Panasonic DMP-BDT380EB 3D Smart Blu-Ray Player : blue ray dvd player

Half the size of my old blu ray player with just as good perfomance.

Yes very happy with this product good value and good delivery thank you.

I know nothing about these things, but my husband seems to like it.

The only slight problem i find is that you can’t watch or record anything whilst burning a dvd but you can set it up to do this and it will finalise the disc without any further input from you.

Very easy to use, very neat, lightweight.

Excellent player and value for money. The only problem is it does seem to miss the odd frame and flicker very occasionally. I have only used it for about three films as i don’t watch a lot of movies.

Good points:1) good quality build2) good picture qualitybad points:1) small remote control2) can be a bit noisy when initially spinning on loading a disc3) does not play dvds unless they are region 2 – useless for those with discs brought outside europe.

If picture and sound quality is your first choice then buy this blu ray player, i had a panasonic bd60 but after 7 years of use it failed to play some discs, being very pleased with the bd60 i bought this player, i paid about £200 for the bd60 but this player at half the price is superior, technology has clearly advanced over the years, the speed of loading discs is instant, and the picture and sound quality are clearly improved, pin sharp and the sound through the optical output is deep and spacious. Very pleased with the product.

  • Very good picture and sound but annoying remote and the machine occasionally freezes
  • Great little Blu-ray player
  • First rate player

Panasonic DMP-BDT380EB 3D Smart Blu-Ray Player

Style Name:DMP-BDT380EB
Product Description, Besides 4K upscaling and 4K photo/video playback, this high-performance model reproduces high-resolution audio sound. In addition, the BDT380 is filled with Smart Network functions. Simply connect it to a smartphone or tablet to enjoy your favorite content and videos from sources like NETFLIX.

Box Contains, Blu-ray Player AC Mains Lead Remote Control Batteries for Remote Control

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I’ve had this blu-ray for a week now. It’s connected to a panasonic viera tv that is almost 10 years old using an hdmi that i had spare and connected to the internet using wifi. It performs all the main features very well. Plays old dvd’s and new blu ray discs equally well. Plays cd, music stored on usb discs well. Delivers internet content via the likes of the bbc iplayer and amazon prime flawlessly. Can run through a slideshow of photographs stored on a usb or disc without issue. So what are the niggles that stop this rating from being 5*. In common with many smart tv related devices the browser is slow. For example browsing to bt sport to stream content fom the bt sport website is so poor it doesn’ actually work, even if you get past the tediousness of logging in without a physical keyboard. This is a common irritation with smart tv’s because, the newer jvc smart tv i have in the bedroom cannot cope with browsing the internet to stream anything other than content delivered via specific channels like amazon prime.

Nice tidy small footprint blu ray player.

Amazed at how accomplished this player really is. High contrast, deep blacks and vibrant colours give images a genuine depth and lustre. The sound field it produces with blu-ray’s in particular is wide and thunderous in quality – so make sure you have pretty tolerant neighbours. Streaming from amazon and netflix is smooth and detailed without the freezing that troubled playback on my previous sony player. All in all a mighty fine piece of tech at a bargain price.

Compact player, good picture and sound so no complaints.

Came really quick am very pleased.

Failed to link to wifi, but this was not a function that i needed. Works well with a panasonic tv.

Does what it was bought to do.

I’ve owned this blu ray player for 16 months and my opinion is mixed:pros:picture and sound are both goodeasy to set up and usethe facility to view blu rays, amazon prime and netflix from the same device is incredibly useful. . Butcons:the large netflix button on the remote is easy to hit by mistake and is impossible to disable, annoying as we don’t currently have netflix. Starting 2-3 months ago (ie just outside the warranty) the player occasionally freezes when playing a blu ray or dvd, when the only option is to turn it off and on again at the mains.

  • Very good picture and sound but annoying remote and the machine occasionally freezes
  • Great little Blu-ray player
  • First rate player

Panasonic DMP-BDT380EB 3D Smart Blu-Ray Player

All the features perfomed as expected so gves good value for the money.

