Panasonic DMP-BD84EB Smart ICOS Multi Region All Zone Code Free Blu-ray Player – Not impressed

This multi-region all-zone blu-ray player from panasonic is neat, compact and lightweight and about one third of the footprint and weight of the first generation players launched onto the market just 10 years ago. The supplier’s sales invoice lists the price of the actual blu-ray player as £69, and an additional £100 for the “multiregion icos digital universal modification”, so this special multi-region feature is predominantly what you’re paying for. Swapping between blu-ray regions is easy: just make sure no disk is in the machine, then press a button on the remote and any disk formatted for the newly selected region will play when inserted. There is no limit to the number of times you can swap between regions. The machine automatically swaps between dvd regions so no operation is necessary to specify changes. The set-up menu also allows wireless connection and streaming directly from the web, plus a number of other arcane functions. All in all, this is a great little player with its multi-region blu-ray usp the star of the show.

Took a while to arrive but seems easy to set up. Disappointed no hdmi lead but at least they told me when i asked the question. Time will tell but initial impressions are good.

This was bought to upgrade my old system. As expected the picture quality is much superior. Installation was very easy,the multi zone/region feature especially useful,very pleased with the whole process.

If you collect dvd’s from all over the world including blu ray’s and you want to watch them this is great investment. It is great and i give it the highest recommendation. So don’t dither buy one and your viewing experiences will be treated royally.

Pleased with this purchase, am now able to play all my american and foreign films.

This little beauty is the business. It does exactly what its supposed to. Plays all region blu rays and all region dvds. It was also delivered super fast. It is really small but delivers big. I would recommend this seller to any one who is looking for a multi region blu ray player. It comes with full instructions too.

The player plays all blu-ray discs and all regions dvds.

Fantastic little player, so much faster than my old panasonic blu-ray player i purchased several years ago, and about half the size (but all the same features). Still waiting on some blu-ray discs from amazon us to test the region a playing capabilities, but instructions included are clear and i have no doubt will work. Amazing picture quality on my test viewing of ‘inception’ last night, even upscales to 4k if your tv supports it and you configure correctly. If you don’t need to the multi-region functionality, expect to pay about half the price for the exact same model, and no more.

Very good product at the price, nothing i dislike at the moment, it gets used a great deal but have had no problems.

For those that are interested i was surprised to find that netflix and prime both output at 24fps making for some nice smooth playback. Prime does take some time to cache the image for some reason though and doesn’t look quite as good as netflix. The multi region function is simple and works well. The blu ray is fast to load and is not too bad in terms of drive noise although it really does depend what disk you play. I’m knocking off a point as the drive could be a little quieter and i have had one crash coming out of netflix however for the price this is a nice bit of kit and the 24fps playback from the smart apps (and blu rays of course) should appeal to those seeking smooth playback.

Really good bd player, but i returned for switch by a wifi model same brand.

This was to replace another player that my son owned and took with him when he moved. Never had a problem with panasonic.

Satisfied that i can watch my videos that are region from australia dvd,s. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic DMP-BD84EB Smart ICOS Multi Region All Zone Code Free Blu-ray Player:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Blu-ray Disc Zones A, B and C
  • DVDs Disc Regions 1 – 8
  • External HDD playback
  • Smart Functions inc. YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Multi-format Playback ALAC/DSD/Xvid/MKV/MP4/FLAC/WAV/MP3/AAC

Does what it says on the tin, great.

This is the exact dvd/blu ray player i was looking for, i didn’t have to touch anything to change region because i stuck in my region 1 blu ray dvd worked perfectly, would definitely recommend it to others thanks again.

So far this is an excellent unit. I was surprise at how compact it is. It plays all the discs i have with excellent picture quality and whilst the interface is a little slow i don’t think it spoils the experience at all.

Very happy with the performance of the dvd player. The zone free / region free seems to work just fine. Really pleased with the purchase.

Love it i can now play my different zone dvd s that i could not watch before.

Unit is so small nearly missed it. I might have been better off buying a cheapie unit. At first, totally missed the few control buttons on the top of the unit. Anyway, set up cables and turned on, but not especially impressed with the screens. . I’m more stick it in and let it play. Our films etc are dvd and they played ok. Not likely to bother buying blu ray disks, but here i wonder why the unit is set to region 6, which is usa, when a. Indicates that it is a uk model. The seller did, however, enclose a sheet about blu ray zone selection – basically, if the disk doesn’t play to press the corresponding buttons on the remote to select the required zone: – zone a, press 1, zone b (europe) press 2 and zone c press 3.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Multi-region blu-ray player at the touch of a button
  • great blu-ray player & worth the money too as what you read is what you get
  • 1080p 24fps from Netflix and Prime

This is a great blu-ray player i bought a film from america it wouldn’t play on my ps4 as it was region a so i bought this player & it works & you can use any region & it was super fast delivery & anyone that wants a blu-ray player that does any region then this is the one for you.

Very good player does all i require.

The only downside is that it doesnt come with an hdmi cable but apart from that its great. Reads my different region dvd and bluray discs perfectly.