PAKITE HDMI Wirless AV Sender Receiver : Great picture and sound.

Works great even in my shed 2 walls and 60 feet great.

I have my hifi and tv in the living room and an extra amplifier and speakers in the kitchen. The sound from the tv is output via the hifi amp. I wanted to be able to move between the living room and the kitchen without missing out on the programme or music, but without running cables through. The inputs to the transmitter and the outputs from the receiver are all via rca connectors (phono-style red white and yellow plugs) for which cables are supplied in the box. As it says, there is no hdmi connector, so make sure you have the right inputs and outputs on your equipment. My amp has a line-out phono output which works with this. I just didn’t bother connecting the yellow video plugs as there is no video at the other end. I may later add a portable tv in the kitchen, but no rush. I cannot comment on tv quality because i don’t have a tv at the receiver end. Setting up the sender/receiver was easy.

I had some doubts whether there would be any interference etc but it has no problem transmitting from one room to another through a wall and isn’t affected when people walk around.

Used to send picture from our lounge tv to our kitchen tv. I had to move the sender to a different position to that recommended to get it to work with the remote control.

. Installation was without a hitch. Extend your hdmi signal up to 300′ with this pakite transmitter and receiver kit, quickly transmit protected content. This device eliminates the need to run expensive and unsightly cables. I saved also on cost of rental of one cable box since the tv on the receiver side no longer need a dedicated cable box.

 i bought this so that i can wirelessly use my living room tv in the bedroom at night. I hooked this system up in less than 15 minutes and it works excellent. Amazingly provides a clear 1080 hd picture (depending on your broadcast resolution), which never pixelates, stutters, or cuts out. The signal went through 3 rooms. Picture and sound quality are perfect. I was expecting to get some time lag with the remote but the delay is so tiny that i don’t even notice it. The ir interface works very well with my remote. The price is good, it beats drilling holes and running cables. Ithink this new solution is much more reliable.

I got this to help me declutter my tv stand as i can connect the receiver to my tv and place the sender somewhere else in the room, the video and audio signals are very impressive and depending on the source i was able to play back 1080p without any lag. The only time i did notice a slight delay was when i was playing online gaming. The ever so slightly lag now and then is off putting but i guess this wasn’t made for that time of process. I was also able to connect a hdmi switcher as one input is simply not enough, so now my blue ray player, console and android box can be connected at once. All that is missing is a 4k version but i guess for this price you can’t really complain.

I thought this would have some short comings but this is quite impressive tech .

  • That’s a pretty good shopping
  • Great picture and sound.
  • a good transmitter of HDMI

PAKITE HDMI Wirless AV Sender Receiver, Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver, 429 FT. Multi-channels Video Transmission Support IR Remote Wi-Fi Extension Antenna

Colour Name:HD(1 transmitter and 1 receiver) The HDMI Wireless AV Sender is a kind of wireless electronic product which can realize the audio video signal sharing in different rooms for family entertainment. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Adopting smart 2.4/5GHz dual-band WIFI Wireless transmission schemes and having advantages of long transmission distance, no splash, no snow, strong anti-interference and high mobility ,etc. By means of radio waves, it can transmit the signal form DVD,DVR,CCTV camera, IPTV, Satellite receiver, Digital TV Set Top Box or any other AV devices at transmitter end to TV sets in different room at receiver end. It can support the IR remote control at the receiver end to realize the function of wireless control of devices from another place. So that you can enjoy freely wireless HD AV sharing data and HI-FI audio and video effect.. Specifications:. Input/output Jack:HDMI1.4/HDCP1.4. Output Image Resolution:720/1080P at 50/60Hz. HDMI Audio Format:1080P HQ. HDMI Max Transmission Standard:IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n. Operating Frequency:2.4GHz,5GHz ISM Band. Max wireless transmission rate:2.4G 150M,5g 300M. Transmission Distance:50-100m(open space accessibility). IR Frequency Range:38KHz. DC Input:AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz. DC Output:DC 5V/2A. Operating Temperature:-10~+50℃. Operation Humidity:10-80%RH(Non-condensing). Product Dimension:158x128x37mm. Package:. 1 x Transmitter. 1 x Receiver. 2 x Power Adaptor. 2 x HDMI Cable. 1 x IR Extender Cable. 1 x User Manual. Hints:. To ensure that the product can be used normally,the product should be connected when power off in case the product be damaged. Switch on when finish connection and never plug in or out at will. Please turn off the product if long time not use it.

From the manufacturer



No splash, No snow, Strong anti-interference


If the transmission distance is not long enough?

  • A. Adjust the angle of the antenna or shorten the distance of devices
  • B. Adjust the placement and height of transmitter and receiver
  • C. Brick walls, metal doors, and concrete walls will affect the signal
  • D. Adjust the transmission frequency or frequency channel

Commom problems and troubleshooting

Before powering on, please ensure all interfaces are connected correctly.