I bought this in order to replace a dvd player that had worn out. It is a great improvement as it upscales dvds to 4k standard and so produces a much better picture on an hd television. As it is a blu ray device it has to have internet access since subtitles etc are implemented on blu ray devices using java and so a player has to support that language. Therfore it is basically a computer. It also provides access to netflix and various other internet services (bbc news, iplayer youtube etc). It also replays tv recordings made by another device that are stored elsewhere on my home network. All in all, it is a very useful device. My only disappointment is that it will not play recordings made by windows mce. I find this odd since they can be replayed using a raspberry pi and kodi and openelec.Looking at the panasonic documentetion, most of the software in this device is open source software and so i am surpised that it has fewer facilities than the kodi/openelec.

It’s made everything bright again.

But it is cheaper to get a 4k xbox one s as a blu ray player.

Good blu-ray player, and very easy to set up. Smart features are very good. Only fault is the build quality feels a little low rent. However, i would recommend it.

The only reason this 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is not a surround sound/home theatre kit. Everything else about this neat little device is tp notch.

Very impressed with picture & sound.

Brilliant blueray player dose more than you need.

Can’t fault it really, it can play netflix and amazon prime very happily, i’d suggest a wired connection if possible for that. Happily rendered full 1080p as a video streamer. Plays blurays very very well, great colours, depth of image and sharpness. Tried it on sds too and whilst it doesn’t seem to upscale, from a distance these look more than respectable as well.

I purchased this to replace a player that had decided to stop reading discs. Purchased after reading reviews here and on the internet. Very impressed so far, the picture and sound quality is great. Very useful to have access to amazon video services. It took a while to set up to my av amp setup. It would work fine when connected directly to the tv, but not through the amp. After much head scratching and a few naughty words i tracked it down to the player’s output being set from the factory to ntsc rather than pal. Would like to be able to program buttons to take me to my most used functions. Great player at a great price.

Fantastic value, fantastic picture.

This was really easy to set up, i did not need to use the guide. The player had more features than i realised. It is great being able to access netflix, amazon prime and the internet. It sometimes take a bit of time to load but this is probably due to my broadband speed, i would recommend this product.

Excellent machine superb pics. Quality you would expect from this manufacturer.

There are a few operating sounds but they are not obtrusive. Let’s hope it will last as long as my previous one (also panasonic).

Not used very much so far, but works great and pleased with this value for money dvd player.

Very good quality, prompt arrival.

Rather than spending a lot more on a new cinema system as it had developed an unrepairable (at a sensible price) fault, we opted for a more basic blu-ray that had all the functionality and a separate soundbase. The combination is not as good as our old 5. 1 system, but this device (1/2 of the combo) is more than an equal for the non-sound functions of it’s predecessor. It’s smaller and more modern looking, although the 3d / 4k output might be lost on our older basic hd tv, than it’s predecessor. But as it’s in a room where we rarely watch tv, it’s primary function is as a dlna player linked to a recorder in the main tv room, for when we have a difference of opinion on what recorded content we have to watch. Sensible drama in one room, sci-fi and loud noises in anotherit has amazon tv and bbc iplayer built-in (plus netflix etc. ), so we have moved our amazon fire tv to the other room for quicker / slicker access to prime than via my son’s xbox one, so it feels like we’ve updated both rooms’ tv set-upswe’ve had a few moments with the remote where the on/off seemed a little sticky, so we re-programmed the old cinema system remote (also panasonic) and it too didn’t always switch it on or off, so the ‘fault’ must be the device – hence the one less star. But we’ll keep an eye on that and if it becomes an issue (usually it goes after a few presses, using the button on the device itself or pressing ‘open’) we’ll report it as fault within the guarantee time. We buy panasonic as everything is compatible, one remote does most functions on different devices and linked to a soundbase switches it and the tv on gets everything ready to go when you open the tray and insert a disc. After that it’s basically just a good blu-ray player.

Superb device when paired with a panasonic smart hd tv.

Features and Spesification

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  • Experience the Superb Picture Quality – + 4K Upscaling, 4K Networking(4K Video Playback, 4K JPEG Playback)
  • Wide Variety of Online Content + Internet Apps
  • Share content with other connected devices throughout your home + DLNA
  • External HDD Playback via USB
  • High Quality Network Audio Playback