Oypla Electrical 10L Catering Hot Water Boiler Tea Urn Coffee : Hot Water Urn

Very good love it is fast and water stay hot all day if u r looking for sume thing like this whuld recimend it.

Looks good and water is very hot.

Very simple and easy to use, don’t use the middle handle to carry thou as it comes loose.

Bought it a few months ago and now used every week for meetings. Boils from cold in under 15 minutes, much less if not full. Pretty quiet, sits at the back of the room and occasionally make a gentle boiling sounds for a minuet or so as the thermostat turn on, but barely noticeable. Does what it is supposed to very well. Only really very picky gripe is the distance between the tap and drip tray is a touch too small for some mugs, but overall an excellent appliance and would certainly recommend.

Perfect choice for our small cafe. This needs topping up periodically but it produces hot water.

This is the first hot water urn that i have had. It worked well and i am now hooked on the idea. However, after 8 months the handles fell off and after 10 months the tap is continually dripping – as it only cost below £40. 00 – not worth getting new parts – have ordered another urn from a different manufacturer which appears to be better built but will see.

Have a large family gathering every weekend and this has really come in handy.

Love it, nice to have hot water without waiting.

  • Great equipment does its job well.
  • Works well and very quiet
  • has worked well for 10 months – started falling apart after 8 months – now being replaced.

Oypla Electrical 10L Catering Hot Water Boiler Tea Urn Coffee

Product Description, 10L Catering Hot Water Boiler Tea Urn Coffee Manufactured from robust stainless steel A great investment for any domestic or commercial kitchen. Ideal for quickly preparing hot drinks in a wide variety of places including restaurants hotels cafes offices and parties. Included drip tray to prevent spillages cool touch anti-drip tap handle allows you to dispense drinks quickly and safely. UK British Standard BS Approved 240V Mains 3 Pin Plug. Specification: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Design Drip Tray Water level Indicator Cool Touch Handle Anti-Drip Tap 10L (1500W) Does not need to be plumbed in – fill through the lid

Box Contains, 1 x Electrical 10L Catering Hot Water Boiler Tea Urn Coffee

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Bought this to replace a swan we had for many years and i’ll say i’m not disappointed. This has a easy removable lid although is a little bit flimsy but holds it in place, to put water in. The water level indicator is handy to have as you don’t have to keep opening the lid to see when you need to refill. The tap is sturdy and flows really well. Also as my other one was steel limescale seemed to build up quite easily but this ones seems to be better to use. For a lot less than your major brands which it does the same job, definitely worth getting.

Does the job keeps the builders happy.

It does the job, easy to carry and the right size i need for the job it is to do. Also like that you can lock the lid so if the water is hot and it gets knocked the water is secure and less chance of spilling and therefore injuries.

Good size and looks good, just the job when i had a coffee morning in my flower shop.

Brilliant product we used it at festivals.

Good size for our chapel use. Works great so far (had it about a month). Appears to be well constructed.

The very thing i need, hot water on tap without having to boil a kettle, always in use, right size and mobile, take anywhere.

It was bought for the office staff it’s a god send .

  • Great equipment does its job well.
  • Works well and very quiet
  • has worked well for 10 months – started falling apart after 8 months – now being replaced.

Oypla Electrical 10L Catering Hot Water Boiler Tea Urn Coffee

This is just great hot water on tap.

It good but apart from the lid fit but it doesn’t lock off properly but that to me is a miner thing it does the job very well.

We wanted to provide tea and coffee for our 140 guests at my daughter’s wedding. After heating the hot water boiler, we unplugged it and it then provided hot water for the next two hours before needing refilling. It looked really fantastic and performed extremely well. I can recommend this product.

Well worth ordering if you drink tea like my son does.

Use for small business ideal very pleased.

Useful tea urn for home events, no issues.

Great product and very good value for money. I bought this for my hubby’s garage. I am thinking of buying the smaller 8l one for our household as it looks so good and making tea/coffee a lot quicker with instant hot water. After the initial heat up of course.

We always have a steady stream of family and visitors to our house so there’s always a brew going.

We only use bottled water for this as tap water would be nasty.

Heats much quicker than i thought.

Brilliant piece of kit works a treat water allways ready for hot drinks and lots more.

Excellent , delivered quickly.

Exactly what i was looking for.

This was ideal for me to start with but then the handle on the kid and the sides all fell off they look as thou they melted off so now we have to use a tea towel to open to fill with water.

Great product, easy to use and does exactly what it needs to.

Just as good as expected delivery 4 days late.

Works really well, very compact and keeps the water hot at all times.

Great product quality good would recommend.

Features and Spesification

  • Official Oypla Branded Product – Brand New Free UK Delivery
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Anti-Drip Tap
  • Water Level Indicator
  • 10L (1500W)