Q&A1: Receive shows “No Signal” ?

  • A.Check the signal source HDMI output signal is normal
  • B.Confirm the output resolution of the signal source is within the support range
  • C.Make sure the source is connected to the transmitter’s HDMI input

Q&A2: The image is interfered

  • A. Adjust the angle of the antenna or shorten the distance of devices
  • B. Adjust the placement and height of transmitter and receiver
  • C. Adjust the wireless frequency or frequency channel to avoid the interference frequency
  • If the IR wireless return function is insensitive
  • Adjust the placement and height of the trasmitter and receiver, check whether the transmitter bulging “Set top box” 1-2cm. Try to keep the transmitter away from this “Set top box”

PAKITE has played a major role in transforming whole-house audio, video and home theater




Eliminate Cables Without Sacrificing HD Quality

Plug and Play – Includes 2 compatible HDMI cables. Connect the HDMI cables between your source video device and the HDMI transmitter and between the HDMI receiver and your TV. Plug in power, and you are ready to enjoy your video content.

Support IR Remote controller to long range extend, can remote control signal source equipment at the receiver.

Hang your TV Anywhere, No Wires. Take re-decorating, retrofitting and designing to a new level of creativity and convenience.

Ultra-long Transmission Distance

Adopt international 2.4G/5G wireless dual-band transmission signal, faster transmission speed, stronger anti-interference.

Adopt external dual-gain antenna, ultra-long transmission distance, can up to 328ft. In open space (the distance may be affected by the environment).

Note: Distances may vary depending on environment. Solid and non-porous materials such as steel, concrete, brick and glass (varies depending on coating and thickness) may cause shorter viewing distances or loss of signal.

Wireless IR Makes it Easy to Control from a Remote Location

Control what you watch from a more preferable location. Whether it be in your kitchen, dining room or backyard, just point the remote control at the receiver and instantly stream an HD signal to a TV in another room – wirelessly in HD 1080P. No extra cable box is needed.


To ensure that the product can be used normally, the product should be connected when power off in case the product be damaged. Switch on when finish connection and never plug in or out at will. Please turn off the product if long time not use it.

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PAT-590 PAT-535 PAT-635
Transmission Range 150m(15-20m when there are walls) 200M(15-20m when there are walls) 200M(15-20m when there are walls)
Video Formats Supported 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p 640x180p 640x180p
Infrared extender Yes, it can use in different floor Yes, it can use in different floor Not support
Transmission Frequency: 5.0G(4 channels) 5.8GHz(24 Channel) 5.8GHz(24 Channel)
IR Frequency 38KHz 36KHz/38KHz/56KHz Not support

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Great product, can now watch sky in my kitchen. Disappointed that the sky remote will not work, tried positioning the ir extender cable but no joy.

I bought this product to replace my old analog repeater. My old repeater served me for 10 years. It had an ok quality sound and picture but would lose the signal when microwave was switched on, or phone close by. This product got to my house in six days (had to take 3 weeks) and it took me 15 minutes to attach wires and have it running. Fantastic picture and sound with no interference. I still think the product is a little pricey but i am very happy with the product. (i am transmitting a distance of 12meters with no obstacles.

Picture quality was first class.

Had to send this unit back for a refund because it did not work with a sky drx890/5 box set for dolby d sound over hdmi. Audio was perfect if you just want straight pcm stereo (sky box set for ‘normal’ audio over hdmi). However in all cases, the video update rate on 1080i signals seems be a disappointing maximum of about 25hz. For instance, smoothly moving ‘ticker tape’ strips at the bottom of news channels will appear to jitter on the receiving tv.

Works great and easy to set up – had a 2. 4ghz unit before which suffered interference from wi-fi networks, but no problem with this one. Also works with sky remote ir unlike some units.

Easy to install and activate.

I used this item to transmit from the downstairs virgin tivo box to upstairs and basically it works flawlessly. Great picture quality and the wireless remote works as well.

The best thing about the sender is it sends its own signal so you don’t need the router on , and with the receiver you can transfer it from room to room , there is a little bit of drag on the receiver side but really quite good.

  • That’s a pretty good shopping
  • Great picture and sound.
  • a good transmitter of HDMI

PAKITE HDMI Wirless AV Sender Receiver, Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver, 429 FT. Multi-channels Video Transmission Support IR Remote Wi-Fi Extension Antenna

Can i say wow for pakite prodcuts again. I just purchased this device and was overjoyed when it worked just as it says. I have tried moving this thing all around my house, not huge 1500sqft, but it didn’t miss anything & had excellent signal strength even on different floors & in the garage.

