Oypla Electrical Food Dehydrator Machine – Three Stars

Does what it says on the tin.

Have loved making jerkey with this. Vety hard to clean the trays, which are too bug to soak confortably in a normal sink. Haven’t tried a dishwasher on it hut i woukd imagine thst would do the job.

No mention of the temperature setting for each item to be de-hydrated.

Using it to dry 3d printer filament – seems to work fine. Is a little bit noisy – a bit more than a background hum, like a fan running (probably because that’s what is in there.

Good quality only issue is instruction booklet a bit vague.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

It is a very good drying machine drying fruit for pet bird.

I am very happy with my dehydrator machine.

I use this for making dog treats, drying out chicken and heart. Works well and dogs love them.

This product consists of a base unit, five stackable trays and a top. You load pieces of whatever you want to dry on to the trays, assemble them into a stack, place the stack (which does not have to have all five trays in it) on top of the base unit, put the lid on and turn the unit on with the correct temperature set. The base unit blows out warm air which passes up the stack, over the food and out through the holes in the lid. I would like to say more of a positive nature because i really like this dehydrating thing and want to emphasise the positive before i point out the few drawbacks the product has. Anyway, sometimes ‘it does what it says on the tin’ (as another reviewer has said) is enough. Ok, lets have a look at the drawbacks. The first drawback is that the machine wafts out the scent of whatever you are drying and it may turn out that you don’t like that scent all over the place. This may seem obvious for things like onions and garlic but it transpired (for me) that the drying scent of strawberries was overly sweet and sickly, borderline nauseating in fact. I would never have guessed this in advance because i love strawberries.

This is perfect for 3d printer filament drying. Filament absorbs water when left unsealed and the quality of the prints suffers badly and it goes brittle. You can throw it away, bake it in a low oven, or use a food dehydrator. The last option usually means some modification of the trays etc. It is wide enough and deep enough to take a full 1kg spool. The trays are made to detach from the rings so you use one tray at the bottom and three of the rings which is plenty for most spools. A couple of hours at 60°c dries the spool out. Because you haven’t modified it in any way it can still be used for its original food drying purpose as a bonus. So i’m off to pick some raspberries from the garden now. One negative – no timer so use your phone to send you an alarm.

Very poor instructions, does not give enough information.

Though not using it for it’s intended purpose, i have a few spools of filament which are used for 3d printing, which have taken on water in the recent humid weather- to the point where it’s affecting print quality. Have looked at the ‘printdry’ product from the us at $99, but soon realised it’s nothing more than a re-branded dehydrator. This product is perfect for drying filament – temperature range is ideal, and the inner grid shelves are fully removable- no need to cut them out like you would with some other models. With just the bottom-most grid shelf in, there’s enough room for two 1kg spools. Here are the specifications for the Oypla Electrical Food Dehydrator Machine:

  • Official Oypla Branded Product – Brand New Free UK Delivery
  • Drying Trays Measure 31cm Diameter and 3.5cm Deep
  • 5 Tiers For Conveniently Preserving Multiple Food Types
  • Adjustable Temperature Control Allowing You To Dry Different Types Of Food At The Correct Temperatures
  • Product Size: 33(L) x 33(W) x 17.5(H)cm

Product arrived swiftly and ahead if due date. It was packaged very well and was in perfect condition. I am using it to dry out my pla 3d printing filament. It’s works perfectly for my needs and holds a very accurate temperature for it. It has a very large volume and can easily do multiple spools of my filament. I found it to reach the desired temperature very quickly and runs very consistently. All in all it is a great product and i could recommend to any one looking to dry out their filament for printing aswell as food.

Dried nettle and bay leave sofar and came out well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great for 3D Printer Filament Drying
  • Good deal
  • very useful