plastic taste. Tip: when limescale began to build inside the kettle, it started to make a popping sound. We descaled it and the kettle was as good as new again.

Kettle arrived fast from italy and i am very happy i bought it.

Received my kettle today after looking for a kettle with no plastic for ages, the customer service was great, i even received a lovely set of tea spoons with the order. All fitted with a uk plug and i requested a stainless steel filter. The kettle looks lovely and the colour is perfect in my kitchen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the customer service was great, I even received a lovely set of tea
  • New Italian Top Stanless Steel electric kettle is very smart looking and does the job very well
  • Great kettle