A fair bit more than an old receiver which was no good when we moved homes. I was struggling to get any kind of signal before buying this and no through 3 rooms into the conservatory i am getting a really good picture and sound where even mobile phones don’t get signal. It really is plug and play and setting it up and getting going took a couple of minutes max. Saves me another satellite subscriptions so it’s a winner for me.

Very easy to set up, and pictures is very good.

First off, this is a great video sender, full 1080p to virtually anywhere in your home. And the video signal is strong with very few blips or flicker. The sound has no interference. Well worth buying if you want to watch tv in more than one room at a time. You can even change tv channels from any room. The ideas great and it isn’t too bad to set up. My one is set up literally 15 meterd from my other tv on the other side of the wall, it works very good. Overall, a very good, easy to set up video sender.

Easy to install and works perfectly. Arrived earlier than foreseen.

Works well with my projector no more cablesbut pass code to web page does not work.

In the olden days, i used to have scart to scart video sender to share content between rooms now i bought this, in the olden days it was cables. But now its wireless with full 1080p 60hz support (great for gaming). 8hz signal which should interfere with household wifi. However, this frequency is not great the built-in wifi ad-hoc allows users to change the frequency which they would to use. This is really convenient for many. I have tested plugging the transmitter in one end of the house and the receiver in the garden and it works well. The ir sensor allows works with my tv/setup boxes.

Doesn’t work well on my internet, i averaged about 30mbps and the picture quality was pretty terrible mirroring my sky from room to room.

Used to extend satellite |tv| from sitting room to main bedroom. Would have liked to buy a second receiver to use jn another bedroom but cannot find anyone willing to sell me one.

I used this to send the image from the dvr, connected to our camera system in the loft, to the tv in the office bellow as we are unable to run the cable through the wall. It works perfectly and the image is crystal clear with no dropouts.

This was a replacement for a very old one 4 all. Works perfectly in our house it’s great to be able to change tv channels from bed again. Very neat takes up very little space.

Does the job well – using it as an add-on to an existing system. Acceptable signal from the floor below, through a reinforced concrete floor and two brick walls.

I have had a wireless extender receiver in my bedroom for several years so that i could watch my old humax freesat box which was located in the living room. On updating my humax box to the latest version and also replacing my bedroom television i found that my scart based wireless receiver did not work in the brave new world of hdmi. I therefore researched alternatives and i opted for the pakite 590 which offers up to a 1080p quality signal. I was a little concerned when it arrived as i tried to get it set up and it literally did nothing and i though i had been sent a broken item. However, an earlier reviewer saved my bacon because i followed his advice and it immediately started working. I turned both the pakite transmitter and receiver off at the mains as well as the humax freesat box. I then turned on the pakite receiver box in my bedroom and pressed reset until the middle light started flashing. I then went downstairs and turned on the humax box and the pakite transmitter at the mains. I then pressed the reset button on the transmitter until that middle light flashed and hey presto it all started working. I must say the quality of the picture is outstanding on my new hd ready bedroom television and best of all there is no interference whatsoever, which is something i had become used to on my old wireless extender.

Works ok from ground floor to first floor bedroom above. Works with standard (non tivo) virgin media box changing channels when magic eye in correct place. Only problem is that only red white and yellow cables provided needed to buy scart adaptors for virgin box and my older tv. Including them would have earned 5 stars.

Perfect it does the job i wanted.

Sent this first one back as it was broken. The replacement arrived and works perfectly. Sometimes there’s a little delay in the movement of the mouth but once turned off and on again it’s fine.

The unit works fine both picture and sound quality excellent. The company’s site for configuring the units does not accept the password even after resetting both units. Fortunately, both units were present at 5gh and worked. I hope someone from the company can come back to with a solution.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • 【Wirelessly sends HD content】PAKITE PAT-590 wireless HDMI extender replaces cumbersome HDMI cables with wireless technology. It connects HDTVs to your HDMI-enabled media devices, allowing you to deliver brilliant, multi-room HD without the cable clutter,and consoles up to 429 feet away, even working through walls and floors.
  • 【Real Plug and Play】This is not a complex weekend wiring project. The hardware mode can plug and play, connect to the computer directly to avoid drive installation.
  • 【1080P HD Video and Perfect Audio】 Delivers up to 1080p60 @50/60Hz and 5.1 audio wirelessly. Perfect for connecting Cable Set-top Boxes and Media Players. Note: A delay of less than 0.2 seconds might occur due to data compression- Not recommended using for PC gaming
  • 【Flexible anti-interference method】Adopt international 5G wireless dual-band transmission signal, has 4 channels.You can go wireless without sacrificing picture and sound quality by changing channels.
  • 🎅【Good Customer Service】 : we are strict quality requirements, but also to improve to make it better, we deserve your choice, but also look forward to give you a fair review, let us Making progress together. (If you have any quality problems, please contact us.)